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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Damon A Simms on

      The base Game comes with 40 Walkers, 16 Runners, 8 Fatties, (in addition to the survivors and the abomination). Each base game will require two of the second tray pictured containing 20 walkers, 8 runners and 4 fatties.
      Anyone who pledged Abomination or higher gets the following additional miniatures: 20 walkers, 6 runners and 4 fatties. You should just make it easy on yourselves and increase that by 2 runners so you can just throw in an entire additional tray.
      Just a thought. ;)

    2. Patrick Henry on

      @ Barry SInce I recently spent about a solid 2 hours cutting Twilight Imperium's parts off a sprue I suspect that law you speak of might be apocryphal. Sounds like something to look up on Snopes to me. ALso the plastic model business would be completely dead is that were so.

    3. Missing avatar

      KT on

      @Barry K, I think the black clip you were asking is the "tracker" that you will use with that figure stat card. That was one of the kickstart goal that we hit, so they will provide us the tracker with colour correspond with that survival figure. Let's, say Dave is yellow, so you will get a yellow tracker to use on his stat card.

    4. Stephen Cowart on

      The zombie versions of the figs won't ship until the expansion which is going to be sometime next year. We will also get all the extra minis at that time (chuck norris, cardboard tube samurai, etc etc).

      The black clip thing is the plastic tracker for the character. Each one should be getting one.

      As for the extra figs I believe there will be special packaging for all the extras we are getting.

    5. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      I've been told by a game publisher that US laws no longer permit pieces on sprues, because someone somewhere might injure themselves on the sprue nub after the part has been removed.

      I'm so relieved, now I won't get lacerations from sticking sprues down my throat anymore.

      On a more serious note, I am very happy to see individual pockets for each figure rather than finding them stuffed into a bag and bent all over creation on arrival. One question: I don't see any "zombified" versions of the heroes. Was the intention only to do this with the extra-purchase figures? So much good stuff happened along the way that I lost that detail. Also, what's that black clip thing in a separate pocket beside the not-Bruce-Willis promo fig in lower right?

      Also, will the game box be big enough to hold the "extra 30" offered at that support level, and supplemental character figures, or must they reside externally?

    6. Phil Seale on

      No sprue means we don't have to twist the minis of the plastic nubs holding several minis together on one sprue. Those never twist off cleanly and you are left with that little nub on top and/or bottom of the mini that you then need to file or snip off. Basically just cleaner looking minis.

    7. Shoogoo on

      what's so cool about no sprue? genuine question here, enlighten me!

    8. Poul Erik Holmelund on

      No sprue is indeed WOHOO.
      And now I am even more exited to get the game.
      Is it September yet?

    9. Henrik Horneber on

      no sprue, woooot!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      Take care of all your concerns

    11. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      @Scott Hill. A small piece of tissue paper in each slot will take care ofb

    12. Steve on

      They look very cool, great packing and yes much more than I expected. But I also have to wonder how worthwhile the battlefoam really was now given they are already individually packed like that... Pretty sure on hard plastic with varnish nothing would come off them in that packing. Oh well, if I decide to keep them in the plastic I can at least use the foam for some of my hordes of other miniatures.

    13. Rand Chua TL on

      Good News for all of us! ^_^

    14. Missing avatar

      KT on

      This look great, especially the zombies tray! But where do we put all those extra stuffs we get from kickstart (like 20 or 30 extra zombies, runner, fatty, abom, and survivals? Hope there will be some extra space in the box.

    15. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      @Jimmy: If you think there's a possibility of travelling any distance with your set, and you don't want your paintjob getting chipped there is - with this style tray the mini's will move around, and bump and scrap, over the hard plastic tray - that can lead to chipped paint, even if you hard-coat them - whereas with foam trays, the foam often holds the mini in place so if doesn't move, and even if it does move it only brushes against soft forgiving foam.
      In short, if you're paranoid about getting the paint job chipped, you, like I, will be getting foam anyway. If you're not, you won't.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      For those who are going to paint the figures, no need for battlefoam.

