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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Chris Bain on

      I love the movie references! Die Hard, Falling Down, Sin City (I think). I'm a huge movie nerd and Zombies are my favorite people, I can't wait to get my hands on this. What other movies/characters inspired the other survivors? I've been wracking my brain, and IMDB, and am at a loss. Any chance we will some references to Zombieland, Saun of the Dead, Donnie Darko, Natural Born Killers, or other cult films?

    2. Troy on

      i'm all for originality as well and it looks like the game itself will hit that nail on the head, but i also find pop culture references pretty damn cool and am very happy with some of the things i am seeing. one of the upsides to having some special promo characters is since a lot of people will identify with them the game might go from just rolling dice and moving tokens, to adding more character to the gameplay as people get into the roles. hell based on pop culture reference i'd love to see the cast of the big bang theory get a copy of this game on the show and send sheldon into a parralell universe head trip! all in all good work guys and girls it looks excellent!

    3. CMON 37-time creator on

      Tyler, thanks for your comment that we read with attention. For some survivors we have taken inspiration from some movies that we love and we think that it is cool to see them on your board, however I can assure you that we give to creativity a great value and the way you will play the expansion will be unique and if you have seen the stretch goal of 100k you can suspect the direction we are taking....
      Thanks again for your comment and support!
      Guillotine Games

    4. Lycane on

      I'm just being a smart@$$.

      Originality is good - i'm pretty sure there will be some interesting things in the game - But having something people can relate to/identify with is cool. "Who wants to play as Bruce Willi? I DO!"

      Either way I hope they have some Zombicide at Gen Con this year. This game is looking better and better each day!

    5. Tyler Thompson

      I guess I can say almost everything in Underworld was half-something.
      Vampires are half human in a way. Same with werewolves.
      They however did do a vampire-werewolf hybrid in Michael Corvin.

      Ive seen Die Hard, and Machete, and Bazinga is a daily use for me.
      Lets see something outside of the box.
      nothing inspired by Hollywood or movies.
      Something New and as exciting as the game itself.

      Im pumped for this one.

    6. Lycane on

      thats the point - and it's not just the promos that are "inspired" by other movies.
      Half-Zombie eh? didnt they do something similar in Underworld? ;)

    7. Tyler Thompson

      Why is it that all the promos remind us of movie stars or actors?

      First we have Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.
      Then we have Danny Trejo from Machete.
      And now we have Bruce Willis from Die Hard.

      Not saying its a bad thing. I am a backer and love the concept.
      But come on....... Originality.
      New never before seen characters.

      Put up a human-zombie hybrid.
      Someone who was bitten but the transformation stopped right as he was losing everything to become a zombie.
      an introverted and nocturnal skinny pale white boy with a vitamin D deficiency.
      Named Ryan "Spider" Thomas. Friends call him "Spider" for the lay low (introverted) strike at night (nocturnal) attitude.
      Give him good scars to show hes been fighting and cutting the demons that have been trying to take over his body and he started digging them out, but yet has stopped because there is no more transformation going on. (like a good stomach or chest surgery scar and minor scars else where)
      Wielding melee, something he found out of dads garage or moms kitchen, a modified bat with nails or razors, a crowbar, a cast iron frying pan from the camper, an axe with hatchet as side arm, Whip with razors.
      Ryan is and has been, as a survivor, looking for that cure to reverse the bite and his transformation. Hes not out to befriend his surviving counterparts but yet in it for mainly himself and his getting back to a normal life.

      Now that is an original character.
      Feel free to add that.

      Wow I should get in design and brain storming.
      my email is always open. LOL

    8. troy on

      so glad i backed this game!