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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

$1,250k Met! New Stretch Goals! New Optional Buys!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We just hit $1,250k! So now all Patient 0 and Infected level backers will receive Seth as a Survivor!

 Next we have two more stretch goals to reveal!

And finally we have more optional buys for you! If you're interested in purchasing any of these optional buys, please just click the Manage Pledge button on the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of each item you'd like to add. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our pledge manger. 

First optional buy, box #1 of Very Infected People!

 Second, extra Rue Morgue tiles!

 Third, we have an Angry Neighbors tile set! This tile set contains a new Helicopter Token!

 Finally, we're also offering a team building deck!

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    1. Micah Rose on

      By Ken, I mean Seth. Word vomit... Ken would have been a funnier name for an underwear model.

    2. Micah Rose on

      I like how Ken is Chris Cooper, who is not an attractive man. That survivor figure looks like the rogue cop from Me, Myself and Irene.

    3. Eli Butcher on

      Ignore my previous 2 posts, that link is for an updated Pledge Manager Template, which is good. I can't seem to find the previous post from earlier today that showed the link to the 3 separate Zombicide KS with Date/SG comparisons.

    4. Eli Butcher on

      Posted by @Hurbert . Nice job on the list man. Very helpful

    5. Eli Butcher on

      Whether people can use the stuff or not, chances are, someone on here wants it, so it's good that they're offering it. They just need to be careful and better distinguish what is an SG and what they're just unveiling to help momentum on the KS.

      Someone posted a spreadsheet on the standard KS forum that broke down in a color coded list of everything from all previous and current Zombicide KS, if you look at it that way, everything so far seems pretty standard for them, including the Optional Buys and "buy this/get that" content. If it ramps up the last week or so, and there have been people eluding to the fact that we may see 3D doors, or Optional Buy 3D barricades, then I could care less about every negative thing that I've thought about this KS so far. I'd still like to get some more crowz though. At least enough to equal a full set, and then i'll buy some more too.

    6. Ian Allen

      extra tiles are pricey and basically useless for the 98% of us that don't have time to spend making custom scenarios ... for the people that can make a double sized prison and do their own scenario, I am sure they are worth it, assuming they use them more than once and then consign them to the dusty shelf ...

    7. John GT

      I know I bought extra Tiles for the Toxic City Mall, because I wanted to be able to make bigger shopping malls. But I don't see anything unique about the "setting" of Angry Neighbor Tiles: they're just standard blocks/roads, as if from the base game, but with potholes. Rue Morgue is a new hospital setting, but AN is more of a card/figure expansion than a tile expansion. Unless that Helicopter is ultra-super-special, I can't see needing more AN Tiles.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alan Rasmussen on

      @ Ben
      Well that is really a matter of perspective isnt it - Who is being greedy that is. Again just my humble opinion. Really just want The game, and some Extra core figures, as my experience with Z1 was that it was to hard with just The original Pack. The rest is fluff and of no Real use for me. But hey lets all just nod like zombies.

    9. Joshua Leslie on

      I haven't uploaded pictures in a while. Here is some that I posted a few months back.

    10. Charles Tuttle on

      @Joshua, Let's both hope it exceeds as it will be better for us and I am waiting to see what they pull out of their creative hats. Where is a link to your painted models? I am copying Sorastro's plan from youtube personally.

    11. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Josha:me too,love painting the survivors,i have paint a lot of it,my next survivor is Smith,it hope RM zombivor will also come,i prefer paint survivor with zombivor !
      you can see some of my painted model on my facebook page :…

    12. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Lance:the tiles are the same as tiles in boxes.

    13. Ben Brownlie on

      Are there really people who are annoyed that a stretch goal applies only to an optional buy? Really? Gosh... there are some greedy folk around.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alan Rasmussen on


      This is purely my thought on the process shared in this Forum. I have no trouble with CMON having a great Kickstarter. My trouble lies only with them offering things as freebies wchich really aren't. No matter how great the game are, that still make me itch. If you or others feel otherwise that's great.

      I would have offered the survivors as SG and the Zombivor as an optional buy.

    15. Nick AKA Help needed on

      Tiles are double sided so can increase your.options

    16. Lance on

      In practice all of this additional stuff is just a double of what we already get theough stretch goals? I'm sorry but I won't buy anything more than 2 exclusive survivor for the moment... But for people who wants more of the same is good I guess... About the tiles: are they different from the ones included? Are they the same?

