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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Mathieu Boisvert

      Zombify HIM Come ON !!

    2. Shoogoo on

      I'm no one to judge but that seems a bit selfish from her. Anyway what you can do is put his head into boiling water, put it how you prefer while it's weak and pour cold water on it once you're happy with the position. It's a common technique for plastic minis who have bend bases, arms etc

    3. Jeffrey Dunford on

      The "Dave" promo survivor was what caused my girlfriend to support me in backing this project (she's a huge fan of Big Bang Theory). Unfortunately, she was pretty disappointed when I showed her the sculpt above (she wonders why it seems to be the only one that isn't posed as in the concept/dashboard artwork, and the only one that doesn't resemble the character upon which it's obviously based) and now she's trying to talk me down from the $100 level to the $75 level. :(

    4. Darsc Zacal on

      We all knew that day was coming.

    5. Paul Cole on

      i think this is sheldon when he has snapped :D

    6. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      I like it too. Don't change it.

    7. Big Jack on

      im not gonna argue with you guys, im a geek with this sorta stuff, but the kind that gets drunk, not the smart kind, but what im seein here with the neck issue is the second tshirt underneath sort of looking like neck mussles, as its herioc scale the layers are thiker and there look like somthing there not, i personally am really quite happy with this sculpt,

    8. Paul Murray on

      I think the sculptor has actually got the likeness to Sheldon quite well. If you watch Big Bang Theory you'll notice that the actor that plays Sheldon is much more stacked than you would expect a geek to be (pecs visible through t-shirt, etc), so this sculpt rings true.

    9. Alex

      I actually prefer the Dave sculpt to the concept art, looks a lot cooler (even if he is meant to be a geek).

    10. Jason Christopher Faught on

      @ Michael Butterworth, I know, right, Savini's awesome! But I think you're right, if any character from Dusk Till Dawn were to deserve an homage in this game, its definately Jacob. "Cause he's a badass hmm hmm servant of God."

    11. Michael Butterworth on

      As far as getting the head back on Dave, if you use hot water (boil your kettle and let the water stand for a bout a min after boiling) that neck will flex back nicely. I have done the same with Warjack and Warbeast parts from Privateer Press that are a LOT thicker than Dave's neck with little problems.
      You may need to apply this process 2-3 times to get the desired angle. I find that the plastic has a little 'memory' and that a single application of heat and bending rarely gets the desired outcome.
      @Jason Christopher Faught, no one can have enough Tom Savini. I still think my vote would be for Jacob Fuller (Harvey Keitel's character). We have enough bad @sses, I think a faithless preacher who rediscovers God in the apocalypse would be a nice change in pace.

    12. Fango on

      I actually like the sculpt the way it is, he looks like he's concentrating...using the force...calculating the arcing trajectory of the molotov cocktail when he chucks it at the Abomination...I still think he bears a slight resemblance to Simon Peg (I know you all say he's supposed to be Sheldon, I do see the resemblance there too). But Simon Pegg is the quintessential self proclaimed geek. If they don't do another LE survivor based on his Shawn of the Dead character (by the way, Kev White already sculpted him for HassleFree in a couple of poses)...I will be painting Dave with ginger hair and a goatee. I think I'll paint some red on him too.

    13. Missing avatar

      Barry Gingell on

      I'm loving the Dave sculpt. I will be painting him with a Bazinga for sure.

    14. Daniel Skomorowski on

      I have to agree with the most of you... Dave is a bit off. In my oppionion, Dave should not have lowered his head. Even if it is for dramatic effect. I would remake this sculpt.

    15. Darsc Zacal on

      We're miniature gamers. Talking about miniatures is super serious Bizness! ; )

    16. Missing avatar

      SerialMoM on

      I personally like Dave. I would liketo see the face, but it hinkmthis pose fits. Just put Sheldon Cooper in a zombie infested environment. Either he dies quickly or he adjusts and become a genius who is using his brain to build him some superior weapons.
      But in the end you also could adjust his head by cutting it and model it back on with green stuff in pose you like.
      But the question which really matters is : Can Dave use his lightsaber?

    17. Juan Pablo Limon Roque on

      Well it was just a comment, dont take it too serious guys ;D

    18. Darsc Zacal on

      We have already been told that they're made of the same material as Privateer Press Minis which is also very similar to Mantics resin plastic. While that hot water trick would work with very thin pieces of that material, the neck looks too thick to bend as suggested.

