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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Jordan Peacock on

      Thanks for the comparison! When I hear "28mm heroic," unfortunately that doesn't seem to tell me much anymore. I've heard the Reaper Chronoscope minis described as "28mm heroic," but when I got a ruler out to measure from base of feet to level of eyes of a few figures, it was about 1.25" tall on average (or about 31.25 mm). I guess the most informational about "scale" of the minis would be to have a representative mini and find out the ACTUAL MEASUREMENT from feet to eyes, or feet to top of head. Otherwise, most miniatures scales estimates are just horseshoes-and-hand-grenades.

    2. Fenriswulf on

      I hope the miniatures are going to be a hard styrene plastic, not the soft plastic most board game miniatures are made out of. The soft kind are impossible to keep straight or standing up, and are terrible if you are looking to paint them. If it's hard plastic I will be over the moon.

    3. Anthony on

      i just use my fingers as looks like the fatty and abomination are both taller than the marine and ned and the other guy is about the same size as the marine

    4. Alex on

      I know what a Space Marine scale looks like, it's just that it would have been better to see a comparison with one just glued on the base. On the picture, the Space Marine is a bit elevated because of the base, which makes the comparison more difficult.

    5. XofMdS on

      Come on! Everyone does know the scale of a GW Space Marine, don't they? It is the ABC of miniature!
      (I would have put a non-painted one, though.)

    6. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hi, the sculptors are members of Guillotine Games, in fact Guillotine Games is composed by former Rackham employees and among them some sculptors... rest assured you will see the same quality in future expansions.

    7. Alex on

      Do you have the names of the sculptors? I pledge mainly because of the high quality of the miniatures (and hoping to see other great Zombie sculpts in upcoming expansions, such as the Abominations).

      Will the final product look exactly the same as on the pictures (amount of details, etc.)?

      The Space Marine is on an elevated base which makes the comparison a bit difficult. Any chance you have a Space Marine on normal base to compare the scale?


    8. CMON 37-time creator on

      They stack up well with Hasslefree, even if the style is a bit different. Kev's style is a little wider with larger heads, and Guillotine's style is more French, thinner and slightly taller.

    9. Big Jack on

      Hey, i know that the game has fantastic survivors in, but i am one ''those'' people who have to do some of there own, i know theres a comparison shot with the space marine but because of his base (and aparantly im an idiot'') i cant really work out the size comparison, id like to do some survivors before hand to represent me an freinds (they have more intrest that way, an if it gets them to play ill do it) but iv been looking at hasslefree minis, jus wandering how it all scales up

    10. CMON 37-time creator on

      Yeah we goofed, the 3rd Walker is in there.

    11. Shoogoo on

      'probably'? :D as in, there is a chance, but we're not sure yet? Sorry but you got me confused there.

    12. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Shogoo, got to get back to you on that one, it's probably in there.
      @Larry, same plastic as Warmachine, Super Dungeon Explore etc. i.e. not super soft, but not super hard either.

    13. Shoogoo on

      I've seen 4 walkers on the video but that image posted on BGG is showing 5

      Did you drop some, or was the video only showing a few of the models?

    14. Larry Irish on

      Ah, which reminds me - are the minis made from polystyrene plastic or the 'bendy' plastic that's typically used in board games?

    15. Larry Irish on

      Once the plastic is cleaned and primed, I expect that the bulk of the Zeds will look fine with a simple base-coat of a couple colors then a 'dip' with a brown wash (such as Army Painter Quickshade).
      Obviously, the characters and "Boss" Zeds should get more attention. :)

    16. Lycane on

      Ah young padewans, must learn technique of dry brush speed painting!

    17. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I think we all wanted to have the money to pay for the painted minis...
      They are a bit smaller than I thought at first but the size is okay.
      I will have to convince my friends to lend me a hand (or two) with the painting.

    18. Missing avatar

      Aaron Phillips on

      Man those look fantastic!
      It makes me wish that I had either A) The talent to paint miniatures without making them look *worse* or B) The money to be able to pledge for one of the $1500 hand painted sets here on KS.