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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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New Optional Buys: Special Guest Box and 3D Pack!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Today we have a couple of Optional Buy items that have been highly requested by you, so without further ado, here they are:

3D Pack

The 3D Pack contains 69 3D doors and 2 sets of 3D barricades (each set is one complete barricade composed of 2 pieces). The 3D doors fully replace the normal cardboard token doors. When they are open they lock into place so that they don't accidentally close. The 3D pack contains enough doors in all types and colours to set up any mission from Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Toxic City Mall or Angry Neighbors!

Artist Box - Édouard Guiton

Born in Chicago on March 30, 1977 to a French father and Franco-Belgian mother, Edouard Guiton grew up in the Paris suburbs. He became passionate about drawing very early, never imagining that sketching monsters, warriors, and other childish fantasies could be a job.

In 1997, he participated in the creation of the game production company Rackham, co-founded by his brother Raphaël Guiton. Edouard worked as Rackham’s main character designer for many years, in addition to working on illustrations, covers, and concepts for different game and video game publishers.  

Edouard’s first comics, produced by Soleil, appeared in 2009. In that same year, Edouard began working with Ankama, an important, young French company, producing cartoons, video games, games, toys, and comics. Edouard lives and works in Paris.


“Hey Mr. Zombie, take these lead pills to ease your terminal pain!”

Doud had a spectacular skateboard accident mere hours before the zombie invasion. He awoke in the turmoil, as infected people were turning into zombies and began to attack anyone in sight. His will to live, however, was stronger than the zombie tide. Doud took anything he could find and turned it into a weapon, until he found his first real weapons. He was the one to Molotov the Hospital Central and turn it into a funeral pyre. Despite his awesome feat, Doud still has to be taken care of. Finding medical supplies in a devastated town isn’t easy. Hopefully, his new buddies will help him heal and once he’s in the green again... Payback time.



Little is known of Tomiko’s life before the zombies came. There are whispers that she was an anime cosplayer, a video game fanatic, or even an employee at an amusement park. However, people are in total agreement that she is now crazy. Even zombies seem to avoid Tomiko when she walks down the middle of the street shouting the only words she ever speaks, ‘Choppity-chop-chop!’ Tomiko is good in a fight, wielding her axe with psychotic vigor. Unfortunately, in the heat of battle she often doesn’t distinguish between the living and the dead, and for this reason she never lasts long with any survivor group.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these optional buys, please just click the Manage Pledge button on the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of each item you'd like to add. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our pledge manger.

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    1. ALDI on

      Do the doors pop apart so one can paint them and re-assemble them?

    2. Joseph Cheng on

      Too many doors. Hope I can get half of them with $20.

    3. John GT

      Anyone out there want to go "halvsies" on a 3D Door set? I'll put up the $40, and when it comes, we split the contents right down the middle (9 regular Doors, etc.) and you pay me back $20. (We'll have to figure out the non-splitable colored doors amongst ourselves...)

    4. Kenny Tan on

      USD40 for 69 doors.... may be a good deal but still too expensive for many! Why don't do a USD20 for 33 Doors... it will be more wallet friendly for more ppl and you may get an UPPANCE in pledge by just changing some numbers :D

    5. Abbath on

      I hope there will be a barricades only box.
      Because we definitely need more than 3 barricades if you look at the AN box content.

      The 3D stuff is great btw.

    6. Jonathan Coulombe on


    7. Jurgen Volders on

      I hope you guys breakdown the 3d doors in Seasonpacks. Since i'm a first time backer and won't buy S02 anytime soon, i can't use most of the doors. Pls consider it!

    8. Santiago on

      I will ask a friend if he want doors, sonwe can share them half by half, too many doors I wont use so ther should be less doors for less money

    9. Miranda Polsean on

      Too excited for these doors! We have been using a heroclix dumpster as the awesome part of any scenario. We always need a tile with a pile of garbage or dumpster to place our piece appropriately on the board. Very cool.

    10. Kosongz on

      Not getting this guest box. Too ... different ...

