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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. mark feldman on

      I don't think you should have said ALL !! and 5 NON KICKSTARTER get an "Abomination"

    2. mark feldman on

      After packing and sending thousands of boxes of this great new game out to all of the loyal Kickstarter supporters, we made sure to have 200 copies to bring with us to GenCon. In order to give all convention-goers a fair shake, only 50 copies a day will be sold; so make sure to get to our booth early on to get yours!

      As an added bonus, to help celebrate just how fantastic the game is, we will be raffling off 5 "Abomination" Kickstarter bonus packs to people who bought the game each day! If you get your hands on the game at GenCon, swing by the booth at 4pm to see if you are one of the lucky few who get 30 additional bonus models!

    3. Gavin Meakings on

      @Iain Unfortunately gifts are no longer tax free if they have a value of over £40 so we are likely to be hit no matter what.

    4. Panic on

      @Iain... I live in London, I too will have to wait for international postage and extra custom taxes/delays...

      It's sad to see the game available on eBay and forum swap shops with imediate shipping available, before CMON can be bothered to post mine.

    5. Steve on

      Read the post by Jerry in the comments section. Its not about waiting a bit longer, its about how it was all handled by CMON.

      But, I guess this is their first completed KS plenty of time to learn and improve for the next ones.

    6. Iain MacKinnon on

      I agree with Erik. And I would put money on Panic being a US customer as well, so will probably get it long before I do in Scotland and also didn't have to pay the extra for postage, plus the (almost certain) extra for customs. Actually, the customs issue brings me to my next point; I plan on explaining to them that this is a gift I received for helping to fund a business, which is exactly what it is (not a pre-order) and therefore should be free from extra tax (not likely to succeed, but worth a shot). Also, an estimated delivery of September means they have another 41 days to deliver to me.

    7. Missing avatar

      Too Beaucoup on

      Some of you guys need to seriously grow up, it's a damn game. If you were waiting on a liver, ok, kick and scream, but it's embarrassing to read adults moaning about how they cannot be enjoying a board game a little early.... Seriously?

    8. KZ (KingZombie)

      So.... to the zombie versions of the initial promo figures also come in April 2013?

    9. Shoogoo on

      ^ not sure if serious

    10. Steve on

      Seriously? Space Hulk for one. Sedition Wars will at least match it if need exceed, but part of that will come down to personal taste in sci-fi vs current day games. Don't get me wrong, Zombicide is going to be great, but its hardly the first and last good board game with high detailed miniatures.

    11. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      I'm in for sedition wars too because studio Mcvey minis are just fantastic. And relic knights I've plonked for a small set because I love some of the big stuff they do and fancy something nice to paint up. But yeah, I think Zombicide set the bar exceedingly high, it will be a tough one to beat.

    12. Raimir Villela on

      In my opinion, Zombicide has been the first and last successful boardgame of its kind that was ever created with the massive number of detailed figures. Anything after this is just repetitious.

    13. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      hell yeah, they've been so transparent every step of the way. they're making an awesome range of products that I've had my eye on for a long time and they're willing to give me extra stuff for a discount. whats not to love?

      Are you just angry at everybody on the internet who's not pulling their hair out over toy games?

    14. Panic on

      Tsini CMON fanboi #1

    15. Raimir Villela on

      Looks like after you gave them the money, they will leave this KS and will not update us on any upcoming projects on zombicide. What do you know they are planning to create a Zombicide companion app on iOS and Android but hey no updates here.

    16. Keith Robertson on

      @Panic I totally agree with you, seeing the pics of the pile of Zombiecide games on sale at Gencon when the order I have paid a lot for in full in advance has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. It has definatly made me reconsider backing any of the kickstarters that CMON plan on running in the future. Which is a shame on any of these start up companies choosing to do business with them.

    17. Steve on

      Well overall KS is not a preorder service, but thats pretty much what miniature companies are using it as so I think it is indeed fair to expect to receive it before the general public ESPECIALLY when during the funding time, CMON said that KS backers would all get theirs first before its sold anywhere else. This was quite explicit.

