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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Jalister on

      I'm not sure they can change Claudia now since people bought her based on the design. At least Claudia looks like she can effectively use it, and I have no complaints about her as she is. However, if a change was made, I'd like to see a crossbow. Silent ranged kills!

    2. Zackspacks on

      I also agree wrt the latest chainsaw gal, let's have a projectIle weapon instead please!

    3. Shanktimus on

      @Tony Parker - I took Lawrence's comment not as a complaint, but referring to the thought of OGRE retaking the lead for Board Game Kickstarter...

      In that, Zombicide has the ability to add a $10 optional item figurine and raises $25k instantly... so there's no way OGRE has the pull with optional items to retake the lead at this point.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dustin Ivey on

      I agree with everyone that says replace the chainsaw with something else.
      We have a chainsaw girl, it would be nice if Claudia had a different weapon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Carey Stanley on

      I surprised that a person with a bat, fireman's ax, or crowbar are not a thing yet. Maybe even baseball bat with nails in it! Also a old school super soaker flame thrower would be epic.

    6. GI Joker on

      I'm surprised that CMON hasn't weighed in on the chainsaw issue. It seems that an overwhelming number of people like Claudia as a whole but dislike the chainsaw. They usually are pretty quick to respond.

    7. Erik Yaple on

      Yeah, someone with a bow or crossbow would work awesome in this game, No sound generation, slow rate of fire... awesome.

    8. J.B. O'Meara on

      +1 from me on changing Claudia's weapon from another chainsaw. I really like the idea of an archer in the group. Rambo, Hawkeye, now Katnis ... you can't go wrong with a solid bow and arrow, or even a cross-bow would be cool.

    9. Nori on

      @Lawrence, This is what they have added for free...

      3 Promo Survivors and their Zombie counterparts: 6 miniatures
      4 additional Fatties - 4 miniatures
      6 additional Runners - 6 miniatures
      20 additional Walkers - 20 miniatures
      1 additional Abomination - 1 miniature
      1 Eagle / Zombie Eagle - 2 miniatures
      1 Cardboard Tube Samurai / Zombie CTS - 2 miniatures
      6 custom black dice
      6 glow in the dark dice
      1 T-shirt

      That is a ton of stuff that they added without charging anything extra. It is beyond a complete game. They nearly doubled the amount of survivors to pick from and added a lot of new miniatures and other great stuff.

      Now for the optional stuff...
      Eva - $10
      Marvin - $10
      Ivy - $10
      Claudia - $10
      White dice set - $10
      Duplicate tile set - $20
      Battlefoam trays - $40

      Four extra survivors, duplicate tiles, white dice... Hardly seems like they are trying to squeeze more out of people. These are very optional and the 11 survivors you are getting with just the base pledge will satisfy most peoples wants and is really quite the increase from the base game.

      Honestly, I don't see why you are complaining...

    10. Tony Jones on

      Another +1 for something other than chainsaw... How about a tricked out hunting bow instead? The zombie version could have some broken arrows stuck through it.

      Also "Shut-up and take my money" +1

    11. David Cunkelman

      +1 MORE for Claudia w/o chainsaw, in exchange PLEASE give her a bow/crossbow/other ranged weapon (gun of some sort - sawed-off shotgun would be my first choice, or match the pistol in the zombie version). $650K = ASH!!!! CMON - Come on already, give the people what they want!!!

    12. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      Every time they add another $10 piece of plastic to the game, they squeeze another $25k from supporters who want the complete game. SJG isn't doing that sort of thing with OGRE.

    13. Rand Chua TL on

      crossbow sound gd, what about archer class and not chainsaw for Claudia? ER 2

    14. Nick Johnson on

      Ok, I think if more charities offered zombie games, they would raise a lot more money for their cause. Because $100k in less then 24 hours is just crazy.

    15. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve

      I like the ideas mentioned of Claudia having a fire axe or a crossbow! The crossbow could have some cool rules for not creating noise (maybe Ivy's sniper rifle, too?)

      Also, Zombicide has surpassed Ogre as the #1 grossing Kickstarter board game! Granted, Ogre will likely reclaim the title when it closes, but it'll be great of CMON to be able to claim that Zombicide held the title. Congrats!

      Correction: in a previous post, I meant Sara Conner, not Linda Connor (the actress was Linda Hamilton.)

    16. Ryan on

      Claudia with a Bullwhip would look pretty sweet, agree though another chainsaw is too much.

    17. Tommy Williamson on

      But Wait, THERE'S MORE!

      If we make it to the $650,000 mark then we qualify for another promo figure! This time he's a masked vigilante who likes to dress as a giant nocturnal mammal and beats up the criminally insane!

