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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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1650k Stretch Goal Unlocked! Two More Stretch Goals Revealed!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

The campaign has reached the 1650k Stretch Goal, adding the Zombivor version of Bastian to all Infected and Patient 0 level backers!

We still have more than a week to go until the end of the campaign, so here are a couple more Stretch Goals:

The Experience Deck #2 contains 56 Experience Cards, different from those included in the Experience Deck #1 unlocked by the 1500k Stretch Goal! If this Stretch Goal is unlocked, all Infected and Patient 0 level backers will have all the 110 Experience Cards that are part of the Ultimate Survivors #1 Optional Buy box. Note that all 110 of these cards are unique, so having an extra Experience Deck comes in handy if you want the option of having more than one Survivor get the same type of Experience Card. To know more about playing in Experience Mode, check out Update #35.

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    1. Paint'Riot Studio

      I agree a box with all model of abomination !
      Zombicide Season 1 abomination is too expensive on Ebay...

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      @joe:you don't received some news from CMON for RK because they have changed their charts with Soda pop miniature who now produce themselves and is now ninja division,you can have more information on Facebook or on there website.

    3. Nick CC on

      +1 for Yosif, like the idea of having more abominations. Currently i only have a family of 4, with some new additions coming from the KS but more would be welcome, love the look on ppls faces when we have multiple on the board

    4. Jonathan on

      I've only backed a couple of campaigns, but based on the current dollar amount and how it seems to have slowed to a trickle I doubt this KS will beat season 2. It would be really nice, but it seems like there has been a lot of bellyaching in the past week about SGs. That may have been enough to keep this KS below S2.
      So far I'm more than happpy about what has been added, and I'm happy to have been a part of this campaign. Hopefully the last week will see a huge rush of new backers that had been sitting on the fence.

    5. Rod Mendes on

      Please somthing big and free XD

    6. John Ling on

      if we're going to break Season 2's goal.. we really need something exclusive to the kickstarter. something we can buy as an add-on... or something free. Something BIG.

    7. Yosif Videlov on

      A Box of Elite Abominations would be great XD. With track able wounds (Like 12 of 15 to kill them) and extra skills for 10+xp EPIC Kill. They could crush walkers and like when they charge towards the survivors. :)

    8. Yosif Videlov on

      @Ben Duguid Hi Ben. Actually Abominations do not get extra activations. If you wold draw Another Abomination spawn card you spawn a fatty with 2 walkers escort. :)

    9. C on

      @Joe: Are you on Dakka? They're talking shipping and miniature quality now. I can't paint display quality so didn't back.

    10. Ben Duguid on

      Not sure I really need more Abominations, as more models tend to make the game easier: If you don't have the models available to add to the board when a card us revealed, all Zombies of that type get an extra activation: So if an Abomination has just moved into a zone with some survivors bit not attacked yet and you draw another Abomination card but have no models left to add, he attacks.

    11. Ben Duguid on

      @Relic Knights Supporters: Couple of tedious points for you to consider:

      1) CMoN stated on the "Risks and Challenges" section that they were "packing and shipping Relic Knights" so hopefully it's on its way. CMoN got badly flamed during Season1 and Sedition Wars for over optimistic posts about shipping, and therefore promised not to make that mistake again - they now tend to go radio dark until there is absolute firm news, like "we've shipped everything". I agree this sucks, but it does result in slightly less hate flowing their way instead of all the extra hate they get when they miss an estimated date for any reason (often beyond their control).

      2) The main people behind this are Guillotine Games, via the CMoN account, which are a different team to the Relic Knights team.

    12. Joe Cornelius on

      It's good to see CMoN is being active here. It's a shame they have stopped communicating with backers in one of their other projects. Check out Relic Knights on Kickstarter to see their end game.

    13. Ben Pottinger on

      I agree with some of the other commenters, we really need a "box of abominations". Right now the only way to get them is by buying an entire "season" box. A add on box of abombs would be great!

    14. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      @Punxnbutter - Pretty sure it's not the same people griping about both. I griped about the half deck but now I'm happy with the other half. I don't even mind them splitting it up (as long as we unlock both)

    15. Punxnbutter on

      Backers gripe about the half deck then they gripe about the full deck

      Sometimes I hate the Internet

    16. Punxnbutter on

      I'm all for unique tiles as well

      Cemetery, Office building or University, save the army base for S4

    17. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Philippe:no problem !
      @Jonathan:if you want to have map with building,parking...a town to resume,they already exist with season 1.
      For commercial centre,they are with TCM.
      For prison,they are with season 2.
      After you have just to buy game or tiles only.

    18. Philippe Proteau on

      Sorry... Meant Edouard. Damn autocorrector.

    19. Philippe Proteau on

      Thanks Edouardo for the clarifications.

    20. Jonathan on

      Nice update. The optional zombivore isn't a surprise, but the second half of the XP cards is excellent. I'm sure this was the plan all along, but it will be nice to have 2 complete sets of the XP cards once I get the US#1 box. Without knowing what cards are in that deck it may turn out that having 2 copies of some cards is highly useful.
      As for new free SGs I'd love to see more map tiles, preferably with all buildings and no roads or all road/parking lot with no building. I'd REALLY love to set a mission inside of a superstore like Walmart. The goals could be as simple as Get in, get food/supplies, leave by the same exit. The lawn/garden/sports equipment section could work like police cars for searching. All we need is a set of Supermarket tiles to make it work.

