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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Classic Optional Buys Added!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hey zombie hunters! We've got a couple of throw-back classic Zombicide optional buys for you guys to pick up!

If you'd like any of these optional buys, just go to the Zombicide Kickstarter page and click the manage pledge button. In the pledge manager add the cost of each item you'd like to buy to your pledge. We'll sort out the details of your optional buys in our pledge manager after the campaign has finished. 


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    1. Eli Butcher on

      @C, I personally paint everything. I won't buy a preprinted figure though because with every layer of paint, you lose a little detail. So it's bad when I try to reprint it.

    2. Thiago Soares Leite on

      I want the dice from S1 as a add on! =)

      also the dice from game night kits

    3. C on

      @Hail: Agreed. I blame KS backers who WANT exclusives. I've read about campaigns where the creators were asked if they had exclusives. It's to the point where CMON is adding exclusives to *Eurogames*. Great. Thanks, KS backers.

      To cure the exclusives OCD, I recommend painting! (: Not only will these exclusives look like unfinished product, not only will you stop paying $5 for a miniature made of soft PVC plastic, but your exclusive miniature will *decrease* in value once you paint it!

      Some KS I've been in don't do these EBs or exclusives, and I at least look at them a second time because of it. I usually give a pass at CMON's other KS because of EBs and exclusives. has a forum for proxies, so pick up a brush, paint a few minatures, and devalue your collection today! :P

    4. donnbobhardy

      "Generally, people that stick up for the "hey it needs to stay exclusive on KS" are generally those buying up extras to sell on ebay, and are the ones making the money, or are planning to." I think this is an over-generalization. Most of us are just sick of the conversation that goes on and on and never goes anywhere. I went out and got proxies for the stuff I missed.

    5. Aaron "HARDCORE" F on

      Hey everyone,
      I put a rules question on forum. If anyone can answer it would be appreciated.…

    6. Eli Butcher on

      +1 @Hail, I agree completely

    7. Hail Cthulhu on

      I personally don't understand getting excited or motivated to buy/get involved with a product because I will get something exclusive. I would prefer everything be made available to the community that plays the game or uses the product. I definitely see the marketing benefit for a company to use the exclusive product approach, as it obviously works, but I do not appreciate it as a consumer or player of the game. I think it's lame, I also think it's lame that I have heard people complain about the hypothetical release of past exclusives would cause their collection to drop in worth or that they would be pissed because CMON made them exclusive and those people want to feel special, warm and fuzzy having their little collection of sfuff that not very many other people get to use. It appeals to a certain type of person and that is fine, I just don't get it. This isn't meant to offend, just my opinion.

    8. Eli Butcher on

      @Steve, the prices are outrageous in comparison to what the person paid for them. Most often, those people bought extras for the specific purpose to make that money off of them. They have every right to do this, primarily because there is a limited supply of them, and people want the characters from CMON/GG and not proxies.

      I'm not bothered that they do this, but I would also like the original characters without spending that kind of money or purchasing generics, so it only makes sense for people to request them to remake those so they can get them for $10, rather than $100.

      Generally, people that stick up for the "hey it needs to stay exclusive on KS" are generally those buying up extras to sell on ebay, and are the ones making the money, or are planning to.

    9. Steve Boley on

      I don't get the "prices are outrageous" on ebay comment. Its called supply and demand. No one is being forced to spend the money. They want to. One of the draws to the kick-starter concept is the special stuff you exclusively get. If not exclusive - why bother really? I was not involved in Season 1. Didn't know about it. If I REALLY want those Season one KS Specials, guess I'll need to cough up the money! :) So keep it coming!!!! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Irmgaal on

      @Edouard, thanks for the answer ;)

      +1 for Extra tiles with police station too.
      +1 for a kickstarter exclusive dice towers (with special design) and another one (simple) without art as add-on

    11. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Irmgaal:boxes content and kickstarter exclusive survivors are in English,other box like Guest box,zombies dogs,additional zombies are rules and cards in French,English and Spanish.

    12. Felipe Machado on

      CMON is pretty smart with Kickstarters... I have to admit that.

      Sure, announcing more SGs could make more people pledge now... But they're trying to keep the KS running at a certain pace... Avoiding stagnation in the amount pledged, that could lead to a lot more complaints and people thinking the KS is over and blah blah blah...

