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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Charles Salley on

      The wording on this one bugs me. "As we go into the last days of this Kickstarter, we'd like to give you two last goals and rewards." We still have three days to go, and we are about 3k from hitting this goal. I'd love to see more stuff pop up...... Just sayin'

    2. Ichigokuto on

      *would have thought* i mean... sorry, getting excited! :D

    3. Ichigokuto on

      a couple of days ago i wouldnt have thought £340K was impossible, but looks like its going to hit the mark! Come on, Zombie Chuck.... ahem I mean Eagle...

    4. Missing avatar

      KT on

      @ Darsc Yeah, I now agree with you. If it's keep going with this rate, we have a very good chance with 3 days left. Come on guys......!

    5. Mathieu Boisvert

      Zombify HIM Come ON !!

    6. Mathieu Boisvert

      3 days and 40k to go !! Keep it coming pledgers from all over the globe !!

    7. Darsc Zacal on

      Not sure about the "slim chance" thing. Looks more to me like a pretty good chance thing.

      We have 3 days to raise less than $50K for zombie Chaz.

      As I type this there has been over $96K raised over the past 3 days.

      It looks pretty promising to me.

    8. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Welcome "Eagle"!

      Slim chance with 3 days left but who knows, right?

    9. Mathieu Boisvert

      Eagle chaz is ours !!!

    10. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Again, "Eagle" here we come!!! ^_^

    11. Missing avatar

      SerialMoM on

      only 10k to go.

      Yes i love him.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nziv on

      Micro Uzi's pretty please!

    13. James Greene on

      @Paul: Guess he couldn't find any micro-uzis

      But personally I'm leaning towards what Matt said.

    14. Matt Zitron on

      Paul, so the Zombies have a chance.

    15. Paul Smith on

      hmmm... why is chuck norris wielding pistols?

    16. Enrique Durand on

      This is awesome, and I like that it will be included in the pledge, not an add-on like the last two survivors. Not sure we'll get there, but if we don't, I expect we'll see good old Chaz again... perhaps as a bonus for the 2013 Zombicide expansion kickstarter campaign? ;)

    17. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Eagle, here we come!

    18. James Greene on

      zombie chuck = impossible goal?

      It may not be a fluke, maybe it's the universe's way of keeping things in balance. If Chuck's tears can cure cancer its not much of a stretch to think biting him could cure necrosis. Time will tell but I may have to see what I can do pledge wise to sway the odds.

    19. Missing avatar

      David on

      @ Darsc - there were a few vocal complaints, but as you can tell by the funds raised, most people voted with their wallets and understood what was going on and why.

      @ Steve - Well, you could always up your bid from 100 to 190. Add $90 and get another entire copy of the game along with more tiles, zombies, heroes and promos. I'm considering it actually. I could drop a few extra's from my total (dice, tile set) to make up a bit of the difference. Or for that matter you could put in the $10 voluntarily to get the new mini if you think it's worth it. Hopefully though the game will get a big last minute push like ZPoc and other projects have.

      I agree with the name change though....not really taking to the entire Chaz thing.

    20. Evil Mushroom Games on

      NO...NO.....NO NO NO NO....Chuck would never become a zombie..this must be some actor impersonateer......Chuck

    21. Darsc Zacal on

      After the backlash here the last time money was asked for stretch survivors, I think we might have had a mini revolt from the current backers if CMoN had asked again.

    22. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve

      I think they got too ambitious with this strectch goal since they didn't add a way for us backers to throw them more money. A better alternative would have been to do it like Eva and Marvin: add $10 for the living version, with a stretch goal of $300,000 for the zombie version. Please consider! Also, please consider changing his name... Chaz makes me think of Chaz Bono. How about "Chuck Walker"?

    23. Jose Vera on

      We need to get the word out even more! We need that zombie version!

    24. Sylvano on

      Cmon Please make 1 or 2 other Paint the Town again to the ones that are able to afford it, that would help to reach the goal, because 340k is a lot haha!

    25. Sylvano on

      wooot 240k done, we got the Marvin zombie! now lets reach Chuck, "I am Chuck Noris, and I am a zombie, what's your game?"

    26. Missing avatar

      SerialMoM on

      Yeah Chuck Norris!! I hope 290 k will happen, if not i am absolutely willing to 10$ to my pledge for him. I think he has four weapons, two guns, kung-fu and his coolness.

      Yeah he will rock.

      But i have not decided which character i will play first: Chaz, Dave, Nick or Doug.

      If i would play myself i have to choose between Doug and Dave.

      Hmmmm very difficult decision.

    27. GI Joker on

      So if they don't make it to $340k, does that mean Chuck is unusable with the expansion?

    28. Missing avatar

      D. on

      I *need* Chuck Norris! *crosses fingers*

    29. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on

      Wow, this is a *stretch* goal. We'll get him, that's easy. The zombie is the hard one. We'll get there assuming a steady stream of pledges similar to the last few days, around $20k (the original amount they wanted, BTW). Yesterday saw a huge spike because of the extras, so I hope CMON have more extras/levels to make things easier for everyone.

    30. Carlos Sandico IV

      Holy crap! I'm upping my pledge to Survivor! Chaz Norris here we come!

    31. Matthew Soares

      Trying to raise a little over 100k in 5 days is quite a tall order... I got my fingers crossed, but it seems steep.

    32. Sylvano on

      Haha, I am glad that Cmon have understand (like us) that all the QQ and complain about "it is suppose to be free for the backers" will be done, so now in stead of buying the model for $10.00 just add some money to your pledge to get it free.... same thing but at least they won't cry out loud! Thank you Cmon for the good work, I was a supporter from the start and will be to the end, you are doing a beautiful project and it is lots of fun, a bit like a auction where we bid to get the best but at least, all bidders wins! so it is a auction vs LUST and I am so into it! great stuff! Thank you seriously!

    33. Kevin Ray on

      Please let it happen. must have!!!

    34. Chandler on

      but $290k is very possible to reach. i think there will be a possibility to get him if the stretch goal will not be reached.

    35. zacblack09 on

      $340,000 is ambitious, I would buy these as extras if the goal isn't met

    36. Nick Johnson on

      @Big Jack LMAO!

    37. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      @John More like all the money in the entire world... and then some!

    38. Big Jack on

      I hope you get a s*** ton more zombies with chuck.... other wise the game would be unbalanced to play, and a pretty sure if a zombie bites chuck norris it turns into a chuck norris

    39. John Drinkwater on

      Im afraid Chuck would not be impressed with being a stretch of only $290K ... he'd be aiming for a million at least !

    40. Manuel Ingeland

      I knew it!!!

    41. Bruno Gaia

      @Zavier: it is in the rralm of possibilities actually. "Last minute run "for this game could be absolutely craaaaazy with the amount of extra stuff available!

    42. Paul Howie on

      Wow. I can't see it happening, but that would be pretty sweet. Come on guys, there must be one of you with a spare $106k in your back pocket.

    43. Bruno Gaia

      @Damien: I agree with Matt XD!!!!

    44. ZavierO on

      I want see how the hell we are going to achieve $340k. Chuck Norris approves.

    45. Matt Zitron on

      @Damien wins the best quote of the day award

    46. Damien Pedley on

      I think i just have a pants explosion!

    47. SvenT

      OK, Chuck Norris instead of Doc Brown - and for free - I'm in.

    48. James Greene on

      You guys are definitely looking to set KS records with these goals. Since the "Eagle" is an action figure does this mean maybe he'll have "kung-fu" grip as a special skill? ;)

    49. Matt Zitron on

      ARGH! Let's get on this people!