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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

The Pledge Manager Is Open!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Greetings all. The Pledge Manager is officially open, so it's time to fill out your orders!

All backers are being mailed a link to the Pledge Manager, where you can input your order and shipping information, and make the payment for the items you requested and the shipping cost. If you don't receive a link within 24 hours please go to to access your pledge manager. If you don't know your password you may request a password reset. Make sure all your address information is correct and your pledge is confirmed and your shipping rate will be automatically calculated.

The deadline for submitting and paying for your pledge is the 12th of October.


How is the $10 credit for Season 2 backers being implemented?

As promised, Season 2 backers get a $10 bonus to spend on optional items. Once you have filled out your order and saved the changes/confirmed it, the credit should show up on your summary. Be aware that the credit cannot be applied to your basic pledge or towards the shipping cost. And also, be sure you're using the exact same user account as your Season 2 pledge.

How are the weights for shipping calculated?

We use the actual combined weight of the boxes for ground shipping, or the volumetric weight for airmail. This is determined by how each of the different carriers charge for shipping.

Why does my shipping cost more than I expected?

Any time a package needs to go via air, it'll be expensive. In the past we were subsidizing Asia Pacific backers by charging $25 (in reality $22.50 after fees) for what would be a $60 to $80 shipment. Since we're moving to an "actual cost" model, we've been working diligently to find break bulk solutions (where we ship to hubs, then ship out via ground), and we're happy to report adding hubs for Australia (which will ship New Zealand), and Canada. Unfortunately, break bulk shipping (where the packages go by ship in bulk, and then via ground to you) is not economically feasible for any destination that has less than 1 pallet load of packages, so for those of you in lower volume destinations in Southeast Asia and South America we've got no better option than to send it via airmail/courier. It sucks, but that's the economic reality. Rest assured we did explore all the options and the current rate is the best we could arrange. We have no interest in charging any more for shipment than is absolutely necessary.

Where is the VIP #1 box and all stretch goals I should get with my pledge?

All of the stretch goals for the campaign will be included inside the "Infected Pack" box that comes with all pledges. Patient 0 pledges also get the "Infected Pack" as well as Angry Neighbors and Audrey.

Will the shipment occur in phases?

No, Season 3 will ship in a single phase, which is estimated to take place in February 2015.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please drop an e-mail to

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    1. Missing avatar


      CMON please extend the pledge manager two more weeks while those who need help wait for it and while those like me wait for another $300-400 to spend here.


    2. Missing avatar

      Morne Bothma on

      Still won't calculate shipping costs to South Africa. Support is not responding to my emails. Don't know what else to do.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Lam on

      hi, the page is down, it says 404 Forbidden and cannot get in...

    4. Paint'Riot Studio

      i just finish to create a scénario and some equipements cards.
      here is a link to my facebook page :…
      if some of you are interested by the scénario or the equipment cards in english,i can traduct it.

    5. Missing avatar

      scorion on

      can I confirm my order and pay 10 euros less? or should I wait for them to appear?
      I expect an answer by mail from September 12. :((

    6. Missing avatar

      scorion on

      wait my $10 credits.
      still no response from you about my change of email (no account ks) from the Z2 campaign. same problem (with zombicide miniatures of Wrath of Kings) was solved. why not this ?

    7. Jason on

      Fixed for me now, woo :)

    8. Karan Buasakdi on

      94$ for SE Asia!!! I think it would be better if you send your package to the nearest hub and use the local post to send to other country nearby.

    9. Jason on

      I still don't have my $10 credit. I contacted them once and they said they fixed it for my account... but nope :) I hope the second time is the charm...

    10. H_ngm_n on

      Seems like CMON has fixed (at least some) of the discount/credit issues, as when I logged in to the CKPM today it finally appeared (I did not have to do any of the pay for shipping first hoop-jumping suggested below)

    11. Nikdo on

      Yes, Greg, that solved it. I didn't have to re-contact support (which is a good thing since they take so long to respond). Thanks for the assist.

