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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jim Partin on

      Are the WarMachine/Dust Tactics/Zombiecide figures repaintable? How would I go about stripping? I'm used to metal minis.

    2. Jeffrey Ernst on

      Jup. This is very easy stuff. I still need to paint my PP models, but the assembly (and refitting) was super easy.

    3. C Stewart on

      As to painting models, made of this type of material, you will find little to no difference between the plastics, cleaning any flash off is just the same as styrene (a sharp hobby knife) and lastly one of the best things about this stuff is hot water or a hair drier will let the plastic soften enough for you to 'repose' figures or sort any bent bits.

    4. Chandler on

      i just bought dust tactics and the plastic is unusual for me, but i like it. feels different!

    5. Missing avatar

      KT on

      No matter what material, if it's a Zombie game, I'm all in!

    6. Samurai Sheepdog

      Go with the softer plastic. I like it better than the GW ones.

    7. James Greene on

      GW makes fine figures but have just about priced themselves out of the grasp of casual gamers. A softer plastic usually takes finer details that much better and promotes a longer mold life with cleaner castings. I hate spending good money on plastic minis only to open them up and find out they are filthy with flash lines. I wasn't expecting hard styrene figures and finding out they are comparable with dust figs doesn't deter my pledge in the least.

    8. Missing avatar

      Shane Crawford on

      I'm not going into this with a Miniature collector frame of mind, I'm on the Zombie boardgame could be fun.... but bent swords loss of detail has no appeal to me. not going to paint e.m' anytime soon

    9. Anthony on

      Yup I'd like to echo all the reassuring comments here. I actully prefer the plastic used here over GW plastic, finecast, or resin

    10. KZ (KingZombie)

      I am also a fan of figures that give a little. It reminds me of being a kid playing with toy soldiers. Now I get zombies to play with!

    11. Michael Martin on

      Links to the tutorials on painting differences would be greatly appreciated! I have only painted harder plastic minis, like GW, but have recently gotten into Dust Warfare, and of course, am anxiously awaiting Zombicide! So how different is it?

    12. Jordan Peacock on

      Actually, I rather like the Dust Tactics figures, so this isn't bad news for me at all!

    13. Bryce Hansen on

      I loved the warmachine figs I have gotten so far in that plastic, holds amazing detail and has some give. Perfect choice for board game figures.

    14. nexus says on

      I personally don't have a preference for figure material, but I'm actually very curious what the different materials are like. I tried searching but couldn't find any information.

      Can anyone provide links to (preferably pictures) of the different types of materials mentioned in this update?

    15. CMON 37-time creator on

      Dust figs clean up just as simply as GW figs, so I think you're safe there.

    16. JohnCWare on

      Oops, software plastics was meant to be soft plastics. I'm officially blaming on auto-correct. ;)

    17. JohnCWare on

      Thanks for the clarification, and yes it does matter. I'm not familiar with Dust figs, but my main concern with software plastics is the difficulty in cleaning flash from the figs before painting. Hard-plastics cleanup quickly with a little X-Acto scrapping. Could anyone comment on that.

    18. jesse on

      I'm not a painter, I'm a gamer so it doesn't effect me at all, but I can appreciate it matters to some people. Thanks for the heads up

    19. Notnek

      The PP plastics paint just fine. This is not bad news.

    20. CMON 37-time creator on

      We love them too! But some folks might not, we thought it was a super important clarification to make before the Kickstarter ends!

    21. Jason McFarland on

      The Dust figs hold a great mount of detail, some bendy weapons but easily fixable. I don't have experience with PP plastic, but do love Dust so ok with Zombicide being the same kind of quality