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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Weekend Update: One Stretch Goal Unlocked, Another Revealed! Optional Buy Crowz and Zombies Article!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We've reached 1,100k and the Crowz cards have been unlocked for all Patient 0 and Infected level pledges!

Craving some extra winged menace for your games? Well, here's the Murder of Crowz optional buy, containing 15 Crowz miniatures, and spawn cards.

And here's another stretch goal!

Now, some reading material for the weekend. What's a Zombicide without some scary zombies to fight off? Well, Season 3 and its expansions have some nasty surprises in store for your brave survivors:  

Skinner Zombies and Crawlers

It's now been a while since the outset of the Zombie apocalypse, and it's not only the Survivors who have a hard time finding food. Zombies are hungrier than ever, and it shows. Skinner zombies may look like a bag of bones but their mutated bodies are more resilient than ever.  

Skinner Zombies come in three varieties: Walkers, Runners and Fatties. They operate like their Standard counterparts in most respects, also sharing the same targeting priority position. But you must be very careful when dispatching them as there's a chance a killed Skinner will continue chasing you as the freaky half-zombies known as Crawlers.  

Whenever you kill Skinner Zombies, you must check whether your attack also rolled any "1" results. For each "1" rolled on the attack, you substitute 1 killed Skinner Zombie with a Crawler. You can never generate more Crawlers than the number of Skinners killed in the attack.  

All zombies are pretty much the same once you tear them in half, so Crawlers come in only one variety, whether it replaced a Walker, a Runner, or a Fatty. They have 1 action per activation, give 1 XP to a Survivor who kills them, and occupy that last position in the targeting priority list (together with Zombie Dogz).  

The fact that Skinners can be replaced by Crawlers if you're unlucky presents some unique challenges. Even if you have a powerful weapon with a high chance to hit, there's always the risk that once you're done swinging it around you'll still be surrounded by a group of crawling monstrosities! Weapons that roll fewer dice may actually be preferable when dealing with Skinners, as you have less chance of killing them while also rolling "1"s. In fact, single die weapons are your safest bet, since they have no chance of generating a Crawler! So will you take them on with a finesse weapon that might end up not doing anything? Or will you risk the mess a more powerful weapon can create?  

A-Bomb Abomination

The mutations this Abomination suffered are truly astounding. A lean and monstrous body able to shrug off almost any attacks, and freakishly elongated arms that are able to grab and drag any prey that doesn't keep a safe distance.  

Like normal Abominations, the A-Bomb has 1 action per activation and gives 5 XP to the Survivor who manages to kill it. Unlike other Abominations, however, a weapon dealing 3 or more damage is not enough to kill the A-Bomb, only a Molotov cocktail or similar weapon that automatically kills all miniatures in the targeted zone are able to destroy this nightmare!

Survivors will be wise to stay away from the A-Bomb. At the end of each of its activations, the A-Bomb grabs all survivors standing in all zones adjacent to him and drags them into his zone. Its huge arms are even able to grab survivors through barricades, fences or out of cars!


Deceptively similar to normal walkers, Seekers are actually rabid maniacs that feed off of each other's aggression. The more Seekers join the zombie hoards, the more madly the Seekers charge towards their prey.  

Seekers come in only one variety, operating like Standard Walkers in most respects: 1 action per activation, 1 XP gained when killed, and same place in the targeting priority list. The big difference is that for every Seeker Zombie Card drawn, all Seekers on the board get an extra activation! So basically every card that spawns new Seekers also counts as an "Extra Activation" card for all Seekers already on the board.  

As you can imagine, this makes Seekers very unpredictable. They could shuffle along for a while as slowly as your ordinary walker, only to suddenly gain a series of extra activations in a row and really put a damper on your day. Kill these guys on sight, or put a lot of distance between you and them. You don't want to risk having a Seeker around you.  


As Survivors got used to their daily Zombiciding, they started coming up with challenges to "add a little whimsy" to their frequent battles with the undead hordes. They noticed that some zombies had a fair bit more "personality" than others, and started calling them VIPs (Very Infected People), proposing the challenge of killing "sets" of these special zombies.  

VIP Walkers are regarded as Standard Walkers for all game purposes (except splitting). However, when a Survivor kills one, he places its miniature on his dashboard as a trophy. Once a Survivor has collected a set of 5 VIPs, each with a different sculpt, he may discard them in exchange of any available Pimpweapon card of his choice (cards that would usually only be found in a Pimpmobile). If a VIP must be spawned and there are no VIPs left, normal Walkers are spawned instead; although Survivors can discard VIP trophies at any moment in order to replenish the reserves.  

Zombie Crowz

It was inevitable that crows would get infected, scavenging all those zombie bodies. It was also inevitable that it would be very bad news. Crowz may be easy to kill, but these flying vermin can move awfully fast and, worst of all, they can ignore any obstacles, either flying over them or squeezing through broken windows, holes in the roof or gaps on crumbling walls!

