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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Kai Alexis Price on

      I sent a nice email to yesterday and got a nice FedEx tracking number today. Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian Travis on

      C'MON: is the refund offer open to anyone?

    3. Jerry on

      I think you missed my point and I will admit I didn't make it clear enough. In the product example I described in which they sold it at Origins I did not attribute to Zombicide. In all honesty I didn't know one way or the other if this would be sold at GENCON. It was an example, perhaps a poor one. If it seemed like I construed that it would be sold then I apologize. I did not mean for it to be that way.

      I should have been more assertive in saying (or even said it at all) that I understand how all these things happen. I am a Logistics guy by trade and can certainly understand all the moving pieces involved. What I failed to highlight (in my angst wondering where I fit in this) is that the criteria above is not the end all be all of why some did and did not get their boxes prior to this weekend. So that leaves one to wonder how or why. I have double and triple checked everything I can to make sure I didn't over look something, but there is nothing I can find that leads me to think I didn't do what i needed to. In other words I did everything right as near as I can tell.

      I would have been fine with "hey..we sent out 500. had to pack for GENCON. We will resume shipping after 19 august." Would I have liked it? No...but it is what it is and I can appreciate the need to further promote the game. Right now though I am sitting and wondering if payment got through because with Amazon's stellar system payments do get held up. Did the CKPM get me order in? I think so but I did have some browser issues. DId my order get lost in a digital system (least likely BUT it is always possible)

      What is a little disconcerting is that the information is now somewhat dry. You are correct in that commitments are still well in line, and i would have been fine even if they moved to October...again being a Logistics guy I know there are too many moving pieces you can't control. Still to have all this great service, great information to suddenly get something that doesn't fit or make sense? It sets the imagination spinning.

      If my order just didn't make the cut for the week. That's fine. It's just right now it seems like I didn't pay or I didn't complete the CKPM. I know I didn't order a painted set and I know I did the other two.

      So I will take your advice. I will be patient, assume that my order just didn't make the cut (again which is fine...people can only do so much) and everything else is fine.

    4. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Jerry The nice thing about a computerized shipping system is if you don't have a tracking number, it flags us. While we give each individual pledge as much care and attention as possible, shipping and packing goes in waves and mistakes happen. Please be patient, and keep in mind that we are attempting to get everyone their games EARLY.

      You are mistaken in thinking that you can buy what the Kickstarter backers got at Gencon. The Abomination pack isn't available. If you don't think the Abomination extras are worth being one week early, as opposed to two weeks early, just drop us an email at and we'll refund your pledge, including the 5% Kickstarter fee, and you can pick up the retail only game there. If you are not attending Gencon, the game will not go on general sale until mid-September.

      Finally, we are doing the best we can, and we're still definitely well within our commitments to all backers. If you feel that a Kickstarter project being early is somehow not worth supporting, that's a very aggressive point of view and honestly we won't be able to live up to those kinds of high expectations.

    5. Jerry on

      I agree. just saying that we will get them after the 19th is somewhat flippant. How do I know I will? I guess what is perplexing is the lack of any information. If they know who doesn't have a tracking number then you can presume that they also know who hasn't paid or what ever. Why not send them an email as well? Send one that would help clarify and give the effected party a way to fix it. they may have to wait but at least they will know something instead of waiting until the end of the month.

      What I think is that they did what they could in a week and packed up for gencon. This happened with another game I supported. Shipments were being packaged and some backers got them but then information and shipments stopped a week before Origins.....then they picked up again soon after. And yes if you went to Origins you could have bought the product. So much for being a backer.

      On thing is certain. I am rethinking supporting these. It's one thing to have issues because you are a small company. This is something else altogether. .

    6. CMON 37-time creator on

      Some of the tracking numbers are not uploaded yet, but even if we missed you we'll catch you when we ship the 2nd wave starting August 19th.

    7. Thomas Grey

      Hello I am pledge #1732 I submitted my pledge manager as soon as i received it and changed nothing. I did not receive a tracking number? but i did receive the email saying I should have gotten one. Just curious why.

    8. Caleb Ryan on

      I tried going to the CKPM just to verify I finished everything but it just takes me to your main site, has that site been done away with?

    9. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      How is the experience tracker app coming along?
      Now that the game it out and all

    10. Jordan Peacock on

      I'm really looking forward to that editor. :D Thanks for the update! (Also, it's reassuring to hear that these will be TESTED. With some game projects, I sometimes worry that the rush to get stuff out the door quickly results in shortchanging the play-testing. So it's great to hear that's not the case here!)

    11. Missing avatar

      Greyhawke on

      I think it is just so cool that you are making an effort at all to be sure that we have more ways to enjoy this game, as if the main game/scenarios aren't enough already!

      If you want to be sure that the kickstarter backers come back to support your other efforts this is the way to do it.

      Way to go GG! Way too go!

    12. Eric Z on

      @Heather Santa should probably make sure he isn't already a backer and doesn't buy it before then :)

    13. Heather Cummings on

      I origionally thought Santa might get this for my husband and I...but now I don't know...Decebmer seems so far away...

    14. Jeff Martin on

      The wait is freakin' killing me! My first Kickstarter and I'm so beyond pumped to get this game and gather the kids round the table to bust some zombie heads! WHOO!

    15. Rand Chua TL on

      Another twenty plus days to go to get the game n campaign editor. ^_^

    16. Giancarlo Giustini on

      Really amazing! Can't WAIT!

    17. Shoogoo on

      I'm not sure people realize how awesome a campaign editor is. Compared to, for instance, the measly 12 missions from Space Hulk (and GW hunting down anyone who tries to create and publish a new one) this is just mind-blowing.

    18. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on

      I'm kinda amazed that everything is on schedule. Great job, guys.

    19. MooseMCA on

      Exciting! can't wait.