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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

$2 Million Smashed! More Stretch Goals and an Optional Buy Revealed!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

With your help, the campaign has crossed the $2 Million mark, unlocking the Lost Zombivors box for all Infected and Patient 0 level backers!

Here's our next Stretch Goal:

Now how about another Optional Buy to help us blow right through this Stretch Goal and beyond?

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the Manage Pledge button on the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the item you'd like to add. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our pledge manger.

But as we're entering the final stretch and picking up speed, let's go ahead and reveal the Stretch Goal after that!

Well, that would bring us very close to a very important milestone. Let's go ahead and add a special treat to celebrate such a special occasion!

This celebratory Stretch Goal unlocks both Survivor and Zombivor versions of Spencer at once!

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    1. Vadim Deylgat

      I'm on vacation with limited access to the internet. Just checked in after 3 days to find the moustache pack, TM optional buys and a WW stretch goal. About 150K in 50 hours to go to get WW stretch? Yeah we'll get there. Woohoo. Oh, I'll add 35$ to my pledge for those new optionals. Great way to end the campaign! And maybe some more to come? I've already got all the characters I hoped for revealed (and almost unlocked). With what can they surprise us now?

    2. Layzen Rupi on


    3. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Layzen : the 2.256k correspond to the found total reach in season 2

    4. Layzen Rupi on

      By the way, why exactly $2,256k? Is there an inside joke about that number?
      Or just the current goal prediction from kicktraq?

    5. Layzen Rupi on

      Yep, another Survivor to add for the collection.

    6. Paint'Riot Studio

      you have 2 days to finish your quest but maybe more if you count the pledge manager !

    7. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Sean: or add it with pledge manager ;)

    8. Sean Echevarria

      @Edouard perfect, thanks! Wasn't sure I would have time to convince her to up my pledge before it ended. Now to continue my quest!

    9. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Sean:yes via pledge manager ! The moustache pack will never be after the kickstarter,only on Ebay at a higher price !

    10. Sean Echevarria

      Don't know if it's been asked already but are we able to add funds after the kickstarter has closed? Still trying to convince the wife on the virtues of the mustache pack.

    11. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Michael/Justin :they maybe pass the 2,256 k,see how the campain up ! and the campain up kickly actually ! i think the campain maybe up to 2,400k !
      the 2.100k stretch is pass soon !

    12. Nick CC on

      CMON, you dastardly lovely people! TM and WW, i couldnt say anymore. Thank you, now we just gotta hit the SG!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael "Aramisss" on

      @Justin Hamel: Or offer it as a gift :p

    14. Justin Hamel on

      Sooo should for some crazy reason we don't hit the $2,256k mark... You guys should really put Spencer up as an optional buy, just saying. I mean you guys are super cool and that would just make ya'll my heroes!

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael "Aramisss" on

      That's what i thought, thanks for the answers ! ;)

    16. Paint'Riot Studio

      2.100 k before 48 h maybe :)

    17. Paint'Riot Studio

      Awesome Al Pachino !
      @Michael :For seekers cards,I think you don't need more cards than those are in angry neighbours box,with this extra,you won't have extra activation because you have enough Zombies.
      Not sure they will add spawn cards for this extra.
      If you don't buy AN,you can use it as standard zombies or VIP as you want...but I don't have see box for seekers and skinners,they maybe add at the end...with SG cards maybe !

    18. Goeshi on

      @Michael. No they seem to have been overlooked this time. I asked the same question about $1mill ago.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael "Aramisss" on

      I've got a questions about seekers/crawlers zombies in rewards bonuses, will be spawn cards included ?
      For the last KS it was a SG, but not here. Seekers will be not playable if we don't own AN ?

      PS: I don't know if the question was already asked

    20. Peter Charlesworth on

      I hope Curro comes with an ultra red weapon card of his.... little friend

    21. vorpal rabbit on

      Awesome ! I love this 2. Spencer zombivor look fun. Thanks GG.

    22. John Ling on

      It'd be neat to have the two Mythbusters too....