Zombie Crowz share the same place in the targeting priority list as Toxic Walkers. They only take 1 Wound to kill and grant 1 XP. Crowz have only one action per activation, but they can move up to 3 Zones per move action. But the worst part is, when they move, they ignore all obstacles. Barricades, holes, closed doors, even walls can't stand in their way! Once they set their target Zone, they fly straight towards it, without splitting or changing direction, and ignoring anything in their way. These winged devils will be pecking at you in no time, so you better be always prepared for them!

So, are you ready to grab your favorite weapon and take on the new zombie menace?

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    1. Jarrah on

      Where does the pimp weapon appear from when you kill the last of a set of VIPs?

    2. Jarrah on

      Crows should be harder to hit with a melee weapon than a walker.

    3. Andy Marshall on

      @Oliver Lutz yeh.... I know what you mean... its interesting that they've scrapped all the weird and wonderful pledges like design your own survivor options - like, there's no magic about it at all - it really is exactly what everyone knows KS is - a pre-ordering system.

      I'm intrigued to see how they can spin this out another 3 weeks - honestly, I'm bored... yet more stretch goals, a few more zombies, the occasional left field SG, a new survivor, oo look more zombies animals... maybe we'll see zombivor SGs of the 12 RM survivors kill a few days of SGs... but really? I'm just not that excited by it all... sure, still looking forward to the game to arrive on my door sometime mid next year, but as far as a KS campaign goes, it's just 28 days of pre-planned reveals.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bram van Mosselveld on

      I would love to see the season 2 as optional as i missed on that one in kickstarter and it is far too expensive in my country to buy it in the shops

    5. Jurgen Volders on

      @ Andy since you are going to use Zombivores as VIP's Oksana isn't useless anymore. ;)
      Putting them in a bag isn't a bad idea but i think it would be a great addon or SG to see a card deck of all Zombivores and VIP's so you can randomly draw cards to see which one spawns.

    6. Thiago Aranha on

      I think it's twelve cards.

    7. Garou on

      How many crow spawning cards are included in the stretch goal? Three, twelve?

    8. Thiago Aranha on

      The Crowz cards in the Stretch Goal are the same that will be included in the Murder of Crowz box. If you're only using the Stretch Goal Crowz you can easily tweak the difficulty by using more or less Crowz spawn cards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lutz on

      @Andy Marshall and C: No doubt about that! :)
      I think my problem ist that the Stretch Goals in question kind of ruin the magic. I know most Kickstarter campaigns are all about getting as much money out of us as possible, but a good campaign makes me forget about it and gets me thrilled. I don't feel that kind of thrill when I look at those goals. It's like they lift the curtain and let me take a look at the money-generating machinery behind.
      Anyway, I'm sure there's still a lot of stuff to look forward to. We'll see what the next goals bring. :)

    10. Andy Marshall on

      @C exactly - to everyone complaining about getting some *free* crowz that you might not be able to use unless you pay out $15 for a box of them, "in the end, we're getting a buttload of mini's for a good price, and it's a great deal for the new players."

    11. C on

      @Andy et al. : Works for me! (: I know RAFM miniatures has Elvis impersonators, so you can now make a custom Elvis survivor complete with Zombivore! :D

      Also, spot on about SGs and KS. Still, in the end, we're getting a buttload of mini's for a good price, and it's a great deal for the new players.

    12. Andy Marshall on

      @C - I was thinking about just going along the box trays to try and get as much variety as possible... or put em in a opaque bag and draw them randomly like in scrabble?!

    13. Andy Marshall on

      Whoa - long reply - sorry.

      @Edouard - a Michael Jackson thriller VIP would be awesome!!

      @Jurgen - I was planning to use some unused zombivors as VIPs too... I might throw a couple ultrared weapons in the stack of pimp weapons as I don't have S1.

    14. Andy Marshall on

      @Oliver Lutz - yeh - I know what you mean... tbh, these KSs aren't really what KSs were made for - fair enough they've become what they've become in the wargames / board games industry, pre-ordering systems without the Paypal fees or bank loans, and they work very well for that... call my cynical, but this idea of SGs being there to try and eek out a little more cash is kinda ludicrous - a campaign like this (or any other well run, highly successful campaign) will have been planned out meticulously, of course they knew Oksana would get produced along with her zombivor, of course they knew the crowz boxset would get released - this whole SG process is purely about keeping the game in the minds of backers - it's all about momentum, making us backers feel like we're backing a winning game, a part of the excitement at seeing more and more stuff added to the basic game to help us feel like we're backing a once in a lifetime product and to miss out on this would be awful, and credit to CMON, they play this game very well... of course they want us to buy more stuff, of course they want us to keep chipping in on new survivors and addon boxsets of crowz... so what if there's a few SGs that some people think they get nothing out of (whether that cause it utilizes something from a previous zombicide KS (eg pimp weapons and survivor cards) or requires you to buy something else to use (eg oksana or crowz)... there's still plenty of SGs that are "have something usable for free" (eg another 2 VIPs, more pimp weapons, another survivor and zombivor)... if they do have a SG that is inly useful to a limited number of poeple, then yeh, it's a bit of a useless SG and accordingly won't be that effective at pushing up the total, but it's hardly any skin of our noses - thats CMONs issue to deal with.

