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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Tan Cinch Vv on

      What is wrong here?

      $150 for 2 zombicide box + 1 zombies are actually what I getting here.

      To me, the SG as a gift or zombie-blessing from GG, isn't that much happier? Also, GG allowing us to have OPTION to buy extra stuff, no?

      I am happy with GG sucking out my money. Because I feel they deserve it, and I am throwing in money in my own will to give them my support, without anyone threatening me with a bloody chainsaw.

    2. Jason on

      The screenshot on the main page should be updated because it's currently false. It has an item on there labeled "experience deck" but that is not correct. Instead it should say, 50% of the experience deck or 54 experience cards. It's false to say we're getting the experience deck for our pledge because we're not.

    3. Jeremey on

      Here's hoping US2 is re-sculpted versions of the S1 exclusive survivors!

    4. Francois on

      I totally respect your opinion, in fact, it's the only remanions use we can do of this sg. But as you can see, you're the very first to express your opinion this way.

    5. Last Grimm on

      This campaign i think they have toned down the exclusive stuff as alot of folks gave them stick about too many and its bad the only way to get them is during the Ks now it seems to have gone full circle with people saying i can wait for that to come to retail give us more exclusives ... they are expanding the product and its looking good so more of the same plz Cmon :)

    6. C on

      @Vin: I actually like these "half-expansions" because I can try out the mechanic *then* decide whether or not to buy it at retail. And, since Zombicide is expandable, I can just toss in the "half-expansion" into the expansion deck. If we want the entire expansion as SG's, they take up SG slots that would have been used for other expansions. I certainly prefer them over the add-on survivors, whose Zombivores take up a SG slot, even if you don't buy them.

      Still.... want... Zombicide... paints! :D

    7. McDeth on

      More exclusives needed �. My eBay PayPal balance needs topping up!

    8. Francois on

      Marco, i might have been a bit exaggerated about close minded, but sometime it's the best to make people react and i apology for that.

      However, the extra cards We© get in optional and SG isn't new, it was already the case in the season 2 and was one of my 2 concerns about the previous KS (the other one was shipping priority, when i see my game in store 1 month before i get my copy as a backer...3month before in a convention).

      We© just want CMON to fix that, duplicated cards are just a waste of money.

      and i like the idea to use "We©" to talk about me and the others that share my opinion.

    9. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      And also, yes it's annoying that the crows and cards to use them were different SG.... If CMON continue with this attitude towards splitting the sets I think there will be a lot more upset and complaints.....

    10. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      And sorry about the bad spelling, speed typing on an ipad... Can lead to some very messed up words....

    11. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      And i agree with you all that i would be more inclined to spend money on KS exclusives rather then sets i can get at retail... Even at the price CMON are offering... ( i have added for the chopperty chop chop rabbit as thats complealty unique and buying that set where i live, stockholm, would probably be impossible)

    12. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      @vinsssounet @tim van der....

      Yes i totaly agree that everyone shoud be entilted to their opinion, this game has not been published and we have input into its devepopent... And i agree that we should keep it poilit... No need for insults.... If i came across agressive i do apoligise...

      I get upset by people playing the system without putting in any valid input...
      It sounded like people were saying they are contributing high amouts that they couldnt afford only to reduce it to mess things up... I know this isnt the case with people who truly are collecotors and that will reduce their support as a means of protest.... These two objectives are differnt animals....

      I persoanlly agree that it would be nice to have a compleat set, only if i couldnt use what they are offering, the crows for example, it would be nice to have more than 5, but we can still use them, they will just appear less often in game... 52 exp cards is a lot to choose from as unless you play hardcore in a group, chances are you wont need over a hundred....

      I do howerver find separating the surviver and the zombivier frustrating as it would be nice that they were one SG... UNLESS it was a funinding issue for the comapany....

      Much respect to all... Lets just keep the support positive, without sounding greedy...

