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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Troy on

      i've upped my pledge to survivor, just i can get another Troy to convert to army of darkness likeness. i'm going to be painting zombies for years to come :)

    2. Brian on

      @Jordan: Hell, if you can get your hands on another one of the chainsaw wielding survivors in the game it should be a pretty easy kitbash, same material, same scale, just a thought ^_^ (awesome idea too)

    3. Jordan Peacock on

      Wow! They actually hit the goal. :D Maybe I shouldn't be SURPRISED, but I wasn't really sure it could keep going that far, this close to the end. Way to go! (And I'm so glad that "Troy" will be added to the set. I'm already pondering a kitbash to replace the axe-holding hand with a chainsaw, just for looks.)

    4. Bruiser Ben on

      We made it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Very successful project, hope the game come out not just "nice" but "superb"!
      If you are in my country, $700000 is about 20 millions!!! Awesome!

    6. Missing avatar

      tzoscey on

      no saw hand ?
      no troy imp? xD

    7. Legion on

      I'm getting TrAsh!

    8. Alex

      Looks like we'll be seeing Ash and Zombie Ash after all. The Zombicide team have done such a great job of listening to all the requests of the fans!

    9. Missing avatar

      KT on

      23K with 10 hours left! Hope we will make it there for the very last goal!

    10. Todd David Peters on

      Just to clarify: will Troy/zombie Troy be one set per boxed game (as clearly stated in all the other stretches but not this one) or just one set per person regardless of how many boxed games we pledge?

    11. John Drinkwater on

      ah .. so this is the ASH archetype being talked about. (sorry Im only a newbie to the zombie genre .. my only real exposure prior to this was with the reavers in Serenity/Firefly .. and I hope River and Jayne get a spot in the survivor mini set in the future)

    12. Jason Christopher Faught on

      @Kenny, Mr. Darcy? Seriously? Lincoln, the Vampire Slayer would be WAY cooler!

    13. Jordan Peacock on

      Hail to the king, baby! =D Aw yeah, if this target isn't met, I hope I can get this promo some other way. (If this had been a $10 add-on, I would've snatched it up, no doubt about that.)

    14. Dave Boot on

      Since even if we don´t make the final stretch, 'Troy' will eventually make an appearance, another figure idea for when the expansion will be created: How about Lionel from Braindead/Dead Alive with of course the lawnmower as weapon of choice? :-D

    15. Adam Rosowicz

      What about a Madman with a Blue Box?

    16. Plug Uglie on

      yeah, at some point they definitely need to add the mustache biker from the original dawn of the dead.

    17. Kenny on

      A zombie fighting Mr. Darcy would be awesome and he's public domain!

      I am still kind of hoping for a Dolemite figure in the expansions....

    18. Missing avatar

      Danny Choi on

      Since wishes seem to keep coming true, I'm thinking of a rumpled English retail slave turned zombie slayer. Maybe call him Nigel or something...

    19. Scott Seltzer on

      Ok, pledge increased slightly. I'm really looking forward to Zombie Ash/Troy.

    20. Stephen Cowart on

      So are you going to do KS for the expansion as well?

    21. CMON 37-time creator on

      Just to be clear, Troy will not be in the expansion per se, but will definitely make an appearance as a promo Survivor even if we don't hit this goal.

    22. Plug Uglie on

      yess, there is a god.

    23. Batei on

      I love it! Let's hope we hit the mark. I wonder what character will replace in the expansion if we KS'ers get him?

    24. Kristian Duczek on

      Looks rrreeeally cool!!
      I don't miss his chainsaw...and now we have a Deadite on the streets too.

      clatu verata nec...not the last miniauture!

    25. Matt Zitron on

      Getting an Ash has made my day. Need to make $100,000 stat.

    26. Chooi

      the people asked for Ash & we got Ash. Am pretty sure at rate we are going, this will be met. Well done CMON, well done! Now any chance of Essen collection? Not so much $25 postage (which is very reasonable) but the local VAT and custom duty is significant totalling over 20%

    27. Nicky on

      There's simply too many males miniature in the final abomination level. I was hoping you guys can swap those 3 free male miniatures with at least 1 female like Ivy,etc.

    28. GI Joker on

      He kinda looks like Patrick Swayze. Also, if this is the Ash, he's the one that needs a chainsaw. Oh well, I guess a weapon swap with Claudia may be in order.

    29. Missing avatar

      Nagash1959 on

      When it hits a full million in pledges can we all get a vial of real Zombie Virus?

    30. Pablo Gallaga on

      Quite frankly, there's no way you could top this anyway. Brilliant.

    31. George on

      Well that's it... couldn't resist any longer. I'm in all the way!!!!!

    32. Dave Rambo

      on the main page*

    33. Dave Rambo

      why isn't this one the main page?

    34. Anthony on

      CMON/GG...dishing out the suga! :D

      Thanks for doing such a great job on this game!!

    35. Jose Vera on

      Drop the cash and let it run free!

    36. Missing avatar

      Gene Easton on

      Do want... soooooo much.

    37. Frederik Vezina

      "Come out and play" probably means "be an early promo figure in the expansion's kickstarter" or somesuch. I doubt the intended incentive in the latest goal is simply "remove him from everyone else's expansion box" - a bit callous, wouldn't it be?
      I think they're just saying Troy promo will definitely happen either way, but has two scenarios:
      Scenario A: Troy promo ships with expansion to people who KS the expansion.
      Scenario B: Troy promo Ships with expansion to people who KSed the base game*. A further promo mini accompanies the expansion instead.
      *except the 100 or so with a huge bruise on their forehead.

    38. Big Jack on

      well everyone b***hing like little girls about Claudia having a chain saw... here is your answer, knife an a bita glue, she gets a axe to swing and 'troy' gets his chainsaw hand. two birds one stone, alternatively just paint him a silver hand, army of darkness style. not that he needs weapons, if chins could kill......

    39. Erich L. on

      Also I'm loving that Sam Axe

    40. Kevin O'Mara on

      ^^If we get this stretch goal he comes for *free* in the expansion, otherwise you will probably have to pay for him

    41. Gary M on

      340K, 450K, 550K, 700K? Well, maybe it could happen. My brother's name is Troy and he would freak over this guy! I want him!

    42. Erich L. on

      Haha, oh no, just when i thought we'd be free of Troy!

    43. Matthew Sigal on

      Haahaha. OK, in for $10 more!

    44. troy on

      Hey its me I'm in the game and I didn't haveyo pay 2,000

    45. Mr Anderson


    46. Stephen Cowart on

      Wait so if we get the stretch goal he'll ship with the expansion but if we don't get the stretch goal he'll still be in the expansion..... ok

    47. Jason McFarland on

      The zombie is very Evil Dead style, I like both versions a lot.

    48. Jason McFarland on

      Got his BOOMSTICK! Too bad no hand chainsaw