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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

1,800k Stretch Goal Unlocked! Enjoy Another Stretch Goal Reveal and a Miniatures Preview!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Wow, we have blown right past the total number of backers from the Season 2 campaign, and smashed the 1,800k Stretch Goal! So now all Infected and Patient 0 level backers will also get the Experience Deck #2, bringing their total to a whopping 110 Experience Cards!

Now here's our next Stretch Goal:

Miniatures Preview

Many of you have asked if we could post a better look at the Season 3 miniatures you'll be getting with your Kickstarter pledge. So, while we wait for more things to be unlocked and revealed, let's check out the figures from the game boxes!

Rue Morgue

 Angry Neighbors

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    1. Brad Tomlinson on

      We need some zombies carrying weapons. Not like, toting a gun in their hand, because that kind of flies in the face of 'zombie logic,' but like, a fallen survivor with an axe on their back or a guy dragging a shotgun behind him that's hanging by a strap.

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      Glue it on unused dashboard...but you maybe have understood !

    3. Paint'Riot Studio

      @jon:I think not badly but you can tell the website creator,he maybe know some Zombicide English community website.
      @Valente:I have a cheaper idea for you,if you have the additional dashboard from guest box but I will explain it in French it will be more understandable for you and more easy to write for me :)
      1-imprimer les dashboards
      2-les coller recto puis verso (si zombivant) avec de la colle PVA
      3-aplatir avec un rouleau à pâtisserie par exemple pour enlever les bulles d'air
      4-laisser secher
      =>c'est ce que je vais faire pour la dashboard de Terminator,quand j'aurai reçu la figurine de Mantic que je vais modifier.
      Bon.....i need to vernish Smith ! Next Dave !

    4. Jon Shelky

      Oops, looks like I needed to ask Edouard not Karinsky

    5. Jon Shelky

      @Karinsky : that site looks awesome, is there an English version by chance?

    6. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      These look amazing, I know some people are saying these are from the original sculpts so the box minitures will be less detailed but I'm sure they will be amazing reproductions.... :) I'm really looking forward to airbrushing and painting these up!! Waiting till next year is going to be tough... :(

    7. Francois on

      Looks nice, i just need to find someone to prient it with the same quality cardboard as the originals

    8. Sebĉjo on

      I do agree with Jonathan, Julien's zombivor would make a great survivor mini.

    9. Karinsky on

      "Edouard Foraz: you can do a dashboard for the safari girl ;)
      see on this website : "

      Merci beaucoup! ;)

    10. Lachlan Blackmore on

      Loving these closeups. Hockey Mask guy may just be my new favourite design.

    11. Joe Crane on

      The word means this "expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture.". So yes I'll invest my money for free stuff! Sigh.

    12. Joe Crane on

      Sigh... I must remember to stop trying to explain things to people who say "You get a ridicilous amount of free stuff for what you invest". I understand it's a global world now so maybe things are lost in translation but in English

    13. J L on

      Yuri is missing something...a cell phone in his free hand.

    14. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Valente:you can do a dashboard for the safari girl ;)
      see on this website :
      miniature are twice in the box...

    15. Missing avatar


      Now thats a cool survivor.

      Please more of this and less BBT..

    16. Jurgen Volders on

      sorry forgot the VIPbox #1 so 88 free mini's so far.

    17. Jurgen Volders on

      @gwailo I totally agree. Please stop complaining like spoiled brats. Zombicide KS has always given loads of free stuff. Lots of KS's don't even reach so many SG's. You get a ridicilous amount of free stuff for what you invest. "But i get 2 mini's fewer then last year!" Booh-freaking-hoo! Already 68 FREE mini's!!! I'm stoked!

    18. Goeshi on

      Anyone else think that Dan's mini (orange one) looks like Sloth from the Goonies?

    19. Sylvain Fontaine on

      I am still hopping to see a skinner/seeker pack coming.

    20. gwailo on

      Am I the only one who has watched the last two zcide kickstarters? The stretch goals always space out as they get higher, and this is significantly higher than s2 was at the same stage. Game kickstarters tend to make most of their money the first and last couple of days. We are ahead of where we were with s2, and we are already getting a lot of extras and freebies. If it isn't good enough, don't back. If it is, joy to all concerned.. Either way, chill out.

    21. C on

      @Brandon: Wouldn't be surprised. I know that the first KS companies run are typically losses, so they "tighten things up" during their second one. Frex, Reaper miniatures raised their shipping prices from a major loss to a minor one between their first and second KS. CMON is likewise increasing shipping costs between S2 and S3. For CMON, maybe KS changed so much between S1 and S2 that they still made mistakes during S2 that they're correcting in S3. Mayyyybe.

