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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. saiqlo on

      We would have hit this even without TP samurai.

    2. mike on

      If you want a Michael Jackson Thriller zombie, try this link:…

    3. Stephen Erdman on

      I honestly didn't think we'd hit this.

    4. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Unbelievable! ^_^

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher Young on

      -1 for broken tube. The flesh may be weak, but the tube is Eternal. I could maybe see it as an artistic statement on the original "The Tube is Civilization", clearly if the cardboard tube samurai is dead, then civilization is broken.

    6. Missing avatar

      guardian J

      Buffy sounds awesome! That Velma art is pretty sweet, too.

    7. Shane Irons on

      How about Arnie

    8. Brian Watzig on

      ohh.. SMG.. yes.. lol brings back memmories of Black Ops Zombie Map with her in it..

    9. Dave Rambo

      I agree with Mr. Mark Owen, the zombie universe needs more Velma, Scoob, and the Mystery Machine. Just no Fred, please god, no Fred.

    10. Jeff Martin on

      I agree that Bruce Campbell would be amazeballz in a future expansion. If we're looking for more female characters you could go with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Summer Glau, or even a Sigorney Weaver-ish Ripley knock off (a mom who was convinced to dress up for ComiCon while chaperoning her teenage son)

    11. Mark Owen on

      If I was choosing the next stretch goal reward, I'd have this:

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Cogan on

      @shawn That would be Jack Burton from Big Trouble.

      But if we want a female character (and I think we do), how about a Buffy clone? Vampire slayer caught in the zombie apocalypse...

    13. Batei on

      Lucy Liu's character from Payback?

    14. Frederik Vezina

      There is a slight advantage to having an unpainted (i.e. less distinctively recognizable) mini with regard to escaping trouble from MJ's estate. Just the same, sending out a promo quickly allows a dodge of legal threats (PvZ was out for a while before the zombie was removed), but we can't deny the issue. Not that any of the promo minis is safe from exactly the same legal threats, btw. Making him part of the expansion is not a good idea, but a promo is probably fine.
      Spam time: More women survivors! (Also, make her non-Caucasian. Asian would be good.)

    15. KZ (KingZombie)

      Kurt Russel's Big Trouble in Little China character....what's his name....

      (But that goes against all my calls for more female characters.) So I'm with the pint-sized hit girl from Kick Ass. Or maybe some exclusive item/map/thing only for those backing this project.

    16. Missing avatar

      guardian J

      Wow. I backed this morning when it was just over 400k, didn't think enough time for another 50k.

      +1 for broken cardboard tube

      Also, need another stretch goal. Bruce Campbell sounds awesome. With a bunch of mini-Ashes from the glass shards as the zombie.

      Or White MJ as hero (ability: no other heroes will go near him) with Thriller era MJ as zombie.

    17. David Cunkelman

      yeah,+1 - Zombie CTS should have a broken tube!!!

    18. David Cunkelman

      We need a new goal for 500K (before we pass it for fun like 400K!!!), CMON, come on and spill it... What's next?!?!? I'm still voting for "OGRE" related Boss Zombie (like an Ogre the monster wearing and Ogre (the tank) shirt!!) OR Ash or more boards!!

    19. Gavin Meakings on

      @Benjamin Bement Michael Jackson is most likely off limits. Plants Vs Zombies features a zombie Michael Jackson and they had to remove him due to legal threats from his estate.

    20. Lost Boys Radio on

      Ever try to break a cardboard tube? Had a tendency to just bend, not rigid enough to actually break, but then I'm not familiar with the super awesome cardboard tube samurai, so maybe he has special cardboard...

    21. Bruiser Ben on

      I'm up for Bruce Campbell and/or Micheal Jackson

    22. Chris Seebacher on

      The Chin as a zombie would rock!!!!!

    23. Scott Seltzer on

      If they did a Bruce Campbell goal, I think I'd have to increase my pledge...

    24. Brian Watzig on

      I'm a Marine, why not a Marine figure bwahahaha

    25. Robert Arcolas on

      +1 for broken cardboard tube =)

    26. Andrew Deller on

      The next goal should be Bruce Campbell!

    27. Nick E on

      Actually yeah, that tube should be broken :)

    28. Tom Combs on

      At least I'll think I did.

    29. Tom Combs on

      I think I did that! WooHoo!!!

    30. DisOrd3r

      Awesome! ^^ just awesome!

    31. Alex Shemyakin on

      Oh, please, I'll give you all my money for additional minis/trays, only make really NICE new goal 8)))

      Art book or comix would be nice

      Or Shaun of the Dead. Or since we've got Chuck (Who?) - Clin Eastwood would make a real american hero 8)))

    32. Jordan Peacock on

      Wow! It's amazing to see this thing keep going. I hope this game really launches off the shelves once it's in print!

    33. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      His tube should be broken and dangling. Everyone knows the magic of the tube fails when it splits...

    34. Don Riddle

      an animal hero? like Lassie? or Bonzo the Chimp?

    35. Tye Allum on

      Free Foam Trays^100000000000000000 That would be an amazing stretch goal!

    36. Robert DiChiara on

      How about a pint-sized Hit Girl? Or her ski-masked counterpart Kick-Ass? Or both!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Derek G on

      Or even foam trays for half price, I'd definitely splurge and spend another $20 for trays!

    38. John J on

      Yeah! A Michael Jackson Zombie Master! Has the ability to "moon walk" and extra action each turn! Arrives with 10 walkers that always stay "in step" with him!

    39. Greg Schell on

      hahahahahahha, I just saw this bad boy go up 10k in less than an hour. SO EXCITED.

    40. Jacin L. Bailes on

      Another stretch goal?

      Let's see if I can start the chant: Free foam trays! Free foam trays! Free foam trays!

    41. Missing avatar

      Cardician on

      Time for the Michael Jackson zombie!

    42. Tom Hoefle

      Or two Ash please

    43. Dave Freireich on

      I'm thinking it will take Mike all of 2 seconds to approve that.

    44. Paul Ingram on

      And still over 40 hours to go! Surely we can dig up one last stretch to go out with a bang. :D

    45. Nick E on

      Love it :)

    46. Alex Shemyakin on

      Already!? That's really incredible!!!

    47. Cory J on

      That's just awesome!