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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Kiawi on

      Yeah well the problem is half of the people are crying for the complete cast and the other half doesn't want them. I also don't like every survivor, but if it's for free I don't complain and if it's as an add-on then I don't need to buy. Only two BBT survivors were stretch goals I think? And the other ones are optionals. They just wanted to complete the cast because so many wanted a complete set.

    2. Will Haynes on

      1/4 of the promos, not including the Guest Artist boxes, devoted to BBT is a bit excessive to me. I'm happy if you are a fan of the show, but for those of us who are not, it just seems to be... well... a waste, but whatever. They did a homage to the show. I just hope they are done with it.

    3. John

      My absolute favorite update of the KS so far. Glad we're wrapping up the BBT main characters. Can't wait to see them on the tabletop!

      Dave: We can't be surrounded by Zombies... they're a fictional construct devised by Hollywood. There's no such thing as actual Zombies.
      Patrick: *scoffs* they're zombies!!
      Nikki: Less talking, more hacking! *one splatters in front of her* Ew...
      Audrey: That was a good one, bestie!
      Will: Is it just me or is that one naked.
      Kabir: *nods and grins*
      Miss Trish: Hey!
      Kabir: *whispers in Will's ear*
      Will: *scoffs* No I don't think she's available!

    4. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      For those of you who don't want more bbt promos, you're safe that's the whole main cast done now. Personally I can't wait to do a mission involving all of the cast, though I'll have to use my Dave proxy :(

    5. Hail Cthulhu on

      I am sure this update makes a ton of people happy, just makes me sad I wasn't around for the other Kickstarters to have the complete crew. I enjoy the show, but of all the sources they could draw from, i don't get why they chose BBT to complete. Really lame for the large amount of us that don't have Sheldon and Howard, wish they would make them available. And please don't tell me to use proxies.

    6. Peter Charlesworth on

      Also I'm also begging CMON to do a remodel of Dave for people like me who didn't hear about S1 until long after the KS ended and want a model that fits with these two, plus the other similarly themed characters. Must have compete set!

      If you do it as a new model, with new stats, then since no part will be the same as current Dave it won't step on the toes of those who have Dave as much.

      If not an Ultimate version, then how about a twin brother of Dave?

    7. Kiawi on

      We already have plenty of variety when you look at all the survivors. I think the BBT survivors are now complete though, so we probably won't get another in Season 4.

      However deciding which one to play won't get easier. I'm flooded with survivors. I'm glad we have the survivor draw deck now. :)

    8. Will Haynes on

      Can we please stop with the BBT promos? This is getting ridiculous. Can please have a little more VARIETY in Season 4?

    9. Peter Charlesworth on

      I love you CMON!
      Exactly what I had been hoping for!

    10. Jonathan on

      I'm glad they got the BBT character out in case they ever decide to do a season 4. We can finally get some for diverse characters from geekdom. Even though I'm not a fan I'll be picking all of these up with the intention to hold and sell at a later date. Now we just need all of the fans of the show to pony up and get us the remaining 200k+

    11. Gary fisher on

      Sigh such a shame they end on yet more Big Bang Bollocks

    12. Missing avatar

      Han on

      I wish folding tower was after kabir

    13. Jo Bain on

      Raj and Bernadette complete that main cast. Nice one.

    14. Marco Curvello on

      Not even if every backer gets Bernadette we reach Raj...

    15. Nick AKA Help needed on

      Oh man. I don't want I need these in my life lol. Bernadette all time biggest tv crush

    16. Chris Bell

      Community character would be more fun, but I guess that'll probably never happen. Pity I'm new to the KSers, the completist in me hates not getting the rest of the BBTers (or a few of the other previous exclusives)

    17. Michael Paal on

      300k for the next SG, almost impossible within the last few hours.

    18. T Man on

      Yes, I have to agree that they should release a different Dave sculpt. People who missed out on the first KS won't have a complete set from the series otherwise; like myself. At least that way, the rarity of the original will remain and we will all have the complete BBT cast. This would make everyone happy. CMON should be wary of splitting group characters over multiple KS Campaigns.

    19. Timo Honold

      I have to change something... my pledge :D

    20. Kiawi on

      @Marco I think we make it. Last time everyone worried about not getting Snake too, but we did it. And if not I'm sure they'll make him available as an add-on. :)

    21. Dan Ormond on

      Could have announced this twelve hours ago! Exciting finale goal though!!

    22. The D of D&E on

      This kickstarter is going out with a Big Bang lol

    23. Marco Curvello on

      Reall?? 300k for Raj?? We have only 6 hours, not going to make it. Cool, now I'll have Bernadette but not Raj ¬¬

    24. Davyd Atkins on

      @Matt Your idea is great! An ultimate Dave. That way the original Dave the Geek is still special, but people who got in at season 2 can still have the whole gang

    25. Tim 'thor0298' Thorson on

      Sorry if this was asked but can you buy extra dice towers

    26. MMeurman on

      I really couldn't care less for more BBT survivors, but the completionist in me wins out. Then again I might be happy to have them if I do decide one day to watch the show (and if I like it).

    27. Paul Smith on

      @Davyd, Just imagine you're playing a zombie invasion during the forthcoming season 8 ;)

    28. Simon Crouch on

      I have Dave and machete from adept icon, but I missed Howard, to the ebay!

    29. Matt Roach on

      Same boat. Several hundred dollars spent now but missed first season and Dave. I would REALLY like to see a new one made. I would not want to cheapen those first backers prize by just making more of the original. Keep him as a rare collectible.

    30. caz

      Yay full set!!! :)

    31. C on

      I stopped watching blondes and boobs with Newhart. :D

    32. Alderman Jack on

      Oh yeah, pledge increased!

    33. Davyd Atkins on

      Okay, while it is awesome that we now have the whole BBT crew, this just makes me all the more sad that I missed getting Dave, The Geek from season 1 :'(. He's not even on eBay. I'd love to play a 6 player game using all BBT characters.

    34. Roman on

      My bad, must start watching that show.

    35. Evil Mushroom Games on

      I'm so loving this one. lest smash this SG ....take my money.....

    36. Darren on

      How can some not like BBT? You have NO sense of humor. One of very, very few TV shows you should even consider watching. No Will Wheaton?

    37. Sion on

      Brilliant update, thans CMoN!

    38. Alex

      Better than a dice tower even though I have no interest in TBBT. Was hoping for something really cool, not even more BBT, but I'm sure lots of people will like this. At least there won't be anymore of them now!

    39. Jenny Nguyen on

      That totally flew past me. Seemed more like a generic blonde than Penny

    40. Skritter on

      I just got WILL a couple hours ago on Fleabay for $26. Now all I need is Dave.

    41. Missing avatar

      LilDeamon on

      @Byron Good point. Also since the show is really popular they should sell quick.

    42. Thormars on

      Oooooh Bernadette ! Loving her so much !

    43. C on

      @Shawn: Bernadette from BBT. Here's hoping for no C&D letter!

    44. Jenny Nguyen on

      Where is Penny?

    45. Roman on

      Looks like a certain alaskan politician to me.....

    46. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Cool I was waiting for these two, time to up my pledge I think!!

    47. Anthony Leon on

      that is awesome the gang is complete if we can make it, now to hope and get dave and will for cheap on ebay or at a conventions if they stat to give them out as prizes or selling their.

    48. Alana on

      Yay, Rah and Bernie! Take my money!