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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

$1,150k Reached! Two New Survivors Revealed: One Stretch Goal and One Optional Buy!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

As we move into only the second week of the campaign, another stretch goal has been unlocked! Anyone purchasing Oksana will also get her Zombivor version for free.

Let's keep pushing towards the next stretch goal:

If you wanted more survivors, we have a double whammy for you! Here's our next stretch goal:


And we're adding another optional buy!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob Nowakowski on

      Completely agree Joel. This KS has run into quicksand or maybe a hole from one of the Angry Neighbors tiles. The next 2 SG's will be Seth & Benny Zombivor's and will take 1,350K to get there. Could be awhile until we see something new.

    2. Joel Fortin on

      I just want to make a point here before we reach 1,200K and my comment gets lost in an old update ;)

      As this campaign goes, there is something weird happening compare to the other Zombicide season. It took 3 days to reach the million $ and we seem to be stuck. Let's face the truth, the campaign is most likely to get around 9000 backers ... I would be very suprised to see more. If we continue at that rate ... base on the actual data we have here where each backer has pledged an average of 167$ compare to 252$ in the season 2 .... CMON will probably reach 1,500K but not really more than that. In fact, only 5 new SGs would remain if I'm saying right so no opportunities to get more money via Add-ons.

      I'm really disappointed, I'm the kind a guy who will buy everything just because I'm a completionist and there is really not that much to chew on. we only have 8 new survivor so far ... compare to 21 in season 2 (including the mustache pack) ... there is a total of 185$ worth of item in the add-ons section compare to 375$ in season 2.

      Where are the additional set of tile, dice or whatever they put in season 2. In addition of that, we only have old stuff from previous season in the add-ons list, stuff that most of us already bought. Also, there was more Reward level in the other season (1500$ - 2000$ to be a zombie/hero).

      Seems that CMON wanted to go simpler this season but instead to look like they ran out of ideas ... because it's not looking good and I'm not suprised that I had the time to right this post before we reach 1200K ;)

    3. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Eli Butcher : I know that SG aren't really free because CMON need 50k to do it and I agree you to the crows,I have pledge on season 2 and lost season 1.
      As a backer of season 2,I'm not really worry about the campaign !
      And it's sure addons and pledge help a lot a project to raise a lot of found,it's also because of this they arrived one to one.

    4. Nick CC on

      @ Eli Butcher, justly said. I have to agree with your points. This also being my first time partaking in this kickstarter and basically am doing the same thing. The optional buys are a good thing too because hunting for the zombie walk of the dead sets I cant find at my local shop. So the SG and optional buys are something that I am putting money into, and if it helps with getting current and future SG then its even better.

    5. Eli Butcher on

      @Edouard Foraz, I think what @Son Do is trying to say is that the stretch goals are suppose to be (or in most KS) a free perk for the community helping to raise both awareness and funding for a project. And in the cases where something is an Optional Buy, it's presented as solely an Optional Buy, and a Stretch Goal is presented as a free gift/upgrade/perk. After all, if it weren't for the community spreading the word on these projects, they'd never meet their funding goals in the first place. But the point is that you can't really say that something is "Free", when you first have to pay into the "Optional Buy", because then it's not free at all, because you had to pay for it. It inherently becomes "part of" the Optional Buy. Therefore, it seems a bit deceiving to use something as a "Free" Stretch Goal, if it's not really free at all.

      I feel the same way, as do a TON of other people on here. No one is really upset that they're doing Optional Buys. That's not the issue. It's that they're breaking apart game elements (ie. Survivor/Zombivor sets) and although, you can't get one without the other, saying that the Zombivor is Free, when you can't even get it unless you buy the Survivor at additional cost.

      This isn't even touching on the fact that they're breaking apart other game elements, simply for the sake of creating additional SG where there really are none. They did this with the Crowz. They had 2 separate stretch goals, one for the miniatures and a separate one for the cards. The problem with this, is that you can't really use one without the other... Ideally, as with the Survivor/Zombivor sets, they would just do a single Stretch Goal for $100k, rather than having two for $50k each just to make it look like they're giving more out.

