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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Snowren24

      I'm too the point where I'm only pledging because I'll likely be able to sell enough of the exclusive stuff on eBay at inflated prices to get my money back and possibly more. I'll get to keep the couple promos I like and the base games for next to nothing.

      I'm starting to feel like that's not even very appealing though.

    2. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      I still want S3, but I'm going to downgrade my pledge to the basic Patient zero

    3. Francois on

      I'm wondering what full auto is supposed to be, it's replacing sliperry, wich is known as one of the best talents of the game. Scavenger And jump are also new.
      The hit & rune from wanda is really the new talent i want to know cause she loose sliperry for that one ! And she also loose her 3 zone per move.

      By the way, i'm not sûre Josh is stronger, hé loose the reroll, fail ? Bah... Reroll again... And we hâve nô tips of what jump is exactly...

    4. StarsCream

      Ultimate S1 *promo survivors

    5. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      When I first saw "Season 3" I had cynical thoughts about why a company would STILL be releasing their product on Kickstarter when it's the 3rd version.
      I was temporarily blinded by the hype, but now that's over.
      The worst part is, I actually laughed in the promo video when you said "We're not Games Workshop".... but you are - you're exactly like Games Workshop

      Stop releasing on Kickstarter and lying to your fans about giving them exclusive stuff when all you're really doing is offering false hopes to drive up sales, and then demanding extra fees to have the proper experience.

      Pro Tip: NO ONE who bothers to fund a kick starter is only half interested and satisfied by half a product.
      You know this (it's not your first time out), but you still exploit it.
      That makes you a jerk.

      Be honest or lose your fans

    6. StarsCream

      A really good amount of people would JUMP at the chance to get Ultimate S1 survivors. If you're one of the people that bought them for ridiculous amounts off eBay, that's your own fault. CMON is a business, and making alternate promo sculpts is a big plus for them if they do that, monetarily speaking.

    7. Joel Fortin on

      Thinking about it ... it's a 1.5 M$ campain for god sake... a great game (we all know), bunch of free stuff (awsome !!!)... and we are all frustrated !?! I'm not sure why ... are we that impatient and our expectations are too high because of the other seasons or is it just that we feel used and exploited ? There is too much duplicated stuff !!! (crows, VIP #2, S1 survivor, Experience card, the survivor deck, old stuff from previous season)

    8. Neil H on

      So the crux is that if they just put in the new 56 cards, and left out the free 54 people wouldn't have said anything or am I missing something.

    9. Abbath on

      We get too much useless stuff.
      The extra crow spawn cards don't make any sense at all. Neither with the five free crows nor with the full box of crows. Now the half experience deck as a stretch goal.
      Whats the point with this free stuff?

    10. Tim van der Weyden

      I am glad I already made a list of all optional buys. I will take a good look at it and make some choices instead of getting it all. I will be back when the Promo's of S1 & S2 get an update. (Just as a wish and if they won't come, I save a lot of money. ;) )

      Anyway; for all people who say the complainers should "shut up"... Why? Everybody has the right to tell his/her opinion, negative or positive as long as it happens with respect to all parties. With some good arguments CMON will know what keeps the backers busy and can (or can't) anticipate on that. Shutting up will get us nowhere.

    11. ChristManson on

      If there's no Zombivors I'm not touching it.

    12. Joel Fortin on

      If they would have said that the Ultimate Pack comes with 56 new cards and not a duplicate 54 cards we already get for free anyway, I think nobody would have complained.
      But the actual pack content doesn't make sense ... you can't say that you give something while making available something to buy that also contains the same freaking thing.

    13. Rafael Monclar on

      Simply put: I felt like I was used!

    14. Missing avatar

      Spartan Baby Inspector on

      Love Bastian as a freebie.

      Dislike the US#1 set because of the power inflation present. More Experience cards and double starting skills? By the second or third game in a campaign these revised characters will be starting with 3 or 4 skills! Unfortunately, even owning all of the previous Season 1 and Season 2 original and promo survivors, my gaming group absolutely love Amy, Ned, Josh and Wanda.

      So, I will grudgingly get this set for the alternate sculpts, but I think we will not be using new dashboards.

    15. Anders H. Pedersen

      You totally ruined the joy of the previous stretch goal with this move :(
      The Crowz were bad enough, but this one is just plain wrong!

    16. Francois on

      Honestly, for the 6 ultimate, it's not a problem to me, i can see a campaign that at a given time, you start using ultimate insteed of normal heroes. Giving the feeling that we go forwards in time. Or simply using ultimate dashboard once you reached ultra rend mode.