      Still, this is what it has come to and the reality is if Panic feels that incensed by it, he is perfectly within his rights to get a refund, and CMON clearly agrees since they have offered to give refunds for anyone not happy with the situation. I personally still only see it as a minor annoyance, and I'm looking forward to my game shipping hopefully very early next week.

      Panic, I hope you at least reconsider cancelling Sedition Wars and other projects. It is worth remembering that CMON is just the publisher/distributor here, Guillotene Games has nothing to do with them beyond that and neither does Studio McVey or Sodapop Minis. Its really only your loss if you don't get these games, especially if you think they are good and did want them. But completely your choice and I certainly see why you're not happy about the situation.

    18. Berbs42 on

      I got the Games, the GITD Dice, and the extra tiles, but not the Abomination packs.

      I don't expect it to be addressed here, obviously, but which email address should I send to, or what user name on the CMON Forums should I PM?

      Any of you fellow Survivors know?

    19. Panic on

      I'm sorry I expected to get the game at the same time as the other kickstarters.
      That was outrageous... my bad.

      I can only hope you forgive me for my outlandish expectations of playing the game before people who did not back this project.

    20. Aaron on

      Some people just really are never happy. Just be glad it's only a couple out of >5,000.

      Let them mumble and grumble and eventually they'll stop trying to take it out on you in public where it just embarrasses themselves.

    21. Dickie Adams on

      Bagged, tagged, and ready to play! Thanks for a great experience.

    22. Damon A Simms on

      @Rand Chua TL. Everything looks great. Nothing missing, mispacked or damaged. Those trays of minis they showed us a shot of will nest togther very well. I was able to get everything from my abomination pack to fit very neatly into the big box.
      My extra set of tiles has to be kept separate, and I will have to get creative when I get the additional survivors in March.

    23. Damon A Simms on

      I know this has been said, but if everyone will note: the Estimated Delivery date of this game is September 2012.
      That said, I wish they had held everyone's copy until they could ship them all, just so we would have to listen to the complaints from the "have not got it yets."
      Am I extremely sorry that some of the community will not be getting their's until closer to actual estimated delivery date? YES!
      Can whining and complaining about it actually change the situation? NO!

    24. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      @Mitchell Fujino, Nail on the Head man, that's what I've been trying to type out but failing to without spiralling massively off topic.

      Kickstarter isn't a pre-ordering system. It's a crowd funding program to raise money to get a project started.

      @Panic: Am I missing something? I really can't work out why you are taking this so personally? over half of the backers are in the same situation as you (many i'm sure are in worse positions regarding postage times/customs) But everybody else is fine waiting a couple of weeks. CMON has been very transparent about every step along the way. Short of hiring a thousand new hands to pack I simply can't see how they could do what you seem to expect them to do...

    25. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Fujino on

      Your mistake is viewing this as preordering. It's simply not. Period.

      It's closer to investing, but really it's donating. We're donating money to help a company we like be successful. Part of them being successful in this case involves having product to sell and market at conventions. If that requires me waiting until when it was originally promised instead of being early, that's pretty awesome. Hell, most kickstarters aren't even close to being on schedule, nevermind early.

    26. Panic on

      I don't post on board game geek but I'm guessing the feelings there are the same. CMON have really let us down.

      I've already emailed CMON about this and made my feelings clear.
      I may seek a refund on this and sedation wars and wash my hands of them.
      No way am I getting involved in Relic Wars.

    27. Gerald Collins

      Mine arrived today. Well packed and secure. Thanks.

    28. mark keedwell on

      @ panic i understand how you feel so many posts on boardgamegeek lol hold in there it will in time

    29. rhinokio on

      got mine last saturday, and we are playing one of the large campaigns during lunch at work, we have found a couple of things we've found overpowered (chollo) and some things we have found underpowered, randged combat, and made some house rules to compensate for them.
      over all the game is really fun.