    11. Sharkey on

      Glad to see the 3D doors finally show themselves for the people that want them, not me personally. And I have no idea what to make of these artist survivors, maybe if they were last year's price of $15 I'd totally get them but they're definitely a different style of characters than what I'm used to. =P

    12. David Anderson

      I wish I could see a mock up of the doors and barricades on a map. I'm having trouble visualizing them. I can't decide if they will end up looking cool or if they will make things too cluttered.

    13. Jeremey on

      @Matthew, I think many of us are looking at the double wide mall doors from the standpoint of replacing existing card components with similar 3D counterparts.

    14. Matt Moylan on

      Two of the coolest survivors yet!

      And the doors turned out looking sharp, great deal. (Also LOL at the folks who haven't figured out how the mall double doors work yet, heh...

    15. Francois on

      Right now, i'm not convinced by the design of the doors ( while i totally love the barricade), i'm writting to see the final design since you say it´s just illustratrive, a final product picture is requiered to make me buy this one.

      However, the ravit is mine.

    16. Exile on

      @ Ian Allen I hope you take the time to read that little blue link beside the post comment button. It might help. As far as your .... poignant fail at sarcasm towards the guest box, seriously keep things to yourself. Some people don't like each of the guest survivor's that haven been released so far. But a likely equal number have liked them. It's call to each their own, and just because you don't like something doesn't mean you have to the right response in the manner you did.

    17. Charles Tuttle on

      Realizing how close we are to the Zanta sg...but then how far away we are from the next one, $1.5 million...ouch!

    18. KZ (KingZombie)
      on doors. It is becoming a bigger and bigger production to play. I'm going to need a dedicated room.

    19. Charles Tuttle on

      Is there a scenario that requires 19 plain doors?!?!

    20. Ian Allen

      If this is the direction designer boxes are going, let me design the next designer box please!!!!
      I will make a super fat Samoan character who went to hide in a toilet and got his head stuck. He was so strong that when he woke up from near drowning, he ripped the toilet off its foundations and now he wanders around with the toilet around his head and he calls himself "Toilet Head". He never says anything other than "I'm feeling a liitle bit FLUSHED" and he stabs zombies through the head with one of 20 toilet brushes that he sharpened the handles on and strapped to his body with duct tape.
      The second figure can be a hunchback with a huge spiked mohawk and man-boobs who has a bag of food that is so big that he moves at half speed because he has to drag it behind him, but he has grenades taped to each can and can blow himself up and take out any zombies/survivors in his area. Afterwards teammates can come to the area and get 3 food cards worth of rations from the remains...if they have a strong enough stomach to eat any of it. His name would be Suicide Brian.

    21. Evil Mushroom Games on

      Oh my days . still 12 days to go . I feel I may need to sell my soul and then some extra bits

    22. Nadim Alam on

      Finally we get the doors, only that i didnt expect this many!! Was only hoping for a few simple generic ones. I cant spend $40 on just doors and i know that i wont use them all ever!!

      You were better off releasing a $40 3d pack containing doors, objective tokens, barricades and a car. Something like that seems much more worth it!

      Please release a new batch of fewer generic doors please! Or please add them as a free stretch goal, like 5 of them or something!

      Why r the guest packs getting higher in price? $20 for two characters wow thats expensive, i like them but not worth the price!

    23. Big Tim Stiles

      WHOO! Another Guest Artist pack! I'm in.

      Don't really care for the plastic doors, but know lots of people have been excited about them, so happy for them.

      Now THIS is a great update! :)

    24. Garou on

      Will be a set of barricades? Only barticades?

    25. Exile on

      OH Tomiko, how will I ever use your psychosis to potentially kill people in our zombicide games.... Choppity chop chop. (insert maniacal laughter)

    26. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      Seriously they should make the doors exclusive... Bet that would up the pledges ;)

    27. Fish on

      Wow - reading his comment before posting it would be useful. Sorry for the double post:
      Love the Guest Boxes. Both japanese girls (Maki and Tomiko) are so awesome. Tomiko's zombivor is kinda scary (her teeth!). Love it. I don't want to buy non exclusive stuff (especially since the Shadows over Normandy Kickstarter ends the same week) but I guess this guest box won't wait!

