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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

1,350k reached! Next stretch goal and Compendium optional buy revealed!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We've reached the 1,350k stretch goal, unlocking the Zombivor version of Seth to all backers!

Onwards to our next stretch goal!

And to help us on our way, here's a new optional buy: the Zombicide Compendium #1 book!

The Compendium #1 contains 59 missions created for Zombicide Season 1. It includes official missions, Kyoko Contest missions, the Switch City campaign and the exclusive Boomtown campaign! It also contains a special designer's note revealing the secret ways to customise the Equipment deck and Zombie deck to suit your games.

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    1. Louis Perrochon on

      Other ideas for the compendium: Include all (S1-S3) the survivors and their stats, all the skills, all the tiles, all the weapons, etc. This may add a few dollars per book, but it could be a stretch goal.

    2. ALDI on

      It looks like a hardcover book from the pics. I like the fact that the missions are all in one book, professionally done. I also love these vip zombies (santa is hilarious)... great for custom missions/objectives!

    3. Vincent, Wandering Samurai of Brimstone on

      My reason to add the Compendium to my pledge: apart from the "free" missions from the GG website, it also contains the Boomtown Campaign + Ravage scenario's. If I were to hunt those down through back issues It'd cost me an arm and a leg.
      Plus the Compendium goes about 25$ retails while we backers can get our grubby lil' hands on it for a lousy 15$!!!

    4. Anthony B

      But Mommy, I don't want to sit on that Santa's lap!

    5. Madcap422 on

      I agree with Donovan. What do we have? Like two black characters? Nima and the fireman. Oh, and the "undercover cop" in the guest box. Lets get some more diversity in the zombie apocalypse.

    6. Andrew on

      CMON - can you clarify that the compendium is hard cover?

    7. Big Tim Stiles

      @Nico: Sooooooooo many people crying about nothing. Do you think this is wise?

    8. Ophelia on

      Personally, I'd like to see some more African-American males added to the game. Not stereo type ones either. The fireman is a damn good un. Also, I'd like to see more eye candy models.

      I failed to kickstart season 2, I didn't even know it was happening, so I missed out in Dakota. I did however kickstart both reaper mini kickstarters. Couldn't hit f5 fast enough.

    9. C on

      @Stephen: fwiw, You can get most of the Compendium content already online, not to mention fanmade scenarios.

      Personally, I prefer printing out a single scenario, tossing it into the box until it gets played, and throwing it or giving it away or whatever after playing. I'd like to hear why others prefer the hardback because I occasionally review PDF RPG adventures. Thanks in advance!

    10. Thormars on

      Excellent ! J'adore Santa Claus Zombie !
      The optional buying compendium is a good ideal. Great book for more great playing.
      So, actually, the campaign is growing up to slowly (at least, 1250k is a awesome score). I think is too slow because this campaign can do much better. Zombicide is so an excellent gaming experience !
      Give us some team survivors (like A-team, Expandables, Stars from Resident Evil, and So on !), some 3D sceneries much sooner, and we'll see quicklier the next stretch goals.
      I know, I insist on it, but with the PvP in Rue Morgue, it's a nice moment to put back the kickstarter seasons 1/2 exclusives survivors on optional buying.

    11. Nico on

      @CMON: Soooo long to the next stretch goal?!?!?! Do you think this is clever?

    12. Neil H on

      I have already printed off the majority of the missions but sometimes a nice book with professionally printed pages is nice, so will most likely add this to my pledge, depends on my budget really.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      The only thing I have to criticize:
      I like it more when you can see two stretch goals in advance. But that's just my personal opinion.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      To all those who complain about the compendium. Even if you can get most of them for free, I do a simple calculation when it comes to stuff like this:
      It takes time to download and print each mission and put it in a binder. Also, printing color pages in good quality on good paper also costs a bit of money. I would say about 5 cents ( euro) per page. So it's around 5€ for printing, plus the binder, plus the cost of my time. That's a lot more than 15$, at least for me. Also it is hardcover, another plus. I think it's a nice move if you don't want to invest the time to do it yourself, but if you want to, you don't have to buy it.

    15. Timo Honold

      I hope you will do a book for S2
      and more 3d parts and vip are enough

    16. Alderman Jack on

      No, he actually gets turned into a zombie for NOT giving us Z3 for Christmas ;-)

    17. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      I'm guessing with the new santa zombie your hoping to get this set sent out before christmas??!!! :)

    18. Alderman Jack on

      Very much pleased with Santa and Compendium! Love the sculpt and confess to also being too lazy to search the interweb. Thanks, GG.

    19. Matthew White on

      Thank you for the compendium. I am extremely excited to have extensive missions in a proper book, as I hate using the internet to organize and gather such info, it feels disorganized and cumbersome to me. Books are so much better, and easier to use as I can keep it with the game. (: So thank you, and keep going!

    20. Kosongz on

      Can we buy the barricades? That would really help with the pledge.

      Also, how much will shipping to Malaysia be?

      And yes, I agree. Season 2 was really exciting. It got me checking for updates the second I wake up, everyday.

