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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. KZ (KingZombie)

      Was there a post here on what to do if your shipment was incomplete? I thought I saw something about that... somewhere....

    2. Mario Cortez on

      So will the folks who have yet to receive their games in the U.S. be receiving their T-Shirts when our games ship August 20th?

    3. Jon Karis on

      Mine arrived today. This thing is INCREDIBLE! My son and I will play this evening if it doesn't get to late. If not, tomorrow night will be ZOMBICIDE night!!!!
      $100 is a huge chunk of change for a board game, but this $100 was WELL SPENT! Top quality all around.
      My sympathies for those of you outside the USA who have to wait a few extra weeks. :( You will be very happy once the game arrives though.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chuck Meeks on

      Great packing guys! I wish more companies would put styrofoam on the corners of boxes when they ship things.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chuck Meeks on

      @Frank Those minis don't ship until the second quarter of 2013. It is on the home page at KS.

    6. Missing avatar

      Frank Holbrook on

      Got mine today too, here in Maryland. Looks great, but didn't get the "extra" minis I ordered (Eva, Marvin, Ivy, and Claudia). Anypne else missing them? I see where the tee shirts are getting out late.

    7. Nathaniel Lanza on

      Got home, cracked open the box, and it all looks gorgeous. My wife and I are really looking forward to getting a game in after we put the kids to bed.

      Thanks, CMON!

      (oh yeah, for people playing the where-gets-it-when game, I'm in Pittsburgh, PA)

    8. Missing avatar

      Chuck Meeks on

      And it sucks because I could throw a rock from my house and hit the building it is sitting inside....

    9. Missing avatar

      Chuck Meeks on

      Mine is here in Nebraska but not out for delivery until tomorrow.

    10. CMON 37-time creator on

      Just a reminder, Zombie Promo Survivors, Eagle, CTS etc all ship Q2 2013, together with the T-shirts if you're in the USA.

    11. Rob Montague on

      I just got my pack today, but I'm missing the extra characters I signed up for. Have they not been completed yet?

    12. lawrence kniffin on

      Got my tracking number today , now the waiting has intensified. Going for some unboxing video love if i can find any.

    13. Nathaniel Lanza on

      I just got my tracking number, and when I mentioned it to my wife she told me the package showed up on our porch this morning.

      That's convenient -- I'll get to spend a chunk of the weekend painting zombies.

    14. Eric Fleck on

      Just got my tracking number

    15. lonejedi

      Mine's arriving Monday!!

    16. AdamDork

      @John J

      JEALOUS!!! Hoping mine is today as well.

    17. John J on

      Just got my copy! Everything was very well packed! Individual holders for the zombies and the characters and the abominaton pack was right in there too.
      The carboard counters were perfectly cut.
      Really a quality product!
      Thanks for putting out this game C'Mon!
      Couldn't be more pleased.

    18. Eric Fleck on

      @TechLee - Hopefully so, I keep checking my CKPM link to see if they put the tracking number in there. No dice so far.

    19. TechLee on

      Any news on if we're getting emails with tracking #'s or not? :D

    20. Eric Fleck on

      Just so there is a US voice on the T-shirt issue, I am very sad I can't wear my shirt until March. Whole reason I pledged abomination was to get the shirt...

    21. Missing avatar

      Ryan Henry on

      I never got a tracking number. I was completely surprised when I got home to find it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ian Travis on

      @CMON: Can an international backer pick up their reward from your Gen Con booth?

    23. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      Pics/Youtube vids or it didnt happen :)

    24. Topher on

      So did you get tracking numbers?

    25. Missing avatar

      Ryan Henry on

      Got mine, too (Philadelphia, PA). Busted it open and played the tutorial with my wife. She said "I don't want to sit around while you read the directions.". I told her I already had :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Alan Clark on

      East Coast. Concord, Massacusetts to be exact.

    27. troy on

      hey alan where in the us are you?

    28. Missing avatar

      Alan Clark on

      Got home from work and it was sitting on the porch. It's beautiful. Now I just need to find someone to play it with....

    29. Batei on

      I have been standing at the curb all day waiting. It probably is not coming today, but I will be out there again bright and early tomorrow. And the next until the box arrives.

    30. AdamDork

      No profits, they eat food from the garbage cans!