    13. Tim van der Weyden

      @Michael; the ignorance I am talking about is mainly because some people show the lack of being able to see/understand/accept the opinions of others (or they just don't want to understand - hence ignorance - maybe my understanding of ignorance is different from English native speakers, if so, I am sorry for the confusion). Of course I know there is a large group of backers who have no problems with this KS, but apparently some people (Outlander first) are reacting on the comments like nobody may say something wrong about CMON and/or Zombicide. But this is the ideal place to show the concerns/complaints and every other reaction people may have on the game and whatever; being it negative or positive.

      And I did make my pledge minimum for the game + exclusives. So, we already agree on that one! ;)

      It is just that I, and some others like me, would like to point out to CMON, WHY we lower our pledge, instead of just lowering it without explanation, because the latter won't help anybody. Then it is up to CMON to ignore or to respond to the critical remarks. =)

    14. Vinsssounet on

      Michael > the complaining isn't about the free stuff we're being given. It's about how it is handed to you like it's a super thing, just to discover later it's half of it and you have to pay for the whole, but it took a lot of money from SG in the mean time. Same goes for splitting the crows and their cards : we don't need fake SG to make this look like a success. It is. It's just buying time - and money.

      We'd just like CMON to stop using little tricks like this, they absolutely don't need it to make money. Those Kickstarters are a success and would still be even without those manoeuver to take more money in a way that ruins the momentum of "special SG for the 1,5 million mark" and make a lot of us feel like CMON think of us as cows before costumers.

      A lot of people playing Zombicide are also completitionists, and CMON obviously knows that, but instead of rewarding that behaviour that is beneficial for them, they are toying with it to load those people with things they'll end up having duplicates of.
      We see other KS offering "completitionnist packages" to give you one of everything with a small discount (or not, doesn't matter). That's a nice gesture to acknowledge that behaviour.
      Being aware of it and making people buying things in extras in order to "have everything" isn't a nice gesture, it's the opposite ;)

      Now we're all entitled to our opinions. Let's remain polites ;)

    15. Solaris on

      I'm with Tim and Valente. No reason to back higher than initial because the extras aren't exclusive and can be bought below what Dev is trying to sell as discounted add ons here.

    16. C on

      I haven't even raised my pledge. (: Z3 has been pulling in 25K per day at its worst, 50K yesterday, and 67K the day before that. Average pledge per backer is $186. I think we're either near or have exceeded the amount of free stuff that S2 gave us (except exclusive survivors). CMON/GG has already exceeded its so-called goal by 1500%. So it's hard to say if pulling pledges really makes any difference (especially if you end up buying the stuff retail) except to *backers* whom the SG's benefit. Of course, it's likely CMON/GG has already planned out all the SG's and add-ons, so they'll be offered regardless (at this point) of how much money they've made.

    17. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      @tim van der...
      Ignorance? I know what my budget is from the start... I wouldn't commit to money I don't have only to reduce it later, that is just childish, and it gives a false impression of what the total is... You don't have to buy anything extra unless you really want it?! That's why I don't understand this logic... You could just leave it at 150 and enjoy the tester packs and free extras...

      I have a wife, in fact a very beautiful wife, who is a business women, she organizes our accounts... I know exactly how much I can spend from my budget after rent, food, bills... I relax by painting and playing with my friends after a long week at work...

    18. Joe Crane on

      @Michael, I was going to try and explain things but Valente, and just now Tim pretty much summed it up. That being said I will leave you with one of my favorite passage from a brilliant author Terry Pratchett " 'Multiple exclamation marks,' he went on, shaking his head, 'are a sure sign of a diseased mind.' -- in Eric"

    19. Tim van der Weyden

      @Michael; You are one of the people who really don't get it. Don't make people out for Ebay money grabbers if you don't even know what the problem is. Go back into the comments of people and see the actual problem. Valente, for example, did a great job in explaining, and still you don't see it. Sounds like ignorance. Some people actually think about spending money twice.

