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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Patrick Stangier on

      Loving the 180k stretch goal. Undecided about the editor until I see how it compares to the Gooki map editor that would have handled scenario creation for me.

    2. Jeffrey Dunford on

      The components listed in the rule book state there are "24 advancement counters". That would be 4 per Survivor: 1 to track experience, and 3 to indicate which special abilities were chosen at the orange and red Danger Levels.
      The new plastic clips will only track experience. They might be able to indicate the special ability for the red Danger Level, but I can't see how they could indicate orange. My guess is the retail box will include 6 plastic clip counters for tracking experience and 18 cardboard counters for marking special abilities. Hopefully kickstarter backers will get an extra 3x plastic and 9x cardboard for the promo characters, as they'll be needed for any scenario that uses all the Survivors at once.

    3. Nick Seal on

      It's likely something that 1.) simply didn't occur to them to have included in the base game, or 2.) It simply isn't cost effective to include in the game without hiking up the cost. The little stuff like that, although often very useful, can add up fast when it comes to manufacturing cost. I'm glad we're seeing it make an appearance, no matter the reason. I'm confident that this over-funding goal will be obliterated like an over-ripe zombie noggin'!

    4. James Greene on

      The map editor is truly an awesome stretch goal reward for all pledge levels but I gotta say the plastic trackers feels like your adding a $160k patch to something that probably should have been included in the first place.

    5. Ropya on

      Im curious, with the little plastic tickers,
      How many will be included? One for each of the survivor cards?
      And if not, are we able to purchase more so that we can have one for each survivor?
      For large games

    6. Evil Mushroom Games on

      If i can make my own map tiles. this Will be great. just need a bloomin colour printer not a black n white laser ....

    7. Selgador

      Seriously the map editor stretch reward is awesome!

    8. Matthew Soares

      @beholder12, you may be right in that a bunch of reminders kick in. I've also seen many kickstarter projects set last minute goals and as a result, a huge push occurs. Having backed 16 different projects, I've seen it occur on numerous occassions. In the end we always benefit...

    9. Darren Stevens

      It may not be an ebay auction, but there is a reminder sent at 48 hours to deadline for anybody that starred a project. In addition, there are quite a few people that wait for this time to decide a) if they think the project will be funded or not and b) which level to back, depending on stretch goals attained/still to be reached. This one, for example, focuses on the $100 as the level that gets all the goodies, whereas the $75 level gets just the game. I expect that these two pledge levels will be the ones that grow the most within the last few days.

    10. beholder12

      @Matthew: I wonder why that is? Kickstarter isn't like an ebay auction; why do so many people wait till the last day to pledge? Maybe there are just a lot of "LAST DAY" reminders on the interwebs that day.

    11. Matthew Soares

      Fear not fellow backers... I backed Zpocalypse and they managed to hit their 180k and 200k goals within a day (last day to be exact) and even went over by another 10k. These goals are quite possible.

    12. beholder12

      The first thing I thought when I saw the demo video was, "Hmm, the really small numbers on the character sheets and that little tracker seems like it'll be annoying." Even in the demo video he has trouble putting it on the precise spot for the number of kills. I wish they would switch the two latest stretch goals because having a clip seems almost essential. Oh well, here's hoping we make it to $180K.

    13. CMON 37-time creator on

      Mathieu, you'll get the graphic elements we use, so it's possible. You might need to export it to another art editor to make it prettier (e.g. lighting effects etc).

    14. Mathieu Boisvert

      The map designing tool will be (because it will happen) a really great addition to keep the fun of playing zombicide always renewed...

      Will the map editor provide enough freedom that we may create even new map tiles ?

    15. isura-kun on

      map designer is a good notice for creative players. but a few questions

      -it includes cars and similar items to print?
      -this its available to export in pdf files?
      -there will be a forum section for publish home made maps by fans with this editor?

      thanks a lot for your work, the plastic tracker for survivors its ok, i prefer more zombies (never have enought XD) but its a good add.

    16. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I came to ask if the editor worked for Mac and you have already answered.
      CMON... er, I mean c'mon, let's reach 160k!!

    17. Shoogoo on

      Thanks CMON! you nailed it!!!! I love the 160k pledge!

    18. CMON 37-time creator on

      Editor available on Win, Mac and Linux. Oooh yeah....

    19. David Cunkelman

      Really looking forward to the Map Editor goal. Strong work all around guys. September seems so far away!!!! Can't wait to get this on the table!

    20. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on

      An official editor? Cool! Not-fiddly trackers? Extra cool! My prediction for the 140k goal was wrong (I said tomorrow, and we're only an hour away at most), so this time I'm just saying that we'll reach them soon.

    21. Arkyzas Studio on

      I hope that the editor will be working on Mac too! please do that hybrid!

    22. Thulsa on

      Thanks again guys! Both of these new goal rewards are great. The Plastic trackers will definitely be useful.

    23. Ben Friesen on

      Having demoed this game at Adepticon, I have to say that plastic trackers would be amazing.

    24. Matt Zitron on

      Awesomesauce. Thanks guys. Really hope we make it to $180K!