      With that said... I really think they could keep showing the next 2~3 SGs...
      Specially when the next SG is a boring one like this Zombivor guy... =/

      But, let's go! I know we'll have some good surprises before this KS is over.

      Also... +999 to tiles with a Police Station, or a Pharmacy, or a Gas Station... Things like that.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Miller on

      I'd love to be able to get some of the S1 exclusives. Otherwise the only way I'd be able to get them would be to attend a US convention or bend over a barrel for someone on Ebay.

    14. Daniel

      I've been a backer since season 1, so I never really paid much attention to the 'fuss' about the exclusives.

      Reading comments on this update I decided to try and actually do a search on zombicide on ebay to see what kind of prices we are talking about...

      Seriously... Some of those prices are outragous, and they have bids on them, even.

      For the sake of stopping moneygrabbing like the exclusives have turned into from people buying them purely to sell them on, stop with the exclusiveness and make the old exclusives available again. Those "2nd hand" prices are not ethical right, seriously...

    15. r3d_tiger

      You can lower your pledge if you wish. I have done it in the past with other projects. There is a minimum though.

    16. donnbobhardy

      @Lance - The pledge manager will let you raise your level and add things, but I don't think it lets you lower your pledge amount or level.

    17. FoolsBane on

      That doesnt help anybody or unveil any SGs to wait at the end to make your purchase. Do it now instead and make things go forward.

    18. Nadim Alam on

      Aswell as the doors please also add 3d objective tokens, and 3d minis for rubble, car, pimp car.

      I would also really like to see the team building deck with zombivor cards, please add this as i want to shuffle them in with the main deck!


    19. Layzen Rupi on

      I will wait for the last day and then buy all the optional buys in one go

    20. G-R-B-Herb on


      People won't give you an answer because they want you to give more money, so we might get more SG's. Regardless if you'll be able to pay the bills for the next month.

      If it's anything like S2 you will be able to add or remove things from the pledge after the KS ends. I'm planning on adding more to the pledge if they bring back that option again too, since I don't get paid till like two days after the KS ends.

    21. Lance on

      i think they are all english

    22. Missing avatar

      Irmgaal on

      Hi, are the previous seasons available only in english or is it possible to choose another langage?

    23. Joe Crane on

      @lance, send them a message better luck getting an answer then.

    24. Thormars on

      @yoann "qui ne demande rien n'a rien" ^^
      More than you get, more than you want :-P
      Someday, we'll have more survivors than zombies. Like than, we'll play zombies survivors in a world with dangerous humans everywhere...
      So, it's time to stop sugar in coffee O:-)

    25. Lance on

      and still no answer... i know that it would be better to pledge higher now but that can't be done in my case... i need to estimate shipping costs first! that's why i asked how does the pledge manager work after the campaign is finished! cani add or remove whatever i want? can i change my pledge level too? thank you and hope i was clear!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jesus H on

      ***Last part was missing ****
      * tile with extra vehicles (heavy armour car, tank, motorbike, quad, limousine...) This would be nice!

      I know.... A lot of dreaming but... I think these SG would raise high interest!

    27. MAZE GAMES on

      @thomas maufroid. Thomas stop asking for s1/s2 exclusives it will never happen... You will have to play with mines... ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Jesus H on

      Hi everyone!
      The KS is REALLY nice, but i would agree last two updates have been a little dissapointing... I would like more SG (different to zombivors of characters we already know).
      My "two cents" for next easy to meet SG:
      * additional equipment/search deck, with heavy weapons (hi-power, two hand required, card with weapon side printed horizontally) and scaryAgghhs (toxics, bersekers, fatties... instead of easytokill walkers)
      * 3d doors! I agree they may be great but i would need about 15 for my average scenario!
      * tile

    29. Manuel Jesús Moreno Ruano on

      This kickstarter dont move. Plastic scenary 3D please!

    30. Carly Jurss on

      Eep! Now I have to find more money! <3 to have the option to get all at once though!

