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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Presenting a New Survivor Optional Buy! And Dylan Gets a Backstory!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We have a new Optional Buy Survivor to offer you! We are pleased to introduce Nikki into your Zombicide ranks!

Dylan's Biography Journey

A little recap for those who weren't around at the time. When we revealed Dylan, one of the Survivors of the Paolo Parente Special Guest Box, it became clear her biography didn't fit the character, so we turned to our backers, asking them to help us create a new biography for her. The result was a great outpouring of creativity in the Comments section, and we had a hard time deciding what to use.

In the end, we did a little bit of mixing and matching to create Dylan's final bio. The basis was the "TV show assistant" storyline, introduced by Matthew Graziano-Humphrey and developed further by Brad Tomlinson. We added in Sam Lowrie's wonderful aside about how her home improvement skills for handling gropers became useful when dealing with zombies. To finish it up, we used John Jakutis’ very appropriate (and oddly menacing) quote. This is the final result:

Dylan, the Handywoman

"Measure twice, cut once!"

Dylan was working as the on-stage assistant for a popular home improvement show sponsored by a major power-tool company. Mainly on the set for eye-candy, she was, in fact, handier than both the star and his bearded assistant. When the zombie apocalypse hit, she was on stage, watching the star do his usual grunting comedy routine while trying to keep him from losing a finger by mishandling a circular saw. By the end of the first day of zombie apocalypse, she discovered fighting off coworkers’ grabby-hands with power-tools had been perfect training for battling against groping undead hordes. Now she roams the streets using her construction skills to help other survivors. She is still always thrilled to meet a fan, provided they keep their hands to themselves!

In appreciation for your contribution, we'd like to reward Matthew Graziano-Humphrey, Brad Tomlinson, Sam Lowrie, and John Jakutis with one of the last few Zombivor Dave figures we have in stock. Please contact Support to arrange the details.

And if you'd like to have Dylan, as well as Maki, grab the optional buy Paolo Parente Special Guest Box. Here's a preview of their amazing sculpts:

 If you're interested in purchasing any of these optional buys, please just click the Manage Pledge button on the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of each item you'd like to add. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our pledge manger.


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    1. ALDI on

      Are we going to see a parody tim-the toolman taylor or his breaded assistant? I was thinking home improvement after reading Dylan's bio... kudos to Matthew Graziano-Humphrey, Brad Tomlinson, Sam Lowrie, and John Jakutis !!!

    2. Joseph Cheng on

      That's a huge hand drill Dylan's holding.

    3. wargamer70 on

      @joe crane; what is a pence?

    4. Simon Crouch on

      Freaking sweet , I have to update my pledge , has gg made their recap graphic showing all the stuff in one place?

    5. Joe Crane on

      @wargamer70, get your five pence today?

    6. Rafael Gutierrez

      I want both! :)

    7. Arsonor

      ALDI: read the FAQ
      "$90 Early Birds can count as $140 Early Birds
      Just pledge $140 but select the $90 reward. Kickstarter limitation is such that we can't make them share the same pool of early bird slots but our Pledge Manager will recognize your pledge as a $140 pledge after the Kickstarter ends."

    8. Missing avatar


      Now we need shatner to be penny's priceline father

    9. Matt J on

      @ALDI: You'll be fine. If I remember correctly in the Wrath of Kings pledge manager I was able to switch back and forth between the early bird pledge levels.

    10. ALDI on

      Kudos Matt! I was only able to grab a $90 early bird spot... hope what they say is true - that I can still pledge $140 for a $140 early bird pledge spot in their pledge manager using a $90 spot... I don't want to miss out on Sheldon's gal pal!

    11. Matt J on

      @Anthony: I benefitted from someone dropping their early bird, was very pleased indeed.

    12. Anthony Leon on

      well if you drop it I just hope to get it before anyone else can

    13. Michael Paal on

      Im am really not a fan of tbb. So I would also appreciate other characters.. Mayb I am oldfashioned... But nerds surviving in a post-apocalyptic world on their own ;) that does not work.

      Actually the sheer amount of incomplete sg is also disappointing. People telling all time we should be happy with the stuff... Whats free for me when I need to buy a figure for 10usd in order to ge the second one as 'free sg'. For me its only two sg wasted if I don t like the figure. Also let me tell you this: why should a company, such as gg/cmon still do kickstarter - well they do it for the boost of sales, so please dont argument that its only profit for us, we do simply provide the momentum. Actually I don t know if GG handled the last ks the same way, however right now I do not like it and I may drop my early bird pledge.

    14. Pat Gallagher on

      @wargamer70. Yep, it was pretty much the same level of whining in S2. S1 was better because nobody knew what the game was about yet.

    15. John

      Awesome - glad to see the not-Penny, and hopefully we'll see the not-Raj soon. Nikki and Patrick for the win!