    30. Missing avatar

      tom on

      @Tsini, Words like "overdelivered" and "outdone" don't apply to a company that's delivered me nothing and accomplished nothing measurable for me including failing to even respond to messages and emails. All they've delivered me was a receipt and all they've done is process my cc. They'll probably send it to me after they get back from a trip to sell it to a bunch of other people, but I'll count that chicken after it's hatched.

    31. Panic on

      Hold the phone. This games creation was funded by kick starters money.
      I consider my purchase a preorder, I've even paid up front in full.
      Now it's being sold retail before the preorders get shipped.
      What have I got to be happy about?
      I'm also a bit miffed that the Internet is being flooded with the first photos and reports of games...
      How great the game is, how nice the minis are, how enjoyable it is to be First to play!
      As a kickstarting backer it would have been nice to ride that wave with my fellow gamers.
      I've been excited for months... Now I feel like I've been shit on.

    32. Shawn Michael Recinto on

      I received the game a few days ago and I must say it looks fantastic. My kids have already torn into it and played but I am planning some serious gaming with them this weekend on it. Great job guys and I hope you can start getting it into big box stores soon :) (If you do let me know how you did it because I have a bunch of zombie figures we produced that we would like to get on the shelves too :) )

    33. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      @Panic, The game wasn't even supposed to be ready until after Gencon, but it is, so they can, and they should (not sure if they are though). Yeah we have to wait a little longer, who cares, we're getting effectively double the amount of game for our being backers. Isn't that really enough? I'm happy enough that I'm getting KS exclusives, and a load of extra zombies that should keep me zombied out for the rest of my life! Getting it "First" is the least of my concerns.

      If people keep complaining about being "shafted" over a product that is ahead of schedule and more than a complete bargain then it's going to get on anyone's nerves, and when they offer you a solution to your feeling so put out, you claim that it is a shocking way to treat customers, well what about a shocking way to treat a company that has overdelivered and outdone itself in getting the product out early in the first place?

    34. Evan Parker

      This is the best packed board game I've ever received. Thanks for all the hard work guys.

    35. Panic on

      your previous comment 'If you cant be bothered to wait, email us for a kickstarter refund and go buy retail!'

      Kickstarter backers funded the project to get you where you currenty are.
      We payed the way for you to improve the product and obtain better production deals with suppliers and recieve the stock you've got.

      We've enabled your buisness.
      what is our reward, some customers choosen at random get a copy of the game while the rest get to twiddle their thumbs wondering why we bothered.

      I'm a bit angry your out there selling the stock we bought you instead of mailing us our games.

      We supported you through the kickstart process, we hit the forums and spread the word, and we paid up at the end.
      CMON treat your customers with a bit of respect.

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schultze on

      Received my game, looks fantastic.

      Wonderful job on it guys!

    37. AlmostHuman

      Got my copy of Zombicide. Nice...

    38. Rand Chua TL on

      Damm u lucky guys got the game already. Want to know for overseas backer issues like mispacked items, missing items or damaged boards/minis/etc what do poor us do about it? *_*
      Pls give us step by step instructions.

    39. Robert Kyle Weed on

      Got some Zombicide in the mail today. great presentation guys! glad I pledged!

    40. Colby M. Blair on

      I received my game set yesterday, and everything looks fantastic. The attention to detail in the art and sculpting and instructions is top notch. I only fear this game may take a bit of trial and error for me to figure out.

    41. Utter Fool

      sorry, I missed the last update.
      It looks like you had decent reasoning. (finished order before July 18th)

    42. Utter Fool

      I would like to know how the decision was made, who gets their games first and who has to wait 2 weeks,
      I could see if you worked it out by level but it looks like some people who ordered Abomination have received theirs already, and some of those who ordered Abomination will have to wait until sometime 9hopefully not to long) after the 20th.

    43. Margaret St. John

      It arrived today thank you, and I am looking forward to the next shipment in April!

    44. Stephen G. Roy on

      The decision not to ship pains me. I find it odd that no one may be left behind to fill orders for customers.

    45. Jalister on

      I received my Abomination pack yesterday. I haven't opened the actual game box yet, but all the bonus minis look great.