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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Parillo Special Guest Box Optional Buy!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

As we approach the last week of this campaign, it's time to introduce you to our remaining guest box! 

Lucio Parillo

Lucio Parrillo has worked for the most reputable companies in the comics and games industry over the last 15 years. His pencil illustrations for the American publisher ‘SQP’ are featured in ‘Vampire Girls’, ‘Coven 2’ and ‘Eternal Temptation’. He painted numerous covers, interior art, and character design for a great number of video games and role playing games such as ‘Forgotten Realms’, ‘Eberron’, ‘Magic’ and ‘Hecatomb’.  

He’s illustrated dozens of cards seen in ‘Magic the Gathering’ and ‘Warcraft’, and executed interior illustrations for ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and a number of comic books for ‘Magic the Gathering’ (Jace vs Chandra).  

Lucio has worked for many European and American publishers in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and USA.


“Blessed be the undead, for they have inherited the earth.”

Brother Max’ monastery was destroyed during the zombie outbreak and the rampage that followed. Scrounging weapons from the rubble, he emerged for the first time in years to face the world. Brother Max views the zombie outbreak as the start of the Apocalypse and believes that the zombies are rising from the dead and are therefore holy. By blowing their heads off he is sending them to Heaven where they belong. Brother Max’ religious fervor makes him an excellent fighter, although his zeal to send as many zombies to Heaven as possible can be unnerving.


“At least I don’t have to worry about price tags anymore.”

Donna has always had superior taste. Her sense of art, music, and especially clothing was far superior to more pedestrian intellects. Unfortunately, she had zero talent for craftsmanship. She had the eye, but the ability always eluded her. Still, she made a decent living as a consultant, especially for a number of B-grade martial arts films. She was on the set when the zombie apocalypse began, surrounded by elegant weapons. While Donna hasn’t quite gotten used to the grunge and squalor of Survivor living, she has found one bright side: She has her pick of clothes. The zombies are almost an aside when they stand between her and particularly elegant evening wear. Any Survivor groups are guaranteed to improve their image, just by having her around.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the Manage Pledge button on the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the item you'd like to add. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our pledge manger.


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    1. Paint'Riot Studio

      Totally agree with you !
      Some people complain for complaining...or not real reason !
      Zombicide is a great game !This the more important ! And many characters to play !
      What i say in French :"que demander de plus !"..nothing !
      Paint all survivors of next campaign before received the next !

    2. Kenna

      Gah, get over "it," not is. *facepalm*

    3. Kenna

      As a female who does not exactly fit the 36-24-36 mold, I don't understand all the hurt regarding sexy female figures. This game has a great mix of all types of characters and it's a lot of silly fun. Why are so many people looking for an excuse to be offended by things? The characters have back stories which validate their state of dress, and let's face it, if you're attacked by zombies, your clothes are likely to get shredded. Wanda's new look is awesome, Amy's added some layers, too. I am LOVING Tiff's design, and heck, the new base game handy-woman survivor (Louise?) even looks to be plus size. Get over is people. If you don't like the sexy, don't buy or play with the sexy. But give everyone else a break from your outrage!

    4. C on

      If you search for miniatures painted by women, such as Golden Demon award winner, Jennifer Haley, you'll find a good number of them paint female figures who are "scantily clad".

    5. Frank Wisnes

      Imagine how boring would it be if all male characters wore ripped t-shirt and shorts. Because that´s what female games are getting most of the time.

      GG does a good job with catering to both sides in my opinion though, as not all female characters have to be aimed at female gamers.

    6. Missing avatar

      Adam Young on

      Another pack for me to buy but I'm still trying to get over the fact someone didn't spellcheck '2 Suvivors' before they uploaded the Optional Buy artwork....

    7. Philippe Proteau on

      I tried to find the start of the discussion regarding the "boobs and dress code issue" but could not.

      I've always found those critical comments very interesting. Mostly coming from women.

