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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Nigel Grout on

      I was reading your upodates for backers & I am concerned about international shipping to Canada. Please use USPS, do not I repeat DO NOT use UPS. I will end up paying another $40 "customs & brokerage fees"!!!

      Cheers, Nigel (Canada)

    2. Buggrit

      Fourth it... the fees in the UK would mean that any UK customers will have to find an extra £8+ for the post office and likely another £20 for VAT on the package too!!
      The CMON Sedition Wars kickstarter was charging $25 for postage and taking care of all the taxes etc in that one payment, which I think is frakking awesome.

    3. saiyanslayer on

      I second that. You'll royally piss off a lot of people if you ship with UPS internationally.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian Travis on

      I'd like to ask that you please don't use UPS for international shipping. The duty fees are CRIPPLING whenever those guys are involved! Thanks.

    5. gwailo on

      Any more updates on how things are going?

    6. AdamDork

      Any addition word on this?

    7. Snicker Furfoot on

      What if we've moved between the first confirmation and now - how do we update our address with you guys?

    8. CMON 37-time creator on

      Drop us an email at and the email address you used to pledge on Kickstarter and we'll figure it out.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nagash1959 on

      When I click the link in the last message it just brings me to CoolMiniorNots homepage. I cant find the Pledge Manager (never got an email about it). I think the internet hates me....any suggestions?

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Nielsen on

      Any plans for doing the shipping to Europe the same way as Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster?
      Shipping everything to UK and out from there?
      I reckon a lot of people would appreciate this :)

    11. CMON 37-time creator on

      Drop us an email at with your pledge # and phone number so we can get a hold of you before we ship.

    12. Adam Grow on

      I'm in a similar spot - I'm likely to move between now and the end of July, but don't have an address yet. Is there going to be some way to update our shipping address after 30 June?

    13. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      uhh.. that makes no sense.. If you want this shipping addresses updated before the 30th, I need to change it now as I will be moving the last two weeks of July and I don't know my new address yet...

      I'll need to give you some sort of place holder address.

    14. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      Stephan: Nothing. Everything will happen automatically :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      So.. what do I need to do to change my address?

    16. Missing avatar

      Joe Habacker on

      I second Jose's comment exactly, considering the 15th is my birthday as well.

    17. Joshua R on

      That is super double plus awesome news. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly!

    18. Nick Johnson on

      Henrik: I'm not to worried about the rules being released. Most companies make them available 2-3 weeks before the game is released. That being said, I wouldn't complain if they published them earlier. And if we find issues with the game I guess that just means they will fix them with an expansion, which means MORE zombies!

    19. Rand Chua TL on

      Pls updated the Zombiecide website since the last one is old?

    20. Rand Chua TL on

      This is the greatest news i heard all day!

    21. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      Craig: It seems like they are holding it back! Might be that the game sucks :)

      This close to completion they should have a complete version of it.

      If not put it out there as an alpha version and let the community contribute to the final version and help make the game even better. A couple 1000 testers are more likely to find imbalances than just a few!

    22. Craig Johnston on

      Any idea when we might get a look at the Rules .pdf on the Zombiecide website?

    23. Jacky Phoenix

      @ David Dakin, but we can meet up to play a few games thou... Can't wait for the summer to come.

    24. Jose Orozco on

      August 15th is my birthday :P that'd be such a nice birthday gift!

    25. gwailo on

      @ Jacky Yu - being in Hong Kong myself, I already asked the same thing.. Sadly, it does not appear we can do that. Oh well.

    26. Jacky Phoenix

      I am based in Hong Kong... If by chance the games it's Made in China, can I have it early? ;) ;)
      Save shipping to US then back to Asia?

      Also, will they be any promoting programme? If so, can I be the scout in Hong Kong?

    27. Don Riddle

      *crosses fingers and looks skyward, pleading*

    28. CMON 37-time creator on

      Josh, drop us an email with a phone number that'll be good for contacting you when the time comes to ship.

    29. Dominion on

      This is great news, but I have a weird timing issue. I'm in the process of moving but don't yet know my new mailing address, and don't want to enter my old one since I'll be long gone from there by the time it ships. I'll know by mid July or so...can I wait until then to add my address? If that means I don't get my shipment until a few weeks late so be it. But I won't have an address to give on June 30th that will still be valid in August.

    30. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      That's fantastic. Here's to hoping that early schedule works out! :)