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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Steven Pretlove on

      @Panic, Feeling the same here, i knew the product wasn't shipping to September that was fine, but then i incorrectly assumed that it wouldn't be sold until after then.

      i had hoped to have the game first in my gaming group here in the UK but a friend of mine is at GENCON and said there gonna bring one back with them. feel really deflated honestly

    2. Panic on

      Hold the phone. This games creation was funded by kick starters money.
      I consider my purchase a preorder, I've even paid up front in full.

      Now it's being sold retail before the preorders get shipped.
      What have I got to be happy about?

      I'm also a bit miffed that the Internet is being flooded with the first photos and reports of games...
      How great the game is, how nice the minis are, how enjoyable it is to be First to play!
      As a kickstarting backer it would have been nice to ride that wave with my fellow gamers.

      I've been excited for months... Now I feel like I've been shit on.

    3. Steve on

      Pretty sure it has been made very clear now that those already shipped are it until after Gencon. Canada and rest of world as well as some US are next week. Don't know why people need to keep asking...

    4. Mike Nusbaum

      I filled out the survey immediately after receiving it (like within minutes). I haven't received a tracking number. It's strange I see people doing reviews of this on the internet who were at the same pledge level as me. Why wouldn't you ship all of these at the same time???

    5. Aaron Opheim Aka Opie on

      What is the email if you have concerns? I'm a $100 backer and have received NOTHING. No t-shirt, no tracking number, nothing. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

    6. Addam on

      I happy a lot of US people are getting copies of Zombicide - but CMON - any idea when you'll be shipping Canadian orders? You know, since we actually had to PAY for shipping and all that?

    7. Martin Schmitz Jr on

      i did all three and got 0. whats the deal i would think that the people that kickstarted the project would take precedent over possible customers at gen con.

    8. Jarrett Lee on

      When I go to the pledge manager, it shows my country as USA but I am in Canada - problem is, the country field cannot be changed or edited? Looks like mine has not shipped yet.

    9. Darren Stevens

      @Lawrence, I agree that the "Signed" lithrograph was a little lackluster in the signature department. That being said it is still kind of cool, and will probably go up in my cubicle at work.
      I am confused however by the number of complaints from both US and international pledges. The game was promised in September. If it arrives on time, it is automatically better than quite a few other kickstarters who had to let their ship dates slip by sometimes months. As it is, it is shipping early to some backers, as they have the games early. It takes time to go through every one of these, pack each box, print the labels, etc. (Just look at Rich Berlew's kickstarter)

      Basically, what I am saying is, don't kick the gift horse in the mouth.

    10. supervike on

      Oh crap, I guess I never paid for my 'extras' so I missed the shipment! I'd assumed I had paid all back at the end of the kickstarter.

    11. Stephanie Bryant

      @Kennison: That's a really common problem when you import/export from Excel with zip codes, and a real pain in the rear when a good portion of your mailing list is on the East Coast. If CMON is using any automated shipping software, the shipping software won't let the package go out with a bad zip code.

    12. Rastaban on

      Just got mine right before i had to head back to work after lunch. Can't wait to get home tonight and play. Packaging seems to be exceptional and the figs are awesome. Thanks CMoN!

    13. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      "Signing" the lithograph seems to consist of using a stamp and marking an "X" with a Sharpie.

    14. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      Well packed, by the way. The FedEx/USPS attempt to damage by Zombicide! failed!

    15. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      Received! Where's the link to the page with the Phase shipping info?

    16. Tyler Samson on

      I just got my package, and it's amazing! The quality is fantastic! I can't wait to play.

      One question: are Eva, Martin, and the T-shirt in Phase 2?

    17. Missing avatar

      Kennison Martin on

      I haven't received a tracking number yet, so I took a look at my shipping address in the pledge manager and noticed that the leading zero was gone from my zipcode. I'm not sure if I fat-fingered it in the pledge manager, or if the leading zero was stripped when they imported from the KS survey. Double check your zips if you have a leading zero.

    18. Addam on

      Any idea when the Canadian order are being shipped?

    19. Kai Alexis Price on

      I sent a nice email to yesterday and got a nice FedEx tracking number today. Thanks.

    20. John Drinkwater on

      Thanks for your wise remarks Erik

    21. Missing avatar

      tom on

      Erik, you're right. It's of little concern. Plz send me yours.

