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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Abbath on

      @Warpunk Games:
      The moment you buy the US#1 set this "cool free stretch goal" is obsolete. Another pack of doubled cards. They should have made different cards.

    2. The D of D&E on

      I thought it was said they won't be in this box, still hoping for an ultimate zombivor box cause the originals just won't look right with these

    3. Vinsssounet on

      It was said there won't be Ultimate Zombivor miniatures - and that's a relief for me ! 4 miniatures per character would be waaaay too many.

    4. Davyd Atkins on

      I have a question regarding the ultimate survivors. If they do indeed include zombivor dashboards on the flipside, but don't come with zombivor miniatures, what does this mean for using the zombivors? Will the miniatures be the exact same colour as their non-ultimate counterparts, allowing us to use the zombivor miniatures from TCM? Or will zombivor miniatures be provided as an add-on/stretch goal (I hope the latter)?

    5. PGC on

      You can get S1 and S2 along with TM on Amazon for a heck of a lot less than on these over priced optional buys. I got all three of them for $114 with free shipping off Amazon.

    6. wargamer70 on

      Well think of the use of the experience cards are being able to give the same skill to two different survivor/zombivors. If you use a storage system to keep them between games with the boards - I prefer the dry erase cards instead of the cmon ones, but that is just me.

    7. Deansy on

      I'm not getting these ultimate ones, they are too over powered. Why would you pick a character that starts with a single skill when you now can start with two??
      Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of the original characters having evolved, but making them more powerful than every other character is the wrong way to do it. Just rethink their skill trees to take into account some of the newer skills?
      I love the alt sculpts, they look awesome, but once again, not needed. The original figures are still great.
      I think that GG is starting to miss the point on what makes Zombicide so great to begin with. The base game is a solid set and the stretch goals were icing. Season three seems that the SG are just more cake and the only way to get icing is to pay more.
      Honestly, I think the way they handled Season two was the best. New characters cost $10 & the stretch goals were Zombie versions of them. Great.
      I love the VIP zombie sculpts, these are going to add to the game in a way we are yet to see, so this is also great. But Stretch Goals that are half a deck of cards, or a couple of crows, not cool. If only the paid for deck was just more of the same, and we got a box of crows, but could buy more...
      I have no doubt that this season will make more than the last, you have an awesome product that people clearly want. Even with all the hate and anger, the total is going up because there are a mere few who are actually talking with their wallets and dropped pledges.
      All I'm saying is that after getting everything in season one, getting a double pledge of everything in season two, I'm not getting everything this season.
      Just take a look at the previous two seasons and make this one more like them, why can't I buy more Yellow and Brown dice yet? Where are the RM Zombivors? I'm assuming they are coming, but why not release them now to make season three all about season three?

    8. Kenna

      @Eli - I'm new to Zombicide, but will be picking up the earlier expansions in advance to get into it before the new rules & content launch. The irritating part for me is missing out on the previous exclusives I want, like Dave and Ivy.

    9. Francois on

      This sg say "containing all the promo dashboard released before the season 3" those ultimate dashboard has never been released yet And even if we consider the season 1 as Beeing the same (100% wrong), they weren't promo....

      Soo, nope.

    10. donnbobhardy

      @Michael - I don't think it's over-priced. It's less than $5 per mini and you get 110 cards. It's probably the best price of anything we've seen during this campaign yet. And they've been very clear that the 1st stretch dashboards are only for promos. Since these are retail survivors, I'm pretty sure we won't be getting them for free.

    11. Michael Sprague

      I tried wadding through the comments - so if this was already asked and answered, I apologize... I'm not super stoked over the US#1 - seems like it would have made a better SG than an add-on, I also think it is overpriced.... With that said THE QUESTIONS IS are these dashboards included in the set of dashboards from the very FIRST SG?

    12. Jeff on

      I think the Ultimate Survivors look interesting but I'm a little disappointed in the recent trend of stretch goals being fragments of optional buys.

    13. donnbobhardy

      @Thomas - The RM ones are supposedly in the pipeline, so don't give up hope on them. The US#1 cards will have Zombivor art and stats, so Resurrection mode is still available for them as well.

