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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on


      I have mixed fellings about it.
      I don't mind if they have to change a figure to avoid a lawsuit if it's a free figure. It's a bit little annoying if I paid for it as an add-on and I don't get what I paid for.

      Oh, speaking about not getting what I paid for and lawsuits, what about the rest of my D-Day Dice LfL and anything from my ABIYP LfL KS pledges? Went to the Max pledge on both of those based on YOUR reputation.

      Perhaps people in glass houses...........?

    2. kickstartmyheart on

      @Emmanuel, I think we have different ideas of what funny is. I'm trying to figure out why it hits the 2.8 mark and drops down again? Are there people low enough to try to sabotage the stretch goals? It's has to be a glitch.

    3. chad strunk on

      allrighty cmon... next pledge level!

    4. Thomas Tobias Conrad

      It's crazy, I won't believe it ... we will reach this StretchGoal...

    5. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Ah, nuts, I'm guilty of premature exclamation. Looking for an "8" in the wrong place. At the pace the numbers are racking up, though, it looks like a sure thing.

      Season 4 will have a tough time topping this one. Unless it's a military theme, in which case my prediction is that it will exceed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Kabir is IN!!! The Complete-ist in me is purring . . . .
      But the poor delivery guy is going to get a hernia . . . .

    7. Emmanuel Aquin on

      Wouldn't it be funny if BBT threatened to sue, and then all the BBT characters would have to be modified like the Miramax characters from S1?

    8. Jenelle Adams on

      We pledged more money then there are items to buy so I they don't add more stuff soon we will have to lower ours about $200! We are already getting 2 or more of everything. Add more please.

    9. kickstartmyheart on

      Of course those would be the last 2! Come on guys n gals, we can to it!

    10. Josh Deason on

      Super amped, as for the people complaining about exclusivity of past figs, it is your own neurosis that is causing the hate, get over it. Personally I have a ton of respect for Guillotine Games for sticking to their guns on promises made, and that is coming from a backer that jumped on board at Zcide Season 2 KS but managed to pick up Dave, El Cholo, and Nick at a convention (albeit without the zombivors as they handn't been released yet). Get over it, move on, this formula is very obviously working well as they have 3 very successful campaigns.

    11. Kenna

      Trish absolutely needs to start with the Loud skill. "HOW-ARD! I mean...WILL!!!"

    12. Jared Roswurm on

      The game plays with 6 and there are 6 BBT characters, coincidence? I think not!

    13. Lordoftheslugs on

      The awesome thing about Trish' background is that it probably might very well have fit Bernadette if she was a kindergarden teacher :D

    14. edriddle

      I too didn't start with Zombicide until S2 and missed out on Dave the Geek. This has however quickly become my gaming groups favorite board game and I'd love to have Dave but I won't pay eBay prices for him...

      So here's hoping that S4 will have an "Ultimate" box will all the figures in new sculpts.

    15. Kenna


    16. Simon Crouch on

      Guys you'll have the dashboards, you can find suitable miniatures. That being said I'd love to see dr horrible.

    17. Kenna

      You sure, Thomas? We're already to 3.7 now. I actually think this stretch might hit.

    18. Matt Roach on

      On another note. I still want Flo too.

    19. Robert Marino

      @Vadim, you hit on all the points for the people arguing against exclusives. The only people that benefit from exclusives is the people who buy extras to sell on eBay at ridiculous prices. CMON and GG would benefit if they sold all the "exclusive" figures for $20 each on their own website. This is something Soda Pop Miniatures got right after splitting from CMON, and the only people complaining about them selling the KS exclusive figures are, again, those who bought extras to sell on eBay. Opening the exclusives to all will get more people in the game who otherwise would ignore it because they cannot get those figures.

    20. Thomas Tobias Conrad

      Too many missed s1 and s2 for the other bbt promos and so 300k for this SG is too much to reach it during the rest of the time...

    21. Vadim Deylgat

      I only got to know Zombicide a few months ago, so missed Dave and Will and I'm not paying over 100$ I see a Dave goes for on eBay. 100$ for a piece of plastic and a dashboard? I planned on getting Patrick, but now I think I'll get the Kris or Benny optional instead. If I can't get them all, what's the point?

    22. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Nope, Nikki is Penny

    23. Jeffrey Ernst on

      Don't we miss good old Penny still?

    24. Carmen on

      I'm not a BBT fan, but these will make a lot of people happy, and are a nice reward for those pledgers who have stuck it out through three seasons of Zombicide kickstarters to complete their BBT collection.

    25. Kenna

      @Chad - I keep hoping for Dr Horrible, too. I couldn't even find a good miniature for him. Hasslefree makes a Captain Hammer, but no Horrible.

    26. DjDeryck on

      @Ape2020 - These figures might go cheaper on ebay or may not. I missed both S1 and S2 kickstarters and have been buying characters off ebay. I think S2 has been cheaper because of the misprinted characters. People selling the misprinted ones and keeping the fixed versions that CMON shipped out to them. If they don't have that problem this time I think this season could still be worth a lot on ebay.

    27. Horfrost3 on

      @chrisoc13 - would you to willing to sell them to someone who didn't call you a whiner?? :)

    28. Missing avatar

      James McCrea on

      Awww, I was still hoping for some crows to top me up!

    29. Kenna


    30. Tim Massey on

      Oh No! What I am going to do about Dave and Will! (Sheldon and Howard) I'm worried I'm going to fork over a bunch of money on ebay for a re-cast... :-(

    31. Felipe Machado on

      @Matthew: Audrey (Amy, in the show) is free with the Patient 0 pledge.