      Why? Because when I ask them if they would date a 300 pound fat man with zits all over the face (or body) dressed in gyms instead of a well (or barely) dressed good looking guy with nice skin, they never answer and just get flustered. The rare ones would admit to prefer the nice looking one.

      At least most guys are honest: they like looking and dating good looking women.

      I'm still waiting for guys to complain against the good looking guys in this KS.

      Hey! Even some guys are asking for the Bay Watch version of Hasselhoff... I could care less... Just give me good characters with good background (and even then), an awesome gameplay and let me play this game "in peace"... ;P

      I rest my case.

    8. C on

      The females in S3 base game and expansions, as well as US, are dressed suitably. Guest boxes are there for the guests. If you don't like a guest box, don't buy it.

      If you think CMON is running a scam, don't support it. I'm backing this KS in part because CMON has run their previous KS just fine. Doom that Came to Atlantic City... Robotech Tactics... Up Front... Dice Age... I can name several KS projects CMON has run KS *much* better than.

    9. edriddle

      I'm still hoping for the Zombicide Dice Tower that I saw at the CMON Expo...

    10. Simon Crouch on

      What is this talk if an RPGs? I think I like all the guest artist boxes, I will be buying them from my flgs.

    11. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      Yeah, apart from the 1.5m SG, everything else is pretty great, and I re-added a lot of the optional stuff to my pledge

    12. Kenna

      A scam, really? This is my first time pledging on Zombicide and I'm thrilled with the offerings so far. In fact, they seem to be giving out way more awesome stuff than a lot of other things I've Kickstarted. Okay, the 1.5 million mark wasn't the greatest, but dang, I'm loving this.

    13. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      I don't think it's fair to say Donna is scantily clad and the artist is being sexist.
      Her bust is modest, the neckline is high and doesn't show any cleavage at all and the bottom of the dress comes down a reasonable amount.... do the women have to be ugly to make you people happy?

      In terms of the value of this kick starter, I made a complaint earlier, but I think I was just temporaily disappointed that the major milestone I'd been really excited about at 1.5 million was immediately invalidated by the news it only had half the rules.
      This means that the half fans would get at least something... but the real fans who wanted all the rules now have a totally useless milestone SG.

    14. Stuart Fern on

      Okay I have officially lost track of how much money I'm spending :)

    15. Michael Paal on

      @Manuel Jesús Moreno Ruano,
      lol, scam; be happy that other people buy optional stuff so that you get extra unlocked SG. those guestboxes are fully optional, there is no need to buy any in order to get another free item.

      no further comment on such a ridiculous post : P

    16. Carmen on

      ... and looking through the offerings, there really isn't that much T&A this season anyway. Plenty of strong, clothed female survivors in the base sets. I'm happy.

    17. Carmen on

      I'm no prude, but I'd also like a little less T&A, if only to add some variety from the usual whack material. And judging by the BGG survivor suggestion poll, so would a few others: No titties in that top ten.

      I don't mind the T&A, I just want variety.
      Having said that, I love this art box.

    18. Skritter on

      @Manuel Jesús Moreno Ruano. Good! You do that.

    19. Punxnbutter on

      I agree with you starscream, you had the right response too

      As for the "scam", the core game is being provided for less than retail and with a boatload of extras at no additional cost. But for those of us with too much money and a bad gaming habit they're offering paid goodies (which drive up the amount of free stuff for others). There's no ground to complain with additional stuff that you don't need to buy, this isn't a charity.

      This campaign has been great so far other than the half a deck of experience cards. You all know how to run KS campaign.

    20. WarWolf on

      Okay a scam, sounds like a troll to me.

    21. C on

      If John Kovalic makes some Dork Tower survivors... just sayin. :D

    22. Manuel Jesús Moreno Ruano on

      This kickstarter is starting to be a scam. Im going to retire my pledge shorthly.

    23. michael chumley on

      As a Dust fan Paolo's my #1 pick as well, I would love to have stats to play them in Dust as well.