      @Joe: CMON can't offend their retailers too much, either. So they have to "fix" the price of existing retail product to not be much better than what retailers are charging, at least in the US. As much as backers want to push up the funding as high as possible, this funding is gross income, not net income. At some point, the increasing costs of a project make further increasing this gross income unattractive.

    22. wargamer70 on

      All of you arguing about the math. All I can say is that it is boring. Now the circus theme they are discussing on the main comments is interesting.

    23. Carmen on

      Good update. I feel better about these sculpts after getting the closer look.
      Does anyone plan on painting themed "teams"?
      I'll be painting at least one team -- something akin to the Gypsies from "Bounty Killer."

    24. Goeshi on

      @Joe. *you're ... And while I'm not taking sides, everything Greg said makes sense, you've been arguing against an idea that nobody has put forward, and then are calling people dumb when they point that out. So actually, it's you who comes across as dumb. Sorry.

    25. Joe Crane on

      @nick, I live in america, which is hands down their biggest market. I'm glad you get it at a good price, but they are still screwing 90 percent of us. :) that better? @Greg your dumb, I can't say much more. best of luck in life and remember to look both ways when crossing a street.

    26. Simon Crouch on

      Stretch goals are a little meh but I'm still happy to get the two boxes for about retail then all the free stuff

    27. Nick "Grand Vizier of Kilforth" Hughes on

      @Joe your argument may be sound for your neck of the woods but checking cheapest online that I can find it around here, excluding postage, TCM and PO (which you would reasonably consider of comparable value to RM and AN) is available for $165.50 (AUD) or $151.40 so by backing this I am paying not only what I would have to pay anyway but also getting everything provided as a SG that is not as add on as a bonus.
      For me they could put the SG's at $500k apart now as I have already got immense value for money.

    28. Greg on

      @Joe have you been drinking? I don't think you read anything I wrote and then you sort of ramble off into the woods combining the seasons' funding and retail sales after the campaign... yeesh. G'nite.

      @Brandon That's fair. One plausible explanation is they expected to reach higher funding levels in Season 3 and so have built the expectation of higher fulfillment costs at the end of the campaign into their stretch goal spacing. Or they're all money grubbing bastards. Whichever. I'm still in.

    29. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lutz on

      Wow, those miniatures look great!
      And Jack B... I mean Yuri is a great addition to the pool of survivors. Like!

    30. Joe Crane on

      @Eli I meant that we are paying for shipping so that cost isn't in their cost, we are carrying that burden. @greg if you think it costs them $150 dollars to make the game I really don't know what to say. They sell it for almost 30 percent less on amazon, and that's after they make a profit, and CMON made a profit selling it to amazon. They are selling it to us at the price that you can buy it from a retail store, and that price is after CMON made money in the selling, including shipping it to the retail outlets, and then the retail outlets make money from us buying it, and most of them eat most of the shipping costs as well. And if we need 100,000 thousand dollars to unlock the latest mini and then 100,000 dollars to unlock the matching zombivior... well I just don't think you understand how it all works. We are so far beyond the amount of money they need to finance their next couple of games. What are we, hitting 4 million with the money from the first and second kickstarter and this one? I am not sure how much you think it costs but why do they ask for $100,000 if they really needed more? And you do realize they sell the games after the fact and make more money? I like this game, but how do you not see it as a money grab when we need to hit more than 1 stretch goal to us an unlocked goal? How would it of felt to get some crows and not the cards? Or this last survivor but not his zombie version? I wouldn't even of minded them placing the goals further apart, and just said we want to pace it like this, instead of acting like they are doing us a favor. Again, it's one of my favorite games, and I will end up getting most of the stuff, but I will not back this company in any future ventures.

    31. Missing avatar


      @C check out season 2's backers vs this years. Also note that they did 4 minis (2 survivors and 2 zombivors) for 100k per set. I am super happy with what I am getting. I just noticed that there is a questionable inconsistency between their selling philosophies one year later for a similar amount of product.

    32. Missing avatar


      @Joe In season 2, the only two 100k goals got you BOTH Smith/Mike and their repestive Zombivors. There are only 214 more backers this year. Whatever their reasons, they set a precendent. By asking for double the money ( 200k) for the same amount of miniatures it does raise eyebrows. Unless 214 more units costs twice as much money.

    33. C on

      Each stretch goal has to pay for the additional pieces for new backers of all the *previous* SG's for them as well.

    34. Eli Butcher on

      @Joe, you may be correct with the math, but aren't we paying for shipping this time around? So shipping shouldn't really factor into this.

      I'm not arguing with the the higher the number of backers, the longer the time between SG goes. That part is completely true. My curiosity is with the shipping statement.

