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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Gary M on

      Any updates on how things are progressing? We can't get this game soon enough!

    2. marc yablon on

      think of i walked with a zombie.

    3. Missing avatar

      Storm Kerr on

      This game will be EPIC! I plan on painting everything. Zombies will all share similar decomposing color scheme while the survivors will be bright and healthy.
      Thought for the day: Undead Mozart is a decomposer.

    4. Billy Gove on

      I've always hated games kinda like this and never played them because of Risk but I have Risk except the only reason I purchased it was it's the Metal Gear addition. Can't play magic or any card games like that but this is right up my alley and cannot wait to get it because it won't take as long as a poker game for frig sakes.....ZOMBICIDE WooooooooooHoooooooooo

    5. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Maybe it's just me, but the police officer on the right looks several shades darker than the Zs. I'd much prefer a dark-gray figure to black, which just turns into Mr. Shadow Man on a gameboard.

      For anyone interested who doesn't intend to paint their minis, a very easy way to create some differentiation is to buy a small bottle of water-based (acrylic) flat or matte-finish paint at a craft store. Choose a dark brown, dark gray or black. Thin some of this in water to make a wash, and brush it over each character figure (or, alternately, all the zombies). NOTE: BE SURE to wash the figures in cool water with some dishwashing detergent first, to remove any mold-release residue, so that the paint wash adheres).

      The paint wash will create "shading" in the recesses of the figure, enhance its detail, and allow for easier identification with minimal effort.

    6. Big Jack on

      I am happy with them, now im talking in my opinion, so please don't slate what im saying, but i find that i used to question scale to much, i thought everything should be the same height, but im starting to move away from that recently, because when i think about it, im 6 foot 2, now my drinking mates an me get as short as 5 foot 4ish (im not a weirdo remembering peoples height, but about that) so you know, this has got to be about right. dave is sheldon, whos a lanky get, i think el choro, bein trejo is sold a bit short, but then i think, its not actually trejo, tho i have to agree, the cop (i refuse to learn all the names on right is a bit simlar to zombies, i know theres alot of survivors, but i own ZOMBEIS!!! by twilight creatoins, an they had loadsa survivors once you look through all the expansions, some were a bit similar, but i personally would rather have that on the minimal survivors than them blending into masses of zombies

    7. James Howe on

      I'm kind of stupid-excited for this.

    8. Joseph Cheng on

      I hope Zombicide can use the same material as Gears of War the board game.

    9. Francis Cermak on

      I agree, save the yellow plastic for Eva.

    10. Super Brentendo on

      No complaints at all here. No intentions to paint and that Abomination is looking sa-weet!

    11. Matt Strange

      Given that the game is a 'boardgame' i am extremely happy with the production values and look of the models. congratulations guys!

    12. mark keedwell on

      you should save the yellow plastic for Eva as some said before

    13. Jon Simpson on

      Im sure its not the case but will the colours be different in final production ?, they seem a lot brighter than the previews and a pink Amy is just wrong :)

    14. Missing avatar

      MARK MACKIN on

      The color of the guy on the extreme right (don't know his name) seems very close to the grey color of the zombies, it could cause confusion in games with lots of zombies.

    15. Nicholas Lim on

      I think the scaling is a little off? I would have expected fatty to be bigger - notice that the base are all similar. The fatty and zombie abomination needs to be bigger on a larger base.

      On the base, can it be easily separate instead? If most of the folks (that includes me) are going to paint and base it, then it will help to keep it separate. Possibly glue on later or something to insert the mini into the base.

    16. David Frank on

      I think the Scaling is OK - Dave doesn't look any taller than the green, blue or orange guys (need to go memorize all the names) Amy is on roller skates so it stands to reason she may be taller

    17. David Frank on

      I think the Scaling is OK - Dave doesn't look any taller than the green, blue or orange guys (need to go memorize all the names) Amy is on roller skates so it stands to reason she may be taller

    18. Adam Souza on

      @ Ben - Yeah they already are. They retail for $89....

    19. Ben Makepeace on

      Just a thought... it would be cool to be able to buy the survivors as a pack purely for painting purposes if they're as detailed as they've looked i the shots so far.

    20. George on

      Thanks for the update! Scaling of figures does seem slightly uneven, if that even can be adjusted... Dave stands out the most, but Amy looks kinda tall too... but maybe that's all just the camera angle. I did like the bolder/darker colors in your video and hoping the final figs will have close to the same detail:…

    21. Aephix on

      Honestly, you should save the yellow plastic for Eva. Its almost the right color for the track suit.

    22. Missing avatar

      angel koh on

      the Yellow survivor seem to pop out. too bright too bright.
      the grey survivor is about the same color as the zombies too.

    23. Nick "Grand Vizier of Kilforth" Hughes on

      I'm already planning paint shcemes for the survivors that incorporate some of their unpainted colour. Some are certainly easier than others!

    24. Chooi

      Original KS showed characters in different colours and this is what I prefer like this picture shows since I am not planning to paint them. If you were to paint them, you will be coating and painting over it anyway.

    25. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      Dave the Geek does look a little large, but that could just be the brightness of the material, or the fact he's stood next to the crouching hulk of MACHET...I mean El Cholo
      I can't wait to get this game in time for Halloween, I'm going to put on some Awfulsome movies, anything B is in, and get some friends round for an evening of Zombicide!
      I also use the Hot-Cold water treatment regularly, I literally have a mountain of Resin and of course all those Super Dungeon Explore minis (the Dragon and Rex's all needed bending slightly - In fact I assembled the dragon, and the dragons base, then dunked the dragons legs into hot water, and then held him onto the base until he cooled, fits like a glove now!)

