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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mathieu Boisvert

      Do you ;) how about 450 K$ !!! Samurai, Samurai, Samurai !!!

    2. Big Jack on

      125,000 already? so weve got fast or furious, 10 days left, hmmm.... i think were gunna nail that 140,000 some how

    3. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on

      Seeing the way pledges skyrocketed after Adepticon, and looking at Kicktraq's charts and trends, I think they're aware of the game's capability of smashing through stretch goals, maybe up to 200k if they add more reward levels (more pre-paint slots, custom stuff) and paid extras (dice, shirts, signed boxes, minis). I'm guessing that they have additional goals in case we reach 140k soon (my prediction is saturday). What I really want is whatever extra tiles we need for the 95k scenario (this time they're giving us the cards, that's great).

    4. XofMdS on

      Apparently, the 140K goal would open a kind of option, which would be with walkers only. You put the runners, fatties aside, and use walkers-only-cards.

      I have a tricky question: does the "Paint the Town" includes those extra zombies? (my guess is no)

    5. Big Jack on

      20 extra walker? that's the one for me, some people may think its boring, but there proper zombies, the fatties are pretty sick to though, but all in all i think were gonna smash those two stretch....stretched? goals easy. and being the greedy son of a that i am and always wanting as much as i can get for as little as i can get heres hoping for another stretch goal after these two

    6. XofMdS on

      @Pierre: the 2nd and following are charged 15$ instead of 25$.

      @CMON: wouldn't it be nice to precise somewhere what is an Alert Card, as we are currently assuming it's an alternate name for the Zombie Cards? Thank you (and thank you!!!!).

    7. Zorriep on

      @CoolMiniOrNot, First, like Allan I'm living outside the US and I pledged ABOMINATION and paid the extra 25$. You said previously that we paid only once 25$ for the game and all the bonuses. That's great ! But, I was wondering if I pledged SURVIVOR, will I have to pay 2 X 25$ because it's 2 X ABOMINATION ?
      Secondly, estimate delivry is september 2012 on kickstarter and August 2012 on Guillotine Games website. Which one is correct ?

    8. Nick E on

      Looks awesome, guys - hope we hit them.

      Have you considered making card pieces for the extra scenarios if we get high enough? (You said one included a board piece) - I hate home printed components personally as I can never make 'em look good enough!

    9. XofMdS on

      @Matthew & Ropya: The Fast being the runner, the Furious must be the fatty. Hence it's a good name.

    10. Ropya on

      @Matthew. Yup. Too many good things out.
      @Adam, looks right.

    11. Darsc Zacal on

      @Adam: Yes, your math looks correct to me.

      Don't forget to add in the postage if you live outside of the continental U.S.

    12. Kevin deAntonio on

      I swear, these updates and goal hits are very exciting! If I was one of the Zombicide Crew, I probably would've pulled my hair out by now in excitement!

    13. Adam Souza on

      Me being a bit slow tonight, just want to make sure
      Survivor $190 will get ?
      ■142 figures in the base set + 6 promo figures + 6 promo zombies + 4 Fatties + 2 Abomination + 12 runners and 4 Fatties + 40 Walkers = 216 miniatures!
      ■12 custom black dice
      ■12 glow in the dark dice
      ■2 T-shirt
      ■2 signed lithograph
      ■1 additional scenario (downloadable)

    14. Batei on

      This is the year of the zombie!

    15. Nick Johnson on

      Al we need now is a painting guide for all these awesome minis

    16. Adam Clark

      > Okay, that Kicktraq site is amazing.

      Thanks ;)

      They may have a lot of extra goals to think about:

    17. Spyke Alexander

      Okay, that Kicktraq site is amazing.

    18. Matthew Soares

      You can never have enough zombies...

      @ Ropya, yet another project we find ourselves in... Guess we have good (similar) taste in games. By the way, I have to agree, "The Fat and the Furious" would be a more suited name.

      @ Joshua, I totally agree with you. I was apprehensive about pledging $100.00, but I knew the completionist in me would go crazy not having that third promo, so I did it. Now I'm super glad I did...

    19. Missing avatar

      Alexander Eckert on

      Unbelievable... you guys're great!
      What about a Revival of Confrontation 3.5 with Kickstarter? :)

    20. Keith Koleno

      How about some additional tiles or an extra token sheet containing items such as a Fire Engine, Armored Car, Craters, Barricades, Fire, Sewer Covers(matched sets for traveling underground), etc?

    21. Nathan Plotts on

      We're trending towards over $160K guys, keep it going!

      Check out the trend here:

    22. Matt Molanare on

      I'm so happy this game keeps collecting more backers and funds! These rewards are incredible! Who would have thought being an abomination would be so good :D

    23. Spyke Alexander

      I'm at $190 and just blown away by how many potential figures we're looking at here... My girlfriend is going to kill me (but I'll have plenty to have her paint at least)...

      Go go gadget $140k!

      Has anyone been keeping track of the daily pledged values so they could map it out on a simple line graph?

    24. Ropya on

      Shouldn't that be the Fat and the Furious?
      Awesome goals CMON.
      I've my painting work cut out for me.

    25. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      Every Update makes me happier and happier about that $100.00 pledge.

    26. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on

      The scenario looks very interesting.

    27. Andrew Mammone on

      It's always the slow ones that get you.