    35. Greg on

      To put a finer point on it, at some point the reward would include so much free stuff that it costs say $150 for CMON to actually manufacture and ship each reward... and that point the next stretch goal would have to be infinity dollars because no matter how many people pledged they would never be making additional money to fund more molds, and they couldn't afford to increase the fulfillment cost at all. So... yeah... stretch goals get further apart as the campaign grows.

    36. Greg on

      Not following the math myself. They don't get $200k for "shipping two miniatures to 10,000 people"... when the total on the right goes up by $150, CMON gets 90% of that after fees, and in turn has to ship a Patient 0 reward. When that happens often enough to hit a stretch goal they still have to ship all the Patient 0 rewards added along the way... but now every one of them, plus the 10k before the path to the stretch goal, now includes more free stuff and a higher cost of fulfillment.

    37. donnbobhardy

      @Joe - Never mind. Re-read your comment.

    38. donnbobhardy

      @Joe - How did you come by that math?

    39. Joe Crane on

      @Greg, maybe if the add ons weren't at retail price more people would buy. They could at least give us the add ons for the price they se them to retail stores. And if you really think it costs 200,000 to give and ship two miniatures to 10,000 people who are buying it direct and with bulk shipping already paid for...

    40. Missing avatar

      Patrick P on

      Please., please don't tell me that the 2m stretch goal is a zombivor.....

    41. Greg on

      @Valente Francois - because the average pledge per backer is lower in this campaign, and every time they post an optional buy people freak out about it being a "greedy money grab" and demand more free stuff. There were more paid add-ons in Season 2 at this point in the funding.
      And people still don't get that "$100k for one free mini" makes a lot of sense when you realize that $100k in funding also means providing over 600 more Patient 0 pledge rewards, which then triggers providing over 10,000 of those free minis to existing backers. The more stuff is in the rewards, the less each pledge of $150 puts in CMON's pocket, and the more backers they have the more it costs to add one more free thing.

    42. Eli Butcher on

      I'm a big fan of the new Yuri Survivor, and I LOVE the closeups of the new minis. I am a huge fan of the new Skinner designs. All of them! Especially the A-Bomb, it makes sense with their new abilities. Great update!

    43. captain birdbum on

      I hope we get a box of crawlers as an add on. Those look great.

    44. FerroLeague on

      @Jonathan: we're in agreement on Amy. My oldest/longest friend always adopts her as his gaming presence, and I'm sure he wouldn't disapprove of the newest option. Gotta love Amy, whether newish or nostalgic.

      As for the hockey mask donning zombivor from Angry Neighbors, Let me make a friendly reminder to you, Jonathan -- no one "is the boss of you" at your own game. The dashboard dictates the stats that drive the gameplay. Whatever pawn you put down is merely your own aesthetic choice to represent your place on the field of battle. So for crying out loud, if you like the hockey mask, feel empowered to adopt that as your personal avatar on the mean streets of Zombicide -- even if you're still in survivor mode rather than zombivor mode.

      I'm pretty shameless about mixing and matching my gameboard pawns with the gameplay dashboards. That freedom, for me, makes the the first stretch goal (all previous promo dashboards) such a winning gift. I've always been a big fan of Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck and Ian MacShane (of Deadwood fame), and now I can play them easily even though I don't have their "proper" plastic counterpart. And to be sure, I am indeed stoked to receive in this campaign an actual Hugh Laurie mini to join ranks with those three aforementioned guys. If only someone around here would be kind enough to indulge me with a preview of Doc's mini... Hint hint. Make it happen, Thiago, gawdammit!

    45. Tan Cinch Vv on

      Another exclusive survivor! And awesome miniatures! But where are the zombivors from RM? T.T

    46. Jonathan on

      These minis look awesome. This gives me hope that the Ultimate Survivor minis will look great as well. I hope the updated Amy looks as bad@$$ as the ladies in season 3.

      I'm also really digging the hockey masked zombivore from AN. I'd rather see it as the regular. :P

    47. Anthony Czerwonka

      Not Vin unless it's a 4 or 5 pack..... but. Arnold, Mr. T, and The Rock Dwayne Johnson

    48. Logfta on

      Bauer is an awesome addition. I really want Arny though. That would make this KS experience complete for me.

    49. Piron

      Jack Bauer cannot have a Russian name! Did no one watch season 8 or the season finale of LAD??? All the Russians he killed.....

      And when we finally get Arnold, it should him and Carl Weathers from predator. That way we can have Rocky and Apollo. Would also like Terry Crewes from The Expendables.

    50. Craig Johnson on

      Sculpts look amazing! I especially like that there are no pegs connecting the runners upraised foot to the base. Those skinners are some of the best zombie sculpts in the game!