    14. Thormars on

      I'm a little bit sad that there are no zombivors in Rue Morgue and US#1. If most of people doesn't play with them, it think, with the team rules and the PvP rules, the Zombivors are perfect to represent a struggle between human survivors and living dead zombivors. Like this, you can create scenarios with "zombie bosses" zombivors played by a player, like a game master in HeroQuest, also.

    15. Michael Paal on

      I will probably only get s3. S1 is still rather expensive in euros.

    16. Michael Paal on

      The last grimm: well thats the purpose of SG, to boost a KS. But some SG appear to be incomplete... And only leave me with the feeling that I must buy some extras for those specific SG, although I don t want to. Its just my personal impression.

    17. wargamer70 on

      So what are these new skills listed on the ultimate survivors and elsewhere? like Fast Roping, Full Auto, Hit & Run, Jump, Scavenger, Sprint.

    18. Philippe Proteau on

      I'm buying this one as a first time. My intent, depending on how this campaign turns out, will be to buy S1 also... but it really depends on how this one turns out... ;)

    19. Eli Butcher on

      Honestly, I'm surprised by all the people who are buying this version of Zombicide as their first purchase... It's not a complex game, but when you're first learning it, there are a quite a few things to manage and keep track of. I only had Season 1 for the longest time, but with this one introducing so many new features with both zombies, experience cards, team building decks, and even the tiles, I think I'd be overwhelmed... That's just me though. Who all is buying this for the first time, and whose never played this before, but is buying into this one?

    20. Last Grimm on

      @Michael none of the addons are a must need for gameplay only if you wish to expand your options above the base game , they are giving you various free elements that you can implement into your games if you wish , if you want to go even further with expanding the option is there to buy more , easy way to solve this problem offer up a addon for the remaining cards without survivors

    21. Lordoftheslugs on

      Just wanted to show my support for Phillippe's plea :)

    22. Michael Paal on

      +1philippe. Reduced to 90bugs.
      Although this is my first zombicide ks I dont like how things are handled.
      Quite a few sg appear to be worthless, and I get the impression that I am forced to buy cettain add-ons for proper gameplay. Also a poll of future exclusive survivors might be nice. Im dont like the characters from big bang theory, hells kitchen, zoolander. Give us little natalie portman, heisenberg... characters that got some ,balls,

    23. Sean Reeder on

      I'll echo what has already been said: The 1.5mil stretch goal now seems trivial (either play with half the deck or have double of half of the cards). I think a change to the 1.5mil stretch goal would be best.

      Secondly, while I appreciate an update to Season 1 characters (I feel like those minis are still easily accessible by buying Season 1. I think that updated cards would have been sufficient. What I'd RATHER have is rereleases of promo minis/cards. I can't get Dave anymore to complete TBBT cast unless I want to pay hundreds of dollars to a reseller on eBay. Create new molds, get us old promo characters. Zcide has exploded in popularity since Season 1 and it can be frustrating not being able to get some of the older characters.

    24. Last Grimm on

      why would it be a flaw in the gameplay when they were balanced along time ago and have fell behind as the series as grown so something is trying to bring them more upto date , really think some constructive ideas offered up as a solution would be better than some of the ideas put forward lately

    25. PGC on

      Bringing back the same characters from S1 just shows me flaws in the game play testing. If the characters were too weak or lacking bringing them back modified is just plain discouraging.

    26. Nico on

      @SCB & DONNBOBHARDY: Thanks! .....Hm, not my taste

    27. Eternia Buster on

      Bastian is Ben Stiller in Zoolander!! :)

    28. donnbobhardy

      Nico - Zoolander, apparently.

    29. Nico on

      Who the fu*beeep* is BASTIAN???

    30. Davyd Atkins on

      @David Maybe he starts with (a) Magnum?

    31. ALDI on

      Love the ultimate survivors! Phil is back!

    32. Missing avatar

      Rob Nowakowski on

      This previous backer has no issues with alternate versions of the promo characters.

    33. Jamie & Tim Buckley

      I changed it. It may just be a drop in the bucket but I still believe that this campaign has gone off the rails a bit and that CMON and GG need to be paying more attention to their customers. Not only is it a more expensive campaign than Season 2 (at least for US backers) but the stretch goals are not well thought out. I too am tired of the campaign and may end up dropping my pledge entirely before it ends.