    31. Thormars on

      As you give us back the Season 1/2 for optional buy, the kickstarter exclusive survivors could be nice to create extra PvP parties :p

    32. Christian on

      Hm,i'd be glad to see less optional buys but more survivors that would be added for everyone;)

    33. C on

      Much like zombies, the discussion for S1 and S2 exclusives will never die. :P

      Anyway, green dice, purple dice, skill decks, and Army Painter Zombicide paint sets! :D

    34. Herbert Salades

      i want green dice

    35. Pandemonium Games on

      @Micah Its about $160 for each zombicide season at my FLGS, but that doesnt change the fact that amazon has it much cheaper with shipping to Aus.

    36. Micah Rose on

      @Leo The optional first and second season are mostly for people in Europe. In the UK, Prison Outbreak retails for £79.99 at my FLGS, about $130. As you can see, $80 is much cheaper.

    37. Pandemonium Games on

      Are these going to have additional shipping? Because otherwise I could just buy these of amazon, get them sooner, and cheaper, and I live in Australia.

    38. Josh Deason on

      The only thing I currently don't own is the first Walk of the Dead box, hopefully that is added to the optionals so I can pick it up here.

    39. Eli Butcher on

      @Simon, This update was really just announcing now Optional Buys. The big thing is that they're higher dollar ones that I've seen a lot of people ask for. Hopefully this will give a boost in the pledge amounts, and push us through a few SG pretty quickly.

      I'm surprised, that with only one more SG currently announced, that we should hit fairly quickly, that they haven't announced the next few SG to try to help existing backers excited get more motivated.

      I'm glad they finally announced these options, even though I already own all the games, but I'm going to wait in anticipation for the future SG. There are several things it could be, most of them positive.

    40. Eli Butcher on

      @Don, I'm one of those people who'd love to have a version of the old special characters too. I know they won't reissue them, but we can dream. And there's always a sliver of hope that if there's enough demand, they may change their minds and offer "something" eventually. But you know the conversation will never die. Then when season 4 rolls around, people will start bringing it up again. Lol

    41. Simon Crouch on

      This is not exciting to me, I can get these from amazon, how about something I can't . Just my opinion.

    42. donnbobhardy

      "Release the old exclusive"? Are we still going on about that? It's not going to happen. Can't everyone just give it a rest?

    43. Best Bay Comics & Games

      Release the old exclusives, so there will actually be some excitement. People have had a few years to ebay scalp the darn things, but with us getting all the characters in the deck as well as the character boards, you are just asking us to spend our money buying proxy models from other companies.

    44. Charles Tuttle on

      Well, my daughters have tons of LEGO doors that would work...

    45. Hans von Z on

      why doors ? after the crash and burn of the 25th anniversary HeroQuest KS i went and found a used copy on ebay . that game has 3d doors and it's a lot of fun to have the players go up to a closed door and swap it for an open one . so i think Zombicide would be fun to play that way too . YMMV

    46. Eli Butcher on

      @Charles Tuttle, I'm all gung-ho bout the doors because I'd like to eventually replace all tiles with 3D replacements. It increases to atmosphere and tone of the game, along with lighting and music. I've been able to find barricades, objectives, rubble, Ratz and fire for house rule gameplay. The one thing that I CAN NOT find are decent doors. So I'm REALLY excited about doors, and additional barricades for variety.

    47. Joe Crane on

      @lance as far as my understanding is it's better for all of us if we pledge what we are going to spend before it ends. That way we unlock more stretch goals.

    48. Charles Tuttle on

      BTW, I am in this for $255, so I have put money where my mouth is...

    49. Charles Tuttle on

      Some of my post disappeared...damn meatfisted typing.

      *SPOILED. I want a chance to get all of the new, sexy things that seemed to ben ore prevalent in the previous campaigns. I cannot fathom paying some of the ebay prices for the few promo survivors I want, so I want to pacify with something else. Seriously, where is the other big run of survivors? Yes, I know we will be getting 20, but like Veruka Salt I cannot be satisfied...

    50. Joe Crane on

      Wow... Um you guys realize these are add ons? And you don't have to buy them? But the people who do buy them, and if you read the comments there are lots who have asked for this will buy them, thus adding to the over all total and that money will go to stretch goals. Or people can buy them somewhere else and that money does not go to stretch goals? I'm not happy with the way they are doing some things but this is something people have asked for that does not make them break promises and helps us reach the SG's.