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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. KZ (KingZombie)

      @CMON: That is so cool that the promo figures will not be widely produced! That really makes my happy that I got a 6-pack

    2. CMON 37-time creator on

      @David The Zombie promo figs and the dice aren't general availability; there may be some left over which we may make have at conventions but we certainly won't be making more of them.

    3. Fango on

      OK, I thought I was excited about this game before....the harder resin-plastic is a HUGE deal-maker for me (If I could justify pledging for two sets to my wife....I'd be all over it). Are we gonna see FFG quality board tiles/tokens, etc? (sorry if this has been answered before...) And just to clarify, the dice are a limited run, so when they are gone, they are gone...and the zombie versions of the promo figs are exclusive to us Kickstarter Backers? Everything else will eventually be available to the general public?

    4. Erich L. on

      That they were the same as the PP stuff really made me excited. Means painting them shouldn't be too different from painting Warmachine/Hordes stuff.

    5. Darsc Zacal on

      @David - Just as Carlos has said. Here's the direct quote from CMON posted in the main comments section about 9 hours ago as I type this.

      "CoolMiniOrNot about 9 hours ago
      @TitanGames They're the same material as the stuff Privateer Press makes their models from, so not rubbery if that's your fear."

    6. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on

      @David: they've answered that about five times or so. The minis use the same platic as Super Dungeon Explore and Privateer Press' stuff and many other examples I can't remember.

    7. Fango on

      @ Darsc Zacal - Where does it say that the minis are cast in a nonsoft material...I was under the impression the minis were the soft rubbery resin-plastic that allot of the 'clix' games use and are very much like the figures in "Cadwallon- City of Thieves" by DUST Games. If that is not the case, maybe one of the designers/developers could chime in?

    8. Anthony on

      yeah I hear ya...107 minis for $100 is an unbelievable deal! I'm just used to being overcharged for miniatures :P so when i hear $5 for a mini i get super excited lol

    9. Frederik Vezina

      I ain't saying they're above market price in any way; prices for miniatures have always dropped my jaw, and that's not CMON's fault. Do note that I clearly said that was how *I* felt about the price, more or less as part of answering Keith - I stay out of the (non-discontinued) minis market because I just can't see myself paying these prices. $89 for 71 minis and an entire game, now, that's something else. Other people will complain about paying $60 for a 5-hour video game, which I don't. All comes down to personal perception.

    10. Anthony on

      $10 for two promo minis is definitely not expensive! The average for a mini of this quality tend to be $10-$15. CMON and guillotine games has put out such a great product I def don't mind supporting thier bottom line.

    11. Darsc Zacal on

      In the world of miniatures. $10 for a pair of small run exclusive miniatures, cast in a nonsoft material, at the level of sculpting shown so far, is a pretty fair deal.

    12. Matthew Wilkinson on

      I think the next survivor should be a Marine or Army soldier!

    13. Frederik Vezina

      Indeed - a stretch goal that says "we'll allow you to buy something" is strictly better than nothing, and it's not like anything is being taken away. Nobody's complaining about having to pay $25 in the first place (from game to abomination) to get all the other stretch rewards are they?
      Do I feel $10 is silly expensive for one or two promo figures? Absolutely. Do I feel forced to buy Eva at that price? Yes, but only by my own preference, not through any action of CMON.
      Sculpts are expensive, though. As are the molds they require. That's why something hat comes in multiples might be more attractive for future goals. Someone mentioned female runners, to that effect, but while these add to variety, they don't add to gameplay the way a new survivor does.
      How about twin survivor girls, then? There's a canonical set in Grindhouse, but I'd be just as happy getting a pair of university students with glasses. Likely they could do both for $10, using the same mold and upping the run.

    14. Ropya on

      $10 for 2 limited promo figs isn't bad.
      And when you want to complain about having to pay the $10 for Eva and Zombie Eva remember this:
      You're getting 12 limited custom dice and 31 additional zombies. FOR FREE.
      That's half of all the zombies already included in the game.
      So with Eva, for $110 you get:
      The base game, which retails for $89 plus tax and or shipping.
      And you're other measly $20 buys you:
      31 more zombie
      8 limited promo survivors. 4 alive and 4 zombie.
      12 custom dice. 6 black. 6 glowy.
      And a tee shirt.
      Oh, and free shipping.
      Not bad deal at all when you look at it.
      Im all for more free stuff.
      Just think about the above when they want you to chip in a bit more for another custom fig.
      These are but my thoughts. Take them as you will.

    15. Chris Richard on

      Yes, everybody gives away t-shirts because they're cheap and easy, and they can only add so much stuff as extras before they start to lose money on these games the editor doesn't cost anything really, and the trackers is an upgrade going to all the games because now they can afford the new machine. I don't mind paying an extra $10 for Eva, just helps reach the next goal faster.

    16. Jose Vera on

      @ Frederik, and that female survivor should be the Daisy Dukes one

    17. Frederik Vezina

      A choice of either Eva or the shirt sounds valid, if it's not overly complicated to set up. But then it opens the door to "I have enough dice already!" and so on.
      What I would like as a stretch goal is a further female survivor free to everyone already receiving all of them - which gives pretty good value to the $10 spent on Eva.

    18. Keith Koleno

      So far I've been loving your stretch goals, except for the tee shirt. Personally, I have enough tee shirts and would prefer items that directly affect game play. Plus paying extra for the Eva Duran figure does irritate a little. If you guys do another Kickstarter (expansions?), I suggest that any non-game related items be sold under "extras" and any game related items fall under pledge levels or stretch goals. Looking forward to playing this great game.

    19. Missing avatar

      GodzillaFan on

      so you guys going to have any goals for past 200. I mean just looking at how fast your get backers you should hit 200 in 30 hours