      Anyway, they talked about this in the previous ks, seeing what original survivors has become a few years latter. This is not a surprise to me, i just need to compare the dashboard.

      But i still hate how they say 1500k sg "is a huge milestone" to just get this fake sg.

    17. G-R-B-Herb on

      So there not getting updated Zombivors? Personally I don't plan on using the Experience Deck so the cards are wasted on me. Would of preferred if they came with updated Zombivors instead, since some of them looks much different than their Zombivor TM mini's. Wanda being a big one since she's now not wearing a dress. But I'll live.

      Think they should just stick to promo Survivors and exclusive mini's for awhile, they've been getting a lot of negative feed back over the past couple of SG's for stuff people are 50/50 on.

    18. Alex

      I hope they don't do ultimate versions of promos. I sold most of mine to people in my gaming groups (just kept Fred & Rick for myself), but I know that people in my gaming group have paid £100s on ebay to get the promos based on the fact that they won't be available again. We all know loads of people have done this. Imagine paying £50-£100 per season 1 survivor only to find out that they've re-issued it and your one is now obsolete due to new skills. Not to mention everyone who backed for exclusives in all season including this one! I like the new Phil as he was always a bit weak but the others seem over powered, probably won't actually get this one afterall

    19. Kosongz on

      What am I suppose to do with a half deck of cards? If I buy the set, then I will have 1 & 1/2 deck of cards... No. Just no.

    20. Snowren24

      I agree with Jason. In addition, all of these stretch goals that don't really add anything to to game, just make pledging more confusing.

    21. Nick AKA Help needed on

      Rubbish! Just give us the other 56 cards and sort it out. I've been a very happy camper until now but don't waste investors money on half a deck of cards that no one will use.

    22. Sanguinius on

      CMON is handling the same gameplay element in 2 different ways which is causing conflicts
      ie on one side you have the experience deck that allows to get extra skills and on the other side you have survivors starting with more and better skills to represent "experience" as well, dont you see how adding up so much skills becomes exagerated? and where will it end, will they make ultimate versions of all survivors eventually? it makes part of the products obsolete, not only the S1 characters but even other promo and S2 characters will be meh in comparison to an ultimate survivor.
      I like the zombicide franchise for its sandbox nature but it only makes sense if everything stays within balance, nobody plays a weak character if you know there's a more powerful one available.

      for the cards, adding 1 bazooka and 1 bowling ball to a deck of 150+ items is adding flavor, adding 56 cards to a 54 card deck is quite different.
      I dont mind having 1,5 deck as they will be used eventually in larger games, but combining it in a box containing elements you only need once is not a good choice

    23. Lance on

      the best Sg in my opinion are the KS exclusive stuff

      the worst Sg are what we thought was complete stuff and instead we get half (if not a third , see crows) of them...

      happy with more stuff to choose from but if i hit a stretch goal i expect to be able to use it as it's most and not getting "half of it"

      i agree the delusion comes from the fact that we expected something and we got something else...
      i hope in some more KS exclusive stuff even as optional buys stretch goals or complete stretch goals that gives us an entire box of something (dogs,toxic and berserk zombies and so on)

    24. Jason on

      Reposting from the crows update because apparently this is your new marketing tactic and it's really pissing me off... please stop. I'd be happier if we didn't even have the last stretch goal with 50 cards. Don't get our hopes up with an (seemingly) awesome stretch goal only to reveal the very next day that actually, that's only part of the set and to get the whole thing we need to pay the money. Tell us upfront or better yet, don't even have it as a stretch goal and only have it as an add-on.
      I love cmon but man, i hate the way their recent kickstarter projects make me feel... New marketing strategy?
      I really don't like how starting with zombicide 2 and now arcadia quest and season 3, you've been having stretch goals that don't provide enough components to be useable to pressure people into paying more money.
      Since i don't like to complain without offering suggestions, it would be great in the future if the goals were revealed in a different order. The issue with crows (beyond stretching them into 2 goals) is that you provide the crows and then a day or two later let us know that we won't get enough to use in a game. If you let us know that when the goal was announced and at the same time had the add-on for the crows, then it wouldn't create such a roller coaster of feelings.
      Also, have less stretch goals and just eliminate the useless goals such as splitting out cards and figures and having stretch goals for add-on items (zombivovrs). Then at least i'd be excited for each new goal instead of having stretches of 150k where i basically think there are no goals.
      Just trying to make things better in the future.

    25. Evil Mushroom Games on

      hhhmmmmm . was hoping from some good exclusive things. With all the add on buys not making me feel much loved as a backer just a bit of a cash cow. Some more zombie variants. Some 3rd terrain free be nice . ( even though I'm buying them anyway) just be nice some little extras as going to be cashing in my soul anyway

    26. John Ling on

      so does this mean that all season 1 and 2 survivors are all under powered because they don't have 2 starting skills? Does this mean that my 54 survivors from the last two KS's will be redone and I have to buy them again???