    17. Jamil Al-Yaqubi on

      Hi there. I kinda joined the Zombicide party a little late. Is there any chance of adding an extra of some of the previous seasons' exclusives? Would be nice. :)

    18. Ken Hiseler on

      @Alan Rasmussen

      As this is your first Zombicide kickstarter, could you please let us know what you think the right way is??

    19. Joshua Leslie on

      The collector in me wants the Zombivors just to have complete sets, and I've had fun painting a few of them. But yeah, I've only played one or two games with them, and don't really enjoy resurrection mode, either.
      I'm working on a new mechanic to use them and throw them into scenarios in a fun way, but it's still something that I'm hoping to finish and put in a scenario I'm going to submit, so I can't really go into details about the idea yet.

    20. Joshua Leslie on

      My best guess for leaving standard Zombies out of Rue Morgue is just that people who have Season 1&2, and especially Kickstarter Backers who got bonus zombies with each pledge, already have more than enough standards to play the game without really being in danger of extra activation from running out. Had we gotten standards, there would have been complaints that people had too many.
      And then with giving us the VIP Zombies, there were able to merge a new cool mechanic with new standard sculpts for people who want more visual variety.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alan Rasmussen on

      Again with the "free stretch goal" that really is not free, but depends on you buying something else. 2 figures for 10 USD really is not a good deal. Great that people want to buy the stuff and are happy about it, but push it down peoples throats as it is. If CMON had added the figure as SG, and added the Zombivor as an optional buy - that would be something else entirely.
      And yes I do know that it is free stuff (well it really isnt), but CMON are still running some campaigns that are not leaving 'em needing afterwards.. So why not do it the right way instead.

    22. Tom D.B. on

      I'd like to see real campaign rules! Instead of seperate scenario's. Make that into a stretch goal.

    23. Ian Allen

      @Joshua - Since i've seen the rules, I have not been enthused about Zombivores. For some reason, neither the idea nor the mechanic make me want to play with them.
      I'm ok with player elimination. Knowing you will come back as a zombivore takes a little of the danger out of dying and makes the game less intense. Very few zombie movies have the characters continue on helping the good guys after they turn. I like my zombies like the ones in Walking Dead - once they turn you better start warming up your machete.

    24. Ken Hiseler on

      End of Day 11 Stats

      Catagory Season 2 Season 3

      Pledge K$ 1045 1269
      Backers 5170 7460
      Stretches 31 37
      Zombies 36 52
      Survivors 4 5
      Optional Zombivor 4 2

    25. Simon Crouch on

      How does this kickstarter compare to season three in pace and stretch goals

    26. Eli Butcher on

      I'm also curious about the fact that the new season has completely discarded all standard zombies for Skinners. It's not a problem, but I'm curious if there was a reason to do it this way, instead of offering half and half, like season 2. Like I said, this isn't a complaint, just an observation, and curious about why the decision was made to go this route.

    27. Eli Butcher on

      I'd love to see a survivor of Walter Bishop, from Fringe... Or September, the observer... Or Alice from American McGee's Madness Returns. But mainly Walter Bishop, if we're not going to see any more horror figures.

    28. Joshua Leslie on

      The RM tile set is the same price as the PO was last season with the same number of time. The AN tileset is the same price as the TCM tileset. TCM had 4 tiles and one sheet of tokens, it sounds like AM has 4 tiles and 2 sheets of tokens.
      I think that for the price of the tile packs, I'm better off just going in for an entire second pledge and selling the stuff I don't need. Tile packs don't seem like a good value, don't buy them.
      But I disagree that this is any more of a money grab than the previous season.

    29. Kenny Tan on

      RM = 9 tiles for 25 and AN 3 tiles for 15 ~!! Are you kidding me??? Me and my group of friends are very disgusted over season 3's money grab... we've agreed not to spend a single cent in support for optional buys until CMON/GG get rid of this monkey thats in charge of Stretch Goals~!

    30. Joshua Leslie on

      @Charles...if they didn't add any more extra add on material, I agree that this Kickstarter probably would struggle to beat Season 2, but I'm confident that it's going to keep being unveiled at a steady pace.

