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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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The Dork Tower Gang Joins Zombicide! It's the John Kovalic Special Guest Box!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

It is with immense pleasure that we'd like to introduce one last very special guest (we just confirmed him), John Kovalic! And he's bringing four members of his legendary DORK TOWER gang to Zombicide!

This Special Guest box includes 4 very unusual Survivors: Matt, Gilly, Igor and Carson. They each have a Survivor figure and player dashboard (there is no Zombivor version of these characters).


John Kovalic has been writing and drawing in the gaming industry professionally for 20 years, now. John is best known for the comic strip DORK TOWER, and games like APPLES TO APPLES and MUNCHKIN. His latest project include games such as ROFL! and DOUBLE FEATURE (Cryptozoic). When not writing or drawing, John's spending every minute possible with his wife and daughter. You can find out more about John by visiting, or plying him with craft beer.


DORK TOWER is the award-winning fan-favorite comic strip and comic book about five gamers, and the real world

Sure, it's also about the worlds they create, the games they play, the technologies they abuse and misuse and the conventions they road-trip to. But it’s a comic for everybody, geeks or otherwise. You don't have to know Dungeons and Dragons, the music of Jonathan Coulton, the latest social networking phenomenon or the hippest meme to get it. All you need to know is that Geek if the new Mainstream, and pretty much everyone has the same hopes and fears, whether you're a dork, a nerd, or a mundane.

DORK TOWER has been published in print and online since 1997, when it was first in the pages of Shadis Magazine, and later in Dragon. The comic book has sold nearly a half-million copies, and is collected in 9 award-winning trade paperbacks that have been published in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish...and soon Portuguese.

Games such as CHEZ DORK and DORK TOWER (Steve Jackson Games) and WARHAMSTER RALLY (Jolly Roger Games) have brought the comic's cast to life over the gaming table. The characters also make frequent appearances in MUNCHKIN (Steve Jackson Games), which DORK TOWER John Kovalic also illustrates.

DORK TOWER is the story of Matt, Igor, Ken, Carson the Muskrat (yes, he’s a muskrat) and Gilly, the Perky Goth.

And they're human. Just like you.

Even the muskrat.

Welcome to DORK TOWER.


"You rolled CRITICAL FAIL, Meat-Pillow! I know 'cuz I'm the DM!"

Matt McLimore was a web cartoonist and Game Master for his local group in quiet little Mud Bay, Wisconsin. DM'ing made him a natural leader, gaming taught him strategy, while trying to make a living cartooning trained him to survive on little. General frustration, and plenty of free time spent playing "Warhamster: ZombieSide," meant that when the zombies did come, Matt was ready and waiting. The hordes have disrupted his weekly gaming sessions, and they're gonna pay - and he doesn't mean in Gold Pieces or Experience Points. And unlike his game-table experience, he's not giving any of them a saving roll!


"Head-shot between the eyes! SQUEEEE!"

Gilly Woods was Mud Bay's Perky Goth fangirl and cosplayer, so she's always been an outsider, making her strong, fiercely independent and self-reliant. She's had to put up with idiot fanboys labeling her a "fake geek girl" long enough. A veteran of many long Comic-Cons, she's used to dealing with the mindless, shambling, unwashed masses. Since most of the haters were zombie-like to begin with, she doesn't see a whole heck of a lot of difference between putting down a basement-dwelling fanboy with a well-timed quip, or plugging a zombie right between the eyes with a trusty Glock.


"There's another one coming out of the sewer! HUZZAH! It must be mine!"

Igor Olman believes anything worth doing is worth doing to excess: comics, gaming, movies, and fandom in general. So it's no surprise that when the horrors of the hordes appeared on his doorstep, he launched into them with all the gusto of a Warhamster Fantasy Roleplay 25th-level Dwarven Hellwarrior armed with Zordaz's +25 Axe of Lordly Slicing and Dicing, with the "Mighty Big Cleave" bonus. Nobody's quite sure where Igor got his full arsenal of bazookas and rocket launchers from. Nobody's quite sure where he was storing then. Frankly, his friends are afraid to ask.

Igor calls his bazooka "THAC0."


"I live my life by the Muskrat Way. And right now, those zombies are in the way."

Carson the Muskrat is a mild-mannered soul. But he's small, fast, and clever, making him hard to get a hold of. And somehow he got a hold of a vintage, fully-operational British Bren Carrier. Igor may have been involved, frankly.

Don't let Carson's quiet demeanor and trepidatious outlook on life fool you: when his friends are threatened, he fights like a cornered animal: literally.


