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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Meet your Angry Neighbors!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

During the Season 2 Kickstarter campaign, the "I Am Legend" and "I Am Zombie" levels allowed backers to be turned into Survivors or Zombies in an upcoming Zombicide box. Well, that box is the Angry Neighbors expansion, and now we get to meet the Zombicide incarnation of these backers!

Joining the Survivor ranks, we have Adam Von Bolterstern (Captain Maff), Julien Le Jeune (Shoogoo), Jeff Blakemore (Niranth), and Tiffany Reynolds (Wavsite).


"If you had the choice, would you go back to your previous life?"

Most people feel uneasy when meeting Adam for the first time. Such a cheerful guy has to be crazy! But Adam puts them at ease in a matter of minutes. He chose to enjoy his newfound life in the zombie apocalypse and gladly shares his positive vibes with anyone around. Except zombies, of course, who feel how proficient this happy warrior is with any weapon, especially melee ones.


"We all brought our own solutions to the zombie issue. Tell me about yours!"

A logical mind and skilled marksman, Jeff is used to bringing his unique point of view to any situation arising in the zombie world. More often than not, he's advocating the use of teamwork and precise strikes to reach the intended goals. But then come the times when he goes silent and single-handedly kills scores of zombies one headshot at a time.


"Stay focused, plan ahead, and pull the trigger!"

Asking about the past is considered impolite these days, but people can hear in Julien's accent that he comes from a foreign country, most probably Europe. Julien is really at ease with urban warfare. He defined a battle style balanced between fury and cold-bloodedness and proves an invaluable asset to the group while wielding any kind of shotgun.


"Let's turn the zombies into scream queens!"

Enthusiastic and ready to go to any length to protect her teammates, Tiff embodies the rock n' roll spirit among survivors. She's especially fond of pre-apocalypse items linked to lifestyle and music and likes to see herself as some kind of treasure hunter. Her most prized treasure, however, is her trusty SMG!

Then, filling out the ranks of Seeker zombies, we have the voracious undead versions of Andrew Welch, Rory Wickham, and Shawn Betty.

Finally, rounding out the figures in Angry Neighbors, we have the four types of Companions: the Searcher, the Gunman, the Handyman, and the Spotter.

For the Season 3 campaign, we will not be offering "I Am Legend" and "I Am Zombie" pledge levels due to logistic concerns. However, as we did on previous campaigns, one particularly constructive and enthusiastic backer will be chosen at the end of the campaign to become a Survivor for a future Game Night Kit!

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    1. Jeremey on

      Still holding out for some "horde markers" to help manage the number of figures in small spaces.

    2. Rod Mendes on

      I hope so, @Garou

    3. Garou on

      Is it included the guitar-axe of tiff in AN?

    4. Big Tim Stiles

      Maybe this is the last time they'll do it as a Kickstarter? They said that it'll be a while before Season 4.

    5. ALDI on

      So does the no more I am legend thing and cmon doing all this in one shipment mean this is the last season? I have been wondering this... I hope not!

    6. Big Tim Stiles

      @Ryan: Same here mate.

    7. Zachary Morales on

      That would be the coolest thing ever to be turned into a survivor!!!

    8. Paint'Riot Studio

      World cup finish ! Germany win ! We can all do a Zombicide !
      Tomorrow I continue painting Smith ! I hope new stretch come tomorrow !

    9. Ryan Fearon on

      Aw man, I was hoping the I am legend would open up later! I was watching all day before the kickstarter went up to try and grab one. Oh well, still going to grab everything else!

    10. Paint'Riot Studio

      @valente:yes maybe a mistake of my phone,I'm from France,a foreign country for Americans ;)

    11. Francois on

      Valente, not Vincent ^^ i suspect your i pad corrected my name :p
      I'm also belgian (belgium is a european country by the way)

    12. Shoogoo on

      I'm belgian :)

    13. Paint'Riot Studio

      It's me the next Legend survivor !
      I agree Vincent Francois about Europe who is a continent and not a country...julien maybe French,English,Spanish.....

