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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Missing avatar

      kevin azvedo on

      where is Tony Soprano?

    2. Missing avatar

      David M Brown on

      We are way past the mark, how about a Jim Rockford in honor of James Garner as a freebie.

    3. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      I'm starting to think we won't be seeing a Raj till season 4
      But fingers crossed for another update in the last few hours!

    4. Paint'Riot Studio

      @peter:or have it free on your local store zombicide event for game night 2.
      I hope CMON will do an update because I think we can smach the 2,600k easy !

    5. Ape2020 on

      Likely for the same reasons we can't add Season 1 or Season 2 KS promos. GG said they were exclusive retail packages. But really you can get them easy and cheap on eBay.

    6. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      Haha! You're totally right - it IS George Lucas!

    7. Peter Kinsley on

      Why can't we add-on game night boxes?

    8. Missing avatar

      Cameron Hughes on

      I fee; the sniper, even as a female is channeling No. 17 from Dragon ball z. My 2 cents

    9. Kenna

      I thought the same thing about the female sniper companion; she looks exactly like something I've seen before. But I can't place it at all.

    10. David Lee Seymour on

      Personally, I'm still going with Travolta's character in swordfish. The face and clothes are dead-on. the only reason it looks in any way like Val to me is the hair color itself. Maybe they combined characters though? Curro is Def Scarface in my opinion.
      The one thing that's been bugging me lately are the Angry neighbors companions. They're all team characters from different series. That George lucas looking guy really looks like the programmer from revolution to me, Dawg the bounty hunter gunman for example. But that female sniper. I recognized her instantly when I saw here, but I can't for the life of me remember where. is she a mix of characters? cowboys and aliens meets team fortress2 meets Dominique the Cyclops from Trigun? anyone have any ideas?

    11. Alex Jordan on

      Any chance we could get a rivet wars sticker?

    12. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      I think the human Kris looks more like Val, but the zombivor looks like John.

    13. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      +1 Damage might be too nasty as humans can't survive a single attack

    14. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      @Leo I like that idea!
      I might simplify it so I don't need to leave a D10 in the Zombie box
      Alternatively I guess a 2D6 roll?
      When spawned, roll as many skills as the highest level Survivor (reroll duplicates)

      1. Fat! (Only harmed by damage 2+ attacks, each hit takes 1 wound)
      2. Fast (2 Zones per move action)
      3. Bile Vomit (Ranged attack: 0-1)
      4. Swipe (Hit all survivors in zone)
      5. Toxic
      6. Berzerk

    15. Ian Allen

      its just those dark eyebrows that don't look like Kilmer - make it look more like Travolta in the eyes ...

    16. Missing avatar


      I think the new survivor is Val Kilmer from Heat. My girlfriend thought it was him too when I asked her who she thought it was. Goes along with the Al Pacino survivor too, as he is also in Heat

    17. Daniele Silvi on

      However the role of Val Kilmer in Heat was

    18. Leo Sebastiano on

      Zombie boss: Use zombivors , they have 5 wounds and 2 actions , then roll a d10 2-3-4-5 times ( up to you) to add mutations:

      if roll 1 : +2 wounds
      .........2: tough
      .........3: +1 damage
      .........4: +1 to attack range
      .........5: +1 zone per movement
      .........6: he's a living spawn zone ( during the zombies turn , paly another spawn card in the zombivor zone)
      .........7: swipe, the zombivor can hit all the players in the same area with one attack.
      .........8:toxic ( like toxic zombies)
      .........9:berzerk ( like berzerk zombie)
      .........10: +1 action

      you can roll a d20 or d100 if you add more mutations, up to you.

    19. C on

      @Ape: Yep. Super Dungeon Explore did this with their Forgotten Kings KS. Towards the end, they had a coloring book, box, and coin as SG's.

      @Eli and all: Also search on "hirst arts licensees". I'm in the Itar's Workshop and Mythical Lairs KS. Occasionally, you'll see a terrain KS that has crates, barrels, etc. at a good price. I hear good things about Cicadia crafts.