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    1. Marco on

      Ooooh I just loged on and we have TROLLS IN DA HOUSE!

    2. James Nettum on

      Sweet! I'll take a team of the Dork Tower crew over Big Bang Theory survivors any day.

    3. jerome on

      @ GAMEHORDER wathever I say, I can't be liked be all. Internet is full of immatures troll...


      @ jerome i wouldn't consider English a "3rd" language for you... Cause you suck at it. Also... There are two types of people that talk about making "tonnes" of money... 1) d-bags and 2) d-bags

    5. jerome on

      English** :p Damn autocorrector lol

    6. jerome on

      @ Joe Crane, haha if my kids do better in school than me they will be millionairs. I did bust my ass at school and got a great job and get tonnes of $$ but doesn't make me a better personne than you. Im impulsive and far from perfect and i can be offending and a d**k sometime. Sorry for the people who i insult. If you were mentionning my bad engluage its Because its my 3 language and its not perfect i know.. Peace !

    7. Lachlan Blackmore on

      @Scythewing. Sadly they can't sell the previous promos as that would fly in the face of their "kickstarter exclusive" claims from seasons 1 and 2. This was brought up quite often during season 2's campaign.
      I too missed out on Season 1, discovered the kickstarter 3 days after it finished. Shame, but that's how it is.

    8. Joe Crane on

      @Jerome... Please make sure you have your kids pay more attention in school than you did. Thanks. Has there been any hints as to what the minis will look like?

    9. Neil H on

      Loved dork tower, will get these probably just to paint, not really in theme with the game but hey I'll take em.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael "Aramisss" on

      Autant l'univers de cet artiste est sympa, autant je trouve que ça n'a rien à voir avec zombicide...

      Altough the graphic style of this artist is nice, as far as I'm concerned, it has nothing to do in the Zombicide universe...

    11. jerome on

      Wow, this is just for fun option and lot of yoy act like total retard. Its ok to voice opinion but the way you cried about it is worst then my own kid, and most of the complainer must be older then me. WA wa wa i dont like those figure exist make me feel bad, wa wa. its all i hear from you complainer. Be more mature, some are happy about it. its fun to have varity

    12. ✩Don E✩

      personally i will pass but at least cmon has an open mind.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dominique Cabrol on

      This is out of place. So miles away from the zombicide flavor. Disappointing...

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Big Tim Stiles

      This stuff isn't for me, but maybe more official crossover IP's (as opposed to parodies) could bring more people in.

    16. Chrisoc13 on

      So were we officially told no zombivor stats even? Because I'm cool with no minis but it would be nice if they at least printed zombivor attributes etc.

    17. Carlos Sandico IV

      HUZZAH! This must be mine!!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      Woohoo 2 million reached. Guess I do like this optional

    19. Brio Larsen on

      I would buy an Uncola for the undead

    20. Kenna

      Technically they fit any theme as they are a gaming group and this would be them within the game they are playing.

    21. Christian, F. on

      I don´t like this because I am not familiar with the dork series and I think they do not fit the Zombicide theme.

    22. Paint'Riot Studio

      If sculpted miniature are same quality as cardboard samouraï who are very beautiful !
      The survivor on tank is really fun,I hope CMON share a WIP or render preview before pledge manager.

    23. Paint'Riot Studio

      Next year South park survivors ? oh no zombies has killed Kenny !
      For asterix and obelix,I have see 2 survivors in RM box who looks like it in spirit but in zombicide universe .

    24. Byron "Mythaholic" CC on

      @ian you bring enough tin foil to make hats for everyone?

    25. Byron "Mythaholic" CC on

      @ian you bring enough tin foil to make hats for everyone?

    26. Byron "Mythaholic" CC on

      FFS... 1) it's optional 2) it didn't take up a stretch goal 3) it will contribute to the total, giving YOU more stretch goals 4) once in stores it will attract munchkin players to have a look at zcide

      Don't like it? Fine. It is not game breaking or necessary. But gg is obviously a fan of munchkin / chez geek and wanted to pay homage. Play with the miniatures you do like and get over it

    27. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      It's not for me, but if it helps us all reach another stretch goal then I'm cool with it

    28. donnbobhardy

      @Philippe - I care.

    29. Ian Allen

      there was some opportunity for a few extra dollars to be made and profit won out over style and continuity - it will most likely only get worse from here - what's next... product placement? Zombie minis drinking 7-up in front of a billboard that says "7-Up - the UN-Cola for the Un-Dead!"

