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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Raimir Villela on

      Hey, what's this companion App that I saw on Why are we not informed?

    2. James Greene on

      Good question as to if the stat cards are included in the boxes for promo figures or not. Since the point tracker is included in the upper-right corner of all the plastic bubbles in each box I would suspect the stat card is included as well. Heck for all we know the back of the package could actually be the stat cards since we don't actually see any of them. The boxes seem overly large otherwise.

    3. Mike Malley on

      That's a good question, Troy. The packaging does seem like an odd choice as far as future sales.

    4. Thuulzax on

      I'm also planning a game night at the comic shop i work @ as soon as i get it heh

    5. troy on

      so if the promo guy come in the little boxes. where are the stat cards? they wont be fitting in that small box

    6. Missing avatar

      Storm Kerr on

      Awesome SAUCE! I am demoing this at my game store as soon as I get it. I think people will be blown away.

    7. David Turner on, not apocalypse.....but come on, seriously guys, where is it?

    8. David Turner on

      PDF rule book available yet? I mean, I have copy of the rules for apocalypse and I didn't even BACK that game!

    9. Dominic Mooney

      And now I start to worry that the shipments will hit the UK when I'm on vacation in August...

    10. Mike Malley on

      I assume it's too late for 5000 pairs of eyes to look over the rulebook and suggest tweaks, which is a shame, because i was really hoping that Zombicide and Sedition Wars would take a page from Ogre's book.

    11. Evan Lahti on

      Hooray! Thanks for keeping us updated.

    12. Andrew LaFrance on

      If I remember correctly they have said they would do an expansion pack that would be set to come out in early 2013, because that's when the Zombie versions of the extra heroes will ship out.

    13. troy on

      it says 9 double sided game tiles right one it how are guys thinking this is the rule book. i'm half blind and can read that

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    15. Missing avatar

      William (Bill) Reger

      Fantastic looking package! Extra map tiles will be great! What will be the price of those?

    16. Gary M on

      @Paul Murray - Just slap a little paint on them to match if it bothers you. I think many of us are planning to paint the entire set, so a couple extra detail bits like that are not going to be much of a hassle.

    17. Steve on

      @Troy, well spotted and thanks for clarifying! I'm somewhat relieved that thick item on the right isn't actually the rulebook, might have been a little bit too big.

    18. Matthew Soares

      That pic is awesome... Zombicide, you are so close and yet so far. Also, for those who remark on how thick the rulebook is, what you're looking at is the extra map tiles expansion pack.

    19. Rand Chua TL on

      Yes more info but where the rule book pdf copy? so we can read n point out places that need more explanations and stuff.

    20. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      Yes the rulebook. But actually it might not be finished yet. Although we see boxes in the photo maybe not all components for the boxes are complete yet. This may just be empty boxes waiting to be stuffed with all kinds of delicious zombie goodness.
      But Im all for the publication of the rulebook. Even before its sent to printing. Then we could all contribute and help catch some misunderstandings and point out places that need more explanations and stuff.

    21. Paul Murray on

      So, the experience trackers that come with each miniature will not be the same colour as the miniature? A pity. It makes little enough difference, you understand, but I think it's an opportunity missed.

    22. Brian Moran on

      Big smiley face.

    23. Kogan Style on

      Looks a fantastic package, my money has been well spent!

      I'm confused by the lingo though - When you say us, do you mean us the backers (as in, Zombicide should reach us in early august) or do you mean it will reach CMON in August. then shipped on? I just don't want to set up camp on my door steep too early haha

    24. troy on

      also the brown boxes are the abomination extras

    25. troy on

      that is the extra game boards not the rule book

    26. Henrik Horneber on

      neeeeed gaaaaaaaaaaaammmeesssss

    27. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      That looks AMAZING! can't wait, and as Steve said, the rulebook looks thick!

    28. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      That looks AMAZING! can't wait, and as Steve said, the rulebook looks thick!

    29. Stephen Cowart on

      We'll get the three bonus ones. Not the ones from stretch goals or from buying. Also that rulebook that was supposed to be out soon after the campaign ended would be nice. At least an update on it. Are we still getting it or not?

    30. Steve on

      @AdamDork, I think some of the extra miniatures were due for release with the game and others are due in March next year so we won't get all of them but will definitely get some. Correct?

    31. Steve on

      Very cool, and that is one THICK looking rulebook!

    32. Missing avatar


      Dayyum, I'm excited!

    33. James Cachia-Garrett on

      This $hit just got real

    34. Devin Talamante on

      Can't wait! I want this so bad!
      Still waiting on the rules though.

    35. Wally on

      Looks like my Sept. gameday might be dedicated to Zombicide!

    36. Mr Anderson

      I just peed a little! Thanks for the photo!

    37. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      Wow, looks great. Can't wait.

    38. Jack of all games on

      Excitement.... RISING!!

    39. Greg on

      Very nice! See you all at GenCon this year! :) I'd like to see an in-focus macro shot of some minis... very interested to see how much detail the plastic casts picked up.

    40. Joshua R on

      Dootdoot dedoot doot doot dadadada doot! /happyzombiedance
      Cool news. :)

    41. lawrence kniffin on

      Congrats, to have this in hand must be amazing, especially after such an amazing kickstarter program. Now with that stated I can't wait to get my hands on my copy.

    42. John Drinkwater on

      so now the rule book has been printed we will get to see a .pdf copy ?

    43. Missing avatar



    44. Adam Rosowicz

      Any chance I could pick mine up at Gen Con?