      It'd be great if we could see a TBBT box (including perhaps a not-Howie and not-Sheldon new sculpt) for this KS. That way the entire gang is represented (plus Raj and Bernadette hopefully!).

      @ CMON - have y'all talked with the TBBT producers to see if you could get Zombicide on the show? That'd be a great way to draw in new fans.


    16. wargamer70 on

      Did they have so many whiners and wimps in the previous CMON ks campaigns? Seems like every other comment is a whine or a demand for some ludicrous figures. Sheesh. Grow up!

    17. Chris Marshall on

      @Layzen: (to further comment on Edouard's response). There will definitely be a zombivor version at some point. CMON is pretty good at making sure there are zombivor's for everything. In season 2 they made zombivor's mini goals until close to the end of the campaign, and then they switched to giving the survivor and zombivor as a paired goal, but made the goal a bit harder to hit. I think they will do the same thing this time around.

    18. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Layzen:yes,I think after the two stretch for Bastian.

    19. Punxnbutter on

      This is extremely similar to how they ran the KS the last two seasons so why are people whining the third time? This is one of the most successful board games of all time; I don't think CMON needs comments on how to run a campaign.

      They need some comments about proofreading and communication through the delivery process :-)

    20. Joe Crane on

      You only get a Dave figure if the people you are wanting to give it to you don't value their own word.

    21. Layzen Rupi on

      Just updated to $270..
      Will we get a zombivor version of Nikki? I love the idea of mixing the team cards into the zombiespawn deck.. and then facing angry zombivors!

    22. Chris Bjuland

      We are all contributing, do we all get a Dave figure? Or is the appreciation for big big donors?

    23. Rod Mendes on

      Can I request more team cards?
      I'd love to PvP with more friends, they all managing their own teams

    24. Peter Charlesworth on

      Woo Hoo! (again)

      Dammit my compulsive nature really makes me want Dave now :(

    25. Hibiki Ryouga on

      I've never understood the people complaining about all the optional extras and bonus loot for participating in the Kickstarters for Zombicide.
      I know for a fact it is impossible to get the base game for the same amount or less than the kickstarter price in my country, plus I get extra stuff.

      I've been involved in all three seasons of Zombicide and only regret not purchasing the optional survivors from the first campaign.

    26. Lance on

      don't care for another TBBT character but at least you started to put KS exclusives again!

      and congratulations to the winners!

      ps: We want little Arnie ( Arnold schwarzenneger!)

    27. Missing avatar

      Rob Nowakowski on

      Decided against getting the BBT survivors. Anyone that needs Will from season 2 I put him up for trade on BBG I'll trade any one of twenty games on my trade list

    28. Missing avatar

      SerialMoM on

      Ok, the new story is exactly what I thought when I first saw Heidi. Thank you for her.
      But now you can not stop. We need Tim & Al as survivors, the guys from KK&B as VIp zombies and Bob Vila as VIP Abdomination.

    29. Alana on

      I love the idea of a BBT team in season 3. I honestly hope they do another team before the end :)

    30. Ian Allen

      I love the Paolo sculpts. As for the Penny - I don't mind it being her, I just don't think that art looks like her. We are talking about a tiny little 28mm sculpt in the end though, so I guess that doesn't matter. I don't really need Big Bang theory scultps in Zombicide, but I suppose if you have done this many might as well do them all at some point. I would rather stick to action heroes personally.

    31. Brian Moran on

      When I first saw her I thought it was Clair from Heroes. But I suppose it could also be Penny

    32. Jonathan on

      I'm not hating on Zcide and all and hope for more SGs even if they're optional. I already upped my pledge once to grab one of the art boxes and the Ultrasurvivor one(love my Amy :P). I just think a lot of folks are griping over the perceived loss of freebies to optionals. It's the internets, people like to complain about something.
      I gave up my 'catch em all' push many years ago, but it's still tough when you really enjoy the game. I would love to have an option to get some of the early promos, but I don't mind in any way if they're super exclusive. That just means the ones here will be the same.

    33. Greg on

      Right there with you John GT. In Season-2 I was still "1 of every exclusive at least, I'll get the other stuff at retail later", and that never really happened. So now my massive collection of Zombicide is already bigger than I need to play *only* Zombicide every day for the next year, and here I'm looking at two more expansions, more optional rules, more survivors, more equipment... they've helped me with my condition and I can honestly be comfortable just buying things that really interest me and letting go of the rest. I hope others can enjoy the liberation. :)

    34. Joshua Patenaude on

      +1 Coolminiornot for rewarding the people who helped you. Giving credit where credit is due is always a nice thing to see. The Penny survivor is also great. Love the new story also, keep up the great releases!