    31. TheGusman on

      oops: "wouldn't exactly say"

    32. TheGusman on

      @Thulsa - And I would exactly say "Gave $800,000". From my understanding that money went to improve tooling, packaging, additional models, counters, etc....

      take the price of manufacturing enough copies of the game to fulfill 5258 backers. Who knows, maybe there was enough left over maybe not....

    33. TheGusman on

      @Thulsa - You do realize your talking about ~2500 orders, I would imagine there would be a substantial, additional cost involved.

      But I do not know anything about CMON's internal workings and will not speculate anymore...

    34. Thulsa on

      @THeGusman, 'They probably do not have enough people to get them all in the mail and also prepare for GENCON.' We just gave them almost $800,000, they couldn't go to a temp agency and hire some help packing orders for a few days? You can just call one and have help the next day. I run a business myself, If extra work comes in you get extra workers to do it and it's a minimum wage job. It's not like they didn't know how many orders they had to prepare and the logistics in doing that, CMON have an online store and know what's involved with this.

    35. TheGusman on

      @Henrik - I was going to suggest that, but thought it might have come across as add salt to the wound. But if you would like me to do that, I would be more than happy to do right by you, and do a nice unboxing video.

    36. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      @TheGusman You just better make sure that you guys do the coolest unboxing of your Abomination set and put it right here for all non-us to enjoy. If you got Abomination level that is.
      Anyway. Enjoy the game guys.

    37. TheGusman on

      @Thulsa - My point being you are reacting as if CMON took your money and is not shipping you anything, then I can see you being so upset. But hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But you are basically telling everyone "If you don't agree with my point then you know nothing".

      Jeff stated that he can understand why everyone who is non-US is upset, he was trying to clarify possibly why that decision by CMON was made. But man lighten up, it is just a game and you are getting it with all it's kickstarter goodness. Thats not to say I don't see your point, you paid as much as the US folks, hell, you paid more, and are getting it later, that part sucks, if I could switch places with you I would. (just kidding CMON don't switch me)

      Now I do agree, it stinks that people at GENCON might be getting them before you, but I think it's a capacity issue not a stock issue.

      They probably do not have enough people to get them all in the mail and also prepare for GENCON. Remember they are a small company and GENCON is a huge deal for them, but so was kickstarter so yes I do see your point. I'm sure their decision was a hard one and sleep was lost over it. They have been really attentive to the kickstarter croud and trying to please them, so I imagin they themselves are not happy with the outcome either.

      But no matter what I say, you will tell me I dont understand your issues.

    38. troy on

      you are upset that they are shipping it to you on time. i know this you are pissed cuz we get it first.

    39. Thulsa on

      @Troy, No it's not shipping, did you even read any of the reasons why we are upset?

    40. troy on

      are you getting it after September? no! you may even get it before September. you are all acting like spoiled kids. just cuz you have to wait a little longer to get yours. it's called SHIPPING! deal with it

    41. Thulsa on

      @ Chino, Yes it DOES make a huge difference, 4 weeks difference instead of a 1 week difference. But that's not the only issue here, retail at GENCON get it BEFORE half of the backers! That is not right. Add to that the fact it's just a promo shirt holding it up, which come on, who ever really wants or wears them? Add to that again the fact that international orders haven't even been given a choice to drop the shirt? Very poor at looking after the people who made this such a success. It's about what's right and fair.

      @TheGusman, If you have nothing useful to say, don't

      @Jeff, If you can't understand WHY we are upset you must not understand the real business world very well. Customer service and looking after the ones that helped make you a success if quite important I'm sure you'd agree? This is poor, very poor on half of the backers.

      Again I reiterate the point of how much the T-shirt means, not ONE US customer have voiced any dissatisfaction that they have to wait more than 8 months for their T-shirt because nobody cares about the T-shirt!

    42. Steve on

      @Chino Cougar Devine, did you even read any of the replies properly before jumping in with yet another unwanted arrogant American 'I-don't-know-the-world-exists-beyond-my-borders' opinion?
      (My apologies for the stereotype to others who are actually being reasonable/sensible and seeing things from both perspectives in this thread)

    43. Jeff Racel on

      . . . . . Please just ignore my speculation as just that . . . . should be easy since I think some of you failed to really read and try to understand it. I had a long enough day dealing in the real business world today that trying to help here is just not worth it. Hope you all get your game safely and that you have a great time playing it with friends and family.