    21. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Philippe:ultimate survivors are upgraded survivors of Saison 1 box,they are not include in Rue Morgue,there oldest version are present in Saison 1 core box but to play US#1,you just need RM.
      If you also want there old version you can buy Saison 1 core box and TCM expansion for having there zombivors.
      Need to see an upgrade version of Grimlock !! Who begin with chainsaw !

    22. Philippe Proteau on

      @Joe Crane: Thanks for the clarifications.

      I am assuming that those 6 new miniature are not S1 exclusives but part of the core kit?

      Take care.


    23. Thomas Ogermann on

      How about using some extra time on updating some of your other projects you are ignoring at the moment? Poor game CMON

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Sure would like the opportunity to get a couple of additional ID boxes for the actors I already own, perhaps as an add-on.

    25. Greg on

      As long as we're making a wish list, I'd like a PDF of the compendium as a free stretch goal. I know all the content is freely available elsewhere, but I'm assuming they're doing some layout, a ToC/index, and maybe a little intro.

    26. Jrec on

      All im saying is i dont normally by boxes of zombies.. But give us an abom box with possibly one or two new sculpts and theres no way i turn that down. Would be an awesome way to increase difficulty by ramping up the spawns for aboms

    27. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Philippe:only kickstarter exclusive optional buy are missing if you don't buy it.
      Others optional will be available at retail but not at this price.
      About Stretch,all are free with infected and patient 0 pledge,except zombivor kickstarter exclusive characters like Nikki at 1,725k stretch,you need to buy it to have her zombivor version.

    28. Anthony Leon on

      @Skitter actually it would fit but it might have to be a 2 part episode since all my games so far have take more then 3 hours, but I have seen some game that actually go for about 2+ house turn into 30 min episodes.

    29. Skritter on

      Will has a special episode that explains why he hasn't had very popular games on his show. I don't think Zombicide will fit his shows format.

    30. Michael Paal on

      Love this update ;) thx 4 listeing GG.
      Still the US1 add-on update is less attractive for me now. I was initially thinking of using it for casual players that could need extra help ;)

    31. Peter Charlesworth on

      I'm actually quite surprised Will Wheaton hasn't got a model.
      Being an avid gamer he would probably love it.
      Also surprised to realise that Zombicide hasn't been on his Table Top show.
      CMON, message Table Top, get them to show people playing Zombicide on a popular internet channel!

    32. Marco on

      Please please leave out tje BBT guys we have enough of them already leave it for the next kickstarter you know will happen... throw in a few more Unique Survivors or a few more Exclusive VIP zombies... some more 3D terrain would be great too.

    33. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      I hope this and earlier card goals are to fund the zombivors for RM, so we can get them as free addon.

    34. Missing avatar

      David on

      I'd like a few more zombies actually - even if they threw in a few existing sculpts from earlier sets.

    35. Alderman Jack on

      Very pleased with both new stretch goals, thanks!
      And +1 for Raj and Bernadette ;-)

    36. Anders H. Pedersen

      I do not understand the complaints this time around.
      Everyone will now get a complete experience deck and those buying the US1 box will be getting a complete extra deck for customization, instead of having only half a deck.
      How can that possibly be a negative?
      Boggles my mind...

      Now if only we could get some more Crowz, I would be back in the happy camp.

    37. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      And if they asked they could probably do Wil Wheaton.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      And Raj. And Stewart.

    39. Jon Shelky

      Now we just need Bernadette and we can call it a set

    40. Wes Baker on

      It makes sense.. A bombs have been around for 3x seasons now, I suspect some of them have grown into something else.

    41. Mike Nogle on

      good idea. maybe like some scientist that's trying to make super zombies, because he's crazy/evil/broken/etc..

    42. Wes Baker on

      @zombicide how about some boss fights? Larger mutant models maybe with there own charter cards? Ready, design, sell!

    43. Joe Crane on

      @Phillippe, if you get the US1 you will be getting 6 new minis, the human versions of the first season survivors. No zombiviors, and it was said aren't making the zombiviors. So 6 new minis and 6 new revamped dashboard. I'm just going to download the dash boards and use my old minis since we will get all of the exp cards.

    44. David Lee Seymour on

      @Nick ~ You'll get anything with the patient zero symbol in the pic free, anything else is an optional but on top of what you're already getting. =)

    45. Philippe Proteau on

      Now that CMON has resolved the exp card issue (although I suspect they had planned if this way... ;), one thing I am wondering that experienced folks could clarify for me: what am I getting if I buy the US1?

      What will I be missing if I don't buy it?

      Thanks (and yes, I'm a newbie to Z)

    46. Nick Downing on

      First time backer here. So do I have to buy the unlocked named models or do I get them for free for already being a patient zero level backer? I am confused on what I am getting and what I am not.

    47. Big Tim Stiles

      @Skritter: Exactly. There's some bonus stuff I'm not thrilled by, but I'll palm them off onto my friends who can't afford to back this time around. It's all good :)

    48. Eli Butcher on

      @Valente, I think you're correct that people wanting the US#1 might be upset... BUT, the fact that they were ALREADY getting a half deck that wasn't exactly usable to begin with, this should be a bonus. This way, they can take the extra "complete 110 card deck", and sell that on ebay. It's actually a win-win for everyone. That's just my opinion.