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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Keith Koleno

      Will you be selling extra sets of the custom black and glow in the dark dice?

    2. Spyke Alexander

      @Ropya: I hear what you're saying. I'm already at the $190 mark... The next one is up at $500. That's a bit rich for my blood right now, otherwise I would. I've got some extra to bump it up another $100 or so... That's why I was asking. =)

    3. Shoogoo on

      ^ Listen to this man

    4. XofMdS on

      Some ideas as well:
      a tenth gaming tiles (exclusive or not)?
      an exclusive Equipment card (or change the name of an existant one to add some Kickstarter's flavour)?
      an exclusive Zombie card (I mean: if we have a second Ab', why not spice the Z deck with a card including the said Ab' on the ultimate danger level?).?
      exclusive alternate colours for the illustration of Survivors Identity Cards / alternate names?

      Let's aim the 100K!!

    5. Ropya on

      @ Spike, you could always bump a bit more and help get it there.
      Or Double up and sell of the extra set?

      Either way, less than half way there time wise, more than half way there $ wise.
      I think well make it to $100k no problem.

      Were projected to hit above $140k.
      I wonder if there will be any stretches above $100k??

    6. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      The rewards are better every time.
      I hope we reach the 100k.
      Just remember to tell all the zombies you know. 8-)

    7. Spyke Alexander

      Is there any way that we could add to our pledge to get some of those higher stretch items if we don't make it overall? I'm at Survivor and would *love* to get those glow in the dark dice if you don't get to $75k (which I hope you not only get to, but surpass).

    8. Shoogoo on

      This hasn't been said enough, but those glow in the dark dices are awesome. Going from red dices to this is amazing, good job guys!

      I hope Adepticon brings more people to back you up on here and ultimately reach the 100k!

    9. Big Jack on

      Really hope we hit 95,000 for the campaign.... cant help but think i should maybe jus say 100,00.... yeh come on 10000, considering speed its been cliombing at im ever hopfull

    10. Matthias Caryn

      Let's hope we can get the final goal :)!

    11. CMON 37-time creator on

      We're optimistic, and we're going to introduce Zombicide this weekend to the 1500 gamers at Adepticon!

    12. Ropya on

      Aces. Its getting better and better.
      Figure $48k to go. 18 days left.
      $3k a day. Very doable.
      Let's breach $100k.

    13. Bruiser Ben on

      I want the 100,000$ one really bad. I really want the El Cholo Zombie. :D Honestly, these are all great stretch goals and I hope we make them.

    14. Jeff King

      Yeah, I never care about t-shirts or other "fluff" added to game Kickstarters. I'd much rather be working towards extra stuff for the actual game.

    15. John on

      tbh i would rather swap the t-shirt for the dice :)

    16. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on

      This is absolutely awesome. These goals are great.

    17. Jason McFarland on

      I'd love to see at least 75k, those dice are sweet!