    27. Francois on

      I highly dislike stretch goals that are just part (but not complete) of an optionnal buy.

      1500k was awesome, it become trash... And i remember looking at the lack of ks exclusive And lack of retail price as some thing suspicious... On that point you didn't disapointed me.

      If you hâve some self respect, make the 54 cards we got 100% different to the optionnal one... And if you hâve to pût them somewhere for sell, give them their own cards box that we (your backers) don't have any reason to buy it.

      Please, nô more fake sg.

      The best sg soo far: ks exclusive zombies (slave leia) and survivors (remember, diversity make it better), free 3D éléments, team building deck

      Good sg : zombie skinner (And a-bombination) zombie seeker, dices (enough), new campaign, back of dice.

      Not very good sg : VIP zombies, for à fig i need to pick randomly, having 4 of each make probabilities better for game play but it's still acceptable, pimp weapons for the same reason, but some CAN found use for them...

      Very bad stretch goal : activation cards we get in boz (you Knowles nô one Will play with just 5 crowz, right ?) and ôter stretch goals with nô use to hâve them twice included in optionnal that hâve some thing else we might want to buy (1500k sg, 56 cards And 6 survivors)

      That a sad update

    28. C on

      Thiago said that zombivores will not be included in US#1. ):

      Although KS has made it easier for game designers to release more stuff, games are *never* complete. What if the designer has some ideas that weren't published because of reasons *other* than gameplay? What if the designer made some terrain that had their own rules, but wasn't published? Do you now need his handmade set? Many game promos on BGG are ideas added to games either after the game was published, were not included because of their complexity, or did not follow the spirit of the original game. So it's not hard to think of games which had these ideas, but didn't make it to this stage.

    29. Missing avatar

      onesteek4you on

      I'm not one to complain usually, and I love options in character choice, but rendering the 1.5M stretch goal completely pointless immediately after it is reached with an optional buy is just wrong. Why include all of the 1.5M exp cards?? Why not have just the 56 others, and leave the 54 exclusive, so that you don't have disgruntled backers feeling like they're buying something redundant? At least with the character deck it was its own optional buy and the redundancy was eliminated because backers get it for free... But this is a little ridiculous, honestly. It wasn't a stretch goal at all, just a placeholder, because there is no use for 54 redundant cards once we buy the Ultimate Survivor set.

    30. Snowren24

      I havent. I have so much stuff for zombicide, I'll never use it all. It hits the table 5 times a year at most, and we havent used anything from season 2 other than the survivors at this point.

      I figured if I ever wanted them, I could download versions of the new dashboards and use the old minis.

      Actually an optional buy of just the dashboards and experience cards would be nice.

    31. Skritter on

      This last optional purchase has been a bit dividing between this is the greatest to this is the most lame update yet. But I can guarantee nobody will think this Optional Purchase is lame when they bring out the future stretch goal "If You Have Bought Ultimate Survivors #1, get Ultimate Survivors #2 Box FREE ( All season 1 Promos re-image as you’ve never seen them before!)

    32. Thiago Aranha on

      @Chris Langevin: It comes with 6 new sculpted Ultimate Survivor figures.

    33. Chris Langevin

      DOes the ultimate survivor pack come with new sculpted figures, or is it just the same figs as season 1?
      or does it not even come with figures, and just the stat cards, assuming you have the figures already?

    34. Charles Tuttle on

      And it goes to show that there could easily be an exclusive optional but of re-sculpted promo survivors, but be weary, GG could do them all as one set and it would be $$$.

    35. Simon Crouch on

      Cool zoo lander, Wanda loses slippery? Pretty much the reason she was still useful lol

    36. Davyd Atkins on

      To everyone complaining about these Ultimate survivors being 'strictly better' than their season 1 counterparts and rendering their original incarnations pointless. They render the originals pointless in the same way that any season 2, 3 or promo survivor with a better skill set renders them pointless. Unless you exclusively pick your survivors on the most competitive, min/maxed skill set, there's no reason you couldn't pick their season 1 versions based on personal preference. Maybe you're running a campaign and want earlier incarnations? Maybe you prefer the original sculpts. This isn't power creep, because zombicide is a board game, not some super serious, competitive online game.

      As for the deck of experience cards, 54 is more than enough as stretch goal. Like has been said before, the other 56 are a little extra for the Ultimate survivors, in the same way that the bowling ball and grenade launcher cards were promo survivor exclusives in season 2.

