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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Get to know the Rue Morgue Survivors!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Guess it's about time the new Survivors from Season 3: Rue Morgue were properly introduced. Meet the colorful band of hardened Survivors that will face the new challenges of Zombicide!


"Outnumbered one to five? Sounds like fun."

Bear is a force of nature, and one to fear. He's made of earthquake stuff and can lift a man with one hand. His favorite sport? Zombie tossing.


"They can't bite what they can't even touch."

A kind-hearted sprinter with a hatred for zombies, Cathy can outrun anything and anyone (except a roller-skating bimbo).


"Don't die, or I'll kick your ass back."

Generous and wise, Dan has a knack for finding a solution to any problem in no time, including getting to Hell and back.


"That's what I call a deadeye shot."

A skilled marksman, James likes to see himself as a modern hunter on a permanent safari - a zombie safari, of course. Challenge accepted!  


"Crowd control? I'll show you crowd control!"

The quickest trigger in town, Jane keeps her attitude and second-degree humor even in the direst of situations. To meet her is to love her!  


"Recycling to save the planet takes on a whole new meaning, eh?"

Joe knows how to find the weirdest stuff and turn it into something useful - even lethal - in no time. Before the zombies, he was considered a jerk. Now, everyone knows he's a genius!


"...and then poof! No more zombies. Laurie wins!"

An introverted woman most of the time, Laurie reveals her true self in the heat of a fight. There her hands move faster than the eye can see, and especially faster than zombies.


"Always bring the right tools for the wet work."

Louise is not the kind of woman to hide in a shelter. She has walked the zombie town on many occasions and hid many weapons in unexpected places. No one ever catches her off-guard!


"Say 'no future' again, and I break your face. D'ya hear me?"

Maddie doesn't think about her past anymore. All she sees are the simple facts of life and death, and right now she's at war. A war against zombies in general and capitalist zombies pigs in particular!


"Well, I guess this one died of a massive lead intolerance."

In time of zombie invasion, having a medic around is an invaluable asset. Don't be fooled, however. Parker is a hardened warrior and can pull her own weight around, and yours, if needed.


"Peace? Peace?! I hate that word."

A war veteran, Terry left one battlefield for another. His skills as an officer could turn college coeds into a commando team. Just imagine what he can do with hardened survivors.


"Accuracy or raw power? Why choose? Use both."

Travis is a learned man turned skilled zombie killer. Patient and ruthless, he especially likes the fact that the zombie apocalypse reveals peoples' true colors.

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    1. Kevin O'Mara on

      Thank you very much for making these women reasonable!

    2. Kenny Tan on

      The Backers are asking for the Zombivor version of these survivors~! GG/CMON~! Make it happen in the next stretch GOAL~! CMON man!!!
      NO more crappy stuffs~! Bring out the big guns!

    3. Missing avatar

      Connor Kirk on

      Really Really appreciate the tasteful women in this set. You guys did an awesome job!

    4. Nico on

      @Eli: Cool ideas with the ratz. I hope CMON give us really zombicide-ratz!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      Wow, nice to see better pictures of the original survivors. I think they are the best boxed survivors you have done so far. I actually like them a lot more than any of the promo survivors revealed so far.

      Am I the only one who doesn't care for zombivors? We have only used one zombivor in one single game because one player got greedy and did something stupid. The only real use i could think of is using them as VIP zombies. If only there were cards for them..

    6. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      I like all of the concepts - but please fix Louise's pose, she's looks really awkward.... and likely to break her wrist firing her gun like that.

    7. Eli Butcher on

      I've posted this in the main comments, but for some reason, all conversation immediately turned toward Zombie Unicornz??? So, if anyone would care to comment, I'd appreciate the feedback. It's similar to the Zombie Crowz, so I feel it's okay to put in this comments thread.

      I know there's been a little discussion on doing Zombie Ratz, but after thinking about it, and checking out what a few others have come up with, I think I've put together a pretty good version of house rules for how to play these. There's also a post on BGG with some discussion on several ways to do this. But I was hoping to get some immediate feedback because I was going to put some cards together this weekend to start playing with some rat proxies I got from Bones Dark Heaven collection ( )
      ZOMBIE RATZ HOUSE RULES ( I'm working on building the PDF for the spawn cards )
      #1. They travel through any barrier/wall/etc. (Finding holes and cracks in any wall or barricade.)
      #2. Ratz travel 2 spaces per movement. (Like Runners)
      #3. When spawning, they spawn primarily from sewers.(Unless drawn from the Equipment Deck.)
      #4. There's a 2-to-1 ratio of Ratz-to-Aargh Cards in the Equipment deck. Spawning x3 Ratz.
      #5. The Ratz Zombie cards spawn a higher volume of Ratz.(They swarm in the movies.)
      #6. You can use BOTH ranged and melee weapons to kill them. (You can feasibly use either weapons to kill vermin, snakes, and other ground based animals.)
      #7. Dog Companions are extremely effective against Ratz, killing 2 Ratz with every successful attack.
      #8. Ratz are last in attack priority, equal to Zombie Crowz. (Because they're the smallest and most difficult to track and hit.)
      #9. When attacking, Ratz will always go for the Survivors that have food first. (If several people have food, then the group chooses who can take the damage. If no one has food, then the group chooses who takes the damage.)
      #10. When attacking, Ratz will always go for the Survivors that have Dog Companions last. If the Survivor has both food and a Dog, then the Dog over-rides the food. (This is because the Dog would frighten away the Ratz.)
      Instead of using the Aargh - Ratz Cards in the Equipment deck, you would spawn (x3) Ratz when you find a food item during a search from the nearest manhole. The main uncertainty for this specific spawn method is the statistic behind the food cards could be quite high, and very early on, so you could really do some damage to your team early on, while using the Aargh - Ratz cards can be controlled and appear more sparatic. On the up side, if you use the food cards, then you don't need to add additional cards to the Equipment Deck.
      I was just hopeing to get some opinions on this.
      And check out the post, it's not very long, and not many comments have been made. That's the other reason I'm putting this here. Thanks again.