      CMON doesn't give us any reason to pledge big amounts here as most of the stuff is retail anyway. That is the main reason for me not to pledge more money (and even to lower my pledge - CMON cured my completionist illness). As everybody knows, basic economics, money can be spend only once and besides I still need to eat, pay my rent and bills, I also have a few other hobbies. I can imagine without any problem, that I am not the only one in this and some of us even have wifes/girlfriends who are already not happy with the amounts spend on games. (Just imagine what other things you can do with $800,-.)

      If CMON would come up with a Kickstarter exclusive, which will never come to retail, then is worth to pledge money NOW. For all other explanations, why people are dropping pledges, I will refer to Valente (again).

    20. Vinsssounet on

      Lowered my pledge too, in regard of those half-SG-buy-me-whole-later.

    21. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      As the total amount of pledges seems to be going down, I can't see us reaching the next stretch goal...

      @CMON maybe offer these people something so INSANELY exclusive for free to bring them back... A zombie Jesus!!!???, or maybe the queen as a surviver?

    22. Nick AKA Help needed on

      So don't offer half a deck at all. If they are so poor. It's a waste of our pledge money printing cards that will be thrown away if you can afford the full deck. 56 cards times 8000 odd backers cost then 75k apparently so do the next 56 as another 75k or up the crows instead. I personally don't want half/taster products when they could invest our pledges more wisely. I love what we are getting and the product but it's just a waste of cash. I to have caused my pledge now

    23. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      What's all this "I'm lowering my pledge unless I get what I want!", it sounds like you just want something you can sell for crazy money on eBay??!!

      Please @CMON explain to
      These people your plan, before these c***s destroy it for the rest of us... :(

    24. ALDI on

      Why are you guys lowering your pledge levels? People don't have to buy this box if they don't want to. There may be a reason that people are getting only half the deck for free - maybe they can't afford the add ons now and therefore can still use some experience cards until they can... Yes CMON/GG has a lot more add ons this season, and may be pushing people to buy them with content like these cards, but they are a business and businesses make money. I know many people were expecting tons of free or add on survivors, but the free or add on content has added so much to the game already... this campaign really is going well!! I'm in for $770 right now

    25. Emmanuel Aquin on

      @Hughes: Good idea for the Ultimates (although I won't buy the box).

    26. Hugues Desaint on

      I've reduced my pledge too. Please another SG with the others 56 cards or a way to buy them. I don't want to buy something I have already in half.

      For the ultimate, to reduce their power, we can choose one of the first power and not the two together.

    27. Yosif Videlov on

      Milking the cow, yeehaw! :)

    28. Anthony Leon on

      lol if I had more money I would be adding rather then reducing such a good game, Good job GG and CMON can't wait for the nest SG

    29. Joe Crane on

      And I was at 495, now at 140.

    30. Emmanuel Aquin on

      I'm with Valente and Philippe on this one. I lowered my pledge and it looks like a few of us did it too, since the total didn't move much today. I am dangerously close to cancelling altogether anyway. Maybe S1 & S2 are enough for me after all... but I'll give this KS a chance until the very end.

    31. jerome on

      IIdea for mustash pack 2:
      Zohan, Adam Sandler
      Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrel
      Walter White, Heizenberg
      Joe Dirt, David Spade
      Ron Jeremy
      Kenny Power, Dany MCbride
      Osiris Amanpour, Tom Savini
      Inspector Jaque Clouseau
      Hulk Hogan

      3 box, what do you think, good idea? :)

    32. Garou on

      @Valente. Agree with you in everything.
      No sense for getting Experience Cards you have to buy something that you don't want to (in this case US).

    33. Marco on

      fair enough, unfortunately they are not here to make us happy, they are here to make money and as a company they are succeeding otherwise they would not be hitting so many SGs, i do however fail to see where i was being close minded but i'll let you have that one since i cant be bothered to argue with you, you've obviously got your opinion and are entitled to one and maybe some of their SGs are counter productive but for people who don't have the money to buy the extra stuff they will be happy with what they get, as ive said before on another comment, see the free stuff you get and make the money back on what you bought here that wasn't complete.

      further more i don't give a **** anyways, never played the game was just bored and wanted to rile up some people cos it's fun to flush out the haters, love you all and peace out im going to bed, by the time i wake up your reply will be drowned by others and i wont ever see it... oh well... lol nighty night.