    44. TheGusman on

      @Thulsa Now you know for the next Kickstarter, the company, every company will do all they can to make you miserable. Do yourself a favor and stay clear, you don't need all the pain and anguish that this has caused you.

    45. Chino Cougar Devine on

      Has anyone missed the point that all shipments being sent simultaneously (US or International) will arrive at different intervals based on your local delivery system anyway? For instance, anyone located near the area of shipping should receive the game WELL before someone half way around the world after transit time and such is factored in. It really doesn't make a huge difference whether or not you're package is shipped now or later, the point is IT'S COMING! And sooner than slated, so shut your gobs and be patient! And be happy you could help such an awesome project succeed.

    46. Steve on

      A tshirt adding too much size and weight to the second shipment is a load of crap... And it is not a defence CMON is using, so no issue there, just some of the comments here. tshirts are very light and can be compressed into a very small space easily, hell I have seen tshirts packed in cans a bit smaller than soft drink cans!

      The reasoning looks like wanting to sell the game at Gencon without pissing off all the US backers as well.

      It is interesting to note the comment that orders would be shipped in the order people backed. Thats obviously changed now..
      Still, think about if you hadn't backed, when would be the earliest time you could buy the game outside of gencon? And you also wouldn't get all the loads of extras the KS came with. I see it as somewhat disappointing, but not really the huge insult others are saying. Each to their own though.

    47. Thulsa on

      @ Jeff - "Also, doing another survey to see who does and does not want a shirt now would likely delay shipments even longer than what is being currently done" No just do an update here asking for any international orders that don't want a T-shirt to send an email listing their details, that way it can easily be done. If you don't get the email you don't change the order, easy.

      This has been handled very badly and IS an insult, next I'll be watching unboxing videos on GENCON buyers WEEKS before us international backers have our games.

      Don't forget you wouldn't even have a boxed game to take to GENCON if it wasn't for us!

    48. Stuart Noble on

      As an international backer I am somewhat disappointed that the people at GenCon will get a copy before we do, actually Im down right insulted.

      I understand the choices, it doesn't mean I have to like them, I would prefer a video showing my t-shirt being destroyed by customs or whatever it is they do to things that they don't like than wait, or give it to charity, hell make a hat with it, or tell the custom people they can keep it if they like it so much.

      GenCon is big, and I wouldn't want them to miss it, but frankly their ahead of schedule and the only folks that get no benefit, in fact a slap in the face is us international backers and well doesn't that make me feel special. Also I might have missed it, but wheres our apology for being sacrificed for US backers and GenCon?

    49. Jeff Racel on

      Guys, you really missed the point. It cost a lot more to ship the Tshirts in the second shipment to international backers since it increases the size and weight of the package from a few very light plastic minis to a pound or more with the weight of a shirt, not to mention a larget demision box. For domestic order in the US you cna use flat rate shipping and it does not make a noticible change to the cost. The idea was to ship the Tshirts with the games since those packages were already large and heavy with high cost shipping. Finacially it makes no sense to incure a MUCH high shipping proce for the second shipment to international backers rather than wait a week or so to ship out the shirts witht he games. You can never make everyone happy, but you also can;t expect a small company to eat a massive cost above and beyond what was planned just to get you game shipped a week earlier. Sorry, but while I understand your not happy, I don't feel that you have been unfairly treated. The folks in the US aren't pitching a fit having to wait until March for their shirts (which I agree are not as important as the game), so please calm downa nd think a little about the bigger picture here for a company trying to bring you a great game for a low price. This could be a lot worse and we could all be waiting until next year for anything like so many other Kickstarter projects. CMON could not control the customs issue and has to make business decisions that ballance for them and the customer. The compromise was a slightly later shipping date for International orders, but containing all the promised items. That seems pretty fair since the game is still eralier than projected. Also, doing another survey to see who does and does not want a shirt now would likely delay shipments even longer than what is being currently done. It just takes a little understanding on everyone's part to get past this. No one is being singled out or mistreated.

    50. Robyn Nixon

      Yeah, yeah, I see my box. Its the 3rd column, 2nd row. I see my address. Now the horrible waiting becomes worse!!