    8. Rand Chua TL on

      Sweet update on our Survivors.
      Fans going to start guessing these Survivors is from which shows soon. :p

    9. Eli Butcher on

      I'd love to see a couple Survivors based off of horror legends like Romero, Clive Barker, Stephen King. I will continue to want to see Walter Bishop from Fringe!!!

    10. Math "Romero & Michelle Rodriguez" on

      So this could make Jane as Sheri Moon Zombie in House of the 1.000 deads too !

    11. Math "Romero & Michelle Rodriguez" on

      I like the characters, but there are not into the stereotypes of the previous base set survivors (dunno if you get what I mean).
      Dan reminds me of David Harewood, the agent in Homeland
      And Travis ... Sid Haig from House of the 1.000 Deads with a biggest beard !!

    12. Isaac Hayward on

      All of the characters look fantastic, but a small request. While grisly old men are cool, we haven't had a younger male character since Josh, could we get at least one more in the near future? Cheers. (^_^)

    13. Jeremey on

      I like the look of these new survivors, very cool!

    14. Eli Butcher on

      James as a modern day Alan Quartermain???

    15. Eli Butcher on

      Joe reminds me of Glen from Walking Dead, and Travis reminds me of a mix of Merle and bald Rob Zombie. Louise seems like a mix of the maid from the Brady bunch and Rosie the Riveter from Rivet Wars. And Maddie does feel a lot like Tank Girl.

    16. Eli Butcher on

      Jane reminds me of Andrea from Walking Dead. After she learns to shoot.

    17. Skritter on

      Cathy looks like my niece. I think a lot more potential female players can find something among these female characters to relate to and draw them into playing.

    18. Thiago Soares Leite on

      @Joel: The "I am legend" of s2 are the 4 survivors from Angry Neighbours Expansion

    19. ALDI on

      Travis is holding an urban mace (wood with a pool ball bolted on). These guys look great! Anyway we can see the miniatures or concepts for the minis?

    20. Joel Fortin on

      Not sure if it has been asked before but ... can we know which survivor listed above are the people who took the "I am Legend" package from season 2 ? Just curious ;)

    21. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      I would also appreciate the zombivors :)

    22. Missing avatar

      sheila hatcher on

      Think Jane is Nicolette Sheridan.

    23. Joshua Leslie on

      The urban club is shown in the video, during the part where all of the weapon cards are flashing across the screen.

    24. Ryan Woodroof

      @Alex Google Indian War Club.

    25. Joshua Leslie on

      I think Maddie looks like a brunette Tank Girl. I really don't see the Laurie/Katniss resemblance though.

    26. Horfrost3 on

      Awesome! Thanks for the update! I'm actually really happy to see that 6 of the 12 are female! That will make my gaming group very happy. I agree with @Michael - these are the best set of base survivors so far!

      Any thoughts on who they are based on? Cathy seems kindof Buffy to me... and Jane looks like a blonde Geena Davis... but I don't know from what... Is James Tom Skerritt? With the little flavor text blurb on Laurie, I'd agree with others that she is probably based on Katniss. Not sure who Maddie is, but she seems very familiar...

    27. Marco on

      @Alex Manduley

      dunno but Travis is also holding one

      anyone have any ideas who some of these survivors may be based off of? I know its been going around that Laurie is based off of Katniss from the Hunger Games & in my opinion (and hopefulness) Travis looks alot like "Old Man Logan" Hawkeye

    28. Timo Honold

      I also want to know the Zombivors ;)

    29. Marcin "CodeVirus" on

      Keep in mind S3 is happening some time after the other seasons, only best survive. Ha ha ha. I really like these people.

    30. Ryan Elkins

      I give you guys a lot of crap for all the scantily clad, massively top heavy female survivors so I just want to say that I think the females survivors in this group seem much better.

    31. Joshua Leslie on

      Alex - An urban club.
      They had a picture of it somewhere

    32. Last Grimm on

      yip really liking these guys , keep up the good work going to be a great campaign :)

    33. Alex Manduley on

      What is Maddie holding?

    34. Joshua Leslie on

      Totally agree, Michael

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Fall on

      The last 3 are like the left4dead original characters. Awesome!
      I like all of these survivors, way better than the first few stretch goals. Cheers :)

    36. Michael on

      I think S3 has the overall best bunch of standard survivors so far.

    37. David Laine

      "Challenge accepted" in James' blurb made me realize how much we need a Neil Patrick Harris-inspired survivor... The only question is Barney Stinson, Dr. Horrible, Hedwig (of the angry inch), or Doogie Howser? They all have such potential...

    38. antwan ragland on

      Not to start an argument, but I do wonder why there isn't a bit more racial diversity among survivors.... They do all look cool though.

    39. Thiago Aranha on

      All in due time, guys. All in due time.

    40. Joshua Leslie on

      You rock!!! Thanks for this update.

    41. Sharkey on

      Great stuff, thanks Thiago! Will we get intros to the AN survivors too? :D

    42. Andreas "chranos" Øwre on

      When do we get to know the rue morgue zombvivors?

    43. Andreas "chranos" Øwre on

      When do we get to know the rue morgue zombvivors?