    14. Big Tim Stiles

      I think Uncle Honk looks close enough to me anyway, I'll just tell people he's my IAM LEGEND pledge :)

    15. ALDI on

      We could use more police officers in the game... if only one of us here was an officer ;)

      Anyways, i am usually a lurker and post ocassionally, so my vote goes to scott as my observational skills have shown him to be one of the most active persons in the online community since the beginning of season 1!

    16. Sharkey on

      Wow, that is truly flattering, thank you! However I believe there are for more worthy backers that deserve the free survivor:


      I however am more than happy and capable to do the "I Am Legend" pledge if/when it returns! =D

    17. Francois on

      Might be my english but it fêlés like you consider Europe as a country. Not the case.

    18. Paint'Riot Studio

      Love Julien survivor,he looks like a little me and Tiff survivor with her guitar axe !
      If a day,I do my own survivor,I will choose chainsaw as weapon,I love play chainsaw and melee survivors !

    19. Micah Rose on

      Is Sharkey a character yet? He deserves it more than anyone else, in my opinion.

    20. Jonathan on

      Had a 2 day/night play session with my friends this weekend and we wondered if there would ever be a way to make our own characters. When I mentioned the 'I Am Legend' pledges they all hopped on to see if one was available. Alas their dreams were dashed.
      These look great, and hopefully match what the backers envisioned. I have so many ideas for what mine would've looked like if I'd had the chance. :I

    21. Lance on

      love 'em! about the gaming night thing: you will decide the next lucky guy/girl based on amount pledged or just between the backers using a random generator number?

    22. Maff von Boltenstern on

      I'll change my profile to just my face in a few days. But I am so happy with how my survivor turned out.

    23. Rod Mendes on

      AN Surviors are so more cooller than RM Survivors
      Just saying...

    24. Simon Crouch on

      Those are pretty rad.

    25. Shoogoo on

      @Sharky - Hopefully that doesnt diminishes people's chances to have Jason as a survivor.

    26. Sharkey on

      *sigh* There goes my hope for being "I Am Legend" for this Season. =<

      Hey look, turns out you're our Jason Vorhees as a Zombivor! XD

    27. Tiff Reynolds

      @Skritter - I'm also super happy, the bass-axe turned out great and my character looks like she can kick some serious zombie butt! Too bad they didn't have the pledge levels this time though - I know some folks had saved up to get it.

    28. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      I think you have done an amazing job... Jeff reminds me of the guy from 'garth marenghi's darkplace'... It's English so you Americans out there probably haven't see it... :) it's a comedy taking the piss out of 70's horror...

    29. Joshua on

      Am I the only one who's first thought was, "Europe isn't a foreign country..."?
      (Nor is it a country.)

    30. Shoogoo on

      @Skritter - Initially I wanted to wear a pig mask even on my survivor version, so no. No rip off here, super happy with the outcome.

    31. Skritter on

      I think Julien got ripped off with his Zombivor, you cant even see his face. It could be anyone. They all look cool tho, hope all the "I Am Legend' are happy with the outcome.

    32. Daming Fu on

      Wow you legends really appear in the comments!

    33. Jeremey on

      Very cool... totally dig these four survivors.

    34. Charles Tuttle on

      Would it be possible to see some head shots of these awesome backers?

    35. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      They came out really great. I think I will cover up juliens zombivor wounds with green stuff and paint him like a normal survivor, I love the goalie mask!
      Actually you guys kind of look like some people of our gaming group, I think you will be chosen a lot ;)
      And the companions are awesome, especially the spotter. I think my gf will use her as proxy for a fitting survivor..

    36. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      Loving the axe made from a guitar on Tiffany.

    37. Rick S. on

      Looking really good guys...
      I'll paint these first! I wish the spotter and handyman where survivors though, especially the spotter.

    38. Jonathan Coulombe on

      UPDATE ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok not super pertinent as a comment but YEAAAAH)

    39. Niranth on

      Keep in mind the pictures I gave them were from 1981. That already had a heavy set guy with a beard.

    40. Justin Hamel on

      Hell yes I am enthusiastic about killing zombies!!! Ohh wait what are we talking about?!?

    41. Kosongz on

      I always wondered how Niranth looks like. :)

    42. Big Tim Stiles

      Oh man! Please consider opening up the I AM LEGEND pledge again! I wanna be a Zombicidd piece so bad!

    43. KZ (KingZombie)

      Hey, it's me!