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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Francois on

      And honestly, what's the best ?

      1) 54 cards that not every one will hâve à use for (remember that this box will be available in retailers, soo if you don't hâve the money now, you might have it next year)

      2) 1 single item that every one could hâve a use for ?

    2. KZ (KingZombie)

      @marco. I love the real Santa idea with him entering through a chimney

    3. Abbath on

      Warpunk Games:
      Point is that buying the optionals renders most SG cards pretty useless.

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick P on

      Here's an idea for people who want boss zombies..... Use your zombivors. Have GG make spawn cards with pictures of the zombivors like the team building deck and choose which zombivors will be the boss. They can put special stats on the boss/zombivors cards with greater abilities so each boss/zombivor can be a different challenge. What do you think @Thiago?

    5. Francois on

      Why would you need +2 yellow And red +2 red when playing uno ? 4 +2 cards aren't enough ?
      I never played with an incomplete deck (except poker when i want to see more good game) And i like collecting And having the full collection of whatever i buy. Avoiding twin-set.

    6. Warpunk Games

      Maybe not all backers can afford to buy the optional box. I would be very happy to have some of the cards for free if I couldn't afford to buy the entire box. Then I'm not left out. Besides, 54 cards is still a lot of cards. That is 9 experience cards per character for a 6 character game.

    7. Jason on

      It depends on how the card distro is set up but if the 50% we get for free is lacking certain weapon upgrade skills then yeah you kinda need the entire 110 cards to make it fun. Otherwise, you could be playing a game and you have the chainsaw. Sweet... I just leveled up... let me get one of the chainsaw skills.... oh... you only have half the deck and those skills are in the other half? Well crap... I guess I'll take the handgun skill that does me no good. It's hard to say at this point.

    8. Eli Butcher on

      Or is the Ultimate Box's deck 2 sets, on a basic and the other an advanced???

    9. Eli Butcher on

      My question is, is the experience deck in the Ultimate Box a set of two duplicates or a single complete set? And if it IS a single complete set, how effectively can we play the game using only a half set. The same as trying to play the game with only 5 Crowz minis I'd imagine...

    10. Missing avatar

      Nick Wooster on

      I'd argue, why do you NEED all 110 cards?

    11. Francois on

      I'm not sure to know what seems soo hard to see for you, soo i'll repeat what was already said 100 time...
      What we don't like is to see such a great sg (stretch goal), becoming something we don't need ! Because every single backer that like this sg will most probably want the full set, meaning they'll buy the US#1 set that include that great stretch goal.

      Results : for those that were interested in experience cards, the sg is just a joke, every one that want thoses cards would most probably prefer a single lonely crow that will find more use in our games.

    12. Arsonor

      It looks like this outfit of Zoolander's, but modified with the headband?

    13. Abbath on

      @Mikael Børresen: All SG experience cards are included in the ultimate survivor box. What for do we need half the deck as doubles?

    14. Mikael Børresen on

      I dont really get why people are so far this besides the exstra zombies and the experience cards are the first SG i really if only they would make a story line with senarioes that followed it and of course ZOMBIE BOSSES ZOMBIE BOSSES ZOMBIE BOSSES....i would have liked to see some more things done with the new older survivors like maybe one lost an arm or maybe the xp needed to reach a new level was increased...if people dont want to buy the add ons then dont...

    15. Missing avatar

      Nick Wooster on

      I'd like to echo an earlier comment of adding numbers to the experience cards. It really helps keep the spawn decks in order, and I'd imagine it would be a good decision should the need ever arise later to sort or filter the experience deck.

      Hope the sculpts for the Ultimates are even better than the concept art, because the artwork is ace!

    16. Garou on

      @Ian Allen. Agree with you.

    17. Ian Allen

      They just made the 1.5 million stretch goal useless??? Whee ...half a deck of cards, now buy the pack to get the whole deck and have double of half the deck .... bah ...

    18. John Turner on

      so, Bastian=Derek Zoolander?

    19. Abbath on

      @Valente Francois:
      Of course the scortched cards are never one of the twins. XD

    20. Francois on

      What, you trully expect someone to buy the 54 cards from us when they CAN have 110 cards + 6 survivors for 30$ ?

