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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Joe Crane on

      A month ago I thought dice towers where pointless and couldn't figure out why anyone would want them... Then a friend came over and I swear he almost broke my abominations with his rolls. I don't need them but I think I will make other people use them. Wish we could of gotten some more badass girls, Ripley is perfect for this game, and Linda Hamilton from T2, and if we got Ripley they should throw in Hicks. I would be more than willing to ad them on.

    2. Anthony Leon on

      @everyone guys they said might be as they think that might be the last SG we can reach, not that it is the last one they have to offer us.

    3. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      Ignore any trendings or projections, they will break on the last day anyway.
      Only interesting data on Kicktraq are the daily data.

      I think we have a good chance to get 200k-300k on the last 24h.

    4. Missing avatar

      André Zanollo on

      @marco why hilarious? He is val kilmer (heat) 100% sure.

    5. Marco on

      Douglas you might be onto something. .. lol

    6. Marco on

      I find it hilarious that the (possibly) last add-on survivor is someone who no one is sure of, I think it.ll be one of those that... since CMON will never say who it really is based off of, people will just choose who they prefer it to be and stick with it, I like to think its Brad ... other Kilmer and some a blond Travolta (painted right and add a Tie with some Green Stuff and you can make the other half of Pulp Fiction)

    7. C on

      KickTraq says 2.3M, while KickSpy says 3.0M...

    8. Missing avatar

      David Müller on

      YES we got Heisenberg, very happy with that ...

    9. SFG_Dooley on

      Jesus people. It's Val Kilmer's Chris character from HEAT. Watch a few more movies.

    10. Christian on

      Although it is not so exclusive,I'm quite happy with the dice tower.Can also be used for pther Game Systems.Happy that we'll all get Heisenberg

    11. Paint'Riot Studio

      Hesitate between Brad pit or Travolta for Kris.
      @CMON:it will be good to update the front page for new backers.

    12. Alex

      Not to sound ungreatful, but that's a pretty lame way to end the Kickstarter. I know it's free, but would have been nice to have something really cool for the last stretch goal. A dice tower sounds pointless, I would imagine it's only a very small (but probably vocal) minority that would actually want this.

      Oh well lol, maybe we'll get lucky and find that you've kept something really cool back for afterwards.

    13. Tyfighter77 on

      No offense CMON, but a little disappointed at your rather large logo on the tower. Couldn't you have made it smaller? Or like, on the bottom?
      Oh well. Credit where it's due I guess.

    14. Draxx on

      great sg, hope we go way further :)

    15. Thomas Ogermann on

      awesome that we got heisenberg
      but...what is following is disappointing
      an optional buy nowbody seems to recognize for sure and a final stretch goal that i personally don't need.
      perhaps others are more happy.
      and that it is a final stretch goal sucks because we will get way past that

    16. Matt Turnbull on

      I think it's a re-color of Vincent vega (johñ travolta) based on the line about him repoint a Chevy nova. That's what Jules (Sam Jackson) drove in the movie.

    17. Miguel Michan

      No Lady Gaga? ;(

    18. Cepero on

      Isnt that the one from Sons of Anarchy??

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Nolin on

      Val was Chris in Heat.

    20. ALDI on

      @Marco... good find! Awesome last promo!

    21. ALDI on

      Facial features look a ton like Travolta now that you mention it... blond thinner version of pulp?

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      No not-Raj? But we've seen the artwork?

      Anyway, this new guy is either a blonde John Travolta or a latter day Macaulay Culkin

    23. ALDI on

      Looks great and im happy that we will all be getting the dice tower (im sure we'll hit 2.5 mil). Not sure who the character is yet... at first I was thinking sons of anarchy, but the facial features look familiar but a bit different

    24. Marco on

      is Kris - Brad Pitt? looks like him

    25. Anna Philatova on

      Val Kilmer

    26. Tyfighter77 on

      I don't really have anything negative to say (not really negative), just three comments:
      - I wish the 'final' stretch goal would have been something exclusive
      - Isn't there already a survivor who is the "Repo Man"?
      - Final stretch goals make me sad.

    27. Sean Harte on

      Nice moves. Thanks.

    28. Skritter on

      I gather these dice towers are available for all of your games in the future, just have a new sticker for any other game title.

    29. Ahrens on

      I like what we get, and the dice tower is nice too, really love "not" Heisenberg :)
      It would be nice if we get some additional op. buys like new box of zombies.

    30. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Love Breaking Bad, so I'm really glad we get Heisenberg.

      The dice tower looks cool but from the picture I thought it somehow fit all the rule books in it, so I got really excited. It still looks cool though. Will it fit dice in it when it's folded so I can store dice in it?

    31. Skritter on

      Is there also an Optional Buy $ for the dice towers as well?

    32. Nico on

      Is Kris VAL KILMER???