    30. Philippe Proteau on

      Honestly, I am new to zombicide. I sincerely thought that there was a theme here.

      When I saw this, the first thing that came to my mind was that it was a joke. The second thing is that this really proves to me that the product is just a cow that's being milked. And it is typical of extremely successful brands, wether it is in movies, books, computer games... When something has a huge success, it gets milked.

      Where the milking works or not is wether your are able to innovate with the product and stay within the main theme of it.

      Honestly, after looking at the previous seasons, I see some innovation but nothing really amazing. Then, when seeing this update, and don't get me wrong, really cool for those who love it, it makes one wonder if the lack of imagination is what is actually the problem...

      If there is a fourth season, I'll put my name in the list, but with huge reserves because I suspect it will demonstrate even further the milking, lack of imagination and innovation...

      My two cents... As if either CMON, GG or anyone else here really cares... ;P

    31. Kenneth Watanabe on

      barf. Zombicide has jumped the shark. Is it april 1?

    32. Ian Allen

      aggh ... I was hoping this was a joke. While I like Kovalic's artwork in its proper place, this is not the proper place.
      Waste of resources. Oh well, maybe they got the artwork cheap or somebody's girlfriend at CMON is Kovalic's sister or something.
      This is even worse than the french guy's box set with the rabbit-head-panty girl and the she-male with 250 pounds of medical supplies strapped to his gown.

      Now there are officially 2 guest boxes I will never own.

      Once again - I like Kovalic art - but it is so out of place and useless in this setting.

      You know what though - with this many people you could make a box set with a dog turd and a banana as the two characters and a lot of people would buy it.
      Just a shame we couldn't have got something that would have made a lot of people happy and not just the "buy anything goofy" group.

    33. John

      Count me with those jumping over the shark...

      (good way to get Munchkin fans into Zombicide)

    34. wargamer70 on

      For those, who like me consider the zombivor's nothing more than dust collectors, this item is wonderful as all the mini's are usable! Maybe weird looking, but all useable!

    35. Thormars on

      Normally, i please to get all Zombicide stuff, but I can't see those characters beside the others. Finally, there it is one thing i won't buy. Champagne !
      For the rest, come on, baby ! :p

    36. Missing avatar

      scythewing on

      I will not be purchasing the munchkin survivors but I would consider throwing down on previous survivors as I never knew about the first two kickstarters.

    37. Frank Wisnes

      Perfectly fine as a guest box. Too silly for some, funny for others.

      This does make me want to see the minis for the Édouard Guiton box though. Are they cast as realistic characters or cartoons?

    38. Frank Wisnes

      Perfectly fine as a guest box. Too silly for some, funny for others.

      This does make me want to see the minis for the Édouard Guiton box though. Are they cast as realistic characters or cartoons?

    39. Missing avatar

      Kevin Dooley

      You know, Zombicide is cool because of how it mirrors the the movies, television shows and in some ways, re-creates the feeling of the unfeeling horde coming at you.

      This one is so far out of left field I can't imagine who made the business decision to include it. I am fairly sure that this one will result in the line of "mistakes were made" by company executives.

    40. Craig Johnson on

      I used to read Dork Tower when it was published in Dragon back in the day. I enjoyed the comic strip but I don't think I'll be picking these up. The style is just too different. I agree with others that they'd be great for Munchkin, but I just can't see them in the Zombicide world. Maybe seeing the actual sculpts will change my mind though.

    41. mike hutton

      Scooby doo

    42. mike hutton

      West idea ever.....if they were going to go the cartoon route then just go ahead and make scoops do minis

    43. Tyfighter77 on

      "I don't like this because..." = helpful
      "I like this because..." = helpful
      "lame" or "no thanks" = fine
      "cool!" or "i will add this" = fine

      "If you don't like it, don't buy it". = not helpful.

    44. Joe Crane on

      Definitely need to see the minis first.

    45. Skritter on

      just think of them as a pile of geeks running around in cosplay

    46. Michael Pflug on

      I really love John Kovalics Art, that he did for several other Games, but imho it just doesn´t fit in the Zombicide universe.

    47. Sean Harte on

      The bad news: I hate them
      The good news: I don't need to consider buying them ... now there is a first!

    48. C on

      These aren't the Zombicide Dork Tower sculpts, but here're the Steve Jackson Game Dork Tower mini sculpts painted:…

    49. Paint'Riot Studio

      Need to see the miniatures before take a decision,I don't know this comic book but characters designs are fun !
      Need a render of it !

    50. rodney nadeau on

      A little out of place, but I love that it's 4 different characters in one box instead of 2