    26. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Id much prefer the survivors to all be the same grey as the zombies, any chance of this being an option?

    27. Saint

      Will the survivors come in the shown color on the picture? Inhope so ;-)

    28. Fango on

      For those that don't like the color of the survivors, but also don't feel like painting 100+ miniatures for the board could always just paint the survivors...or, if your painting skills leave something to be some sort of treatment to the base 'disk' i.e. take a permanent marker (your color choice) and just hit the 'edge' of the disk, or make some sort of mark on the top 'face' of the base.

    29. mark keedwell on

      blue /black /orange ect

    30. John Ibarzabal on

      The heroes minis are so different from each other that I dont think it will be a big deal.
      Even if they were all the same color, of course different from the zombies, it would not be difficult to tell them apart.

      At least the minis are not very similar like in Gears of War Board Game, where the are all red and look so much alike, it gets difficult to tell them apart.

    31. Cory J on

      I have no issue with gray for one main reason. We have seven more survivors coming just as promos/extras for the base game, which will come with even more survivors when the expansion hits. There simply aren't enough colours to give each figure a completely different colour so having one survivor as an off gray is ok. At least it's not the same gray as the zombies themselves.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bart de Vos on

      For me (being colour blind) the far left also is very close to the zombie colour (just as much as the right one is).

    33. Jonathan Weller on

      Please don't make anybody that isn't a bad guy grey.

    34. Missing avatar

      Harkodos on

      The bright yellow figure (I'm pretty sure that's Dave) looks a bit too big by comparison of the others. Unless he's naturally tall and lanky, I'm not certain, but he looks, as far as build, about as big and tough as El Cholo if not moreso. At least, that's what I think from the pictures.

    35. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Very nice sculpts!!! Is the plastic going to be hard or soft? Hard is easier for painting.

    36. John Ibarzabal on

      About the hot/cold water: I just said based on my experience, of unwarping dozens of minis. Granted, I do not have minis with plastic like Dust minis, so I understand that my suggestion should be then taken with a grain of salt.
      Sorry for sounding like the ultimate solution, and thanks for the feedback.
      Lets hope that warping is kept to a minimum and either we can easly unwarp them, or at least have great support (I am sure CMON will provide this) for replacements...

    37. Missing avatar

      Icematt12 on

      Agree with comments already made. The orange and yellow looks too bright compared to the other survivors and don't think a survivor should have a similar colour to the undead.

    38. Missing avatar

      Eric Pratt on

      I agree with Stephen Cowart. I also don't intend to paint the minis and the one on the far right is a bit too close to the zombie color.

    39. Jordan Peacock on

      I agree that having a survivor who looks zombie-grey could be a BIT confusing, but it's just ONE figure and I'm sure the player will keep track of his own model. For me, it won't be an issue, since I'm painting them all, but it might be nice if the shade of grey of the hero was more differentiated -- perhaps a DARKER shade of grey, or make it a "warmer" or "cooler" grey by making it more brownish or bluish.

      Overall, though, the minis look great!

    40. Missing avatar

      Adam Huenecke on

      @John Ibarzabal - Thanks for the advice. As Colorcrayons' Workshop & Exhibit said, I've had limited success with the process myself, trying to fix DUST minis. I'm just hoping that some of the splindlier bits on these guys don't require a ton of extra work on my part. If I am going to put time into painting these, I don't want their weapons all floppy.

    41. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    42. Stephen Cowart on

      I'm fine with the bright colors (not a huge fan of the yellow but meh) but the guy on the far right is wayyy to close to zombie color for my tastes. I for one am not going to be painting these at all so would like a color that stands out more from the zombies.

    43. Chris K.

      Awesome! I hope the the adjustments are to tone down the color a little...yellow and orange are a bit blinding. lol
      I can live with it though. Full steam ahead!

    44. Colorcrayons' Workshop & Exhibit on

      Hot and cold water unwarping isnt always successful even after multiple attempts so suggesting it as a fail proof method is disingenuous.

      I understand the need to keep things lo-res until molding adjustments are made. but teasing with even lower res shots of the models than the sculpts shown earlier is going a bit backwards and not forwards.

    45. KZ (KingZombie)

      Amazing! Keep the updates coming!

    46. John Ibarzabal on

      Dont worry about warping. Warped miniatures can be easly unwarped with a hot and cold water techique.

      I have done it dozens of times, always a success...

      - Get a small bowl, pour some water in, and drop some icecubes... or get cold water and pour in. Leave it to the side;
      - Heat some water, a cup is enough, in the microwave for about 1 minute (just like you would do to make instant coffee..;
      - Get the miniature, dip it in the hot water. Hold it, taking care not to put your finger in. You will feel the miniature instantly unbend. Count to like 5 or 10 seconds, remove it. If needed, hold the bent piece to the position you want to set it in;
      - Now dip the miniature into the cold water! The termal shock will instantly set the miniature in the correct position;
      - Now just let it rest a few, and dry it.

      Sometimes after a couple of days the mini will warp again, just repeat the process. It should not warp again after that, or in the case of very stubborn minis... do it a couple more times.

      Works perfectly!

      I did this on some Tannhauser (prepainted), Doom, Descent, World of Warcraft, and dozens more minis... works like a charm...

    47. Labelle Rouge on

      Yep! High res links please ^^

    48. Glen Noctor on

      I agree with the high resolution requests, the figures look really nice in these photos but you can't make out much detail. Also, please don't ship in order of pledges recieved, I only pledged on the last day and I don't think I think you should ship mine first...y'know, to reward my impressive procrastination skills.

    49. Cory J on

      Some of the bases look slightly warped in the pics already. But that's not a huge deal, it would be super easy to rebase these minis. speaking of which has CMON said how wide the bases were?