      Personally, I doubt I will be buying anything but the Infected RM box and something to make use of my $10 credit, probably the S1 cards to use with my toxic city mall missions or a survivor... but even still I'll still be getting loads for my money, so really can't complain, even tho i might get a few crowz that a re a bit useless, or watched a few SGs sail on by that have no use to me (oksana zombivor).

    15. Frank Wisnes

      Would be nice to have a mechanic to determine which VIP to spawn. Unless they are all unique sculpts of course.

    16. Lordoftheslugs on

      @donnbobhardy & @Eli

      To counter the extra activations you could just take out enough crow cards to balance it out :)

      They would be rarer but they are not actually meant to be part of the core game anyway so a small crow surprize might be fun too :)

    17. C on

      Stupid question, but how do you choose *which* VIP monster to spawn on the board? I've only found the VIP rules on the Home FAQ, so may have missed this info somewhere.

    18. Jurgen Volders on

      And after posting it i find the Vip spawn cards in the SG... :) So you COULD use the Zombivores as extra VIP's.

    19. Jurgen Volders on

      Hi, this might have come up in another section but it would be cool if the Zombivores from the chars you are not playing could show up as VIP's.I don't know what spawn-cards the VIP's have but that would make them more usefull.

    20. donnbobhardy

      The question of what cards are in the Crowz card stretch has been asked and unanswered many times. Here is my theory on why:
      By not answering the question, they leave it open to change. Maybe they will indeed have another stretch for another 5 free Crowz (or even several!). They can quietly up the number of cards each time that happens to correspond to the number of free Crowz given.

    21. DoomTurtle on

      Are the cards from the 1100K stretch goal the exact same cards that come in the Murder of Crowz zombie box (same amount, same ID numbers, etc.)?

    22. Mictlan

      With all the strech golas with VIP can we get a recap on all the models? We have the 20 from the box and 12 SG, but can we see the drawings of them all?

    23. Eli Butcher on

      @donnbobhardy you have a good point about the extra activations. And with extreme distances, that could be brutal.

    24. donnbobhardy

      @Neelz - Probably not. If you don't buy the add-on Crowz you will either never see them (buried in all of the other zombie types) or you will have extra activations like crazy.

    25. Paint'Riot Studio

      @wargamer70:the 1,150k stretch is Oksana zombivor,it maybe come soon !

    26. Alexandre Bilodeau on

      Love the crowz idea! I also think they should only be killed with ranged weapon. This would be more realistic and add more challenge! :)
      Ratz would be cool too...

    27. Eli Butcher on

      It does seem like we have enough time to have another set or two of the crowz thrown in before the end of the KS. I'm at least hoping that we get enough for a full set by the time it's over.

    28. Neelz on

      So are 5 crows and their spawn cards enough for a game to test them out?

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      I Know we already have loads of survivor models but I would like to see some more resident evil based survivor models from the computer games, maybe some more survivors that resemble characters from other zombie based computer games like left for dead

    30. wargamer70 on

      @Thiago, I had to scroll back the updates to find that 1150 SG. I guess I was confused when the latest announcement basically showed the 1100 and the 1200 and left the 1150 out.

    31. Paint'Riot Studio

      It's just an idea,it will be fun to have a Mickael Jackson survivor inspired Thriller clip !
      @Oliver:if you want to see basic game rules of game,you can see it on
      I agree to you and it's not the end of the SG !

    32. C on

      Stretch goals (and exclusives) are artificial scarcity, anyway, and did anyone really think the campaign would end before reaching 1100K? CMON could have just as easily made the crow mini and cards at 1100K and nothing 1050K. The gaps between free miniatures went from 90K to 150K. We already have 50+ free miniatures as it is.

      I'm guessing that CMON has blown through the free stuff and add-ons faster than they though they would, and wanted to slow down the campaign, which has definitely happened. See KickSpy and KickTraq for the daily pledges.