    34. Francois on

      oh and you didn't get the idea, we© don't complain about the free stuff, we complain about the optional that include the free stuff without being limited to it. We© (or at least most of us) want to buy those optionnal because we© like this stuff, but we© feel uncomfortable to get something twice (something we want only once) to get something else once.

    35. Francois on

      Marco, they are on kick starter for 1 reason :
      Optimizing their benefits soo they can make the best product at lower cost, where do they optimize by making a product we (by we i mean those who are unhappy about the last update/optionnal because we want the 110 cards) don't need ?

      we (same definition), as a client, want to feel rewarded for the money we spend directly to them by stretch goals. For that, they give optional to make us spend, by spending, we reach SG and get what we wanted.
      it's a circle, except that they just remove the reward after we get it by asking us to spend for something we partially have. i know you won't understand that, you don't see the problem and you're close minded about the fact we see one... soo...
      it's exactly like giving granturismo prologue to a kid, he play he like and than he discover that it's just a demo and have to buy the full game (wich include what he already got) if he want more than 6 tracks.
      once he got the full product, he have a fragmented one he can't sell and he have no need to use again. just usable if he accidentally scratch the full product.

      if you read my past comments, you'll see i'm globaly positive about this KS, it's just this specific point i dislike. Yes i'm a bit critic about some of their choice, but if i say nothing (i and the other complainers), how would they know how to make us happier ? it's what they want, right ?

    36. Marco on

      @Everyone who's complaining about FREE STUFF. you know what? i actually feel sorry for CMON because its almost come to the point were they are being blackmailed into HAVING to offer free stuff or you wont pledge any more, you tell me what other company consistently offers up so many freebies in their KS, THEY DONT HAVE TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING!, would you really rather the KS be canceled because of so many complaints? just be happy for what your getting already, sheesh so spoiled.

    37. Eli Butcher on

      @Anthony, I'm not saying that you're being unrealistic, because I like the idea of Survivors/Zombivors being separate, especially with the Ultimates, because it seems like the Survivors are so powerful... BUT... you said you're going to eventually maybe buy 5-10 boxes of Crowz??? A standard box has 15 miniatures in it, nearly the size that an entire expansion has of zombies, but that's not good enough? That you feel the need to have 75-150 miniatures for your game? Will you be playing with only Crowz, or are you playing on an 18 tiled scenerio? That seems very excessive.

      My point, as with many others, about not getting a complete product as an SG, is that it's great to get something for free, but when you get 5 of something, and you CLEARLY need to have 15 minimum to play, then either don't offer that, or knock out 2 other free SG and give us 15... Not to mention, having the Crowz minis as 1 SG, and then the cards as another SG. That just doesn't make sense. It's buying time so they can make it seem like they're giving out more, but it would be better, to just wait until you can give it all in one usable package.

    38. Felipe Machado on

      @Anthony: You're right.
      I've seen this: "@Vinsssounet: There will not be Ultimate Zombivor figures." but I didn't see the one where he said there'll be Zombivors (I've seen it now... damn cellphone!), making the comment I mentioned being only about this box. =/

    39. Anthony Leon on

      @Felipe Machado and @Joe, what Thiago actually said was that the US1 won't include the Zombivor in the box so they might release UZ1 for the zombivors of the box witch for those who don't want any more zombivors they don't need to get them and for those who want them(me me me) we can get them.

      Plus for those who are complaining about only getting half of the actual produce you don't need to get them if you don't want to but some people would want to have more then the stander quantities, for example after this ends I will eventually buy up to maybe 5-10 box of Crowz so that they will come out more frequently. Also I prefer to have half the product for free then the SG only be at 1,500k or ect. be at this point we unlock this add-on rather then getting something for free.