    12. Nikdo on

      Thanks, Greg. I will try that. I've been waiting a few days for support to get back to me. Maybe if I do this now, I won't have to wait another few days.

    13. Billy Bradford on

      @Lester Tan I know of someone who pledged and added every single miniatures and the total shipping is around $120+. That is to Singapore.

    14. Missing avatar

      Greg Morse on

      Cmon support was able to rectify the $10 pledge issue today. Here's what I did. I locked my pledge and paid for shipping, reopened the pledge and added my $10 item and saw I owed $10. Created a help desk ticket and waited two days. Credit appeared as a discount and the. I relocked my pledge and all is well.

      So in summary, if they didn't give you the $10 discount, lock your pledge without the extra mini and pay for shipping before contacting them.

    15. Nikdo on

      I, too, am not able to claim my $10 credit from Season 2. I contacted CMON tech support and got a strange reply that I need to pay first to get the credit. Huh? I went ahead and paid the shipping on my order and I didn't seen the credit show up like they said. I'm waiting to hear back from support about how to actually claim my $10 credit.

    16. Jack Ginge Robertson on

      i typed in my password then all of a sudden i was told security has blocked me and now i cant get in what should i do

    17. Missing avatar

      KT on

      @Michael Moore I knew that, but check Cthulhu Wars yourself, I said they asked for only $45 from us. And please read my comment carefully, I was comparing them to show the differences, and try to say "if they could do it, how come a bigger company like CMON can not do it for their customers" that's all.

    18. Spooky

      The shipping is really ridiculous. I can buy another copy with this price. Please reconsider the shipping package.

    19. William Z. Cohen

      I cannot access your site because the IP has been banned. Please assist me in this matter...

    20. Bryce Robinson on

      @padema. You'e in Germany so you'll be ok. As we get further from Germany(in Europe anyway), the price seems to increase. Though not in an even way it seems.

    21. Lester Tan

      @Chi Yong, based on the items I pledge. My shipping fee to Singapore is a whopping USD$198.83. I am waiting for a reply from them for a full refund.

    22. REDKOMET on

      trying to sign into the CMON site,as no link was emailed to me and received-
      Error 400
      You IP was blocked for security reason. Please wait few minutes.

    23. Missing avatar

      Brian McLain on

      Shipping is important, but I have my CoM password and I can log in the issue is THERE IS NO SEASON 3!! Just my old season 2 from last year. Nothing has changed in my account same old e-mail and same address. I will bitch about shipping when I can finally confirm the items I have already paid for a month ago.

    24. Lachlan Blackmore on

      I had an error about shipping calculations, but all I had to do was change my info, save, change it back and save again.

    25. Missing avatar

      padema on

      I was really "scared" when I read all the comments about errors in the PM, missing $10 bonus for Z2 backers and high shipping costs. So I was really surprised that I am one the lucky ones with no errors, the bonus and only $11 for shipping...

    26. Missing avatar

      Chi Yong on

      My shipping for Zombicide 2 with all addons was $35 to Singapore. Shipping is now $94.20 for a $150 pledge.

      I am officially done with CMoN,

    27. Michael Moore

      @KT - I talked with Sandy at GenCon. The DVM pledge is costing A LOT more than what you are paying for it. More than what this is costing.

    28. BigNeily on

      @bryce think my postage was $54 for belfast northern ireland just wish there hub was in the uk and posted by royal mail that way all uk postage should be the same price but at least we wont need to pay customs as extras

    29. Missing avatar

      Brian McLain on

      Logged onto CoM since I still didn't get a link and under Pledge Manager all it has is my order for Season 2. What's going in?

    30. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Well, then we should just with for CMON to explain about what they claimed is " the best rate" then.

      And I'm so sorry it's happen to you to Mr. Robinson.

    31. Bryce Robinson on

      I live in Jersey, Channel islands. Generally I am posted under UK with regards to overseas shipments etc.On this occasion, the PM shipping wanted to charge me $87 compared to $28 UK.It's not just South America and SEA.