    37. Craig Johnson on

      So this optional buy makes the $1.5 mil SG pointless. That's pretty disappointing. I don't really have a desire to play with remakes of S1 survivors, but I'd like to have the experience cards exclusive to this set. Would be nice if they were offered separately, but that likely won't happen as it'd bite into the profits. I'm sure eBay will be saturated with the "free" experience decks once the KS ships. Will there be US 2&3 consisting if experienced S2 & 3 survivors? Still waiting for RM zombivors...

    38. Thiago Soares Leite on

      *experience card deck*

    39. Abbath on

      @Snowren24: Have you ever used the S1 survivors with TCM/PO/Dogz? They are pretty weak against toxics, berserkers and dogs without skills like taunt, lifesaver, shove ...
      I will definitely buy the ultimate survivors box.

    40. Thiago Soares Leite on

      @Thiago Aranha:

      this experience card, has the same cards of the last SG?


      btw: Você mora no Brasil? =)

    41. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      If I'm honest, my initial reaction to the ultimate survivors was negative. However, being a huge fan of long winding campaigns, i can see huge potential in eventually earning the "right" to play a better model if your survivor doesn't die earlier in the game. Pretty cool concept, i'll have to think about whether or not to buy it now...

    42. Jrec on

      Love Zoolander as a promo. Hate the add on. What's worse is we can probably expect two more boxes of this before the KS is over. When GG releases add ons, they for the most part have made the game either easier or harder. That's ok i guess, but some concern for balance in the game would be appreciated. I mean buying this pack gets you the best characters in the game and a ton of additional skills with the experience pack. Where is the counter to this? Ultimate/experience mode zombies? Doubt that's coming. IDK I loved zombie dogs/zombie companions because imo they balance each other well enough (depending on how you play with the companions). I hated zombivors. All they did was put the game in easy mode. This is more of the same. Not to mention completely renders the original 6 useless, as well as pretty much every other character if people are wanting to play with the best. The zombies are getting harder (although debatable if the new ones are harder than foxic/PO) but that seems initially countered and balanced by the weapons that come with each game.

    43. Garou on

      Im not interested to have twice that survivors...

    44. Thiago Aranha on

      @Vinsssounet: There will not be Ultimate Zombivor figures.

    45. Joe Kiyoshi

      I think the issue is, people dont want incomplete pieces of sets. Sure you gave us 54 free experience cards. Thats awesome. Until we realized there are 110 experience cards in an addon set of which 54 of them we already have.

      Now the majority of people here will pick that set up no questions asked just to be completionists.

      So now they have 1 full set and 1 half set. Its a bit maddening on the ocd.

      Maybe you could make the other half a future stretch goal so we could inevitably have 2 full sets.

      Same thing with the VIP #2 zombies. We essentially have half a set of "rare" zombies. We could leave it at that but we'll always know it isnt full or we could shell out some cash and buy the full set but now we have 30 "rare" zombies for set #2 vs 20 for set #1.

      You keep giving us these weird "you get half a set or you can end up with one and a half sets if you pay us more money" scenarios and i think people are questioning what the point of the stretch goal was in the first place.

      I like your game. Love it in fact. Im truly thankful for all the free stuff. But damn if my ocd completionist in me doesnt scream "WTF are they thinking?" Its getting a bit irksome.

    46. Chris on

      I wouldn't even mind if a future stretch goal was the other half of the experience deck and the dashboards for the ultimate survivors. I wouldn't mind just reusing my season 1 survivors with the new ultimate dashboards. Either that or make the dashboards and cards like an optional $5 or $10 add-on if you don't want the minis.

    47. Tiff Reynolds

      I LOVE this optional buy, and I have everything Zombicide already. (except most of the Game Night stuff) I love that Amy and Wanda are more realistically dressed. I love that they get to have some of the new skills, to stay relevant in the new seasons / expansions. I love that Ned is a lean, mean, fightin' machine! And I love that story-wise, our original team, the ones that have fought for survival through so many missions, are still here, still strong, and still fighting!

    48. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      The new old Survivors look great, but as a completionist I do wonder where the Zombivor versions are. Any news on them?

    49. Vinsssounet on

      Thiago : Ultimate Zombivor Stats... and Ultimate Zombivor miniatures ?

    50. Chris on

      Ok I am glad that I am not the only one thinking that Ultimate Survivors 2 should be the season one exclusives in different sculpts. Although I do agree with some about the stretch goals that are only giving half an expnsion and so on. Last season you got a full box of the dog companions, not half. It would be nice if they did the same this season. It does seem like a money grab as many people will shell out to get a full set of these thing instead of just having half.