    40. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper

      Who is Bastian based on? I don't recognize him.

      Rather disturbed to see the "power creep" started with US#1.

      Guess now we will see US boxes 2 to "whatever" for all the older characters. Are these guys going to be in the character deck as well?

      Zero incentive to raise my pledge for US#1. I'm just going to wait until these non-KS exclusives hit the online retailers and get them cheaper.

    41. Tim van der Weyden

      Apparently I am one of the few who actually lowered the pledge. Not too excited by all the stuff offered as I could buy that anytime in retail and thus I will wait and use my money now for some well earned new fighting gear.

      So, please wake me up when there is another exclusive, non-retail add-on or SG. ;)

      Perhaps alternative S1 & S2 promo characters. (Can't keep a brother from trying... again & again. ;) )

    42. Pasquale Bove on

      Ok, you win :D I will add to my pledge the ultimate survivors box.
      Can we have a little spoiler on the new skills?
      I confess, I will start to use it right now...but in my pledge already add that 25 dolla.

    43. Felipe Machado on

      @Joe: Thiago said it on the comments... But there are so many comments for this update right now (and the KS system is not that good) that is almost impossible to find... =P

      And before I even start complaining... Let me say that I loved the "new old survivors".
      I was thinking about that this week... How out of place they would feel alongside the new ones... They really look like "rookies". =P

      But I don't like the Experience Cards being offered together... They have no reason to be bundled and I'm sure that you could lower the price of the box if you removed the Experience Cards... If I wanna play with that, then sell that apart, please.

      And I'll add to ones that feel a little cheated for some of those SGs... Not all of them... Not at all!
      And I would like to add that everything I'll say here is trying to make my experience better with this KS... Which will lead me to tell everyone about that (like I do for Galaxy Defenders and Machina Archana).

      I think that the V.I.P. ones were great... We're getting less than the optional buy, but I can use them in my game without being broken (like the crowz) because I'll get a lot of VIPs.

      Seriously, make the SGs 150k apart and give me a Crowz box... Or the Ultimate Survivors Box... Or give us enough of something that it doesn't feel broken.

      Every SG is only part of something that we have to buy... That doesn't feel cool...

      If you wanna give me a box of crowz in a SG and then give me some more crowz in another SG... That's okay! I'll be happy to have more (the same way I'm happy that you're giving some more crawlers and skinners).

      That's just my opinion and I know the KS will do just fine, and make a lot of money, without those things... Because the product is good.
      But it doesn't mean that you don't have room to improve.

    44. Chris Frost on

      to all the folks complaining about playing with a half deck of experience cards unless you buy the addon let me ask you this: if you didn't buy walk of the dead, do you feel like you're playing with a less than complete zombie spawn deck?

    45. Eli Butcher on

      @Kenna, I've been playing Zombicide for a while now, but didn't find out about it until "right after" Season 2 KS, so I also have missed out on all previous exclusives. But I've purchased them all since then. One of the things that I love about the game though, is that every season and expansion, DOES actually add some significant gameplay upgrades, which also makes coming in later on slightly more challenging because of the added complexity.

      I absolutely LOVE the game. I was just curious what first time player/buyers thoughts were.

    46. The D of D&E on

      @joe you don't have to buy it

    47. Joe Crane on

      Where did they say there won't be ultimate zombivors? I hope that is the case, I really don't want to have to buy more of the same characters again.

    48. Missing avatar

      Martin Petersen on

      Considered there might be more forethought from CMON/GG than how to get more money? It is possible that the 54 free cards we get are for items in RM or AN while the other 56 are for items that aren't in either game. That way people who pledge for this season without grabbing or owning any of the previous games won't be stuck with a ton of worthless cards from the stretch goal.

      Of course, I might also be entirely off base and we're getting just a mix of 54 random cards, but I prefer to think positively. xD