    22. Missing avatar

      Too Beaucoup on



    23. Missing avatar

      Too Beaucoup on



    24. CMON 37-time creator on

      It looks like you already have and are all set!

    25. Whitt

      According to the pledge manager I need to pay another $5? How do I do this?

    26. Missing avatar

      Dan Norder on

      I haven't gotten a tracking number, and I filled out everything properly on the Kickstarter confirmation page. I thought I also filled out the CKPM, but it seems to be asking me all the same stuff I had already filled out twice. I paid the right amount, and I selected the right items from the very beginning, so I'm not very thrilled to find out mine apparently did not ship yet. Apparently the people who didn't pay the right amount on the first or second tries but finally got it on the third try (or didn't even actually order everything during the actual Kickstarter pledge period) get their games before the people who pledged correctly from the beginning.

      Also, knowing that the promo figures have already been received by some people who never pledged at all but did some magazine subscription or whatever isn't exactly sitting well with me either. I feel like the people who actually supported the Kickstarter project shouldn't have bothered when everyone else can just pop by later and get the stretch goals and games first anyway.

    27. Missing avatar


      Chern emailed me because there was more information he needed to track down the status of my order yesterday (as none of the above things applied to me) then no communication until today where he emailed me to make sure I got my tracking information. I'm very happy with the level of customer service and I do understand they're very busy with preparations for Gencon, fulfillment of regular store orders, and the current Relic Knights KS. I got a tracking # this morning and while that wasn't my primary objective I feel very satisfied that they were able to track down my order and sort me out.

    28. Shammar on

      I too received the email tacking. The action of them fixing it has gone a long way. I would have liked an explanation so I know what to avoid in the future (relic knights, and Sedition Wars), but I do understand the time table they are working with for GenCon. That being kind of what bothered me. That it seemed this was acceptable losses.
      To sum up thank you for fixing it, and you have satisfied me.
      Good luck at GenCon. Which I am sure you will do well. You have some excellent products.

    29. Tim Peasgood on

      I too emailed, and received a tracking number email early this morning. It looks like to me that they were too busy fixing the issue to respond. Deeds not words, perhaps? That and preparing for a little thing called Gencon. Now its time to get my paints ready!

    30. Chris Seebacher on

      Yesterday was Saturday. Are they not allowed to have a life???

    31. James Mathias on

      Just an update. I emailed around 22 hours ago. I never received a direct reply, but this morning I did get an automated FEDEX tracking number from the CKPM. My copy is being shipped out on the 12th according to FEDEX, the 12th, today is a Sunday, so it'll likely go out tomorrow.

      This new information tells me I was clearly missed in the "first wave", even though I met the 3 criterion, however, bringing that fact up allowed them to catch it and correct it before leaving for GENCON. I greatly appreciate that effort, but I am still confused at the lack of personal communication, it feels very cold and robotic.

      I think this Kickstarter is one of the best I am have participated in, but, now in the home stretch the communication is cold and scarce.

      Either way, emailing them seems to have helped expedite the process when you are in a situation similar to mine.

    32. Demetrios on

      And I just noticed the statement! Murphy's law! :) Soz!

    33. Demetrios on

      Hey guys,
      I'm fully paid and did so on the 16th of June yet I don't have a tracking number yet. Does that have to do with me being in Europe? Did I not notice a statement regarding this?

    34. Dylan A Grant on

      I have mine! It's awesome!

    35. Shammar on

      What is concerning me is today they said to email them about it. I did email them yesterday when I did not get a shipping number, then again when they sent out the update. I still have not gotten an email, or a phone call, but they are posting on the forum after I have emailed to email them..........
      I am being to feel like we are playing a game of find the queen.

    36. Tom Meyer on

      Whoo hoo! Got mine today. Haven't opened the game yet though.

    37. Jerry on

      What gets me is that if they know who does and does not have tracking numbers (ie whose has shipped and not) then they know who has paid and not. Then why not just send them an email and letting them know they need to fix it.

      What I think is that they did what they could then packed up for GENCON. This happened with another game I backed. They did what they could before Origins and nothing. No communication nothing. A week later shipments started again.

      of course you could go to Origins and buy the product.

