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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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The Moustaches are Back! Plus Another Miniatures Preview!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

As we gear up for the home stretch of the campaign, we've got another Optional Buy to offer you. The Moustache Pack is back with a vengeance!

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the Manage Pledge button on the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the item you'd like to add. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our pledge manger.

Miniatures Preview

And due to popular request, here are some more previews of the miniatures. This time we have some of the Stretch Goals and Optional Buys.

VIP Zombies #1

VIP Zombies #2

Exclusive VIP Zombies

 Exclusive Female A-Bomb

 Audrey & Lucius

 Cat & Seth

 Bastian & Yuri

 Patrick & Benny

 The Moustache Pack 2

 And here are some work in progress shots.

Oksana & Ultimate Wanda

 Lucio Parillo Guest Artist box

Miguel Coimbra Guest Artist box

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    1. Phil Seale on

      Am I the only that thinks that LeRoy looks more like Rampage Jackson dressed as Mr. T...

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      Love Ultimate wanda and oksana miniature and also Lucio parillo guest box !
      moustache pack looks good,i don't have paint first....but finish Smith !
      you can see it here :…

    3. Jurgen Volders on

      Moustache pack! Here take my money! Great add on, great KS once again!

    4. Sharkey on

      Ouch, looking at Dick's coat really hurts my eyes. X_X
      Any chance he can get a black coat, look more like an undertaker? =D

    5. Davey boy on

      @ Mr. T picking up zombies ... I think the SHOVE ability would work perfectly for this ;) (obv.with a little bit of imagination added to it :p)

    6. Francois on

      1) i'm just giving my opinion, i don't see why you jump on me that way!

      2) drawers And sculptors are usually not the same peoples, i don't think Miguel is sculpting the figure, i rather believe he just did the concept art.

      3) this face isn't lunatic, it's a creepy murderer face for basic horor movie. I like the concept, not the mini... Can i have my own taste ?

    7. Lachlan Blackmore on

      Yeah somehow I don't think Miguel Coimbra is going to change his sculpt just because you have an issue with it. To me she fits her lunatic bio perfectly.

    8. Francois on

      Every thing else is perfect

    9. Francois on

      Full fille the hole on the glasses, those survivors looks frightening ! Redesign Miguel coimbra cheerleader face

    10. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      Will these and other late revealed heroes be included in the team building deck?

    11. Missing avatar

      David M Brown on

      I would love to see a MacGuyver survivor or Van Dam, or even Jim Rockford in honor of James Garner, the rest of the A-Team would rule to.

    12. Chrisoc13 on

      Still no rue morgue zombivors...

    13. Big Tim Stiles

      This is the update I've been waiting this entire campaign for, and for that I just wanna say:

      Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you than you than you thank you than you!

    14. Joe Crane on

      Please oh please let MR T throw zombies!…

    15. Marco on

      Thank you for the reply now I can buy it all hahaha!

    16. DoomTurtle on

      The Mustache Pack isn't on the front page yet, some new pledgers are missing it (as evidenced by their comments in the comment section).

    17. Evil Mushroom Games on

      and so the A-Team is here. Just need a guy in a Godzillla suit and fat cigar, and starbuck ....oh and the crazy helicopter pilot

    18. Kenna

      I'm actually digging the cheerleader's face. If you read her bio, she is supposed to be completely off her rocker. I was thinking I might paint her up with one of the mock joker faces like the victims in Nicholson's Batman, specifically.

    19. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Marco After the campaign we will send out links to our Pledge Manager website. You can at that time add more money to your pledge if you like.

    20. Joe Crane on

      Man, if only Mr T has the ability to pick up and throw zombies... I think that's all I would need in life.

    21. Missing avatar

      Oliver Del Rosario on

      Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!!! You know someone is open a building with him, all the rooms will spawn a bunch of seekers and and extra activation cards and get everyone killed...

    22. Marco on

      does anyone know for sure if i can add more stuff after the kickstarter finishes to my pledge using the pledge calculator? I want so much more but my funds are running low and I only get payed next month! I really don't want to miss out on any of the exclusives or Mustache pack either. thank you!!!

