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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Andrew Nagel on

      I do like the way the cards and extras all fit, but I had to get creative with the dice. Also, there are not enough slots if you got all the figures, once the extra ones ship in phase two. I think that as the foam compresses, it will be fine, but for now, the box has a bit of a gap.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Pratt on

      This sucks balls. I got my game with the battlefoam trays and while the trays fit by themselves, the standard game tiles don't fit with the trays let alone the extra trays I got. What the hell?

      The trays leave 5/8" of space to put the rest of the contents but the standard tiles themselves require 13/16". Of course, the character cards don't fit beside the tiles so they have to be stacked on top of the tiles. Knowing you were going to put the battlefoam trays out there, couldn't you have designed the box to accommodate them with at least the rest of the standard game contents?

      I kinda expected I might have to store the extra tile set outside of the box but not this. What a rip. I paid that extra $40 for nothing.

    3. ashtekka on

      any updates on the final design of the trays? Like if the cards etc will fit in the box as well?

    4. KZ (KingZombie)

      What are the dimensions of the foam trays? More to the point, what are the dimensions of the box?

    5. Enrique Durand on

      I am tapped out after having upped my pledge to $140 previously - but anything like this that will allow those who have more to give more will get us closer to The Eagle! So I am all for it!

    6. Chris Baginski on

      I love Battlefoam products - I consider them to be the best trays and bags available.
      I'm really glad you are offering these, in the comments section I asked about them a couple weeks ago. :)
      Battlefoam tends to make trays that fit custom configurations (Space Hulk boxed set, Flames of War bag, Infinity bags) but then also make trays for the same products that fit in their cases (Space Hulk load-out for the PACK 432, Flames of War trays for the PACK system). Have they/will they do the same for Zombicide?
      I have a PACK 432 for transporting all my miniatures - if I added $40 for the trays, would I be able to choose trays that fit the Zombicide box? Or will I have the option to get Zombicide trays for my PACK 432?

    7. Jeffrey Dunford on

      Will the Battlefoam trays available later be capable of fitting everything at the Abomination level + optional promos (108+ miniatures; maybe room for 12 zombified versions, too), or will they only fit what comes in the retail box (71 figures)? If the former, wouldn't non-KS customers wonder what all the extra room is for?

    8. Plug Uglie on

      just pledge 140 to get abomb level + two promo figs and map tiles.

      i was wondering if the the extra map tiles fit into the box with the battle foam?

    9. CMON 37-time creator on

      They'll fit both Abominations and Fatties, but not to worry the trays will be adjusted to maximize the space we have closer to the shipping dates.

    10. Ropya on

      The bigger spots on the trays, are those for the Aboms?
      Also, will the fatties fit in the smaller slots?
      Or do they also need to be in the larger slots?

    11. Matthew Soares

      CMoN, you folks are evil enticing my wallet like this, LOL. This is about the time when the angel Matthew Soares says, "Remember, you should be saving money for your wedding..." While the devil Matthew Soares says, "Weddings are temporary, but the undead last forever!" Well, until you shoot them in the head...

    12. Missing avatar

      Nziv on

      Whenever I think of my pledge, I realize it is getting expensive.
      Then I review all that is included and think it's a great value.

      Just hope the game will be great!

    13. Digital on

      damn i don't know if i can afford these badboys, but the trays look nice.

    14. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on CAN get the foam later, you are just spending for the shipping later, but the Eva and Martin figs are worth the extra bucks if you can scrape it together...they might be hard to get otherwise, and through the kickstarter now the zombie versions of them are also free!

    15. Jacin L. Bailes on

      Dangit. I wanted the Uma and Sam Jackson minis, but I opted not to get them because I just can't afford it. I *really* want these because I intend to paint my figures. Darn you and your temptations.

    16. Luke on

      Love love love it! I was planning on painting my set (probably keep me busy for a good long while), so I am really happy to see this!

    17. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      Thats another 65$ your way... Thanks :)

    18. Anthony on

      @cmon: Thanks for the quick response! I am in the US and will wait till you guys confirm slots to hold the cards, thanks!

    19. KZ (KingZombie)

      I just dropped another $40. I LOVE that they will fit in the box. That is awesome.

    20. CMON 37-time creator on

      Anthony, you'll need to discard the plastic tray from the box, but we may modify the design a little before shipping to have neat slots for the cards! Don't worry, we're OCD about this kind of thing too. You could wait until everything is confirmed though, you're not getting it any cheaper now, just saving on shipping if you're in the USA.

    21. Anthony on

      Is there a tray that will hold the tiles and cards included in the base set? If so, will it fit with the two foam trays?

    22. Nathan Reed

      @Kirk: from above: These trays can hold 128 minis, will fit in the Zombicide box with half an inch of space left over for tiles/cards etc. This will fit all Abomination level rewards / stretch goals / optional Survivors with space to spare!

    23. Kirk Bauer

      Do these fit inside the original box with everything else or do they need to be stored in a separate container?

    24. Missing avatar

      Cardician on

      Oh I see. Got it. Sorry, like I said, stupid question.

    25. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve

      Cardician: the $15 per set is for shipping outside the US. You have to pay $40 (per set of 2 trays), with free shipping in the US and $15 additional for shipping out of US

    26. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Cardician $40 gets you 1 set (2 trays). If you're outside the USA add $15 for shipping, unfortunately nothing we can do about that.

    27. CMON 37-time creator on

      Greg, if you don't paint the figs, there's a plastic tray in the box where the miniatures are collectively stored. They certainly won't suffer for it, they're plastic after all.

    28. Greg on

      If we opt not to get the foam trays, what's the alternative case the miniatures would be stored in the box?

    29. Missing avatar

      Cardician on

      Stupid question, I apologize. Each tray holds 64 minis. So you need 2 to hold all minis (at Abomination and above). Does $15 get you 2 trays (1 set)? Or do you need to pay $40? You say $15 per set and then $40 for a set of 2. I'm finding that ambiguous and am confused.

    30. zeeparkes (GBG Web Guy) on

      I gotta say, you guys are really pulling out all the stops, bravo. Met 2 of your guys at Pax East, and your miniatures really are amazing. I'm just glad you guys posted your kickstarter after us, or we'd be in trouble. (Zpocalypse Dev). Anyway, here's to the year of the zombie! Congrats on your great success!

    31. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Sham Probably not in time for the end of the Kickstarter, but you can always pick up the trays later.

    32. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Greg - There's a Paint the Town level pledge, but that's by a Golden Demon winner, probably not what you're thinking.

    33. Alex Shemyakin on

      Nice! Could you make a photo with minis inside for size comparison? Thanks 8)

    34. Greg on

      Last comment - I wish there was an option to at least paint the miniatures granted that wouldn't be a cheap addon

    35. Greg on

      Thanks for answering so quick! You're taking more of my money!!!!

    36. CMON 37-time creator on

      Just choose the Abomination reward and not the Survivor reward, and the survey will be tuned appropriately!

    37. Greg on

      So If I get Abomination $100 and buy 1x of all optional extras that totals to $205. How can I make clear that I want 1x Abomination + all cool stuff and not 2x Abomination?