      I don't blame them. I just wish they would confirm that I WILL get it. As it is there are about a million possibilities going through my head about how I won't. Makes me think twice about backing these things. I don't blame small companies for instant success BUT I expect upfront information. Bad news doesn't get better with time.

    38. Ryan Dick on

      So If I'm waiting for a shipment to Canada, I don't need to be signed up for this CKPM?

    39. Tim Peasgood on

      Maybe its my frustration on not being able to play with the new shiny like everyone else, but I am very disappointed. EVERYONE that was charged in May for this should have it at the same time. Not some now, some after Gencon, because of vague reasons. And the canned responses are just making it worse, IMHO.

      I sent an email, as requested, so hopefully I will get better information.

      To everyone that has received their copy, congrats, and I hope its as cool as we all obviously think it is. To everyone who hasn't, I hope yours comes soon. If it wasn't so eagerly awaited, it would not be an issue. But then, I wouldn't have spent so much money on something that was months away, either.....

    40. Missing avatar

      Chance Stephens on

      AAAAAUUGH! I had expected this to be coming spring 2013 like you guys originally estimated, so I FORCED myself to forget about it until December. It took seeing someone physically holding a copy online for me to come back. Confirming all my stuff now, and hoping to hell I'm not so late as to get it in 2013 anyway!

    41. Nicky on

      For those of you who haven't receive the package, here's a fellow mate sharing the un-boxing with you. I just got my Abomination package delivered but is missing a few items which I presume will be shipped to me at a later time.

      Items missing:
      3 Promo Survivors Zombie counterparts
      1 Eagle / Zombie Eagle - 2 miniatures
      1 Cardboard Tube Samurai / Zombie CTS - 2 miniatures
      1 Troy / Zombie Troy - 2 miniatures
      1 T-shirt

    42. Josh Orth on

      I've not been able to update my CKPM country ( the box is greyed out) it is Australia, and I added the additional postage already.

    43. Shammar on

      Hi, thank you. That was the first thing I did yesterday. Two to the kickstarter email address. The first asking about a tracking number, then the secound about what is going on after I got the update on everything was shipped out. The secound to C'MON company email. To both email address I even left my phone number to expidite the processes, know that all of you are working as hard as tou can. The reason I finally post was I see CMON posting here, but have not gotten and email, or phone call back. But CMON was responding on the forum. I will reemail agian. Thank ou for a begianig to a solution.

    44. James Mathias on

      @CoolMiniOrNot email sent as requested.

    45. Missing avatar


      @Daniel email CMON directly they said above they will assist with information based on your personal case.

    46. Shammar on

      I also would like to understand what the confusion is with this.
      I paid in full when the kickstarter ended. So I was paid up when the pledge survey came out.
      Log in to the survey, made sure the amount that you took when the kickstarter ended was the same amount I had filled out. I did not order any other extras from what I originally backed and saved my survey.
      I am a U. S. Backer, and did not order a painted set. I have not gotten a tracking number.
      I have emailed CMON through two different email addresses. I have not heard anything back.
      Earlier it was explain to the backers that the non US backers would not have delivery because of costumes and it was not of any fault of CMON. I know I have done every thing correctly, and from your last update I am being told that I will not get my game before GenCon. (Which you did say we would get it before GenCon.) But this part is completely under your control. I fulfilled all the parts that you are saying, is preventing me from getting the game.
      I would like to think that at the very less, that is less of good customer service you would have a better answer than," Don't worry you will get your game after the 19th." I know that I will. What I want to know is why. After fulfilling everything you said is preventing me from getting the game, I am still not getting? Especially if you expect me to beck other projects that you keep asking us to do.

      Sorry, I this sounds frustrated, but I am.
      Thank you, and looking forward to a replay.

    47. Missing avatar


      @James I agree. I just sent CMON an email based on this recent post.

    48. CMON 37-time creator on

      The appropriate place to get individual attention, if you need it, is to direct queries either over PM or to We can't do individual customer service over comments for obvious reasons of privacy of your personal info.

    49. Devin Talamante on

      Man, I would totally drive to the fedex location that it's being held at for me, it's only an hour away. I hope that means they'll send it out today.

    50. James Mathias on

      I want to be clear. I am frustrated at the poor communication, not the lack of getting the game early. I have plenty of other games to play in the mean time.

      I think this Kickstarter has been much better than most I've been involved with. But the communication as of late has been poor, and that is where my frustration lies.