      I love the show, but this is my first Zombicide KS, so I already missed on Sheldon and Howard... And I won't spend more than 10 bucks on them...
      Aside from that, I don't think they fit this theme... I'm looking for guys like the ones from Rue Morgue...
      Brad Pitt in World War Z, the Winchester brothers, The Walking Dead guys, more people from Resident Evil...

      So I won't be buying any of the others... =/

      Anyway, the rest of the campaign was good and I'm glad I was able to be a part of this one.

    32. Marco on

      I cant justify spending more than 30$ on a Season 1 or 2 promo figure that I missed out on, with that money I could buy a whole new other board game! I.ll have the promo boards for all the promos thanks to the first SG so Proxys it is for me! ; )

    33. Matthew Churchill on

      I didn't like the show before the Kickstarter and I certainly don't like it now. Fortunately, Kabir looks like Professor Brian Cox, a popular British scientist, so that's who I'm going to imagine he is in my world. Am I right in saying that all the other Big Bang characters are optional buys, so I won't be stuck with any as free stretch goals?

    34. Ape2020 on

      So Dave is now number one priority to get as I will have the rest of the crew. Only thing is he is currently running about $150-$200 now on eBay. So I might not get it unless CMON shows up at PAX Prime.

      Now on a brighter note for those of you that missed season 2 promos. They are running way cheaper on eBay then season 1. I fully expect this seasons promos to floold the market and might even be cheaper.

    35. Jurgen Volders on

      It would be classic Raj if he would be the only one from TBBT to not become a survivor. ;)

    36. Chrisoc13 on

      @David I have all of the BBT characters willing to part with them... but then again you called me a whiner so I'll probably hold on to them :p

      The problem with all the survivors (or 1/4) in this campaign being BBT isn't so much that I have to get them, but rather that they could have diversified the survivors a bit more. I mean sure I will own over a 100 survivors or so after this campaign but it made this campaign far too predictable. What's up next? Oh look another BBT character. Sigh.

    37. Kiawi on

      Yeah I suppose too. Either they will give us the survivor for free as a bonus or we will be able to get him as an optional buy for $10 (like with Snake last year). :)

    38. Will Jackson Jr. on

      *Sorry in advance...Realized how long, after done typing*

      Wether enough money is pledged here to reach SG I think CMON will still reward it. There are people like me that will push it past the SG once the late pledge opens later, elsewhere. I can't pledge full amount now so close to GenCon. Not to mention $2.6+Million is nothing to sneeze at. Just shut up and take our money now and give us everything lol. Btw season 4 is years away. They will need a rest but what geek icons do people what to see become survivors and zombivors? Keep in mind some franchises don't care about the similarities or likeness of their characters. While others wouldn't VAULE and appreciate the homage alone. They might want a royalty fee. Example Walking Dead. They are Geek Royalty at this point. Far surpassing BBT and casting a giant shadow over the realms. As so they should rightfully be PAID to be featured in Zombicide. However on other hand it would be their best license move yet, outside of Walking Dead seasonally released video game and a slot machine. All their attempts at table top just come off as trying to ride the money train, to me, sorry to say. I never watched FireFly but I respect it and could see that as an option. At no attempt to go down the rabbit hole that is Dr.Who but how about next VIP Zombies be some Weeping Angels? Just call them The Fallen or something. Lastly let's bring back pledge of having all our cool stuff painted for us. I'm new to the hobby and couldn't imagine painting everything from this KS. Sure it would be fun but my touch of OCD I would never get done haha.

    39. Marco on

      It needs to rise by at least 50k per hour, if we get within 5 - 10k on the final ring even if we don't reach it I believe Cmon will give us Kabir as a Bonus like they did the last stretch goal of Xenoshift

    40. David on

      Oh boo hoo to everyone that doesn't like BBT if you don't like the show don't buy them, stop your whining about it tho. There are plenty of people that do like the show and are happy to see them make these sculpts

    41. Kiawi on

      @John I agree. There are enough survivors from BBT now. But it's impossible to please everyone. If they start the next series and do a complete cast (and all the fans want a complete cast) there will be people that don't like it too. :)

    42. Chrisoc13 on

      So. Sick. Of. BBT. They must really love the show. Too bad it sucks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Lordnecro on

      Please give us a alternative Sheldon Miniature!

      For all they have missed the First Season

    44. Neil H on

      Fantastic, if they are unlocked. Would rather have seen these instead of scarface and the other one that I don't recognise.

    45. David on

      I wish there was a different way to get Dave and Will besides Ebay.

    46. John

      That's why I'm glad they're wrapping up BBT this season... those of us who want the complete cast get them, and then that opens up slots for another series next season (Firefly hopefully).

    47. rodney nadeau on

      So if we don't reach him does he become an optional buy? Or dose he just come back next season?

    48. chad strunk on

      Allright... I'm hoping to be almost done with Big Bang Theory (I have no problem with them, my son plays them almost exclusively thanks to the Dave Zombivor that his uncle got at gencon) and here's to hoping that they let us purchase Raj if they don't make it. NOW ONTO OTHER GEEKY FANDOMS!!! Community (cmon.. Western Annie from season two paintball), Spike (who doesn't want Buffy characters), and most importantly... Doctor Horrible! Yes that's right... Barney Stinson would be cool, but Doctor Horrible would be amazing... Also Captain Hammer.