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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Gary M on

      Neutral bone color for the plastic tracker. Matching survivor color would not be cost effective, imo. Then it doesn't blend or clash with any of the health bar colors. In addition, the clips would be interchangeable between tracker cards in case you lost one.

    2. Legion on

      The likeness is incredible.

    3. Darsc Zacal on

      As Mark said, the wire is just there to support the mini while it is being sculpted.

    4. mark keedwell on

      @ landon thats the wires they put the putty .,thats only oe procces of making the finished project

    5. Landon Watt on

      What is the thing coming out of her arm? A whip?

    6. Jose Vera on

      Having matching colors would be super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Stephen Cowart on

      I don't paint though. I'd prefer a generic color that does not match any of the survivors. Or a color for each survivor.

    8. John Drinkwater on

      If matching colors to survivors is not an option, leave them grey so we can paint them ourselves ?

    9. Ropya on

      Each tracker being the color of the fig does make sense

    10. Plug Uglie on

      ^that would be cool

    11. Javier GOMEZ on

      One tracker in the colour of each survivor will be great...

    12. Luis G Rodriguez on

      Bone color for the tracker!!!

      Eva looks awesome!

    13. Kristian Duczek on

      I'll paint all main characters, the color of the plastic doesn't matter!
      I cannot wait,...wanna start to paint nowwww!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Icematt12 on

      Eva truly looks awesome, definetly the one I'm getting. Agree with some sort of green as well for the slider, just more of a light green than plant colour.

    15. Plug Uglie on

      green will clash with the other colors to much and may look rasta ish. maybe a pale green tho.

    16. Plug Uglie on

      i think it should be white or yellow.

    17. Missing avatar

      SerialMoM on

      This sculpt is fantastic.

      Iam Glad that i will get her next year.

    18. Heather Cummings on

      Wow, this looks sooo cool. I hadn't wanted her before...she looked less badass in the drawing, but she looks pretty sweet now. hmmm....may have to up my pledge...good thing I havn't even mentioned this to my husband.

    19. Chooi

      zombie green gets my vote too.

    20. John J on

      I agree with the green for the tracker clip. The chart already has blue, yellow, orange and red on it. A nice "zombie green" would stand out at a glance for the "occularly challenged" among us. :D

    21. Kristian Duczek on

      Wow...what a fantastic sculpting of Uma...

    22. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      This looks like it might be more of a "paper clip" style with wide back, rather than the pressure squeeze style that always causes trouble.

    23. George on

      Looks great! It does match the outfit in the sketch, you can even see the stripes on the legs a bit. As for the slider... make sure you test it well. The ones in Betrayal at House on the Hill are notoriously loose, for example.

    24. Missing avatar


      When the expansion comes out I would love to see a track suit version as a option!

    25. Sebastien Boucher on

      Good job. Eva look great! j'ai bien hâte de l'avoir en mains

    26. Plug Uglie on

      is the clip supposed to be unsymmetrical?

    27. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      Matt....this sculpt looks nothing like Danny Trejo. ZING!

    28. Matt Zitron on

      Oh and CMON tracker has to be yellow.

    29. Cory J on

      Looks like they lost the bodysuit though...

    30. Matt Zitron on

      @Anthony like the Machete one. The sculp looks JUST like Danny Trejo/

    31. Vinsssounet on

      Oh my, bionic Eva is trying to catch you with her robotic-worm-like-arm ='(

    32. Anthony on

      wow nice sculpt so resembles uma more than the concept sketch, nice work!

    33. Ropya on

      Id say like a bight green for the tracker. Make it stand out

    34. Brian Skov-Nielsen on

      So cool.. Love it.