    23. Fernando on

      Epic update, but I hope we will reach the goal.

      "I am the one who knocks"

    24. Martin Durand on

      I would like to get optional buy with black, white and green dice. Nice job with WW.

    25. Peter Charlesworth on

      Loving Curro.
      Also really like the different outfits of Spencer and zombie Spencer.

    26. Ahrens on

      YES! Walther White i really loves this SG! Hope we will make it :)

    27. Goeshi on

      Jesse at $2,400k? ... I can only hope

    28. Dani C on

      Please, change CURRO'S NAME, to PABLO or CARLOS, they fit much more and curro is er... not a good name

    29. Goeshi on

      Have faith. Wait for the 48hr rush. Last season it went up about $500k.

    30. Michael Sprague

      It's a shame they set Walter White up so high for an SG... with less than 3 days to go - and needing over $200,000 to reach him... I don't see this happening... I put in the extra $10 for Scarface - but if we don't reach the mark for his Zombivor in the closing hours, I'll pull it back - not paying $10 for only half a pair.

    31. Chris Jordan on

      Welp...might as well add this to the credit card. What's another $10 at this point? TAKE IT!! TAKE IT ALL!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lutz on

      The character I wanted to see most is going to join the survivors. Awesome, awesome, awesome.
      SAY MY NAME! :D

    33. Ricky Gent on

      Hmmmm.... Finish kitchen renovations? Or buy more optionals? I want that Spencer SG to go off so bad.

    34. Onimusha on

      Heisenberg, yes, but now I also want Jesse and Saul

    35. FerroLeague on

      &BFast20: Yes. Heisenberg is worth it. If Breaking Bad was part of your life, then Heisenberg is under your skin and part of your DNA. Can't live without him.

    36. BFast20 on

      Damn it I was going to drop my pledge because I cant pull the money together but Heisenberg is worth tapping into my emergency credit card......damn it...

    37. Kosongz on

      Now this is more like it! Awesome!

    38. Philippe Proteau on

      NOW we are starting to talk. Survivor WITH his zombivore.

      And a decent one at this (still digesting the munchkins that are so out of character unless they pull something fantastically amazing with the sculpts - sorry not a fan so it just doesn't work for me)...

      I'll stop here because I don't want to jinx it.

    39. Casey Gaffney on

      This is my first Kickstarter backed only because it is Zombicide and I'd be a damned fool not to get in on this one. I am a fool anyways, but a fool who is going to have a metric crapton of new Zombicide stuff next February!!

    40. Jeremy Gentry on

      Don't know who I'll play the most Heisenberg or Tony Montana. Great update and Killer stretch goals. Cant wajt to see what's next.

    41. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on


      Damn, I wish I had more money I could contribute now, I'll have to add all these extras later on in the pledge manager...

    42. Simon Crouch on

      Holy crap, take my money, asked and answered.well played you clever .....people.

    43. Jason York on

      Very impressive update, hoping we hit them all tomorrow and get even more stretch goals and add ons!!!!!!

    44. Vernon Fults on

      OMG, Scarface and Heisenberg! Must haves!

    45. Marco on

      i absolutely love the way that "Spencer" is portrayed, having both his Heisenberg clothes AND Cook clothes is Amazing , you guys really hit it out of the park with this one, once again just because... AMAZING!!!

    46. Craig Johnson on

      CMON/GG are really going all out with these SG as we near the end. Awesome update!

    47. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      Could spencer survivor be in a hazmat suit as well as his zombivore version? Pretty please?

    48. Nadim Alam on

      Good story too for spencer! Ive definetly found my perm and fav character of this game now :D

      Really wish that you guys would put the storys some how on the player cards, think it was a missed oppurtunity!

      Cause i dont think anyone keeps the boxes of all these extra survivors! Atleast i dont anyway! As it would be way to many boxes!!

      Pleaae can you also do chacters from The Last of Us, maybe Joel and Ellie unless they already been done?

    49. Francois on


      You do realise that even if they "sneak another" stretch goal freebie, you'll get it with everything else ? Making it different would be like asking for a DDOS attack.