    32. Missing avatar

      KT on

      SEA and Southern America "shouldn't" have any problem.

    33. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Yeah, I agree that $30 is not a problem, but $120+ is!!
      Any other country beside one in SEA and Southern America should have any problem. But should the company treats customers differently?
      In Thailand, Thai Baht (฿33 for $1) is a lot lower value than USD already and we have to pay a lot more than others?
      Please ...! Have some consideration for us.


    34. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bolt

      Absolutely no problems with the pledge manager, the $10 credit was there, UK shipping of $30 doesn't seem unreasonable, and paying took me through to paypal just fine (and I use a different email for paypal). Thanks CMON.

    35. Tan Cinch Vv on

      The shipping fee is an outrage. I will think of full refund if the shipping fee continue that price. Or, they just can tell us plainly that they need money for the freebies, at least I am not paying over price shipping fee.

    36. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Oh I forget. Is my rate after 45% discount as Arcadia Quest already? If so, you gonna say that the original cost for my shipping is somewhat $180?

      Please give me your honest answer.

      Sincerely your.

    37. Missing avatar

      KT on

      Seriously? Are you saying that "you have explored all the options" and this is "the best rate" for us? My shipping rate for Thailand came out $120+, this is the best rate?

      I have been a royalty customers for all of your project, and never have any doubt in your company before, but this time I couldn't help it.

      I have been ordered stuffs (always big lot 4-5 big box games + 5-10 small box games in one order) online from cool stuffing and miniatures market all the time which ship from the USA and never ever get any shipping cost higher than $100 (average $60-80)! How come this project goes as high as $120+? Now I'm in doubt.

      Your other project Arcadia Quest just cost me $63 which is the "highest" shipping cost of all time for my KS project! I don't see that Arcadia Quest and Zombicide have much different in amount of stuffs, so how come the shipping cost is as much as different by double? (AQ $63 Z3 $120)

      Even the highest pledge level of KS project Cthulhu Wars "De Vermiis Mysteriis" (believe me that's a lots and a lot of stuffs) cost customers for shipping outside of the USA only $45!!

      Zombicide Season 1 shipping cost $15
      Zombicide Season 2 shipping cost $40
      Now Zombicide Season 3 are gonna cost me $120+!! that's totally ridiculous rate.

      So, I know you guys could do better if you really care for us backers in Asia, please do something or ,with all due respect, this could be my last KS with your company.

      Thank you very much (if you really listening)

    38. William B

      Can't log in and can't reset password

    39. NrKissed on

      Password issues lead to reset, which leads to : Error 400
      You IP was blocked for security reason. Please wait few minutes.

    40. Mattimeo84 on

      Second paragraph: "The deadline for submitting and paying for your pledge is the 12th of October.

    41. Jonathan on

      Maybe I missed it, but how long with the PM be open?

    42. Missing avatar

      Morne Bothma on

      Error 400 in last step. What now? I replied to CMON email, but no response yet.

    43. Roger Wingate on

      How do we pay for any outstanding amount?. I don't see a link through the pledge manager.

    44. Josh Lawson on

      Australia have it at around $20 but New Zealand is like $60? I thought we were meant to have similar prices?

    45. James Harvey

      Sorted. Now just to wait. Excited much?

    46. Bryce Robinson on

      $85 shipping to the Channel Islands or $28 to ship to the UK which is next door, literally postage wise. You are taking the P**s!

    47. Alex on

      Looks like there's something wrong with the shipping calculator. PLEASE CMON, there is bug in calculator.

    48. Alex on

      Please, can I ask for a refund? Shipping cost is too high! This is not normal!!! I pledge a lot of kickstarters with less shipping costs. CMON NEVER MORE!

    49. Alex on

      CMON, could you please explain to me why the outragerously high, 100USD shipping to Brazil for the basic pledge?
      I have received very heavy packages from the US, and it cost the person 60 dollars...
      And this was from a person, not a company, which has discounts for sending several packages...
      Please review this value or refund my pledge. Thank you very much!