    21. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      I'm excited to see the 3D doors, some more free barricades would be very handy... Also, thanks for the Santa, it's going to really fun painting him up!!

    22. Jeremy Richert on

      I did Season 2 KS and it was much more exciting... Here we juste have more and more VIP zombies... could we have something different, such as new 3D materials like the barricades?

    23. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      I agree with you @christopherbattles... I've pledged my budget, and I'm happy to sit back, enjoy the ride and see all the fun free stuff they add, people complaining about free stuff is very rude, it's like they don't understand
      how industry works and how hard these people work... You do realize you sound like spoilt brats!? It's fine having a idea or suggestion about game content and designs that could help the game evolve, but please, people, grow up!!

    24. Stephen Cowart on

      I'd love to see a pdf for $5. I'd pledge for one of those. A book of missions for $15? Ehhh I'll hold off on that.

    25. Christopher Battles on

      To Steve and all the others complaining about this update:

      Are you honestly complaining about the RATE at which we get free stuff? Please keep in mind—there's no requirement that a Kickstarter campaign offer stretch goals at all. They're designed to increase the value of each pledge and entice more people to sign up. Not to mention that they require Guillotine and CMON to put additional work into the project.

      The reason that Zombicide campaigns have been so successful is simple: they offer tremendous value for your money. For the most part, all you have to do is pledge your $150, and then sit back as you start racking up MOUNTAINS OF FREE STUFF. Awesome, useful, exclusive stuff. Are any of you seriously cancelling your pledges because we're getting slightly less free stuff?

      The gap to the next stretch goal is 75K. Fine with me. Feel free to act like the world's ending, but I'm excited to have zombie Santas. For free. Without having to do anything. If you don't think you're getting your money's worth, pop over to eBay and see how much full sets of Season 2 are going for. Or, better yet, vote with your wallet—the rest of us will be hanging out here collecting our TONS OF FREE STUFF.

    26. Hans von Z on

      this is a win-win update for me , gotta love a Santa zombie ! AND a compendium of missions ? ohh sweet ! and i don't care if they can all be found online because i'm too lazy and have never looked online for mission and now i won't have to .
      this gets $15 from me for sure .

      and about SG stretching from 50K to 75K ? every KS i've been in has increasing prices on stretch goals at some point , you can't raise X millions of dollars by giving away stuff every 25k and still expect to make money . to hear some people complain you'd think CMON was asking them to pay the 75K all by themself to get the stretch goal .

    27. Stephen Forchielli on

      As some one who WON THE KYOKO CONTEST the fact they're releasing this as an add on kinda sucks. The fact KYOKO was released other than by winning sucked. I AM THE REASON ZOMBICIDE SURVIVES!! Respect me dammit!!!

    28. Simon Crouch on

      Santa is awesome, pass on the compendium. I second the idea of 1.3 million and still we aren't seeing a ton of swag just more optional buys. I love Zombicide and I'll probably buy all the options, but really to me they seem underwhelming. What has gg raised in total, over five million right, not counting retail, why aren't we rocking more swag?

    29. David Lee Seymour on

      Non-Stop Zombivore! =D Cool! an santa had me laughing for quite a while =)

    30. Andrew C on

      I love the compendium, but as I said before, I'd love a compendium of the characters and their bio's/skills. The cards only give you a name and skill, no background information.

    31. Madison Hanks on

      Is this book new missions or what is available online their website?

    32. Pat Gallagher on

      @ Steve Cuffe. Interesting. Please show this "math" you've done to back up your statements, since Thiago's statement makes sense to me and is actually along the lines of what I was expecting for this "mid-game" stretch of the campaign. Signed, somebody who has also been onboard Zombicide since the very start and has a grasp of the difference between the words "business" and "charity"

    33. Benkus83 on

      I agree with a pdf version of compendium, & that the Santa sculpts should be exclusives.

    34. Big Tim Stiles

      Well, if Steve has crunched the numbers, I guess that's that, yeah? And if Steve says free Compendiums for everyone, then free Compendiums for everyone is the business model that MUST be adhered to, DAMMIT!

    35. Martin Gregory

      Why not a free PDF of the compendium and have the hardcover as an addon?

    36. Donald Weed

      This announcement is having the opposite effect with me. I had pledged for two sets of exclusive dice but would like the scenario book more so I can reduce my pledge by $5.

    37. Nostromodamus on

      TL;DR - Steve doesn't agree with the numbers that CMON/GG have figured will work for their business and wants the Compendium for free, because reasons.