      Don't get me wrong, I've stated this MANY times throughout the several CMON projects I've backed, but I LOVE their games, ESPECIALLY Zombicide, and unfortunately no matter how they run these things, I'll be backing them. But to do stretch goals in this manner is shady at best. It's only done to create a false sense of momentum, and to rope people into buying things that they might not normally upgrade for. (If someone see's Sly Survivor/Zombivore for $10, they may immediately pass on it... BUT if you see Sly Survivor for $10 (and you're on the fence) and then a day or 2 passes, then you see Sly Zombivor for FREE, then you get excited, but then realize,"Hey, I have to buy this other one to get it" but then you think, "Well, at least I'm getting 2". IT'S THE SAME THING, but the psychology behind "how you're selling it to the customer" is more complex. It's almost "bait-and-switch".

      Either way, I'm planning on buying the extra Crowz, and Survivors/Zombivors no matter how many they give us. I missed out on the last 2 seasons, and it's been EXTREMELY expensive trying to obtain them. So $10 is better than $60-$100 on ebay...

      I just wish CMON would lay off with the shady Stretch Goals, and just break them down into "USABLE" game elements, rather than marketing tactics...

    6. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Son don:i'am not sure but i think they will do like the season one box with only survivors....all stretch are additionnal content for free....not really injust.....

    7. Son Do


      Why is it that we get the Zombivor mini SG only if we buy the Survivor mini? Why not just include the Zombivor whether we bought the add-ons or not? It feels like we are 'missing' SGs and being punished because we are not buying enough of your stuff.

      Your SG system/set-up feels very unfair and a little unjust.

    8. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      If you get a credit from a bank, you need to pay more than the credit amount back to the bank.
      If we back a project, we giving money away for several months, just like a credit from a bank. I do not expect extra money back at the end, but extra SG's together with the main product are a good alternative.
      I think zombicide s3 is a good kickstarter, having mostly good SG's.
      I'm only missing 12 zombivors, yet. :-)

    9. C on

      @Philippe: Hope you like potato salad! :D

    10. Philippe Proteau on


      Thanks for comments. I absolutely agree with you. "Vendors" using KS to promote their products are not obligated to have any SG.

      Although it has only been about a month that I started supporting campaigns, I have payed attention to the way they are run for some time now and read about the more questionable practices used by established companies that uses KS as a cash cow rather than in the spirit of KS, to launch new and innovative products that would not see the light of day without crowd funding.

      I have to admit that I felt, in my opinion, that the practices used in this Zombicide Season 3 KS as rather peculiar and questionable. I needed to see if I was the only one of that opinion and it would seem that I am not. And, when reading Eli Butcher's comments, it would seem that it is a questionable practice that CMON is using more and more and perfecting, it would seem. However, a practice that might not stop as people are simply buying into it without questions.

      So, when you start looking into it, it is not a question of entitlement as you so eloquently stated it, but more of an educated observation of a practice to grab more money off of backers and, again in my humble opinion, a questionable use of the KickStarter principle.

      And, as a final point, when you crowd source, the individual in the crowd will make statements, comments, suggestions and ask questions. That is another great principle
      Of this KickStarter system and I have seen products making leaps and bounds in enhancements because of crowd comments and the "vendor" listening in on it and actually participating into the conversation, a thing that I have barely seen in this campaign other than through the updates. If it is not to your liking...

      However, I still want to thank you again for your comments as it gives me an opportunity to explains my previous question and my views regarding KS.

      Take care and have an awesome evening.


    11. Eli Butcher on

      James Gunn also did the Dawn of the Dead script, for the Zack Snyder remake.

    12. Eli Butcher on

      @ALDI, the Fillion horror flick was "Slither", one of my favorites. It was directed by James Gunn, who's doing Guardians of the Galaxy, and it also had Michael Rooker, who played Merle in the Walking Dead!!! I figure after they've done Dogz and Crowz, they'll end up doing Ratz, then maybe Monkeyz (Outbreak/28 Days Later) or Slugz or something... lol

    13. ALDI on

      Sorry Nathan Fillion... stupid autocorrect

    14. ALDI on

      Filling was also in a horror flick about slug things... he was in a deputy uniform. I wouldn't mind having more police minis (there would probably be a good chance that many would make it in a z apocalypse (training, guns, etc).