    34. Horfrost3 on

      I'd personally like to see more new characters, but I also don't own S1 or S2, so I'm not overloaded with characters just yet. And also because I don't own S1, I'm happy that I can just get the characters (variants though they are) from this and pay $25 for the characters instead of $75 for the base game with the original characters. I'm sure I'll eventually want the other games , but for now I feel good with everything included in S3, though the things I'm excited about most are included in RM's box, not necessarily the SGs.

      I definitely would love alternate versions of the promo characters from S1 and S2, but I can see how that would not be well received from previous backers. I felt similar with Galaxy Defenders campaign - I was less excited by NPCs of season 1 promo figures, but as someone who had it all, I could use the NPC figures in addition to the original figures... and for new backers, they could use the NPCs as a proxy for the promo figures, so it was a mostly good deal for everyone, though just less exciting for previous backers because most of us wanted to see more new materials or figures instead of different versions of existing characters. But for the most part those NPCs were paid add-ons, so if you didn't want them, you didn't need to get them. And it seems the Ultimate Survivors will be sort of similar.

      I also don't mind having an extra set of the 54 experience cards, though it would have been cooler if the 110 add-on pack been ALL new cards in addition to the stretch goal cards, but I don't mind them because I'd be getting the add-on more for the characters than the experience cards anyway. Plus if they are really good cards then maybe I'd want to have more then 1 figure using them.

      But in general, I've been a little disappointed with the SGs, I keep waiting for something big and exciting to be announced (that is included as a SG) and mostly I've not been that interested. (But maybe that's Kickstarter fatigue and not a fault with this campaign?) This is one of the few updates that had an add-on I'm considering getting (the others being the other Survivor add-ons), but most of the included SGs haven't been all that interesting to me. Bastian will be fun I'm sure, though I was more excited when I thought he was the Karate Kid.

    35. David Laine

      I guess Bastian is CMON's way of making up for all the cheesecake and giving us a male character that's really, really ridiculously good looking. I just hope that one of his red-level skills is called Magnum.

    36. donnbobhardy

      @Phil - Sabotage was too strong of a word. "Temporarily hinder" was probably closer to what I was thinking.

    37. Jason on

      I'm already at $90. You don't want me to increase my pledge do you? :P

    38. Philippe Proteau on


      I must say that your assumptions are well founded. However, we will see. I trust that if people are really frustrated, they will act without caring if the neighbour does or not. And, if most don't act, we still have approximately 10 days to up again the pledge to get those essentials we really want. But, if people act, without caring for what the neighbour will do, we could be surprised.

      One point I want to make: my goal is _not_ to sabotage the campaign. It is to send a message to CMON so that they finally listen and take corrective measure to please the fan base and remove that feeling that many of us have that we are being played (or screwed if you prefer more direct statements).

      Nobody gains and everyone looses when sabotaging a campaign. If CMON takes the corrective measures, trust me, this campaign will surpass even the wildest expectations so this will be a little dip on the road to glory... ;)

      Just want to make this clear.


    39. donnbobhardy

      Wow. Maybe I was wrong.

    40. donnbobhardy

      @Phil - It's not a horrible idea, but it'll never happen. At most, 1/10th of the backers even saw your message. Of those, probably another 1/10th actually read it. And of those, another half probably don't have a problem with the way things are going. That leaves about 40 people, most of whom will be like me and assume that there's not enough people reading your comment to respond and won't drop their pledge. I don't think it's possible to sabotage a Zombicide campaign in this manner.

    41. PGC on

      Plus 2 to what Philippe said. I'm pretty tired of this campaign.

    42. Joe Crane on

      Plus 1 to what Philippe said.

    43. Philippe Proteau on

      @Folks, may I make a suggestion: I have read a lot of anger on the (failed) "tactics" (for lack of a better word) used by the folks running this campaign.