    31. Joshua Leslie on

      Charles...I'm not sure that I see that in the numbers.
      The average pledge per backer has been steadily going up between $1-$3 a day, and every day has gained more backers than the corresponding day in Season 2.
      Plus, we know that there are non-character extras like the doors still to come, and can assume that there are at least boxes of Zombies for the two new types. Plus there is at least one guest artist pack, and almost certainly more add on characters.
      After day 10 in season 2, the only new paid add-ons were 3 characters, the mustache pack, and the guest artist packs.

    32. Joshua Leslie on

      Ian. Out of curiosity, did it bother you in Season 2 when every other stretch goal was a zombivor, too? Or, since we hadn't gotten the zombivor rules, were you still thinking there was a chance that they'd be more useful in your games?

    33. Ian Allen

      Jesus, these SG's are awful. I don't play with Zombivors in the first place. I don't care about team building decks, I don't care about birds. I have been a heavy supporter of everything up til now, but I am seriously considering dropping out and just enjoying S1 and S2. I am sure not going to pump over 1k into this like I did last time.
      This seperating characters from zombivores and birds from their cards and so forth is just flat out lame. It's like they know they will make 2 million or so, so they are trying to cut costs and max out profits at the expense of the players.
      soooo disappointing .... this could have really been a home run but instead its just a foul ball so far ...

    34. Thomas Miller on

      Are these tile packs different tiles then what are in the core and are they double sided.

    35. Charles Tuttle on

      @Joshua, I accounted for the absence of the extra $$$ in the beginning and that's what made me state that the final total would most likely not beat Season 2. By decay rate, I was referring to the combination of number of pledgers and money as a function of day of activity. Season 3 is dropping off faster than Season 2 and without the ability to add previous seasons, I don't think we will tie Season 2. Mind you, I am not being negative at all about GG and this KS, just analytical and proposing fund-raising strategies.

    36. Joshua Leslie on

      @Doody, I like my middle name more for a survivor.
      It's a non-issue. Even if they opened up an I am Legend pledge level, I couldn't afford it this time around.

    37. Doody on

      going back a bit, I think they would make survivors without the zombivor. That's what is happening in RM.

      @Joshua you could use your last name?

    38. Joshua Leslie on

      I hope that they bring back that pledge level, too. Though, then I'd be personally bummed that I couldn't find a way to come up with thousands of dollars to be immortalized in plastic.
      Not that the game has room for another Josh or Joshua. I'd have to use my middle name.

    39. Joshua Leslie on

      Everyone is getting one team building deck for free. But the team building deck will also be available at retail, so they are letting people who want to buy additional copies.

    40. Joshua Leslie on

      If you subtract $70 for the 1369 raise the dead pledges, and another $10,000 for the I AM level backers from Season 2's total, and divide that by 8944, the number of season 2 backers, the average pledge level is $240. I think it's realistic that they will show off enough extras in the next couple weeks to get the average pledge for this season to that level as well.

    41. Big Tim Stiles

      I'm with you @Sharkey.

    42. John Ling on

      I'm confused. We hit the 1 MIL mark.. are we getting the team building deck free? or are we paying for it?

    43. Sharkey on

      Still clinging to hope for "I Am Legend" to return, no way they would ignore doing a Season 4 with this kind of popularity! :D

    44. Joshua Leslie on

      In regards to the funding, one thing to consider is that Season 2 started off with a pledge level that included Season 1, which about 15 percent of the backers selected. It also had the super high pledges to become either a survivor or zombivor, which raised 10K between 6 people. I doubt we'll get I am Legend or I am Zombie pledge levels this time around, but if they at some point add Seasons 1&2 as add on purchases, that will make up for the lack of the more expensive Raise the Dead level pledges, and ensure that the average pledge per backer is a lot closer or higher to what it was last season.
      Also, I'm not sure what you mean that the decay rate of backers is much higher. Can you explain that more?

    45. Charles Tuttle on

      and that is just to tie Season 2, not exceed. The most backers I can see is 9500-9750....nowhere near 12857 (based off of last season's growth). Now, if we get some big baller$$$, then I retract everything.

    46. Charles Tuttle on

      amount...autocorrected to "mont"????
      and if we go by current averages spent by backer, Season 3 really needs to have 13258 backers.

    47. Felipe Machado on

      I have some friends that won't be able to get in this season... So I'll be buying some extras for them.
      Like the Team Building Deck, probably.

    48. Eli Butcher on

      @Charles, I think you're right about the pacing, unless they start adding some larger add-Ons or maybe another higher pledge level like last KS.