    28. Fish on

      Love the Guest Boxes. Both japanese girls (Maki and Tomiko) are so awesome. Tomiko's zombivor is kinda scary (her teeth!). Love it. I dod'nt want to buy non exclusive stuff (especially since the Shadows aver Normandy started) but I guess this box won't wait!
      I won't get the doors but won't complaint for how much this set will help to go through the SG!
      So both OB are great. Now, I just need more Charlie's angels (old ones or movie ones) and I'll get everything I need!

    29. Terence Lee on

      I like the door idea, just because sometimes its hard to see at a glance where the doors are and which one are open or not.

    30. Missing avatar

      Steven Long on

      Not interested in the doors or barricade sets, as I think they'll be more hindrance than help. I'm liking the two new survivors though.

    31. John

      I'm ambivalent about the guest pack, but will pick it up since I'd like to encourage more packs in the future. Hopefully we have one or two more lined up for later in this campaign.

      As for the doors, unless additional markers are included, I'm going to take a pass on this. $40 is too high a price for the content.

    32. Terence Lee on

      It definitely is a good deal, but I just don't need that many doors....Give me half as many for half the price. :)

    33. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      69 doors for 40 bucks is a really good deal, it would be hard to find another similiar good offer.
      Most doors I saw in shops are most of the time much more expensive.

    34. Andy Wedmore on

      I love the door pack... I would have so bought these. BUT... A little too expensive for my taste. I can just make 3D doors out of plastic card for way less...
      I can see how some will jump on this though. Good luck!

    35. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      69 doors would make it possible to replace all tokens out of the boxes with 3d doors.

      It is a really good deal.

    36. Terence Lee on

      I love the doors and barricades, but seriously, do we need 69 doors?? Would be nicer if they broke it down in to smaller lots. I'm still waiting for some nice objective tokens too.

    37. C on

      If CMON offers 3D walls, I'm in trouble. :D

      Anyone think of a Monsters Inc. Door Factory diorama when they saw the doors? :D

    38. Ian Allen

      I love the door pack. More 3D stuff please! Now it is about twice as expensive as it should be, but I'm still glad to see things move in that direction.
      Worst figures in the game. I would never put those on the table in front of my group. Completely ridiculous looking. That French artist must think we are all idiots and that is his way of giving us the middle finger.
      Those figures are so awful that I am sure they will draw an immediate fan base that thinks they are the best figures ever, but that is the first box I will NEVER be buying despite my crazed desire to own everything.
      I can't believe someone with the Rakham pedigree would design such garbage for this game.
      For shame sir, for shame.

    39. sean stockton on

      Previous promo's have got to be more highly requested than 3d doors. And this is the first guest artist I haven't even considered.

    40. Alana on

      Love the new characters! Still thinking about the doors and barricades though. I like the idea of them but torn on the price since I'm already getting quite a bit. :)

    41. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      I'm loving the new complied poster of all the stuff we get on the main page... These new survives have really brought a fresh energy to the guest boxes, they are not based around boobs and macho stereo types... Definitely having these!!!

    42. Maff von Boltenstern on

      I'd prefer just barricades too

    43. Jean-Michel ROYERE on

      What a wonderful update ! I have wait a long time these 3d doors ! Next time 3D walls...
      It should be cool to think about a 3d box to store all theses precious things... ^_^

    44. caz

      @Jeremy I agree! I'm not sold on the doors but if we had objective markers too think I'd be up for it!

    45. Darren on

      Worse special survivor box ever. No thanks.

    46. Skritter on

      Can we buy just the extra Barricades on there own? I am interested in the barricades NOT the doors. This is a very expensive way to buy the barricades.

      Please a provide a separate optional purchase just for the barricades on there own!

    47. Jeremy Richert on

      I love this update!!! The 3D pack is amazing, and the special guest box too, these are great original characters. Another idea: 3D items to replace objectives token, with actual miniature items, that would bring even more life to the missions. And you know what? I woud be glad to pay for that :)

    48. donnbobhardy

      @Teskal - The update says they lock into the open position, so yes.