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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Chooi

      Let's hope they make one final Stretch with female character to re-address that ! Half a Million?

    2. Tom Hoefle

      Done so whats for 500k :)

    3. Frederik Vezina

      An SJ-games approved Ogre boss would be great. Maybe for the expansion, because exclusive *gameplay* sucks.
      MJ would be awesome.
      Also, women. We now have 9:2 m/f at Abomination level. This becomes 14:2 with zombie versions.

    4. Don Riddle

      for the zombie version, the cardboard tube should be through his head. lol

    5. Joshua R on

      @Tony Oh, man - I'd forgotten about the Armadeaddon series. That was gold. Fantastic - thanks for the reminder!

    6. Dave Freireich on

      I've been a hold out, but CTS and Eagle put me over the top.

    7. Mathieu Boisvert

      Still cant beleive how much momentum this kickstarter campaing has generated !! That is simply blowing me up !! I am one happy backer !! Go Pledgers Go !!

    8. Missing avatar

      Shanna Norwood on

      I really think that they're planning Ash and Shaun for the future expansion (there needs to be a draw-in) and am totally ok with that! These guys have overwhelmed me with just how much they've added in, to the game! For future (expansion), I'd like some earlier suggestions I saw (a pet; dog/zombie dog). Was hoping they might make the 'extra bonus tile) a cardboard insert, or offer it as a paid 'extra' (or free ...). :)

      And I love the Cardboard Tube Samurai and +1 the zombie Fruit Phuker. :)

    9. David Cunkelman

      One more vote for Ash!! Seriously... But as a shout-out in support of our friendly KS competition and supporter - Steve Jackson and OGRE... Add a final stretch goal with a huge monster boss... an OGRE! Love all around!

    10. Frederik Vezina

      This is cooler than Ash. Ash can be in an expansion.

    11. Tony Jones on

      Put a Fruit Phucker on the zombie version!!

    12. Vegar "Snake Plissken" Jenssen on

      I think alot of people want maybe if they will listen to us they put him in as an extra in the expansion
      Anyway they have done an absolute fantastic job on the other heroes in this game..i mean the 6 original looks cool and well....the new promos are awsome
      So i hope for a Bruce Campbell edition hero but the game will rock nevertheless

    13. Alex

      And the final reward is...Cardboard Tube Samurai! who? We want Ash!

    14. Daniel Skomorowski on

      +1 on Ash Housewares... and Michael Jackson Zombie

    15. Jake the gaming robot from the future

      yes only under $53,000 to go.

    16. XofMdS on

      I come back to counter myself: I now understand it is not a katan but some kind of cardboard. My mistake.

    17. XofMdS on

      Only weird thing now is how to explain 3 katanas in our survivor team.

      Congrat to Penny, CMON and Guillotine. THX everyone.
      (We'll definitely get this one as well)

    18. GI Joker on

      My two dream survivors are Ash and Sean.

    19. Paul E Silverio

      with Zombie Boss Michael Jackson

    20. Paul E Silverio

      +1 on Ash Housewares...

    21. Batei on

      No doubt! Ash would be fantastic. The great thing is we have a chance of seeing many more iconic figures in future expansions if the game does well and is worthy of expansions. The designers have certainly shown their willingness to create character parodies of our favorites.

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper

      What we really want is Ash with chainsaw hand and boomstick. Make that the $500k stretch goal and you will get there.

    23. Kevin deAntonio on

      With less than 62 hours to go, AAAHHHH!!!! This is so crazy exciting. Hey! how about as a $500.000 goal you could have a two character incentive such as a certain Cricket Mallet weilding clerk, and his slacker Best Friend, or a slightly sane, portly doctor, and his star zombie "pet"?

    24. Kenny on

      Oh Hell yes! We *need* this one! The only thing better would be Dolemite! ^_^

    25. Plug Uglie on

      should have been able to put that together.

    26. Missing avatar

      Scott Starks

      @Plug CTS = Cardboard Tube Samurai

    27. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      This is full of win. Cool minis and an awesome homage to the Penny Arcade guys who have no.doubt been quite helpful with thier added media attention on this project.

      Now how are you OGRE in as the next stretch goal?

    28. Enrique Durand on

      You should set up a super stretch goal now in the event of hitting the magic half a million mark...

    29. Greg R

      Dude, you guys seriously win at Kickstarter!

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper

      Wow. The first promo I have absolutely no interest in.

    31. Enrique Durand on

      +2 on Ash Housewares...

    32. Sylvano on

      I love it, but where is My Gogo from Kill Bill?!?!?!?! haha!

    33. Plug Uglie on

      what is CTS?

    34. Thomas James Egan on

      While an Ashley J. Williams-esque character would be amazing, i think that would be better suited as part of the expansion. CTS is a little out there, but definitely an interesting character choice. I see this as a thank you stretch reward for Penny Arcade fans as well as a thank you to Penny Arcade themselves for the spotlight they added to this. All and all, I like this reward.

    35. ashtekka on

      cts hell yes

    36. Deansy on

      +1 on Ash Housewares...

    37. GI Joker on

      That is amazing. I think we can do it. $75k in 64 hours. It can happen.

    38. Plug Uglie on

      kinda cool. the first promo survivor i could live without. maybe cause i dont follow penny arcade.
      if Ash Housewares was a stretch goal every backer would give their left nut to get it (or corresponding woman parts).

    39. John Drinkwater on

      Kudos to Pennyarcade, but another survivor / zombie pair promise is a little underwhelming. The double tile set optional and the battle foam optional were a lot more attractive to up the pledges, and the new commission for painted sets. This will attract CTS fans I guess, but even they won't be getting this mini pair until expansion time. We are going to blow away $500k easily. Perhaps a tangible reward for everyone that ships with the boxed game, not just an expansion promise?

    40. Will Cooper on

      That's not even fair, haha. I really hope the people with money out there can make this one happen for us.

    41. Chris Bain on

      *GASP* E...P...I...C...

    42. Neil Martin on

      Penny Arcade gave a shout out yesterday...

    43. Icarus Miniatures on

      AWESOME! I'm glad the last one is another free mini, that should keep the pledges rolling in. With all the survivors from stretches and optionals, there is scope for some truly HUGE games here. I'll definitely be converting my existing zombie horde into a zombicide one, which along with all the walkers that come with the game (plus extras) should give me close to 300 walkers. I'll round out the survivors to 20 and it should make for some epic games!

    44. Mr Anderson

      Would have loved other options that fans have put out..... I guess there is a bottom tray for a reason

    45. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on

      If the Penny Arcade guys promote this (and they will), things around here will get even crazier. My prediction: Cardboard Tube Samurai will be ours tomorrow.

    46. Joshua R on

      Day-um. Well played, sirs. Well played indeed. :o