    38. Steve C on

      To Mr. Aranha,
      I read your statement below about the increased level for funding in order to supply the game to everyone.
      Honestly, I can't say I agree.
      I completely understand the nature of 'crowdfunding' -- I am pledging my money in order for this product to be developed and produced so that every one can enjoy it, not just for the backers of today, but hopefully for a long time like to come, for the future players.
      I also understand 'exclusives' for those backers and supports, and I thank you and Guillotine fro keeping your word on exclusives being exclusive, and extras and stretch goals are nice, too. I like those.
      I am a long time supporter of Zombicide from a K/S angle, having joined up way back when Guillotine Games started Zombicide, before the phrase for it was coined as being 'Season1'.
      I love and truly enjoy Zombicide, warts and all.
      And I hope there are multiple seasons to come and further add-ons that enhance the game and are available to everyone eventually. Who's to say an Aliens/Predator/Robocop/Bigfoot/Haunted House/3-D Terrain like cars and Helicopters and tanks and crashed helicopters and ruined tanks/Camels/Monkeys and Apes/and why the hell not Santa Claus and his merry band of reindeer can't find a way in to Zombicide?
      But I just did the math (I'm a bit slow-- ask anyone who knows me), and this may have been stated already -- but $75,000.00? That's SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, or '75K' to others, for a new figure?
      Because at 1,350,000, that's ONE MILLION THREE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, is it not enough already?
      Holy Smokes (and that's not the word I just said out loud before I typed this), that seems to me like a lot of cash to reach this goal so it can be feathered out for shipping for Season Three.
      With all due respect, is Guillotine Games running out of money?
      Because it seems to me that you sure aren't running out of cool ideas to keep this game series alive (no pun intended) and vibrant.
      I will no doubt be ordering the exclusives in addition to my topped out pledge. I will no doubt be adding more $$$ when you offer new things.
      I will be doing this because I enjoy the game and enjoy the depth Guillotine Games brings with every new survivor.
      I'll be adding on the Compendium. although I think I should get one for free if the campaign hits -- what ever level of Billions it hits.
      Let me throw out the thought that if Guillotine Games wants this high of a stretch goal, maybe the figure should be 'exclusive' and throw in some special 'Christmas' rules. Let it be something all of us want to throw in for.
      Heck, I like the idea of a Santa-type survivor or Zombie boss (Or both, or Evil Santa's Twin Zombie Boss brother) that has special rules that apply only for the month of December or Christmas Eve through to New Years, or something zany like that.
      Again, I mean no insult or disrespect and I will be emptying out my wallet again for this campaign, and happy to do it, but this is the first time I have ever posted for ANY of the Zombicide campaigns and after seeing this, it doesn't somehow sit right and I am compelled to voice my thoughts and hope to offer some thing constructive out from them.
      Or maybe Guillotine could call a spade a spade and let us know that a level needs some extra $$$ for shipping.
      I am way okay with late shipping, extra $$ for shipping, (which is what we all have do already), missed dates. I know you will get every one what they ordered, I am okay with Guillotine Games amazing support for the game, I am excited to see the ideas that come running out of your office.
      I get giddy whenever I break out the game and get down to business of playing.
      I wish, I hope, there is maybe consideration for something a bit more even in this stretch goal, or some consideration for a bit more game play, or making this reach and exclusive.
      Or something.
      75k is a lot. When we are already paying for shipping costs on top of our pledge, I'm already willing to pay the $11 for shipping just like you ask for on the home page of this campaign.
      With 75K you can own a home where I live.
      Thank you for your post, I appreciate the honesty of your comment, and thanks to every one at Guillotine Games for the effort that goes in to this mammoth of a great game that many of enjoy.
      Lastly Mr. Aranha, I hope none of my comments have been insulting or been out of line, if I have insulted anyone, I sincerely apologize.
      Thank you for your time.
      I doubt I will be posting again.

    39. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      I think you should explain it in the next update again. Not that I think everyone will read it, but it could help a little. Putting it in the FAQ could be also a good idea, it was often enough asked for it.

    40. Steve C on

      I think the Compendium should be a stretch goal

    41. Thiago Aranha on

      The increase in the gap between stretch goals was inevitable, and believe me, we held it off as long as we possibly could. With the amount of total backers always increasing, covering the cost of each next stretch goal, plus supplying all the previous stretch goals to new backers necessitates a steady increase in the gap betwen goals.
      As for why the increase is "sooner" than S2, the reason is because what mandates the increase is not the total pledged, but the number of backers, since stretch goals must be supplied for all of them. The average per backer in this campaign is considerably lower than the corresponding moment in the S2 campaign, therefore for the same pledge total this campaign has a lot more backers that need to be supplied.

    42. ✩Don E✩

      $75k for Santa ouch....I guess it is not christmas. Or maybe it is since I usually overspend during Christmas.

    43. The D of D&E on

      I'm not complaining, I'm just impatient lol

    44. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      @Marcelo Nunes Medeia
      Even if there are 4 SG's less, there are already much more different sculpts in this KS. I have not the mini count of S2 in the moment, but I think even this is in S3 already higher.

    45. The D of D&E on

      I really don't want to wait till February to save $5, I go buy it right now if I could

    46. Paul Brown on

      I don't know why I bother looking at the comments. Sooo many haters

    47. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Donald:yes,but not at this price.

    48. Paint'Riot Studio

      Ho ho ho ! It's Christmas in July ! 75k to !
      I hope to see a new survivor after that stretch...

    49. Filippos Pappas on


      thats what GG posted on facebook some time ago
      " this book will contain all official Season 1 Missions published until the early days of October 2013"

      even missions from the magazines will be included

    50. r3d_tiger

      As I said before they are taking us for a ride. If they can post these updates why can't they reply to questions asked in the comments or find out shipping cost so we know what were dealing with.