    17. Brian Watzig on

      may 7th or 8th i think it was

    18. Brian Watzig on

      @Aaron, yeah they said it out shortly after the end of the project so everyone could list what all the money was going to or what the decided they would like to buy extra of

    19. Batei on

      Most impressive!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lavack on

      Speaking of ordering stuff - has anyone recieved the final e-mail app to finalise selection of extras and pay for them? I've still not. Just wondering...

    21. David Cunkelman

      @dapatrick - You can always tell CMON to send me your battle foam trays. :)

    22. David Cunkelman

      THANK YOU for the update and shots of the molded minis!!! Now that everyone is salivating, any chance the downloadable map/scenario editor going to be released before the product ships to help keep us busy? I didn't miss the update to download did I??!? I had to take a break from Kickstater because it was sucking away all my $$$!!

    23. Dapatrick on

      Looks amazing, I'm getting excited, although with the packing I am already regretting the $40 Battle floam that I bought as it looks unnecessary. I wasn't expecting it to be packed like this, clearly should have splurged for the extra mini's and tiles. Regardless, amazing job!!!

    24. John on

      wow i am shocked tbh i was expecting them just dumped in a zip bag and thrown under some card like fantasy flight.realy nice thank you guys.

    25. Rakuall on

      Yay! No sprue!

    26. Joshua R on

      Great images. I am also just *twitching* with impatience to get this set... Can't wait. Thanks for the update!

    27. CMON 37-time creator on

      Well if you can hold off, Aaron will have shots of his take on the painted figs sometime in September.

    28. Daniel

      The figures in this set actually made me consider taking up painting figures again. do we get a colour pic of each 'character' so we know what the envisioned look for them are if we want to gor for the "authentic colours" ?

      Also, in related lines, what type of colours would be good to use, and should they get finish after painting? (I haven't painted in.... 20 years I think, so I'm a bit rusty on the details...)

    29. Berbs42 on

      Hordes of Zombies!!

    30. Berbs42 on

      Hordes of Zombies!!

    31. Gary M on

      I think my brain just exploded trying to follow the previous comment. Or maybe it was just the thought of killing hordes of zombies!

    32. CMON 37-time creator on

      Paul, the Abomination "packs" are packaged differently for easy shipping.

    33. Paul Murray on

      So, if you're an Abomination backer, and are therefore due along with your game (in terms of extra zombies) an Abomination, 4 extra fatties, 6 extra runners and 20 extra walkers, and the tray design you are going with is as above, that will mean that you will get a loose Abomination, and an extra zombie tray all but two runners. Which begs the question, if these trays are packed for you before arrival, wouldn't it save you hassle to just ship a complete extra tray to each Abomination backer along with the extra Abomination figure rather than having to go through several thousand trays removing 2 runners from each? It means you'll end up giving out 8 extra runners rather than 6, but surely in terms of time wasted removing them sending the extras will actually save you money?

    34. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      Will there be enough room in the internal packaging for the 'extra' minis? If not, it may be a good idea to have a molded in section that is just rectangular that will give us a spot to store them.

    35. Charles Patterson on

      So looking forward to doing custom paint jobs on these. I love painting the undead.

    36. KZ (KingZombie)

      Too cool!!! This is worse than being 5 and waiting for X-mas morning to come!

    37. Aaron on

      Om nom nom. They look delectable! So stoked for this!

    38. CMON 37-time creator on

      Yup, that's the plastic tracker, every Survivor gets one.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dewbakuk on

      I assume that's one of the trackers that is in the pack with the 'not Mclaine' figure?

    40. Tyler Thompson

      @Anthony I think its the plastic tracker for the survivor boards.
      The 180,000 goal

    41. Jordan Peacock on

      All right! This is great to see this moving along. I'm also glad to see that the bases on these figures look nice and flat. (I had some trouble with the "Doom" board game a while back from Fantasy Flight Games; I had to use a hair dryer to try to soften and straighten out the bases, and it's made me a bit wary of plastic minis with incorporated bases since. I'm glad to see that won't be a problem here!)

    42. Frederik Vezina

      Things are looking good and on track for release...

      So, when do we get some rules?

    43. Anthony DMello on

      What's the thing to the right of Nick?

    44. Brian Watzig on

      looking good, and thank you i needed something to cheer me up today and this did it.