    24. WarWolf on

      Paolo's still my fav for obvious reasons, but new box is a nice mix, needed a bad ass monk character and in the vein of Inuyasha he will have a cute sidekick

    25. WarWolf on

      @ian to hell with the prudes bring on the boobs, do we need leftist extremists telling us how to think act and behave, don't think so they can go join the extreme right wing asses and @@&$$&@ my @&&$&@@

    26. Sharkey on

      Definitely my favorite box of the new ones! :D

    27. Last Grimm on

      Really nice looking boxed set , great artwork :)

    28. Marcin "CodeVirus" on

      I like this one. Does this mean they unveiled 4 guest boxes? I thought they would stop at 3.

    29. captain birdbum on

      Awesome. Me like a lot.

    30. Nick AKA Help needed on

      Boob even now my phones trying to censor me

    31. Nick AKA Help needed on

      Hell have a male swimsuit model in there I don't care. But this game broadly follows the b movie horror genre were ladies like to be scantily clad and men like to carry big guns. Who are we to mess with the best damn genre ever! Side book ftw

    32. Jeremey on

      Sweet boxed set!

    33. Craig Leslie on

      Oh! So much greatness. My wallets going to explode!!! :P

    34. Christian on

      Have to get this special guest box. Just Wow!

    35. Ian Allen

      I really like the monk and think the girl is pretty good too. She's not showing enough cleavage for me, but maybe it will please some of the prudish people who are worried about too much side-boob starting the End of Days or whatever. Nice job. I wish I had a copy of that kick-ass painting he is working on as well!

    36. StarsCream


      Great name btw. I am the same on both counts. I got tired of it and had to say something. I shouldn't have and simply let it go, but it grates on me.

      We are getting Mayim Bialik FFS, and that's only one small recent example!

    37. Punxnbutter on

      I'm a liberal guy but the endless discussion about clothing is wearing me out

    38. StarsCream

      @John Billings

      What difference does that make? You sound ridiculous.

      First, this is a design that's not from GG, so it's their own to make.
      Second, it's OPTIONAL (like everything else, including the support of the game itself)
      Third, there are black, Asian, fat, old, etc survivors. What's your point?

      So tired of the righteous apologists on here

    39. Jrec on

      Yep this is my favorite guest box this season as well. Ive never bought i guess box before. Very tempted by this one though

    40. Paint'Riot Studio

      Love Donna ! It's one of my favorite with Paolo Parente guest box !

    41. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      Love love love the art work... Really need to see the sculpts before I decide.. :)

    42. John Billings on

      One day a zombicide guest box will be arted by someone who is not a white male, but it is not this day.

      Perhaps then we'll get a bit of variety in terms of build and clothing level for the female characters.

    43. Dagda

      Wow, I like the guest artist box. Do you have one planned with Luis Royo as well? That would be nice!

    44. Punxnbutter on


      I think this may be my favorite Guest box of the Season

    45. Missing avatar

      Richard Friedli II on

      Is it just me or does this new girl in the guest box kinda remind anybody else of Electra from Marvel comics?

    46. Missing avatar

      Rob Nowakowski on

      Hey Justin, My bet the next SG is Nikki Zombivor (if you paid for Nikki of course) Zzz

    47. Timo Honold

      So now I want the missing Zombivors XD

    48. Michael Paal on

      looks like brother max waers socks with the italian flag : )

    49. Frencois

      A) Post a must by special guest survivor
      B) Get the money with large markup
      C) Use big part of the markup to propose free SG
      D) Get more backers
      E) GOTO A)

      Fully successful KS is not that hard to create.

      OK guys you get my 1000€ and counting. Tremendous work. Keep it running. Now if you propose an ultimate version of promo survivors of seasons 1 and 2 that think will go through the roof.

    50. Alex

      I really hope we get Nunchaku as a weapon in the game. Would love to see a martial arts pack with martial arts weapons like a Bo Staff, Sai etc. Some martial arts survivors would be cool to, a Shaolin Monk, a Ninja etc