    15. Eli Butcher on

      CMON did do the Firefly crew for Sedition Wars, so Fillion is possible, although unlikely. If you're going a fantasy route, I wouldn't mind seeing some American McGee characters.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Williams II on

      I vote the next survivors are David Tenant as The Doctor, Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds, David Boreanaz as Angel, and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

    17. Missing avatar

      Han on

      I would like to see Lara croft, Michael Jackson from thriller, buffy, spike and giles (ripper) from buffy the vampire slayer and game of thrones

    18. Jonathan on

      So is the Benny figure going to be tiny to match Stallone's 4'10 or whatever his non-official, actual height is? :P

    19. Erika - Ninja Cowgirl of Brimstone

      Maybe it's just me, but the VIP zombie strongly reminds me of the punks from "Return of the Living Dead". Would it be too much to hope for a Melissa Clarke (Return of the Living Dead 3) VIP in this campaign?

    20. Felipe Machado on

      I really hate myself for knowing that I'll have to buy Sly... =/

      Some very cool things coming from this KS... This game has the potential to fight to become my favorite game!

    21. Simon Crouch on

      These aren't my cup of tea, but they are free or optional, so no issue. They don't seem to be trying too hard this go around, in my humbled entitlement minded opinion lol.

    22. HobosBeware on

      @ Exile - You might be on to something there. Jesus could have the special ability to bring the undead back to re-life (? ), and at the same time introduce a new game mechanic: the Survombie! Its a special type of zombie that can be converted back into a survivor that joins your group. The special zombie group would have to be a paid add on though ($25 msrp), but the stretch goal for the Survombie character would be a free stretch goal to anyone that paid for the zombies.

    23. John

      Any doubt that the next two announced SGs will be Zombivores for Benny and Seth?

    24. Exile on

      @hobos no historical figures have been made.... Though that would bring interesting and horrible repercussions to GG. God box #1 Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, and Confucius. Just think about it.

    25. Exile on

      @Eli I think the reason there AREN'T more horror survivors is that GG wants you to play zombicide and not RE or L4D. The fact that most horror games have as a sort if "evil crap" expert along with a military training is not in like with the vision GG wants. Just my observations.

    26. HobosBeware on

      @Eli - Unfortunately you're probably right. Eventually they will have to make everybody into a survivor, and when we FINALLY have Goku and Anne Frank together in an expansion they'll have to change the name of the game to Horrible Zombie Fan Fiction: The Game.

    27. Heinrich Gräbig on

      What about El Rey from Planet Terror? I like all the guys - or Josh Brolin as the Doctor?

    28. Eli Butcher on

      @ALDI, I suppose what I mean by "silly" is that they're taking characters from shows like Big Bang Theory and Dukes of Hazard, which "are" comedies and sticking them in as Survivors with even more absurd backstories. I love the characters, but I'd like to see some horror inspired characters. HOWEVER... I'll be buying them no matter what, just so that I can have more playthrough diversity and options.

      @Even Miller, I'd LOVE to have Sam Neil as a Survivor!!! He's in "In the Mouth of Madness", "Event Horizon", "Daybreakers", "Jurassic Park". Nuff said...

      @HobosBeware, Agreed. I do like the obvious zombie film/game choices too though. Mainly because playing this boardgame with some music from 28 Days later, low lighting and a group of friends can be much more fulfilling than playing through RE in solo on the console. There's just something about playing boardgames that is different for me, and I'd still like to have those characters that I love from my favorite horror series in gameing/tv/film, so that I can control them and RP them in this format. Eventually, they'll just have to make EVERYONE. lol, so no worries on my end. I'm just impatient. lol

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert Keen on

      Neeson and stallone!! Boom!! Soooo good!

    30. HobosBeware on

      @Eli - I'm with you. I think there should be horror related characters too, I'm just saying I would like characters that are not already known for shooting stuff, but are still relevant to the genre. I'm not complaning either, though. I'll take whatever characters they want to give me. Some of the suggestions made here in the comments just seemed way too obvious, and some of the existing characters really make me wonder what the thought process was in creating them.