      No, at best, those cards are replacement stuff in case someone scortched some of my cards (if it's one of the twin)

    21. Missing avatar

      Rob Nowakowski on

      Seems to me this KS is being run with a Crack Dealer business model. Have a taste, now give us the money. Starting with the 1st SG. If you want your corrected cards from season 2 you need to back season 3. Have some crows, now give us the money, taste the experience deck, now give us the money. And by the way shipping is now extra. Marco just because I'm backing now doesn't mean I'll be there at the end. Hope they provide a true SG like the dogs of season 2

    22. Jonathan on

      Holy crap that's a great update! I'm sold on that Ultimate Survivor pack just on the new dashboards. New figures AND cards and it's by far the best thing I've seen in this so far. Amy has been my favorite since I got her as a random character for my first demo. A new model and card for her is all it took.
      Take my money!

    23. Carmen on

      I love this game, but I also enjoy reading the angry comments. Great entertainment.
      I think, for a new survivor, we should have the "Angry Nerd."

    24. Garou on

      But, the only way to get the new 56 Experience cards is getting this Ultimate survivors? I don't want to have twice this survivors (and much less without including their zombivors).

    25. Marco on

      You know what's funny? Is that everyone complaining about how they are being ripped off and abused and used is STILL backing the project... if you all quit then maybe they would have to do something about the way they run the KS but the fact is they have 1.5mil now and climbing so obviously their KS is going very well... complaining will do nothing... if they decided to release More Crows or More VIP Zombies or the extra Experience Weapons as SGs then all the people who are buying the boxes would drop the extra money and we would be going down in thousands of $$$ ... so I say why be upset? Just sell your free SG versions and buy the Boxes you'll get double what your paying for them on ebay next year and as for people like me who Season3 is the first Zombicide game I.m gettin I wont be getting the extra crows or weapons because I dont want them... im quite happy with my 5 Crows... and 2 of each VIP zombies. ..

      2 Santas are better than one cos one is the Real santa but the other isnt but you dont know which one oooh noooos!!! If there were 4 then it.d be too many santas and the chances of killing the wrong one would be better so no extra points... meaning santa could still be alive and he has the power to enter rooms through the chimney . Think about THAT before you complain next time.

    26. John GT

      Admittedly I dig the new figures, but I don't want this to become a trend. I already have two (Survivor and Zombivor) figures for everyone taking up a lot of space; I just don't need (or could hold) FOUR figures for everyone!

      And I don't need a thousand duplicate Experience cards. If this just had the 56 different experience cards, it would be more attractive.

    27. Jason on

      It's not like I'm buying the crows (or exp cards) because of this stretch goal. I'm buying them despite of these stretch goals :P I'll buy what I want, I don't need a stretch goal giving me part of it to make me buy it.

    28. Abbath on

      @Jeff Hulligan:
      The SG crow spawn cards are the same as in the crow box.
      It simply doesn't make sense with only 5 crows instead of 15.

    29. donnbobhardy

      @Andrew - Exactly. We ARE getting a bunch of free stuff. We ARE getting a great value. But they way they are doing it feels underhanded and makes us feel cheated, because everything they give us for free comes attached to an outstretched hand reaching for more money.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Simpson on

      This is a good example of how to make people feel cheated even though they haven't been and would have loved either the stretch goal or add-on independently. The psychology of this has been very badly considered.

    31. Last Grimm on

      Love this update ! More free stuff added to pledge plus more addon content to help us get there ... i would of took the base pledge as it was on day 1 :) now its become too good

    32. Eli Butcher on

      @Thomas, if they hadn't been including the Zombivors in with the current Survivor exclusives, I'd say that they were phasing them out! I hear so many people on here complaining about them, and saying they don't use them. Which I don't either, but I think it's a nice option to have to make your games last a bit longer.

      If you have the Zombivors, the new powerful Ultimate Survivors, the new Skill cards, new Pimp weapons (VIP mechanic), you could almost say the Survivors are getting too powerful, so if they did phase them out, would anyone really be too terribly upset?

    33. The Art of Sarcasm on

      @ Thiago Aranha:
      We’re not concerned about the number of cards/doubles of cards we are getting; it’s the fact that the $1500 SG is now meaningless as most of us will be getting the US#1 set. If you had left the $1500 SG as a KS exclusive and just had the other 56 cards included with the US#1 set, there would be no complaint. As it is, you’ve nullified what was originally a pretty cool reward.

      On the positive side, I really like the US#1 concept. When I play, the original survivors tend to get overlooked as they are a bit plain compared to some of the more recent characters. This should shore up the power creep.

