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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

1,300k Met!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We hit 1,300k earlier this morning! Now anyone purchasing Benny will also get his Zombivor version!

 We're also closing in on the next stretch goal at 1,3500k!

 Let's keep spreading the word and adding more backers! We still have more stretch goals left to be revealed! 

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    1. Kenny Tan on

      CMON/GG let me teach u a few things in Making backers happy... (ESPECIALLY WITH SO MANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS IN ALL YOUR UPDATES RECENTLY) - Throw in a special (AND I MEAN REALLY SPECIAL) Free gift in your next update. Something like EVERYBODY GETS 3D Cards as Appreciation~! BOOM... instant POSITIVITY~!

    2. Philippe Proteau on

      Hmmm... And here it goes again... More negative comments.

      @CMON: this is my second campaign that I support for you and one of many considering all the others and honestly, this is the worst campaign I have ever seen.

      All other campaigns I have been on have always been full of positive comments, constructive questions and the likes.

      Rare were/are the negative comments. However, this campaign collects them by the hundreds.

      You should reconsider your strategy and have a discussion with the people running this campaign because this is not working well.

      My prediction: yeah, you will make money. Not as much as it would if it were better run and that you'd actually responded. Zombicide 4 might actually under perform because of this campaign and that is if it doesn't affect all your future campaigns.

      Even worst, you might actually start loosing supporters on THIS campaign... Is it really what you want? Being hated by so many??

      Come on CMON. Change the strategy here. Only you can generate a positive or negative reaction in people with this campaign... Question is, will you? I'm not betting my pay check on it...


    3. Joshua Leslie on

      I call shenanigans that we didn't get any stretch goals between $1.3 million and $13.5 million. We should have at least gotten one more dice bag at like the $10 million mark.

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Friedli II on

      Or I suppose the person @CMON should check their's lol

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Friedli II on

      @Mark Check your math amigo :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Fall on

      No this is huge news we've nearly hit $13500k! That's 13 mil!

    7. donnbobhardy

      @Arsonor - Actually, 5 had a gameplay video, so it was head and shoulders above this update.

    8. donnbobhardy

      @Arsonor - So there were 2. During this campaign, it's only been 1... out of every 2.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rob Nowakowski on

      +1 Disappointing update

    10. SquishyD on

      How is this an update.... Might as well wait till there's something substantial to report.

    11. Exile on

      @Sean and everyone else. GG has stated on every occasion that they don't re-release promos. They just don't, its not worth wasting the time, space and energy on.

      This "update" is true trolololololololol. I approve.

    12. Sean Reeder on

      I'd personally love to see the opportunity to back some previously KS exclusive survivors. I came into Zcide in season 2 so I can't complete The Big Bang Theory without hundreds of dollars on eBay. I want Dave.

    13. Anders H. Pedersen

      I am also very disappointed with the update.
      Actually the entire campaign has felt a bit meh.
      And, yes, I was a backer of both previous campaigns.

    14. Arsonor

      @Don Bob Hardy - here are a couple of updates during the last campaign without new stretch goals:
      Update 5, 38.
      There are others that highlight gameplay and things like Grindlock's connection to "Hellfest". I am willing to give them time to release more info here.

    15. Missing avatar

      Picot Sylviane on

      that's it? i'm disappointed too...

    16. Michael Melbourne on

      @Matthew: I'm not convinced the negative comments are coming from Haters, just people that want to see more. I have pledged for all 3 seasons and have watched patiently each time to see what the next stretch goal is. I want this Kickstarter to destroy last years, but in my opinion, I think you would bring those people sitting on the fence to pledge if they could see what is coming down the pike, not just the next stretch. This is not the last KS, so do something new to liven it up.

    17. Lance on

      it's not hate or anything... it's just a meaningless update that doesn't add anything to talk about! at least the previous one gave as something to talk about team rules and the survivors included in the box.... this one it's just... plain boring i guess

    18. donnbobhardy

      @Josh - Please post links to the meaningless updates in the last campaign. It was awhile ago, but I recall them having actual information in them.

    19. Matt Moylan on

      Don't listen to the few haters guys. Keep doing what you're doing. This KS already offer great value and the slow reveals work great just like the last KS.

      Look forward to more add ons!

    20. Hans von Z on

      i'm not complaining because
      1) i love Zombicide , it's a great game
      2) with the SG's already hit and more to come this is awesome value for the money
      but somehow it feels very micromanaged and unexciting . i've backed KS's with 10% of the money this is collecting that had me glued to my computer , this i check twice a day because nothing is happening . would have been more exciting as a 10 day project than 30

    21. Hubert on

      haha, funny comments

    22. Thormars on

      Give us the possibility to buy old exclusive kickstarter survivors (eBay is too mean for us), and you'll get your 3-4000k in 5 days O:)

    23. Josh Deason on

      I guess some of the commenters didn't ride along on the last zcide kickstarter, which was ran the exact same way and raised 2.2 mil!! Sit back and relax the ride isn't even half way over.

    24. Andrius on

      Surprise surprise... :/

    25. Pachro on

      This update was a tad underwhelming. At least the next one will have to contain some new stuff in it (assuming we get no in-between updates).

    26. Stefan Lehmann on

      Waiting for SG!!

    27. Lance on

      that's it? i'm disappointed...

    28. Wassago on

      @Cmon "We still have more stretch goals left to be revealed!" REALLY??? THEN REVEAL THEM

    29. Frédérick Bergeron on

      Totally aggree with comments below about the SG. Always been under the impression that a good Kickstarter campaing will have all their SG listed the first day if the campaign and add some if tbe campaing goes beyond the expectations. They are a reason they are called Stretch Goals... What is the point at releasing 1 by 1... ??

    30. Michael Melbourne on

      I couldn't agree more with Jeff... I'd like to see the stretch goals to see what we can achieve. All these secret goals that creep along do not add any suspense or desire for me to up my pledge, but if I knew there was something special coming, I might change my mind.

    31. KZ (KingZombie)

      SGs are......?

      How about now?

      Too soon?

      How about now?

    32. KZ (KingZombie)

      SGs are......?

      How about now?

      Too soon?

      How about now?

    33. Jeremey on

      And the new goals are.......................

    34. Jeff

      @Cmon "We still have more stretch goals left to be revealed!" REALLY??? THEN REVEAL THEM. The better the offering the more people that will join. STOP Just saying it and post new add-ons and stretch goals. This millimeter by millimeter at a time is getting boring.

    35. Rod Mendes on

      Still waitin' for new SGs -_-

    36. Pasquale Bove on

      Why as SG they don't add zombivor version of s3 chars?

    37. Pasquale Bove on

      Liam form the movie "taken"

    38. Joshua Leslie on

      Bruno - Seth is based on Liam Neeson

    39. Bruno Davi Kretzmann on

      Who are Seth Survivor based on?

    40. ExKitteh on

      Would love to see more paid addons tbh :)