    18. Jake the gaming robot from the future

      sweet, on to the next goal. I hope

    19. Bruiser Ben on

      annnnnnnndddddd we've made the stretch goal

    20. Bruiser Ben on

      I agree with ashtekka, a bow and arrow, and a fire axe would look great. 800 short of this goal and 32 hours to go. Will there be another stretch goal?

    21. ashtekka on

      I'm loving all the figures especially the different types of action characters they are based on.
      I do think a bow and arrow figure would be awesome.
      I think Claudia would look pretty awesome with a giant fire axe instead of the chainsaw but either way she's great.

    22. Devin Talamante on

      To quote Philip J. Fry:
      "Shut up and take my money!"

    23. Jason

      I think we should go till Monday and see how much thay can get and maybe a new stretch a painted figure that would be kick ass ;)

    24. GamePlaySpotlight(Grumpy) on

      I waited till the last min to pledge my $140.. I will bet alot of others will be coming in at the last moment also! Better add another stretch goal! How about a nice Dice Tower!

    25. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Unbelieveable, I think we will clush this goal in a couple hours. Another stretch goal?

    26. Jake the gaming robot from the future

      under $9,000 to go till the zombie versions

    27. Batei on

      I think this goal will be crushed by the time I get up in the morning. Wow!

    28. Jose Vera on

      SMG is great! Maybe an MP5

    29. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve

      Continuing from above... another idea for Claudia would be Linda Connor (Terminator.) (Also, I re-watched the video; Wanda is the name of the roller skate chainsaw girl in the base game. As I said, I like Claudia as-is better than Wanda. However, since I don't think Wanda's going anywhere at this point, I'll settle for Claudia switching weapons. Or, if Claudia stays as drawn, I'll probably just use her instead of Wanda.

    30. Lignum on

      I can't stop myself from buying more D: Tortuuure

    31. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve

      Here's another vote for arming Claudia with something other than a chainsaw. Honestly, I like Claudia better than the base game's girl with chainsaw and roller-skates... because the latter is over the top silly. Girl with chainsaw...awesome, but while on roller-skates... right. If I could choose either, I'd take Claudia. But since we know the base game girl is a done deal, I think Claudia should have her own niche. How about some Lara Croft action?

    32. GI Joker on

      There is already a double SMG guy. It is the "Falling Down" dude.

    33. Keith Koleno

      Two SMGs would be even better, one in each hand.

    34. Almer on

      I'm also for another weapon instead of the chainsaw.
      SMG sounds great

    35. Ropya on

      I think Claudia should not have a chainsaw. As said, we already have a fig with a chainsaw.
      How aboutt?
      If that is concept, and you are looking for feedback,
      I would think something like a SMG would work better,
      Maybe something like this:

    36. Missing avatar

      David Hopkins on

      I also agree that giving Claudia a chainsaw makes the roller-waitress less special. Claudia would work better with a different weapon.

    37. Kevin O'Mara on

      I'd prefer her to not have a chainsaw as well. Maybe an M-16 or an SMG or a Bow and Arrows would all be cool.

    38. Kyle Lehman on

      Although a chainsaw AND a boomstick...

    39. KZ (KingZombie)

      DId anyone notice she's holding a pistol as a zombie? Why not hold that when she's a human... or an SMG.

      Since these are only sketches.... they can always change here. Too many chainsaws and they aren't as cool.

    40. GI Joker on

      I'm going to have to agree with the others, I really dig Claudia but think she would be better with a different weapon. Chainsaws loose their specialness when there are too many around. Maybe a shotgun or an smg? I'm partial to the p90, myself.

    41. Sebastien Boucher on

      Merci, i just want to be sure.

    42. Paul Ingram on

      @Sébastien Boucher: That's how I've worked it out, and I'm from the UK.

    43. Sebastien Boucher on

      I am from Québec, Canada. If i understand right, it cost me 25$ for the shipping of the game and free shipping for all the promo characters. $100 abomination level + 40$ for Claudia, Eva, Marvin and Ivy. i have to pledge 165$ Right?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Fridy

      Well, you have someone with a chainsaw... I'm for a little girl with a hammer and sickle. Red Star's Makita...

    45. Erich L. on

      I'm going to agree with people here that Claudia would be better without a chainsaw. Please consider changing her weapon to something different, and thank you for balancing the sausagefest, CMON!
      cough now for a dog cough ;)

    46. James Greene on

      At the $100 abomination level you will need to add an additional $40 for the other "optional" survivors.
      $10 Eva
      $10 Marvin
      $10 Ivy
      $10 Claudia

    47. Ian on

      So does 30$+ min 100$ will get me all the additional charters ?