      As far as Wanda loosing “Slippery”, perhaps “Hit & Run” is an improved version on it (does anyone know?)

      And lastly, I have no problem with so few “Zombie Crow” sculpts/card. This way the average game is only like to generate 1-2 swarms making them extremely random and hard to plan for.

    34. Alana on

      I'm excited to try out the ultimate mode. Loved the original characters so this give me more ideas on how to modify our own campaigns

    35. Snowren24

      I'm stewing on this, and I just keep getting more angry. I've decided I'm done with anything "new" from zombicide.

      I'll pledge, keep the few promo survivors I want, and sell off the rest including the base games.

      Its a good game, but not a great one. Not one I will ever play 100+ times to warrant having all of this stuff.

    36. Thormars on

      Rue Morgue without Zombivors ...
      Ultimate Survivors #1 without Zombivors...
      Where are they ?
      What's happening with Zombicide ?

      Often, i like exclusive survivors, but Jesse and Bastian... No comment. I just want some true bad ass survivors ! :-P

    37. Francois on

      @Abbath, lucky isn't stronger than lucky + 1 reroll par turn since they stack to allow him to reroll twice if needed. The l'odeur Josh is just éventuellement more safe with a second possibilité to reroll

    38. Missing avatar

      CrAm on

      Money talks, very disappointed, half of everything, even if you buy the ultimate survivors, you still have not zombivors, seriously thinking about leaving the project

    39. Michael Pflug on

      I was really looking forward to the 1,5 000 000 SG, but now that I know, that I will only get the half of the deck, it´s totally worthless. How can you be so greedy, giving us pointless stuff? It´s like giving us a trial version, and making us pay for the full version.

    40. Timo Honold

      Thank you for the info :-)
      *happy* gg

    41. donnbobhardy

      @Timo - The Zombivor back is confirmed.

    42. Missing avatar


      I agree that the additional Experience Cards in the US#1 left a very bad taste in my mouth. I want this card, the complete set to play a campain with charakter progression. Thats what this game needed.

      But I dont want the US#1 Pack, I dont care about the advanced survivors.

      Maybe you could put the complete Experience Cards deck, or just the one we dont get free, in an additional optional buy for some less $. That would be ok for me.

    43. Son Do

      Does the Ultimate Survivor add-on have new mini designs?

    44. Punxnbutter on

      The double blue skills seem like they're too much...again this is being said before playing with skinners, seekers and crows. I feel like a broken record with the experience cards, skill creep and jump in weapon capability. I like how you have to solve puzzles with Zcide to win, this is looking to gear itself to a dice rolling bonanza without as much thought. Thankfully I can play my way and pick 1 of 2 blue skills to start with and let them get the second if they go through ultra red (or something like that)

      I hope I'm wrong about how the standard scenarios will shake out.

    45. Sanguinius on

      jump is probably a skill to get you out of a pit without using additional actions

      full auto; possibly extra dice with a ranged attack (for submachineguns)

      fast roping, either to cross a pit space or to drop from a helicopter in flight.

    46. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      Wonder if the $2m SG will be 6 zombivours for RM with the $2.1m SG an optional to buy a box of 12 zombivours for RM stashed with 3D hospital doors and barricades for $40?

    47. Timo Honold

      No zombivors? Is ok, cause we got matching ones, but does those ultimate survivors got a zombivor back???

    48. Abbath on

      @Valente Francois: Lucky is way stronger than reroll once per turn.

    49. Brian Schenck

      *throws more money at the screen*

    50. Cyd@lone on

      Interesting. Playing without Zombivors was really too hard (facing Dogz and Berserkers and Toxics etc), these could be another viable option. (yes, I had chosen not to, as I thought it would not fit the Romero feeling; btw, the zombivors are still missing for S3... some supersecret stretch goal?)
      But I'd love to see rules for using them as a natural evolution of the regular non-ultimate versions (hopefully as simple as "get killed, become a zombivor")

      oops: just read Thiago A's answers So there will be ultimate zombivors stats (but no figures) as well? Mmm, not what I expected. But OK, nobody forces me to use these rules. I can still make up mine.

      Suggestion: a single KS-only bundle of ultimate zombivor-less survivors for all seasons, once and for all? (instead of a handful at a time: 6 for S1, then 4 for TCM, 6 for S2, 12 or 2x6 for S3 and 4 for AN? that would sum up to 5-6 add-on boxes, about $150 - not convinced I'd buy them all now)