    35. Jrec on

      Guys... stop hating the optional buys. They are OPTIONAL. If you want it buy it and enjoy. When other people buy them, those who don't still gain the benefits of more stretch goals! How on earth is that a bad thing for either party.

    36. Philippe Proteau on

      Long live Tool Time! Hu! Hu! Hu!

    37. John GT

      +1 to Greg. Zombicide has been doing me a favor by forcing me to rethink my Completism habit. I've already begun to start letting things go (after hog-wilding Season 2), and those usual obsessive feelings are getting easier to dismiss.

      Although, MUST HAVE PENNY!!! :)

    38. Joshua Leslie on

      Raj is definitely still in the pipeline. His artwork was in shown in Ravage Magazine along with a Ron Burgandy character

    39. Michael Melbourne on

      I don't understand all the hate for TBBT? Just think of them as survivors and don't care where their looks come from. It's the game designer's choice who gets added into the game, and maybe they are huge fans (ya think?). I for one am happy for any new survivors no matter where they come from. My pocketbook... not so happy. I would like to see a buy in for the RM Zombivors though. It feels wrong not having them available in some form.

    40. Greg on

      Revisionist history is so entertaining when you're one URL away from debunking it. At this same funding level in Season 2 there were 6 freebie exclusive survivors, 8 $10 add-on exclusive survivors, and $230 in other "optional-add-ons" to choose from. Here you have 6 freebie exclusive survivors, 4 $10 add-on exclusive survivors, and I'm not even going to add up the optional add-ons that are going to be sold at retail, because if you're actually complaining about them being available, you're a lost cause. It's completely absurd to say that adding a 4th $10 add-on survivor is a complete departure from what worked in season 2 when there were 6 already at that this point in funding, and 8 by the end. It's even more crazy to say that offering optional things like the 3D door pack is a bad thing, when you can just not buy it! I think a lot of people just need to accept that this franchise is now so large that being an "absolute completist" isn't financially feasible for most people. Once you let go of that 'gotta collect em all' baggage you can just enjoy getting a ton of game, a bunch of (but not all) exclusives that speak to your interests, and just get on with enjoying it. If you commit to not buying 1 of each on offer, I think you'll find their "menu" is a nice selection.

    41. Rand Chua TL on

      Congratulation to all the lucky winners!!

    42. Ray Rodriguez on

      Cool Mini or Not,
      Okay yet another reason to pull the plug on my pledge. Why is everything this season about more money. Damn it, you all used to be about the experience, the fans, the glory of making a great game for all to share and enjoy. Maybe you took a big hit last year with shipping or got screwed some how with a manufacture or retail sales weren't as strong as projected. To my knowledge and understanding you have been pretty Damn successful with season one and wildly successful with season 2! Why try and fix something that isn't broken. You have strayed away from your core beliefs and might as well have gone and slapped "as seen on TV" stickers on your product and sold it at Walmart as mainstream as possible. Disappointment to say the least is what I'm filled with. I bid you all a good day.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mauser on

      Change her back story all you want, she still has a bell end on her drill

    44. Missing avatar


      Oh another thought would be the A-Team : )

    45. Last Grimm on

      the beauty of these characters are were the ones putting names to them , they can be whoever you see fit to think of them as :) I for one am quite old and have never watched BBT so would haven't have a clue who any of them are ( think my kids watch it though ) im happy just to see a new survivor called Nikki

    46. Hibiki Ryouga on

      People keep saying there is only one TBBT character left to produce as a Survivor/Zombivor. There's two, Bernadette and Raj.

      That said, please don't. I love the show, but some variety in the survivors please.

    47. Ravenwing on

      Wow, amazing sculpts!

    48. Michael Fuchs on

      For me, she looks more like Nikki from the Youtube "Pranksters in love"... was my first thought. Don't even think of BBT again (maybe i sepnd a time too much time in the internet...)

    49. Jonathan on

      I have to agree with most of the folks here that I'm not a fan of yet another BBT character. I don't watch the show and my first thought was that this was Jessica Simpson.
      I think these sorts of goals with the accompanying Zombivore SG in the near future are turning a lot of people off. That might explain the fairly large drop in pledges over the past 24 hours, which is very depressing. I really want to see some iconic 'geek' characters from other shows/movies show up. Characters from Clue would be perfect fits(Yvette, Mrs White, Proffessor Plum).

    50. Andrius on

      Hmmm... I am not watching BBT and even dont know, like or not to like survivors from these tv show. For me, survivors from Walking Dead would be a hundred times... ok, not hundred, a ten time better than from BBT. But as I say, I am nit a fan of these show :/
      What abaut Paolo's girls... the sculpts are much better than original minis from the game. If all survivors and zombivors minis would be in the same quality and made from hard plastic, questions about "why i must pay 10 bucks for suvivor and zombivor" would be less in times.
      Sorry for my pidgin english, i never learned that language in scool :(