    23. Karinsky on

      Lol. Mr T is almost real... Check it out:

    24. Roguebaron on

      Would also still love an option to pick up a second female abom.

    25. Roguebaron on

      'Knock, knock, knock'
      Where's the Nikki sculpt?
      'Knock, knock, knock'
      Where's the Nikki sculpt?
      'Knock, knock, knock'
      Where's the Nikki sculpt?

    26. Matt Turnbull on

      Dear god... the jacket on DIck is going to be impossible to paint. I'd love to see someone knock it out the park, but for me there'll be much bigger squares then what's depicted just to make it manageable.

    27. ALDI on

      Wow! I love the updates we are getting this season. The minis are amazing! And I love the new mustache pack.. keep up the good work GG!

    28. Lewis Terry on

      Glad I did some saving for this. Keep the amazing content coming guys, I would love to see some more stuff before this campaign is over.

    29. Sanguinius on

      nice figures but Mr T definitely needs more work on the legs

    30. Nick Knight on

      I love most of the stuff but Mr. T needs a bit more work.

    31. Daniel

      you're killing me with those checkered shirts and jackets. I have no idea how I'm gonna paint those right :-/

    32. Missing avatar

      Rob Nowakowski on

      How about a SG for 10,000 backers. You have 9,000+ salesmen out here!

    33. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      Also +1 to the comments about mister ts legs and the cheerleaders face

    34. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      Man this kickstarter gets expensive.. All the really awesome survivors are add ons, a actually dislike a lot of the free ones. Plus the gameplay add ons.. I'm already over my limit, if this continues I might have to get rid of some season 1 and 2 promos to cover for it :(

      I don't like the pegs neither, but you can just cut them off. I did it with all season 1&2 runners and Wanda and it works just fine

    35. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Lol at Mr T. With those legs I bet she...he has some swagger. You go girl...I mean guy, I mean girl.

    36. Carmen on

      I can't speak for the thin legs, but Mr T certainly has worn those leggings.

    37. Michael Paal on

      thats mr t on diet and soda. looks like he has become an aerobic guru

    38. captain birdbum on

      I love seeing the total rise after an awesome add on has been revealed.

    39. Finner on

      Definitely more exciting than a chunk of the survivors up until now. Still crossing the fingers for an Arnold S.

    40. Nick Potgiesser on

      Weatherman with trident stat!!!!

    41. Nick Potgiesser on

      Seriously need the whole news team now for pvp

    42. Alex

      WOW! WTF is up with MR T? He should be one of the coolest survivors from all seasons but he sucks. The art is horrible, but those legs! Did they put his torso on the legs of a female yoga mini by accident? Why is he wearing yoga leggins? Oh dear lol.

      Have to say that I feel the art, sculpts and poses have gotten worse on the promos from season 2 wave 2 and onwards. Even when you get a cool character, they end up looking lame. I'm a lot more interested in the 12 season 3 survivors than any of the promos this time around.

      Nevermind, shame I'll probably pass on MR T though.

    43. colin fisher on

      What a nightmare dick's jacket is going to be to paint :) every time I get a survivor painting commission the models have to represent the pics or the punter isn't happy... Thanks for this latest happy torture

    44. Eli Butcher on

      RON BURGANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Damn it CMON/GG, I didn't want to spend more money!!! Now I HAVE TO!

    45. Gilson Rispoli on

      Please... PLEASE... STOP!!! My pocket is already dead!!! And it didn't have a zompocket version... :(

    46. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      As a trading artist I know there is a lot of work to be done on the cheerleaders sculpt... But her face does look freaky?! :p

    47. Jonathan on

      That Lucio Parillo box is looking awesome. I wasn't planning to get it, but those two figures look great.
      I agree that Mr T's legs look funky and could do with some added bulk. I'll be getting that pack either way.
      Also, that cheerleader has Jack Nicholson's face from Batman. I'll be passing on that box. I don't need the nightmares.

    48. Michael Melbourne on

      The Lucius Zombivor just doesn't look very menacing. Looks like he's running to answer the phone. I hope this isn't the final pose for him.