    20. Eli Butcher on

      To those who also wanted 3D objective tokens may want to take a look at this. I just ran across it looking for 3D miniature crates. They look awesome, and are pretty cheap too.…=

      I've never heard of Mini Monster, but they have some stuff on the CMON gallery, so I'll be checking them out. Especially the Minature Wargaming Objective tokens.

    21. Ape2020 on

      You know lately many KS especially ones from creators that have done them before actually stop SG well before the end of the campaign. Mostly so they don't run in troubles like delays as seen even in CMONs early KS. While I think a few more are coming I don't expect a ton more. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if we reached the last one 3 or 4 hours before the end.

      As for the dashboard cases I believe red, blue, and green ones are already for sale in retail and online.

    22. Kiawi on

      For me Kris looks totally like John Travolta (Pulp Fiction but with different hair colour). I don't think he looks like Brad Pitt...

    23. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Yeah, I think a storage solution for the decks would be a great idea. Having even one expansion for this game makes it hell to store, let alone all of them. With this campaign it's going to get even harder to store all this Zombicide stuff!

      Actually I'd easily pay money for some kind of Zombicide MEGA BOX where I can store all the decks, tiles, tokens, dashboards, and such. Then I could just keep all the models in a standard foam case or something and not have to deal with just piles of Zombicide boxes.

    24. kickstartmyheart on

      @horfrost3 I did too at first but it looks like he has De Niro's mole. I could be totally wrong and either way it's awesome.

      I'm just stoked about all the generous stretch goals they are throwing at us, thanks Cmon and Guillotine!

    25. Daniele Silvi on

      If really think Kris is Brad Pitt. Not Val.

    26. Michael Allen Sanders on

      Any chance of deck holders? These search decks are getting pretty huge to stand by themselves...

    27. Missing avatar

      James McCrea on

      I agree with others who are worried that we'll "run out" of stretch goals. I'd also hoped we might see some more crows. Perhaps an extra crow every $100k over the dice tower would be feasible from a financial POV, keep the interest and also help stop us running out of crows!

    28. Thormars on

      Nice new survivor. Love it !
      Thankx for the Dice Tower, i was expecting for it so much. Is it possible to get it in optionnal buy, in different colors ? I think it's the kind of stuff you need at each corner of your table :p

    29. Andrew on

      Oh and if that dice tower can hold 4 sets of dice while folder... super bonus! As it will free up a large space in my already crowded plano boxes.

    30. Andrew on

      Note: I loved season 2 and this one. Free stuff is great and am extreamly happy. I havent complained about a FREE SG ever (or even "paid" ones). Dice tower is a tad meh, but no complaints here, happy to have it for free...

      BUT I will say that the last 48 hours of every KS is the best part by far as you smash through countless goals and ooh/ahh every hour or 2 and the great things happening. We will smash 2.5 million in no time and it might even make it to 3 mil. So saying that the 2.5 mil is last one really kills the final ride of this KS for me. That makes me super sad panda!

      Dont get me wrong. This campaign over is still awsome and a great deal... its just sad when the grand finale of an awsome fireworks show is... a single bottle rocket, anounced ahead of time.

    31. Pachro on

      People will complain about everything. I just picture a little kid throwing a tantrum, shouting "lame, lame, lame." In some ways I'm glad this KS is almost over...

    32. Braxandur

      People, why the complaining? I don't use dice towers and don't really care about them that much either, bit it's still a nice bonus. We are getting so mucht that complainig about the extras and calling them lame is just sad? I guess that the guys running the show thought that this would be a nice gift. Be happy with it and proud of them running this kickstarter and giving us so many nice toys to play with.

      I do like Val Kilmer :)…

    33. Eli Butcher on

      Although I'd have been more excited for the $2.5M SG if they'd just given us a free box of Crowz or the VIP#2 box, I'm still happy with this SG. I really wanted that Dice Box but I really didn't want to spend the money for it. So now at least we'll get it for free! It'll be nice to have.

    34. Francois on

      Well, i'll give it a try, but more for the fun of testing it.

    35. Jenelle Adams on

      They are only making the dice tower as SG because they know no one would pay anything for it if it was and OB!