      As far as the sculptor changing them, that depends if these are final sculpts or renders. It's kind of difficult to tell from the pics shown. If they in fact they are renders and haven't yet progressed beyond that stage, there should still be time to make changes.

    19. Ropya on

      Put em in a baggy and dunk em hot hot water, like boiling hot, but not actually boiling.
      This should soften em up enough that when you pull em out, if you are careful, you should be able to reposition him a bit.
      Of course this is all on the theory of them being the standard gamer figure model plastic,

    20. Shoogoo on

      Juan do you even realize what you're asking? Use your smarts guys, please.

    21. Juan Pablo Limon Roque on

      Is there anyway we could vote so they redo Dave?, i mean it should be skinnier and it would be better if he wasn't looking down :(

    22. Jason Christopher Faught on

      Just my humble observations, but it seems to me that the promo characters all seem to be loosely based on certain tv/movie characters...

      Dave = Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)
      Marvin = Jules (Pulp Fiction)
      Nick = John (Die Hard)
      Eva = The Bride (Kill Bill)
      El Cholo = Machette (Machette)

      Does that sound about right? Seeing as they went with a die hard reference in Nick its unlikely we'll see a Murtaugh and Riggs or Axel Foley reference... However a T2 John Conner reference might be possible... LOL! Oh, and with their trend toward Tarentino movies, I'm betting on references from Dusk Til Dawn... Or would that be too on the nose? Even if, I would LOVE to see a Tom Savini reference (Totally thinking Sex Machine from Dusk!)

    23. Darsc Zacal on

      Well duh! ; )
      Sorry but I think you both missed my point. All the other character mini's look very much like their concept art and the actors that inspired them. This particular mini no longer does. It's quite obvious that in all the other cases the sculptor tried to match them as closely as possible, but this time he missed the mark. That's all I'm saying.

    24. John Drinkwater on

      Yeah, if it was Sheldon he'd be called Sheldon, not Dave

    25. Michael Butterworth on

      @Darsc I think that was the point, Dave is meant to be a likeness of Sheldon, not a facsimile. The inspiration should be obvious, but the model should still have its own subtle quirks.

    26. Darsc Zacal on

      Yep. While the concept artist obviously based his drawing on the Sheldon charactor, I've a feeling the sculptor wasn't familiar with the actual show which is why his sculpt seems "off" as he got a couple things wrong.

    27. James Greene on

      @Paul: Gotta agree Dave looks like he is about to go Super Saiyan, them zombies won't stand a chance!

    28. Jason McFarland on

      Love the lightsaber on Dave's (who is definitely Sheldon Cooper) belt

    29. Dapatrick on

      David: check out 'The Big Bang Theory' pretty sure its based on one of the characters on that.

    30. Paul Smith on

      Yeah, dave is definitely more dragon ball z than geek

    31. Fango on

      These are just great. Can't wait to get some paint on these! Dave does look a little 'fit' for a geek, maybe he's just one of those kids that looks like an athlete without even trying...His head shape, ears, and hairline resemble Simon Peg a little...His toy lightsaber rein-force-s that theme (just don't mention Jar Jar in his presence!). We can certainly 'geek' him out with some sort of suitibly obscure comic book reference on his T-shirt. I'm definitely going with the 'Shawn of the Dead' theme on this guy!

    32. Darsc Zacal on

      I was thinking of putting a Zombicide Tshirt on mine.

    33. Batei on

      I think you are seeing part of Dave's shoulder holster as it passes up over his shoulder next to his neck. At least that is my take.

    34. GI Joker on

      Looking forward to painting a Flash T-shirt on Dave.

    35. Matthew Soares

      Both sculpts are nice, but I have to agree with the other backers regarding Dave. His head pose is a bit odd and for some reason he doesn't come off "geekish" the way his illustration did.

    36. Anthony on

      Will probably have to paint a more furled brow so he'll look like he's got his eyes closed and fuming rather than falling alseep

    37. Darsc Zacal on

      Looks good!

      Although... Daves neck looks a little odd and overly muscled in that photo. Kinda Hulkish.

      Anyway they do look like they'll paint up well.

    38. Anthony on

      very nice! although I think dave looking up would be better...but nice sculpts nonetheless!