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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. FutureElements on

      Yep this will be very cool. You guys got heart and soul into it.

    2. Rirath on

      Thanks guys - congrats. Looking forward to a great game.

    3. Jordan Peacock on

      Wow! It's great to see how this really took off. I've been talking with several of my local gamer friends this week, and quite a few of them are excited about it. There will be a bit of pressure on me to get those minis painted up quickly once the base game actually comes out, so we can get to playing with a full-color set. ;)

      I love the idea of the blank character cards, too. I'll have to play a while before I can get a grasp of how to balance things properly, but some of the bonus characters have inspired me to think on other "suspiciously-similar-to-a-celebrity survivors" that would be fun to kit-bash and add to the game.

    4. Mordheimer on

      Thank YOU for believing in yourselves and giving us the chance for a great game and AWESOME models! I don't imagine that there are many investors willing to drop $20 or $40k on this. I can't see Hasbro, Mattel, Playmates Toys, LeapFrog Enterprises, etc. executives being 1/100th as excited as the LEAST excited person that pledged in Kickstarter.

      We VALUE your dream for what it is... a fun game with great models. Now... where is that time machine so I can go to October?

    5. R. U. Zaetl on

      Congrats, CMON and GG! Really looking forward to the game!

    6. Kevin deAntonio on

      Thank You! I haven't been this excited about a games' release since Privateer Press annonced "HORDES!" Can you believe that you came this close to hitting $800K?!?
      Such an amazing few weeks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Too Beaucoup on

      CONGRATS! Looking forward to the game! So as I understand, if we did not 'pledge' for all the options we wanted initially, we can add these on as well?

    8. Paul Simmons on

      I gotta say, I am proud to have this be the first kickstarter project I have ever funded. This game looks amazing, quite like my own personal dream game. Only it's real. And with a ton of support.

    9. Missing avatar


      @Joshua thanks again for a fun ride!

    10. KZ (KingZombie)

      Great job job guys!! Look forward to playing!!

      @Joshua - We'll have to get together and play!

    11. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      My math says 3,907.5% actually....

    12. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Thanks to you guys for this soon to be an amazing game too!

    13. Paul Bradley on

      I backed with 5 mins to go... phew. Now the agonizing wait.. but it'll be worth it!

    14. Missing avatar

      Zanzibar on

      Well, great job!

      Brief question: I just noticed that I forgot to add the cost for international shipping. How can I add this now that the project has ended? I could have sworn I've read from other projects that you could somehow managed the pledge for a few brief days after the kickstart was done with, but I can't remember how.

      Anyone know? Or can I throw you the cash over PayPal or somesuch?

    15. Brad Tomlinson on

      Awesome fundraising, CMON/GG. Really excited for you guys and for the game, and thanks for the parting gift! ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Dustin Poston on

      Great ride guys! Great artists and creative game designers deserve more recognition. My only wish was that I could contribute more. Back to work on those 3D tiles... :-)

    17. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I'm very glad you received all these pledges.
      You deserve them.
      The game seems amazing and I already wish it was next year because I can't wait for all those promo miniatures most of us will get.
      Looking forward to your next Kickstarter project.

    18. Ropya on

      Nice, I was hoping for more equipment cards.
      Now I just need to find good cardstock for them.
      Thanks CMON

    19. Darsc Zacal on

      That was fun!
      A great ride with a pile of toys waiting for us at the end!
      Thanks guys! See you when the expansions here.

    20. DisOrd3r


    21. Alex Shemyakin on

      Thank you, guys! That was a lot of fun! 8)

    22. Sebastien Boucher on

      Proud to be supporter of your success!

    23. Niranth on

      I've only said this to Bob and Tom before -You guys rock!

    24. Erich L. on

      No, I meant it is time for me to make the dog with the empty survivor id card

    25. Rand Chua TL on

      We want more freebies since it is now 3800% of the funding goal? :P

    26. Jalister on

      Please make sure to come back to Kickstarter when you are ready to make the expansion!

    27. Missing avatar

      ChristianH on

      Thank you for the ride!

    28. Sean Riedinger

      Glad to be of help. :3

    29. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      Awesome!!!!! A million thanks for the art content! Uni-pony with a cardboard tube horn and a chainsaw saddle here I come!!!

    30. Ace on

      Love you too xoxo

    31. Erich L. on

      Time to make that dog!