      Lame, lame, lame lame lame lame

    36. Ian Allen

      omg ... what a crappy SG to end with at 2.5 million - super let-down

      I don't use dice towers and that thing probably cost's at most 50c worth of plastic with their 20,000 count print run or whatever they signed up for.

      That should be a $3 optional buy, not the big finale.

      I bet every one of these 10,000+ backers could have come up with a suggestion for the 2.5 MILLION dollar SG that was better than that. Thats like ending such a huge KS with a "free" pack of card sleeves or something.

      Lame, lame, lame.

      I am happy with the overall KS and everything I am getting, but that doesn't mean I can't be disappointed at a lame ending.

      Looks like Travolta with altered hair color to me, to finish up the Samual L. Jackson pairing.
      They had to take the original Samuel L Jackson art and change it to make it look less like him - made him have a full beard instead of the sculpted beard and made his eyes and face look less distinct. I am sure this is just a way to have Travolta without the lawyers jumping on it ....

      look what they had to do to Jules and Uma and so forth to change them:

    37. Davyd Atkins on

      I agree with the sentiment about getting an empty dashboard case as an optional buy. I'd love to have somewhere to keep the dash's I don't use any more (such as the season 1 dashboards).

    38. Machete on

      He looks like luke wilson, or owen? One of those brothers.

    39. Machete on

      He looks like luke wilson, or owen? One of those brothers.

    40. Skritter on

      @Fumbles. Don't know where your from, but there is nothing wrong with the spelling of Kris. It is my sons name. Perfectly good. Ever herd of Kris Kristofferson, Kris Humphries, Kris Allen, Kris Commons, Kris Medlen, Kris Holden-Reid.

    41. Horfrost3 on

      @kickstartmyheart - i think curro is 100% pacino/tony montana though!

      Also i found a screenshot from swordfish of travolta firing a gun that looks identical to his zombivore image so i think leo s is prob half right. Im leaning more than human kris is vega and zombivore kris is travolta from swordfish than a val kilmer/travolta blend.…

    42. kickstartmyheart on

      Sorry for double post, I hope to see the dashboard boxes as an optional buy also. I would like to have a second one. They show them in different colors on the website too.

    43. Chris Jordan on

      Awesome. At this point how can people complain about anything?! We crushed this KS and are already getting a ton of awesome stuff. I personally like the dice tower too. Stickers will be useful on my zombie boxes.

      An official zombie storage box would be sweet though!

    44. kickstartmyheart on

      I'm with you on this one horfrost3, My first thought was blonde Vince Vega then after I saw the enlarged picture I thought Val Kilmer with long hair. I think it's a hybrid just like Curro who looks like Pacino and De Niro.

    45. Leo Sebastiano on

      Kris= Travolta in code swordfish .

    46. Joshua on

      @Fumbles Seriously? You don't need to anglicize every one in the game. Kris is a completely normal name, particularly in Eastern Europe and he certainly looks of Scandanavian decent to me. (The Polish spell it Krys.) Would you have an issue with a survivor named Esteban too?

    47. Paul Tate on

      I vote to have the dice tower also as an optional buy so that I can buy more... one just won't cut it

    48. Jonathan D. Bailey on

      @Fumbles - Maybe so, but all the Kris's (like my brother) think it looks perfectly normal

    49. Horfrost3 on

      I think the butt chin and the shape of the eye brows and forehead make him resemble Travolta in Pulp F more than Val Kilmer in Heat. The hair looks more than Travolta/Vega's too. Kilmer doesnt have a butt chin and his character has a ponytail in the movie. I think the color and the weapon are really throwing people off. Unless he'a suppose to be a blend of both...

      Who were people debating Claudia was?

    50. Scott K. on

      I personally think Kris is a mix of Vincent Vega and Brad Pitt from WWZ. Brad Pitt had the long hair and wore a lot of blue at the beginning of the movie (dark blue jacket, blue shirt, blue jeans). As much as at could be Val from Heat, it just doesn't make much sense this late in the campaign when they are generally pulling out all the stops. I also don't remember ever seeing a request for him.

      The fun thing is, we can all think it is who we want and everyone wins! It is part of the fun with this kickstarter and the game in general.