      Obviously, it seems they are not reading the comments or paying attention to the frustrated _potential customers_ (yes, we are all potential customers as we can all cancel at anytime) or care in any way, shape or form. I have not seen an update to explain their strategy, if it makes sense (obviously leveraging the fact that they are not obligated to do so).

      One way to force them to start paying attention to the frustrations is to send a strong message, as one group. How do we do that?

      If suddenly people would lower their pledge to the $100 pledge, this means that suddenly, instead of racking $1.5M+, the total pledged would dramatically drop to possibly under $900k.

      If the campaign managers are paying attention, then they would start really reading the comments AND would post an _update_ (sorry, can't bold) to clearly state their position and, if they really care, take corrective measures.

      Nothing stops them from changing the Stretch Goals. They own them. They can do what they want with them until the end (and even after).

      And, you can always increase your pledge later, IF you are satisfied with the resulting updates from the campaign managers so no harm to you.

      There is still 10 days to the end so, if you are seriously frustrated (and it is not just trolling), send the message.

      If everyone acts, with the current numbers, the pledge total would drop to $831'600. Almost half of what it is at this moment. Talk about a strong message.

      Obviously, I know 400 people who won't do so as to not lose their $10 rebate and I totally understand and respect that.

      I am standing up and dropping my pledge to $100. Anybody else wants to send a message?

      @CMON: hopefully, you are reading the comments. Please don't get me wrong. I think you have a very interesting products but the "tactics" used in this campaign are really frustrating many backers, potentially new fans and certainly some old fans. Me first as a first time backer of Z.

      This is not a fun campaign. Xenoshift was much more fun than this and immensely more positive.

      My point in this is not to damage your reputation (although i sincerely think you are doing a great job by yourself from reading the posts and based my own personal feeling regarding this campaign). It is in no way intended to create a negative feel.

      However, I sincerely believe that you have abandoned your fans and that needs to be corrected. I understand that this is a huge (tabletop game) campaign with many parts moving (compared to the smaller indie ones). However, I sincerely believe that your fan base is the most important part and I feel that there is no respect towards them.

      Read their comments. Listen to their angst. Respond to them in updates (instead of through comments, if you have even done it, as with hundreds of comments per updates, it gets lost).

      I am not a big fan of making revolutions like this but when things don't change and things just seems to go down the drain, a shock tends to redress a situation and can ensure that you keep most of your fan base (as always, I understand that you can't please them all).

      Simple corrective measures can be done on your end to start winning back your fan-base and turning this campaign into the positive campaign it should be, without using (not so subtle) tactics like at the end of your 33rd update to try and turn the tide... ;)


    44. Yosif Videlov on

      These are Ultimate Survivors #1 so there are going to be #2 and maybe #3 which will as well feature experience deck. What will some ppl do with 300-400 experience cards i wonder... :) 54 is far enough in my opinion. I plan to use them in Ultrared mode on those levels when the survivor don't get a skill. So 5 experience cards for each survivor to choose from when they reach an "empty" level up. 12 levels cap :)

    45. Nick AKA Help needed on

      I just thing it's a waste of money for them to produce half a deck. I'd rather not have the half deck and just buy the add on.

    46. Nick AKA Help needed on

      Why are people with different views to your own whiners?

    47. Missing avatar

      Irmgaal on

      +1 with Warpunk Games, we are totally free to decide what to do. All SG are just bonuses, so i'm glad to have them for my initial pledge.
      Adds-on are just proposals, you can choose wisely which ones we want. ;)

    48. Warpunk Games

      No the point is that you are getting 54 cards for free. If you want all the cards, you are going to buy them regardless if you do it on the project or in the store. Most game projects would have just "unlocked" the add-on and the only way to get any of it is to fork over the money. With this, you are getting half of the cards at 0 cost. Zombicide is one of my favorite games and I would back this project even if they didn't have any free SG because I want to help it get funded and produced so I can add to my game. The fact that I am getting all this free stuff is just awesome. Never seen so much complaining about free cool stuff.

    49. Matt Moylan on

      Great add-on guys. We rarely use the original survivors in our games anymore as they are so weak compared to newer ones.

      Ignore the whiners. So people just enjoy complaining.

    50. Missing avatar

      Nick Wooster on

      Why are duplicate cards useless, exactly?