    31. ALDI on

      I don't think they are silly, the parody characters are from tv shows and action flix. Zombicide started with characters from a variety of non-horror flix (Die Hard, Chuck Norris, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Mr/Mrs Smith, Breaking Bad, NCIS, etc). The only three from horror flix were rick from the walking dead, Vasquez aliens (still might not be her), and Ash. So most figs in the entire zombicide universe aren't horror related. I think this is what made Z-cide unique (people can play horror but in a light hearted manner with their favorite parody characters)

    32. Evan Miller

      Expendables... awwwwww yeeeeeah! I am definitely kicking in an extra 10 bucks for that one I am glad people figured out the other was was Liam Neeson because looked at it and thought "Why the heck is Sam Neil in this?" Lol. I will chip in for wanting a Wierd Al survivor. And how about... Gabriel Iglesias? Fluffy Survivor!

    33. Eli Butcher on

      @HobosBeware - I'm not against the silly figures. And I'd love a Weird Al one too, mainly because I'm just a huge fan. But my issue is that for the most part, at least with this KS, they're ALL silly (with the exception of the Alice fig) Nothing is actually from the horror genre at all. Since this is a zombie game, it'd just be nice to see some horror characters. I'd even be happy with something like Edgar Allen Poe, Hitchcock or Lovecraft. But something Horror NEEDS to be included. It's all DIY showgirls and chefs...

    34. ALDI on

      I third a Walter White or Lara Croft

    35. ALDI on

      CMON or GG, is there anyway we can get close ups of the minis from Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbors?

    36. ALDI on

      SWEET! I have been asking for a Silvestre Stallone character since the beginning of season 2 (specifically as b. ross with his beret and tac vest)... thank you GG/CMON! The characters are becoming top notch (Neeson, Stallone, House, Duke, Audrey, Patrick, the guest box characters.... all are awesome!)

    37. HobosBeware on

      I'm against adding characters from Resident Evil or Silent Hill, or even the Winchester brothers. Or really any character that we are already used to seeing kicking ass. If I want to see Leon Kennedy killing zombies I will just play Resident Evil. If there was a Weird Al survivor I would buy like 10 of them. Weird Al killing zombies would be the highlight of my life. Stallone is cool, but I'm pretty used to seeing him shoot stuff at this point in my life.

      Alternatively though, I would love to see some hero zombies from actual zombie movies like Bub from Day of the Dead. Nobody really knows anything about Bub before he was a zombie so his hero sheet could be completely original, but his zombivor could have the likeness of Bub. I'm not going to buy any add on survivors, but something like this would be worth spending money on to me. And a Weird Al survivor. Let's make that happen.

    38. Eli Butcher on

      @sheila hatcher, I'm going to stick with thinking that Seth is Liam Neeson from Taken / Taken 2. Do a google search on both guys. Although the face looks "kinda" like Tom Wopat, it looks EXACTLY like Liam Neeson in almost every shot. Even down to the stance with the outfit and the gun.

    39. Missing avatar

      sheila hatcher on

      Seth is Luke Duke from Dukes of Hazzard...which means we should have Bo coming up soon

    40. Missing avatar

      Anthony Mason on

      To those whinging about the distances between stretch goals and having zombivors for buy-ins as SG, you realise CMON/GG isn't required to offer SGs. These are free things! Some of the entitlement here is amazing.

    41. Nico on


    42. Eli Butcher on

      The actor also happens to be in the Silent Hill 2 film also. lol

    43. Eli Butcher on

      Changing directions in Survivor options. Since we have the Crowz being introduced, how about Jon Snow from Game of Thrones?

    44. Ahrens on

      Benny! i LOVE this one, great :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      I love this. I'm another one for an eventual Winchester Brothers. But I'd throw out Sean & Gus from Psych to. That'd be awesome!

    46. Dave Pittaway on

      Has anybody thought about how good a little Danny DeVito survivor would be? If we ended up getting an Arnie it would be even better!

    47. Dave Pittaway on

      "Personally i would like to see a child survivor miniature based on Clementine from the walking dead game or maybe newt from aliens."
      Interesting. How about adding in RE2 Sherry Birkin?

      "Anyone from Silent Hill, or Parasite Eve, or Resident Evil would be great"
      Yep I'd agree on that. Would a Pyramid-Head Abomination be verging too much on copyright infringement? :P

    48. Paint'Riot Studio

      Word...****** phone !

    49. Paint'Riot Studio

      Not necessary inspired of....i have forgot a world..

    50. Paint'Riot Studio

      If you see all survivors between season 1 to this season,zombicide survivors are not necessary of survival horror film.Most important for me,it's to have a good game and have fun and survivors are fun !
      Survivors maybe anyone of you !