    33. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lutz on

      ... and sorry for the typos. Just finished my workout for today and now there's not enough oxygen reaching the brain, it seems ... ^^

    34. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lutz on

      @Andy Marshall: I'h happy with what I get for my money, just not with some of the SG's. I saddens me that they didn't make them add-ons right away. SG's should be for all backers in my opinion, not only for those who pay extra money. For the latter we have add-ons.
      Nevertheless I'm really looking forward to this game and think overall it's a good deal. But considering the SG's previous cmon kickstarters were an even better deal. ;)

    35. James Solomon on

      So do the crawlers get extra activations if you roll 1s and don't have enough models to spawn more crawlers?

    36. Andy Marshall on

      Seriously folks, "pressure people into paying more money"?! Have some willpower!
      If you don't want the crows, don't pay for em... I'm not bothered about using them, and certainly won't pay more money to use something they gave me for free that I didn't ask for. That's my choice, no one's pressuring me.

      Also, don't forget that all these kickstarters, esp cmon ones are all designed to make them as much money as possible, which of course means making the deals as attractive as possible to try convince you to part with money... If you don't like something, don't pay for it. Just the $100 set alone has so much stuff in it even without another 21 days of stretch goals, I'm really not sure how anyone can complain about it all.

    37. Jason on

      Just to be clear, i am not saying the ks is a bad deal. I just don't like how some of the goals make me feel. I was expecting to pay for the crows but the way they revealed them made me feel wrong. "Ooo they're giving the crows for free... Who cares that they're using up 2 goals.... Next day, wait a minute, i DO have to pay for the crows... Ok... But lame..." That's what i don't like.

    38. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lutz on

      @Jason: "I really don't like how starting with zombicide 2 and now arcadia quest and season 3, you've been having stretch goals that don't provide enough components to be useable to pressure people into paying more money. "

      Absolutely agree with you.
      We should be able to make use of the stretchgoals. But the crows and the minis we only get if we buy their counterparts feel like dupery to me.
      It's like cmon said: "Look what we give you! Just add a bit to your pledge and you will have so much fun with it."
      Though those SG's may technically be free, practically they are not.Sorry, but that has a bad taste.

    39. Neelz on

      Maybe my calculations are off, but we already have about $150 worth of free stuff via stretch goals, and 21 days to go. I may not love every stretch goal, but over allit's still great value for money with more to come.

    40. Jason on

      People think it's a 100k gap because there has been 2 "non-goals" in a row. Crow cards and a goal for an add-on :)

      I thought the same thing because i block the crappy goals out apparently, lol. It's still 50k goals though!

    41. Thiago Aranha on


    42. SEGERS Marcus on

      A gap of 100k$ SG It's not fair!

    43. Neelz on

      I've been waiting a week for tactical info on the new zombies, thanks for the great update.
      I'd love to see an update that shows us the new tiles for season 3 and info and pictures for the new survivors. I like many others, am also wondering about the lack of zombivors in the RM box. An update about this would be greatly appreciated.

    44. Missing avatar

      Marcus Lindberg on

      I really like the feeling about the crawlers, seekers and crowz. I just hope there will be tactical counters like the overwatch rule I suggested below.

    45. Jason on

      I love cmon but man, i hate the way their recent kickstarter projects make me feel... New marketing strategy?

      I really don't like how starting with zombicide 2 and now arcadia quest and season 3, you've been having stretch goals that don't provide enough components to be useable to pressure people into paying more money.

      Since i don't like to complain without offering suggestions, it would be great in the future if the goals were revealed in a different order. The issue with crows (beyond stretching them into 2 goals) is that you provide the crows and then a day or two later let us know that we won't get enough to use in a game. If you let us know that when the goal was announced and at the same time had the add-on for the crows, then it wouldn't create such a roller coaster of feelings.

      Also, have less stretch goals and just eliminate the useless goals such as splitting out cards and figures and having stretch goals for add-on items (zombivovrs). Then at least i'd be excited for each new goal instead of having stretches of 150k where i basically think there are no goals.

      Just trying to make things better in the future.

    46. Thiago Aranha on

      @Allan: When different zombies share the same place in the targeting priority, you can choose which one you hit.

      @Joshua Leslie: If the Crowz have two target zones in different directions, then yes, they will split (and possibly add an extra figure to balance the groups). What the text meant is that they don't split halfway through a move if there are multiple possible paths.

      @Jurgen Volders: The VIP box comes with a few new Pimweapons.

      @Frank Wisnes: You can randomize the spawning VIPs however you want.

    47. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Jurgen:yes ,they will be includes in Rue Morgue box !
      You can also see basic rules on

    48. Adam Canning

      @ Jurgen. Season 1, Toxic City Mall and Season 2 all included Pimpmobile weapons.

      So as well as the three that are in the VIP box, I'd expect some in Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbours.

      The Pink M4, Gold AK and Daisho we got at 670k are also pimpmobile weapons.

    49. Matthew Churchill on

      I'm guessing that zombie is the Leatherman/Biker. Which means the Very Infected Village People are still on... Give us the Big Chief, Cowboy and Soldier please!