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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. René Kragh Pedersen on

      Impressive sizes!
      I'm a guy, normally medium in chest size and medium-large in shoulders. This size S will be somewhat loose on me. :-D

      Thanks for the measurements.

    2. Jessica Douglas on

      What about the ladies on the thread? Even the S (men's) will be huge on me. Sigh. Another awesome game shirt I can only sleep in but is too small for the hubbie...

    3. Richard Gray on

      Thank you CMON for checking in on the 3X shirts. I know I'll be changing my size after you send out the confirmation emails.

    4. Sean

      5xl or even 6xl.. would be good ;-)

    5. mark keedwell on

      maybe Americans buy them in case in they grow into them ;p

    6. Saint

      According the sizing chart, I ordered all the shirts one size too big. Is there anyway that I can change the sizing now? I ordered a XXL but with the table of this post I need more likely a XL.

      How to change?

    7. Missing avatar

      J. Ervik on

      These sizes are indeed quite large. I normally use M, but according to this i should use atleast use an S or maybe even XS. I believe US sizes are much much larger than they are in Europe. I ordered a size L from the US once, and it was so crazy large it could be like XXL over here.

    8. Missing avatar

      Massimiliano on

      I've order ed an xl but so i need an l, are you dure about the size, which brand are ?

    9. Matt Zitron on

      I'm the same, I've ordered an M, but by these sizes I'm a S.

    10. Kristian Duczek on

      If the T-shirts are from china, I need a XXXL
      If they are from Europe or America, a L or XL will do.

      What brand are they ..."Fruit of the Loom"?

    11. Geoff Tan on

      According the sizing chart, I ordered all the shirts one size too big. Is there anyway that I can change the sizing now?

    12. Missing avatar

      Bart de Vos on

      Funny, I consider these sizes to be quite large. In Europe I'm an M and sometimes an L. According to these sizes I should be an S.

    13. Henk Vervaeke on

      Indeed, you sure about these measurements?
      Look @ this:

    14. Robert Oleszczuk on

      Hei! It is good idea. In survey is only xxl, but i prefer xxxl. I hope it will be possible to change. If will be too expensive to do I prefer add few $ and get xxxl. Anyway it is only t-shirt. ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Miller

      Pre-shrunk cotton?

    16. WolfVR on

      Wow that seems crazy small. A 3XL shirt from shirt.woot is ~71cm across and they are specifically stated to be a "slim" fit. I normally wear a 2XL but have to buy a 3XL from woot, or it's like I'm wearing spandex, and nobody wants to see that. Guess my wife or my son is getting another game shirt that I can't wear.

    17. Erich L. on

      Haha, that makes more sense

    18. CMON 37-time creator on

      Factory confirms they can do an XXXL, 64 cm across, 128cm in chest measurement, which is about 50 inches.

    19. CMON 37-time creator on

      Sorry, should have said, this is the WIDTH of the T, rather than the all round.

    20. Erich L. on

      Is this once around or twice around? These sizes are very tiny sizes if twice around.

    21. Chris Bond on

      60 cm is one third scale doll size T-shirt... this has to be a misprint. 60cm is a bit less than 24 inches.

    22. Missing avatar

      James Sutherland on

      42 inch chest works out to about 112 cm... These sizes seem a bit small.

    23. Missing avatar

      Maria on

      Is that 60 cm when shirt is laid flat? Or are they kids' sizes?

    24. CMON 37-time creator on

      Don't worry, after we get all the survey results back in, we'll send out another confirmation email.

    25. Ashton Green

      I need closer to 127cm... Sorry.

    26. David Solheim on

      If we've already filled out the survey and would prefer a size larger than XXL, is there any way to change the order at this point?

    27. Glint on

      Thank you for this!